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  • A typical booth looks like this in the hotel zone.
    A typical booth looks like this in the...
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  • Cancun Westin Lagunamar

    by doostan99 Updated Mar 31, 2013

    We got a rather persuasive but totally inaccurate sales pitch at the Wesint Lagunamar resort. Unfortunately we took the bait and are now stuck with it.

    At issue is that they told us from 8 months to 3 months before a travel date we could reserve at a sister resort in the Westin system. So I purchased and went to reserve in Hawaii or the Carribean only to find that at 8 days past the 8 month mark there is NO week available at other desirable resorts. Yes you can get a week in Palm Springs, but hey you can do that without the time share!

    I also asked if their prices were competitive with resale. The salesman insisted that they buy back resales to avoid a price drop. I now see that I can get the same exact week that I bought for $35K for 23K on a resale site. See web page below:

    So the short of it is. do enjoy the sales pitch, but dont fall for it. You can get the same thing alot cheapr on the resale market.

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  • Villa Del Palmar Cancun

    by southerntourist Written Jul 30, 2012

    Avoid this place. With the promise of free breakfast and deeply discounted Excursion tickets, we were lured way out of town to a very nice property in the middle of poverty and desolation. If you don't mind third world squalor on all sides of you I suppose you wouldn't mind staying at the Villa de Palmar. We were treated very nicely at first but at the end they brought in their bulldog closer, Lois Albee. She was rude, condescending and pushy. She refused to take No for an answer and kept reducing the price. She seemed desperate to make a sale, ANY sale. Once she realized that we weren't falling for the scam, she wanted us out of there. This was fine with me. The so-called 90 minute presentation took more like 4 hours!

    And their financing was at 12 percent? Get real! A horrible experience. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

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  • Timeshare Cancun

    by zobetron Written Feb 25, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I attended a timeshare presentation at the Westin Lagunamar, to be informed. we travel a lot so I thought that could be interesting. So we went in with a bit of caution and a lot of curiosity. they were very nice at the beginning and they had really good arguments to make us sign. I was worried when I saw all those trophies she won as the best salesperson of the year. But I wanted to think about it for a day. NO WAY now or never that's the catch. the deal is of as soon as you leave that office. so it was and will be never. they weren't so nice after all. they know if you don't sign right away chances are that you will not later. that's why they have to make you sign NOW.
    It turned out that we spoke to people around at the pool and met some owners. here what they said: Not worth your money. not an investment. impossible to get another location despite what they claim. they show you this book with hundreds of resorts and hotels around the word but trust me you won't get them. so you are doomed to go back to the same hotel year after year with increasing maintenance fees that you are responsible for life.
    DON'T SIGN and look up what people say before .

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    by qha Written Apr 9, 2010

    It will be so much easier if you do this through a lawyer because this way, you won't have to fight or waste your money and time, and you will get the cancellation and refunds in a few days, instead of months, wich will be the time that it will take if you do this by your own.
    I can help you, do not ruin your vacation.
    Call me (998) 2753744 sherrera@qhasociados.com

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  • Run from them

    by lilmudturtle Written Aug 13, 2009

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We also ran into the info booth.. Being from a tourist town and having know people who sell the timeshares here we knew all about them and we able to say no. Although we did book a snorkel trip with one when got our tickets and went to the group when it started to rain the trip was cancelled because of the tides this happened 4days in a row we went back to "eric" and asked for a refund he told use he we could still go the next day ( we were leaving) It took 5 hrs to get most of the $ back( of coming back). He lead us upstairs and told use to wait untill the boss got back from the bank. My guy is very laid back and doesn't argue so we waited.. after hr+ it was my turn.. All around other agents were trying to book other people into the timeshares so I state very loudly that all we wanted was a tour which got cancelled and our $ back and they couldn't even do that, what kind of timeshare could this be how good is it really if they treat people like this.. It took about 1/2hr of this before "eric" went into his our wallet and gave all but $20 back and asked us to leave!

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  • BruceDunning's Profile Photo

    If you are Weak and want a gift

    by BruceDunning Written Jan 30, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Time share is the "big" thing here and get it straight. They can talk you off the street and into a unit before you know you signed up. If you can overcome their sale pitch, you may get a gift. It is like going to the carnival and get a token prise for showing up. You will be advised how cruel it is to listen to the pitch, turn down the offer to buy and then want the gift. I did it for business reasons, but they got ugly, believe me.
    Would you want to come here annually, or more? Prices may not be terribly high, but the crowds and reason to buy a unit is beyond me.

