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  • R-1 will take you to the down town
    R-1 will take you to the down town
    by danijelita

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    by janewake Written Feb 17, 2007

    When we arrived back from A day trip to mexico City [where we did not feel we were ripped off even once] it was 1am. The taxi to the airport had cost us 300 pesos that morning. however, we were quoted 620 pesos back at night. OK it was late at night but even so it was a total rip off. There was nothing we could do about it because there were no general taxis lying ariound waiting for fares. A hideous man was organising the taxis and we negotiated the fare down to 550 pesos but even so they were nasty and mean with it. I thikn that one driver took pity on us and just said he would do it. I would recommend you book a taxi to meet you from your plane with the company who is taking you there in the morning. I am not sure whther you can obtain taxi company numbers and ring them to come and collect you. They have a monopoly at the airport and they use it to their advantage.

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  • fire00starter's Profile Photo

    Busses recommended

    by fire00starter Written Feb 6, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you ned to get around the hotel zone, or even go into town, take the bus instead of the taxies. The bus system in Cancun is wonderful, and it only costs about 6 pesos. There is only one road in the hotel zone, so it's impossible to get lost. If you're not sure where to get off to find your destination, just tell the driver and try to sit towards the front of the bus and he will tell you when to get off. They don't stop at all the bus stops, so when you need to get off, just make your way to the front and they will stop at the next area. The buses run 24hrs, but after about 11pm, they come a little less frequent. If you must take a taxi, ask how much first. Sometimes they will try to charge you alot more than it actually should be. (especially late at night) I dont think I've ever paid more than $8-9, for 2-3 people in the hotel zone.

    Unique Suggestions: Ask how much it will cost before you get into the taxi. This way you wont have a suprise when you get to your destination.

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  • blondy_87's Profile Photo

    hotel zone taxis

    by blondy_87 Written Mar 2, 2005

    Be careful.. mexico is not a rich country and cancun with all it's expensive hotels gives the impression that all tourists have got plenty of money so wont miss a few extra pesos.

    Unique Suggestions: If you have to take a taxi make sure you agree on a fare for your journey before getting, then you are less likely to be ripped off. Another point is to try to use the exact change... sometimes mexicans mathmatical equasions are not in your favour and a few pesos here and there dissapear.

    Fun Alternatives: The bus is much cheaper a bus or 3 comes every 30 seconds and they are 24 hour so dont worry about not being able to get back to your hotel if you've been bar crawling!! They stop outside all the hotels and main attractions and also go to down town Cancun.

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  • laura4n8's Profile Photo

    Beware of the taxi fare

    by laura4n8 Written Dec 31, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxi drivers charged us about $15 to go from the hotel strip to the "point" -- where all the main clubs are located. Strangely, taxi drivers only charges us $10 to go downtown -- which is twice the distance.

    Unique Suggestions: Just be aware that taxi drivers take advantage of tourists. You can ALWAYS negotiate the taxi fare.

    Fun Alternatives: It doesn't take too long to walk to the point from most hotels on the hotel strip and there is a sidewalk the entire way. I made the walk during the day (from Sheraton to the flea market) and it took me about 20 minutes. I would suggest making the walk in groups if you do it after dark and are not too intoxicated.

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  • danijelita's Profile Photo

    Taxi, bus

    by danijelita Written Jul 11, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ok people one thing that you must know is that Taxi drivers do not have taximeter,so before you get one, arange the price, if you do not do that the price can be wery expencive.
    The Bus drivers will procede driving if you don`t vave at them, I know it sounds silly but that is the fact!

    R-1 will take you to the down town

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  • LuvCereza's Profile Photo

    Taxi Drivers and Bus drivers

    by LuvCereza Written Jun 16, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxi drivers are the worst next to bus drivers ripping tourist off when it comes to transportation.
    A ride to downtown can cost up to 12 dollars each way. Some taxi drivers will tell you when they cross hotel zones because the hotel zone is made up of different zones it will cost more money when you cross them. Big RIP OFF!! A 5 minute ride can cost you 6 dollars. So if you want to take a taxi make it worth your tip to do so. The only time I advise tourist to take a taxi is when they have a lot of bags from shopping or need to go to a peir/dock or maybe if you are going to a real nice restaurant and do not want to get messed up. Taxi can drop you off at the airport but they only aiport approved taxis can take you to a hotel or destination. If you are woman you should sit in the back seat instead of the front because some of the taxi drivers can be handsy.
    Bus drivers are not as bad as the taxi drivers but most will rip you off. Learn to count your money/pesos. It cost 6 pesos to ride the bus, if you hand them 10 pesos you WILL get change back. If you hand them a American dollar they will not give back change. Which they don't have to, they are not an currency exchange booth and will not give you your change back. Consider it a tip or lesson well learned.
    Do not tip taxi drivers unless they have done a service for you. Driving you is not one. Helping with your bags and into the hotel is an extra service and is worth a small tip.
    Taxi drivers that are lined up outside the hotel are more expensive than regular taxis.
    Take the bus as much as you can it will save you a lot of money. Watch out for pick pockets too on the bus. Men, if you have your wallet in your back pocket keep your hand on it so you know where it is. There are professional pick pockets riding the buses, so be careful. Children and old woman are very good at this.

    Unique Suggestions: Know where your going and what you you want to do. Some taxi drivers will hand out cards to you to go to certain establishments they get a kick back for this, be careful of what they are trying to talk you into doing. Like strip clubs or off the beaten path bars/clubs. Some of these places are out of the way and require you to take a taxi there and back.
    Which will cost you more money. Because they know you need them now and they can and will charge you 45-50 dollars back to the hotel zone.
    What you need to do is take a different taxi to a bus stop that goes to the hotel zone with in downtown. Get on that bus and get back to your hotel that way. You have just saved yourself over 40 dollars.

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  • Kurtiemon's Profile Photo

    Taxi rides

    by Kurtiemon Written Feb 24, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although I haven't experienced this myself, be careful of taxi drivers WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK. Too many groups (usually younger people) drink too much and the taxi drivers bring them to remote locations and have someone waiting there to pillage their belongings. To reiterate, is occurs usually around high school spring break time.

    Unique Suggestions: Avoid the taxis if the bus is available

    Fun Alternatives: Take the bus as a first choice and always make sure at least one individual in the group has their bearings straight.

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  • Miss_London's Profile Photo

    Taxi rides are usually fixed...

    by Miss_London Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxi rides are usually fixed price and you can find a list of destinations with their fixed fares by the main taxi 'stations'. If you are not aware of the correct price to your destination be ready to pay two to three times more.

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