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  • On the beach
    On the beach
    by dek516
  • West side of Isla -- ferry landing
    West side of Isla -- ferry landing
    by diggywiddit
  • Conch shells on Isla Mujeres
    Conch shells on Isla Mujeres
    by Pat&ZoAnn

Isla Mujeres Things to Do

  • Snorkel with Whale Sharks

    The waters around Isla Mujeres are home to one of the most densely populated whale shark feeding areas on the planet - well, between June and September at any rate. Despite the 'shark' part of their name, these gentle giants are plankton feeders. While they are unlikely to do you any harm, whale sharks are massive. It's impossible to describe just...

  • Call past the local cemetery

    Okay. So visiting a cemetery isn't necessarily on the must do list for most people when staying on an island paradise, but the one on Isla Mujeres is certainly worth a quick look. It's crowded and colorful, and is even home to the grave of a resident pirate. His grave is decorated with the almost obligatory skull and crossbones and was apparently...

  • Visit the Turtle Farm (Tortugranja)

    For many years Mexico's sea turtle population was under threat, due to turtles being hunted and killed for their meat, shell and eggs. Now, things are looking up. Mexican law now protects them and Isla Mujeres' Turtle Farm is working hard to ensure the survival of these species.At the Turtle Farm, eggs are deposited into safe, caged areas to keep...


Isla Mujeres Hotels

Isla Mujeres Restaurants

  • Great breakfast on Hidalgo

    Rooster Cafe is open from 7 for breakfast and from noon for lunch. The coffee is wonderful and they make there own frsh rosemary-cranberry bread which is served first with your coffee. Eggs benedict seems to be the specialty, since there are a wide variety to choose from, including lobster benedict when it is available! In addition to the various...

  • Tasty Asian food on Isla

    There aren't a lot of Asian options on the island so it was nice when Asia Caribe opened. The proprietors are very welcoming and friendly. Since the restaurant is right on Hidalgo it is fun to sit and watch people go by as you eat a relaxed dinner. You can also order for take-out, which we have done a couple of times. There are several rice, noodle...

  • Coffee or lunch and wifi in relaxed...

    We have enjoyed coffee and drinks during the day at Cafe Mogagua a number of times. The coffee, fraps, smoothies, and alcoholic drinks are all excellent. The loungers on the street side are fun for sun-tanning and people-watching and the other wooden tables and chairs and sofa are comfortable. The free wifi is a nice touch if you don't have access...


Isla Mujeres Nightlife

  • Street entertainment in El Centro

    Hidalgo is the main street in downtown Isla Mujeres where all the shops and restaurants are. You will find all sorts of entertainment there, from fire juggling to mariachi bands to dancers. It makes for a fun atmosphere! They perform for tips so if you like it give them a few pesos.

  • Street Performers on the Island

    Eating dinner or getting a drink at one of the many restaurants and bars on Hidalgo St brings not only food and drink but also plenty of live entertainment. We were treated to guitar trios and soloists performing traditional Mexican songs. We also saw two drummers providing the beat for a fire-twirler/gymnast. Tips, of course, are appreciated by...

  • Coctail Bars

    It was low season during our stay on Isla Mujeres so there was not much going on. But we did manage to find some nice places to go out in the evening. Hidalgo streets seem to be the party street. Higest density of bars was there. Places were not overcrowded but nicely filled up. Our bar, Kokonuts, had also live music that just rounded up the nice...


Isla Mujeres Transportation

  • golf carts

    A lot of people rent electric/gas golf carts to get around Isla Mujeres. They come gassed up, are easy to park, and a lot of fun! They are not particularly cheap though, at 600-650 pesos for a 24 hour period. They advertise 450 pesos per day but it is only from 9 to 5. You may be able to get a better deal during off-season. We usually have a 'golf...

  • airport shuttle or cab

    If you are flying in to Cancun and taking the ferry across to Isla Mujeres you still have to get to the ferry terminal from the airport. We have found that booking a shuttle is online ahead of time is quite reasonable. We used Best Day a couple of times and were not disappointed. It costs $9 per person one way and we didn't have to wait long and...

  • car rentals

    Car rentals are cheaper than golf carts in the Cancun at about $45/day for a cheaper model (incl insurance). We thought about renting a car and taking it over in the car ferry but decided we didn't really need one after all, however, when we did a day trip to Tulum we did rent a car instead of taking the tour bus. It was well worth it for four...


Isla Mujeres Shopping


    DO NOT BUY FROM THE SILVER MINE JEWELERS on Isla Mujeres, located directly across from the main ferry dock. We dealt with Martin, the owner who bottom line, lied outright to us; we bought a "sapphire" ring for $350 US. I asked the tour operator we were with on a catamaran snorkeling tour if we could trust the Silver Mine Jewelry store. We were told...

  • Silver Mine Isla Mujeres is a SCAM!!!!

    My husband and I were vacationing in Mexico and decided to take a boat ride. The boat captain suggested we go to Silver Mine when we got to the island. I found a pretty silver and turquoise bracelet that we negotiated for 800 pesos (approx $60). We asked the owner to write us a receipt which we saw him doing. We didn't realize until we left the...

  • Isla Mujeres Mexico, wonderful place,...