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  • Do it - You'll save some money

    by nickandbrenda Written Apr 14, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We arrived in Cancun on March 24th. The offer was to listen to a presentation and in return, we would get 4 all inclusive tickets to Xel-Ha and Tulum chartered. We had to give $20 per person at the airport, all of which would be refunded back to us at the presentation. Well we are picked up and taken to a nice beachfront property, given a nice buffet breakfast, taken to another property on the lagoon, shown some rooms a yatch and then returned to the original property to listen to the final spill. All in all, it took about 3 hours, but it was cool, we snapped pictures on the yatch, in the luxury rooms etc.. Ok, the bad part, we're in this room were many other couples are being grilled. Our rep explains the offers to us. She started out at $50k, then her "manager" dropped it down to around $17K, when we continously said "cant do it buddy" they tell us thanks, oh but its not over yet. We are taken to another room, were the price drops to around $5K, still no, we are now taken to the last room where we are somehow given a relatively same offer for around $2k,, They pretty much wanted us to dish out some cash at any expense. All you have to do is say nope, cant do, and let them do their talking. The sales guy get better as you too.. Man these guys are pros. One word advice that i learned later is to time your presentation and hold them to the 90 minutes that they ask from you. Once you hit that, say i'm done and ask for your gift. They cant refuse you..

    By the way, we were the only ones on the tour bus that had all inclusive. We got our $80 back plus the tickets,, Turned out to be a great vacation. Oh and finally, make sure every person along the way writes down exactly what you are promised. We were promised an All inclusive, but every person seemed to forget to write that down, i had to make sure they wrote it. They were like "oh they promised you that" FOOLS..

    Enjoy and do it if you are on a limited budget like we were. If you have money to throw away, then dont bother...


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    by LaRubia Written Dec 31, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Folks, obviously now (and probabably never) is not the time to visit Cancun or its environs. It was thoroughly trashed by Hurricane Wilma on October 21, 2005. It will likely never be a major resort again because I am sure any hasty, badly-done repairs made now will suffer setbacks in the next hurricane season. The place (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel) has been building up a payload of BAD KARMA, due in part to its horrifically dishonest timeshare thugs. Many of them, more than you would like to believe, are EX-CONS with rap sheets as long as my left arm. Felons who h ave been deported from USA jails. I personally know of one TIME SHARE SALES MANAGER FROM ALLEGRO RESPORT IN PLAYACAR that was picked up by the US Feds in 2004 and extradited! This type of character abounds prolifically in the Mexican timeshare scam. Pu these people on your 'must avoid' list.
    I agree completely with Kurt2088@aol.com, whose comments are 100% true. I worked in that area as a promoter for three hellish years, and have just now returned to the USA after having had a bellyfull of Mexico's alleged 'hospitality'. Yes, sad but true, the average Mexican hates us like poison and we are seen as meat on the plate, to be exploited in every possible manner. When they are smiling, check out the eyes. I call them 'snake eyes'...void of any emotion except disdain and/or hatred. The time share there is a major scam....best to buy in the States and trade for time in a Mexican resort, if that's your thing. USA tourists would always rush over to me in relief when they realized I was from the States and could speak honestly with them. I think after the abominable treatment that our countrymen received there after Hurricane Wilma, many people are not going to Mexico again. I second the motion!

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  • Mairo21's Profile Photo

    A lot of Haggling going on!

    by Mairo21 Updated Sep 13, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If it is your first time to Cancun, BEWARE..no nothing serious, but you will get bombarded by people who will try to take advantage of you and pressure you, into buying activities through them...they try to sell you trips to Mayan ruins, to the surrounding islands, and other misc. activites...for a ridiculously low price...Each person claims they have the better price! This process can be overwhelming, especially if you just got off the plane after a 10 hour flight! Bypass them and just say NO! If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Usuually, there's a catch, they want to pressure you into buying a timeshare. You will encounter these 'salesmen' once you land and are trying to exit the airport, and all along the hotel zone.

    A typical booth looks like this in the hotel zone.

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  • tna's Profile Photo

    DO go to the Time Share Sales Pitches !!

    by tna Updated Jun 2, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I understand if you don't want to waste precious holiday time, or feel that you may be susceptible to a hard sales pitch and therefore shouldn't do the time share things. But if you're strong willed (or really don't have any money) and would love free stuff. Then follow our tips below.

    We did about 4 time share pitches on our 10 days in Cancun, and got 5* lunches, theme park tickets, 1 week's car rental, champagne, 2 nights in 5* on Isla Mujeres etc. for doing it.

