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  • bulls head, saw several
    bulls head, saw several
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  • Chetumal
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  • Chetumal
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Chetumal Things to Do

  • meat meat meat

    All kinds of cattle in different array of undress. Basically a meat portioning house I guess.This was a Monday morning as well may make a difference.This was not there later in the day.

  • Kayaking at Xul-Ha

    This was even more scenic to kayak than Bacalar because of the lush vegetation and an apparent influx of fresh water from underground. Xul-Ha is a cenote.The water flows from an underground limestone cavern and usually flows to the sea. We were actually able to dive down in one area and feel the current of the cooler water. The kayaking in this...

  • kayaking

    The waters of Bacalar Lagoon are wonderful for water sports, especially kayaking. The calmness of the water and warm temperature make for an enjoying time. The water is crystal clear and a beautiful blue. There are almost no fish at all because of the high mineral content of the water

  • Corozal Duty Free Zone

    Just 10 to 12 km from downtown Chetumal is the Corozal Duty Free Zone. It is actually in Belize, and Mexicans can enter and leave the zone without paying any duties or taxes, so it primarily caters to Mexicans. That means that we could not find clothing that would fit our six foot frames, or big feet.On the whole, goods seemed to be of questionable...

  • Walk the downtown

    Chetumal's economy is influenced by its proximity to the Mexico-Belize border. That is the reason we visited -- It was billed as a "Road trip to Belize". Once we got there, we found out that Belize City was over three hours drive away.But there is a tax-free zone close by (see my Free Zone tip). It is on the Belizean side of the border, although...

  • Mayan Cultural Museum - Heaven and Hell

    The museum uses the image of the sacred Ceiba tree to help explain the relationship between Mayan life, the thirteen heavens (the upper floor), and Xibalba - the underword (the basement of the museum)The upper floor describes the Mayan religion and some of their gods. Only the royalty and the medicine men where scholars. The museum describes the...

  • Mayan Museum - Outside display

    We visited the Mayan Museum for an afternoon. There is an outside area, and three floors of displays. Staff do not speak English, but the museum contents have plaques written in Spanish and English. Entry fee per person in 2006 is 50 pesos (about $4.50US). We had considered going in the evening the day before, but through sign language and writing...

  • Mayan Cultural Museum - Middle Earth

    The large main floor includes information about the Mayan world -- describes the periods of the various Mayan people, shows the various city sites, has displays of what Mayan life is like, and has models of some of the Mayan ruins and structures. There is also a lot about what Mayans did for a living - crops, hunting, fishing etc. They traded a lot...

  • Mayan Cultural Museum - my impressions

    The Mayan Museum is highly touted. I kept reading that it is modern, interactive, has a variety of platforms -- videos, computer terminals, physical models, plaques, many replicas, etc.I was actually somewhat disappointed. The museum did inform about Maya culture, but the facts presented were almost too simple: i.e. this is when the various cities...

  • Maya Cultural Museum - Art Galleries

    Outside the museum proper, there were a number of rooms displaying art. I do not think the displays we saw were permanent, but when you visit, leave some time to check out the temporary displays.Don't you love the carving? It is called Se?or con tres Mujeres (Man with three Women). I never got to look at the face of the carving (Se?or) on the right...

  • Chetumal Malecon

    We enjoyed walking after sunset. During the day, it is quite hot in Chetumal. Hot enough that we usually had a siesta - or at least retreated from the sun from noon to 2pm. Because we had such a short time in Chetumal, we landed up walking the Malecon at night. The malecon is broad, paved (no beach), and a safe distance from the road. The Malecon...

  • pollon's Things to Do Tip

    visit the sala de exposicion permanente of the Museo de la Cultura Maya with its three levels referring to the Mayan cosmology: the main floor, which is this world, the lower floor, which is the underworld and the upper floor, which is the heavens.and for the shopping lovers, the attached shop hasn't only the typical souvernirs...


Chetumal Hotels

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  • The Explorean Kohunlich

    Carr Arq de Kohunlich, , Chetumal, QR 77891

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Los Cocos

    Hi everybody! I've recently been in Chetumal for a few days and I don't want to miss the chance to...