Isla Mujeres Local Customs

  • Native birds-pelicans

    We saw these pelicans at the docks near downtown Isla Mujeres, occasionally they would leave their perches and go off in search of a small snack.

  • Native birds-egret

    We spotted this egret fishing from the 2nd beach we stopped at, he kept his eye on us as he fished and when we got too close, he abandoned his fishing spot and flew off.

  • Isla Mujeres Hotels

    52 Hotels in Isla Mujeres

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Isla Mujeres Warnings and Dangers

  • isla mujeres

    On our trip to Cancun November 2013 we took a ferry to isla mujeres. Beware of purse/backpack thiefs. If you are driving a slow golf cart and decide to take a trip around this island, beware of motorcycles. They come up from behind and snatch you bag and there is no way to catch them because golf carts to do not go fast! My tote was tied to the cup...

  • Smaller Beaches

    Word around town is a lot of the beach around the island has been eroded from the last hurricane, but not knowing any better, we had no complaints.

  • Moped & golf cart rental

    Check your vehicle out for scratches & dings and point it out to them. Better still photo them.You will pay dearly if you scratch it. Credit card is required to rent. Many speed bumps and big.


Isla Mujeres Tourist Traps

  • Boat ride

    $35.00 tourist boat in the hotel zone or take the peoples boat at Cancun ( newer boat ) or Puerto Juarez. Catch the public bus R-1 or R-2 at the hotel zone. It will say on the window Puerto Cancun or Juarez. Let the driver know and stay near the front if possible. You can see the big blue port tower from a good distance. You then buy a tcket, get...

  • No Gracious Senior

    Wow, I was a little taken aback by the 'hard sell' atmosphere on Av Hidalgo and by the big resorts trying to get you into a timeshare presentation. We were in Isla Mujeres in May/June (low season) and we were still pestered, mostly by time share front men.Kind of a double edge sword as I know that these guys are just trying to make a living, but it...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Isla Mujeres What to Pack

  • Pack your own pillows!

    Unless you want to pack just carry-ons, which is possible on Isla, because you don't need much to wear, I highly recommend getting big light sports bag and packing a couple of comfy pillows from home. Sometimes beds in Mexico can be on the hard side, but no complaints if you have good pillows! Take mostly swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts, hat, and...

  • What would you need on a desert isle?

    Suntan lotion is a must for us norteamericanos. A towel for the beach at Playa Norte. Bikini tops are optional, and the west end of the beach (left as you face the ocean) is swimsuit optional. Snorkeling equipment can be brought or rented on the island.

  • All you need is a few swimsuits shorts.

    Try to use just'll get to the ferry quicker if you don't have to wait for your big bags. Lots of SPF! It's really easy to over do it. I was wishing I had brought an underwater camera. The reefs are beautiful and very alive.


Isla Mujeres Off The Beaten Path

  • The sea shell house

    I wish I could remember who to thank for posting this tip originally! I used VT to make a trip planner and would not have known about this curious little house otherwise.To find this interesting home;1.Rent a golf cart or scooter 2. Do a lap around the island. 3. If you are heading south along the west coast then after you pass the Mayan ruins it...

  • Rent a Bike

    Even on the ferry to the island, the guys on the boat will try to rent you a scooter or if you’re a family one of those golf-sort-of-cars. My option was to get to the island and rent a bike, just to get to the south point…It’s only USD 2 or 3 an hour… while a scooter is USD 10 or 15.

  • What path?

    The path is pretty well beaten down here, it's a small island. The only thing I haven't seen much coverage of is the south east side. It's pretty barren and windswept here, not very good for swimming or sunbathing, but it has a wild beauty of its own.


Isla Mujeres Sports & Outdoors

  • Isla Mujeres - Best Dive Operation

    Spent a wonderful 10 days scuba diving with Buzos de Mexico. Best boats on the island and the nicest crews. They also arranged a fantastic snorkeling trip to swim with whale sharks (in season May-September) and a special day of cave (cenote) diving in Tulum. Special thanks Ivan, Carlos and Danny (best dive masters and guides around) and Cati...

  • Snorkelling at South Point

    The best snorkelling on Isla Mujeres was at South Point beach. Make this a stop on your tour of the south end of the island.

  • Cycle Isla Mujeres

    You will probably end up staying at the north end of the island, I recommend renting a bicycle for the day and riding all the way to the south end of the island, about 7kms each way. Here you will find a much more rugged coastline and even a view of Cancun in the distance.


Isla Mujeres Favorites

  • NOT that we are obsessed with...

    . . . there is nothing better than sitting in a beachfront restaurant or bar and enjoy the sunset. Island living is the BEST!

  • Playa Norte

    Most accomodation on Isla ar on the northern part, most beaches are on the southern part. To reach them you can take a taxi, rent a scooter or a golf cart. Or you can stay in town and go to Playa Norte. The beach is very nice. White sand that never gets hot, many palm trees that provide shade, several beach bars to freshen up, calm sea to swim in....

  • Island Of Women

    When Spanish arriverd on this island and they found a Mayan temple and inside figures of Mayan goddesses, beliving to be representing ferility and moon godess Ixchel. And after these figures, the island got it's name.Another, less probable, explanation is, that Spanish pirates kept their lovers on this island.However, the Mayan temple can be...


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