    (1) You have to fit their 'profile' of potential buyers by being a couple, with proof of living together (wedding bands or same addresses on ID), and at least one of you has to be over 30.

    (2) You sign up for 90 minutes' time and you get something cool in return. You can negotiate.

    (3) You go to the location, you spend the first 30 minutes looking around the resort. You spend the next 30 minutes eating in their fabulous 5* restaurant (try and stretch this to 45mins) and then you spend the last 20-30 minutes sitting at a desk listening to the sales pitch. They have three people pitch to you...The first, friendly person who showed you all around. They are laid back. The second, harder sell person who will give you financial options. And finally, they'll bring in the "big guns" boss, if your will power starts to waiver, he will find it. The trick is to say as little as possible and just listen to what they say. The best excuse is that "this is a big decision, we don't make big decisions instantly, we want to think about it for 24 hours." They will not like, this. They'll say "the offer only stands at this moment" you'll say "well, that's just too bad." This is much easier if you know before going that there's no way in hell you'll buy (because they do make it sound good).

    You really only have to "suffer" that last 20-30mins. Because the rest is just fun looking around nice properties and eating free food. If you do decide to do multiples of these, don't tell them you've done it before!

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  • Timeshares!!!!!

    by SusanLucretia Updated Oct 27, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you arrive in your hotel don't be surprised if you recieve a call to come down and visit with the hotel/accomidations/tours staff. They are high powered sales people who want you to buy a time share and always have a place in Cancun.
    If that is what you want, then research before you go. Know what you what and how much you want to pay. Timeshares are very hard to get out of once you have signed the paper. Beware that until you say NO! you will be hounded, it's their job. Never sign anything when you are enjoying the drinks of the day.
    Time shares are everywhere and they promise a free car, a breakfast or lunch at a terrific new resort and unlimited stays at that resort. They are within your hotel and sometimes at another location. If you are with a travel supplier such as Apple, Fun Jet, Mexseasun......as the representative to help you out of this situation if all else have fail. It can give you a bitter taste for you days in the sun. No interested say NO! Thank you. and Enjoy your vacation.

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  • samer_k's Profile Photo

    Beware nothing is free !!!

    by samer_k Written May 1, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have been to this beautiful part of Mexico many times...I speak Spanish which helps, but be forewarned Even Paradise on Earth ahs really agressive salespeople!

    People are friendly in Mexico but can be terribly agressive.

    They are willing to give you cash, free tours, nice brunch meals, etc. anythign to get you to hear their sales pitch. Of course if you don't mind spenidng 3-4 hours of your precious vacaiton as you are swarmed by a "heck of vacaiton investment" then be my guest.

    There may be some good deals out there but a big "buyer beware" warnign goes out to all!

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  • happymom8285's Profile Photo

    Salesmen on the streets everywhere!

    by happymom8285 Written Mar 16, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Upon arrival at the airport in Cancun, beware of the men looking official in uniforms when they ask if you have accomodations or need help with your luggage. They will take you to a line of cubicles and proceed to whip out a map and ask where you're staying, if you need a ride and would you be interested in any tours. Don't fall for it!! It's a huge waste of time! Hopefully, you've already booked where you're staying and it's worth the extra money to pay for a transfer from the airport to your hotel. These people are everywhere! Although they mean well and have to support themselves, a firm "No" and keep on walking is usually all it takes for them to leave you alone. Though they are friendly and appear helpful, they're only out to make a buck.

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  • rmdw's Profile Photo

    Timeshare Salesmen

    by rmdw Written Sep 2, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you visit Cancun you wil undoubtedly come across people trying to sell you timeshares. My advice is to quickly walk away and/or pretend you don't speak English or Spanish.

    They'll offer you a free meal or even sometimes free accommodations.

    But after that you will go through a gruelling 3 to 4 hour interrogation-like sales job unlike you've never experienced before. They will bring in multiple people to talk with you and ridicule you. I'm not exaggerating. It will add a huge sour not to your vacation.

    If you're really looking for a timeshare then I'd suggest buying one in your country of origin so that if something goes wrong with the deal then you can take legal action more easily.

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  • spartan's Profile Photo

    Land of the Bodysnatchers!!!

    by spartan Updated Nov 22, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Timeshares are big business in Cancún, and the resorts that we love to stay at are always looking for new customers. The bodysnatchers are paid (rather poorly) by the owners to entice you to sit in on a 3 hour presentation. Tourist beware! They are very persistent.

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