  • Hotel Marlon

    Av. Juarez 87, Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Families

Chetumal Restaurants

  • pollon's Profile Photo

    pollon's Restaurant Tip

    by pollon Written Oct 4, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    when in this town, I enjoyed the friendly service of El Fenicio restaurante with its touch of refinement but in an easy going environment and at reasonable prices

    in Mexico the dinner time goes from about 18.00 to 21.00 and if you are looking for a restaurant in Chetumal after this time, there are two only remaining possibilities: hot dogs by a street trader (like the one in my bad taken pic... sorry the tripod was in the hotel...) or the fairly posh Los Cocos with its impeccable service: cloth and not paper table napkins, artistically folded, a glass of water served as soon as you sit down, which won't look so strange to a Canadian but it is in Mexico, and served with the important clarification that it's purified water in a refined atmosphere but not of the kind which inhibits or clashes with poverty, of the kind which mollycoddles you... even if my preference always goes to more 'local' places...

    Favorite Dish: chicken tacos dorados at El Fenicio and a sopa with avocado and mexican sauce before the dish of melted queso (cheese) at Los Cocos

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Chetumal Transportation

  • Getting there and around: Belize and...

    There are plenty of buses going all the way to Cancun, Mexico. There are also several daily buses going to Belize City, Belize. The border between Belize and Mexico is a breeze. Just make sure you bring enough cash to cover the $20 USD demanded by the Belize immigration and the exit fee on the Mexican side as well. Buses in Belize are nowhere are...

  • from Cancun the very...

    from Cancun the very comfortable autobuses de oriente Ado asks you 162 pesos for a 6 hours trip with conditioned air and even TV aboard...while to cross the border with Belize, which takes about one hour, custom formalities included, the bus in the pic. it leaves from the square of Nuevo Mercado andcosts only 4 pesos, there is no conditioned air...

  • Chetumal Hotels

    13 Hotels in Chetumal

Chetumal Warnings and Dangers

  • pollon's Profile Photo

    if you need a bathroom when...

    by pollon Written Oct 4, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    if you need a bathroom when you arrive at the bus station, remember that they ask you for 2 pesos but with receipt...

    and if you don't find the flush, it's because there isn't and you just have to rotate the cock on the water pipe...

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Chetumal Tourist Traps

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    When buying souveneirs

    by TitoA Written Apr 11, 2009

    Never give the merchant a bunch of local money for him to count the right amount, because they will short change you.

    Merchants resent being asked rock bottom prices beyond a fair bargaining. They may accept your price but they will get even with you by overpricing other items or by selling you tin for silver. They consider fair to trick you if they think that you're trying to take advantage of them. If the price seems fair, pay it and move on.

    Unique Suggestions: Count carefully your local money in the hotel and keep bundles of 50, 100, 500 pesos and when you pay count aloud the money in the bundle and give one bundle at the time. If you don't count the money alound, they tell you that the bundle was short 10 or 20 pesos.

    If you like a particular item, don't show interest right away, pretend you don't care about it and they will try to reduce the price to entice you.

    What you purchase is not guaranteed, make sure you know what you are getting. Don't ask "is this silver? They will say "yes", of course.

    Fun Alternatives: If you don't trust the merchant, don't buy. You might pay more but a established business is more likely to be more honest. Beware of street vendors.

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    • Seniors

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Chetumal What to Pack

  • mosquito repellent

    You have got to bring mosquito repellent preferably something with Deet. The mosquitos are fierce here. A lotion repellent seemed to work best as you have constantly reapply because of the high humidity and perspiration loss.

  • Packing List

    for the VT addicted an internet access is at the end of Efrain Aguilar (a few steets, on the right side, after the Mayan Museum giving it the back) and if you go after 22.00, an hour of connection costs you 9 pesos...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Chetumal Off The Beaten Path

  • jacksimpson's Profile Photo

    Jungle creatures

    by jacksimpson Written Dec 19, 2006

    If you are into flora and fauna the jungle is where you will find all sorts of plants and creatures.

    This spider was as big as my hand Tarantula Ixora La ceiba Tree frog and a big fat toad

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Chetumal Favorites

  • Mayan pyramids

    If you are going to Chetumal you got to be going to see the pyramids. In the immediate area of Chetumal there is Kohunlich, Dzibanche,and Kinichna. These pyramids are wonderful to explore and hike around. Being fairly newly discovered they give you the sence that you are the one who has discovered them.

  • Mayan pyramids

    If you are going to Chetumal you got be going to see the pyramids. In the immediate area of Chetumal there is Kohunlich, Dzibanche,and Kinichna. These pyramids are wonderful to explore and hike around. Being fairly newly discovered they give you the sence that you are the one who has discovered them.

  • pollon's General Tip

    it's always a surprise when you don't expect anything and you find the opposite and Chetumal should have been just a stop to catch the early bus to cross the border the morning after... The history of this town says that after the conquest it wasn't really settled untill 1898 when it was founded to stop the illegal trade in arms and lumber but I...


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