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  • granddaughter snorkeling
    granddaughter snorkeling
    by grandmaR
  • Snorkeling
    by grandmaR
  • snorkeling photo
    snorkeling photo
    by grandmaR

Majahual Things to Do

  • Snorkeling

    This was what my daughter wrote about the snorkeling.Tuesday: Hi. today we did the glass bottom boat and snorkel in costa maya. Hahaha to you Justin because the water was warm and my snorkel was fine so i had a great time. They had a hurricane a few years back so they had a lot of dead coral. but still they had a bunch of living stuff too. we saw...

  • Cruise Ship Excursions

    Disney gave us the option to do several different excursions, includingMini Jeep Adventure Active Adventures, Splashtacular Take in the scenery on an off-road adventure as you drive your mini jeep through the tropical setting of Costa Maya. Later, relax under the sun or plunge into beautiful ocean waters–do as much or as little as you’d like. This...

  • Hammock

    We just wanted a hammock. I didnt want to compare or bargain or haggle...some people are good about that, I'm horrible at it. But I really wanted one. so we looked, on the beach street for some hammocks from the vendors. One big enough for two.....ends up the big enough ones are nylon and I don't want nylon. So he nice, really nice man points to...

  • Drive the beach road as far as you...

    Ask anyone and they'll tell you the beach road is is bad shape. Actually we found it much nicer than expected. You have to drive slow due to some potholes, narrow roads and bends in the road, but if you want to see some beauty, all you have to do is take a driveUpdated 2007. after hurricane dean the beach road is in great shape. a drive now can...

  • diving! Scuba or snorkel. dont miss the...

    Mahahual is a top destination in Quintana Roo Mexico. It lies 400m away paralel to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (The second biggest barrier reef in the planet) it is one of the most beautiful and better conserved reef ecosystems. Scuba diving here is great and u wont be able to visit every dive site. If u are not certified either learn to scuba or...

  • Visit Xcalak

    Although we found the town of Xcalak to look a bit deserted, when you hit the beach, the coast line is stunning and the people are friendly. This is an amazing place for beauty, scuba, access to the Chinchorro Reef by charter, and fantastic seclusion.XTC dive center in Xcalak has been doing what they do for years--what a beatiful place.

  • Going back

    On our way back, I spot a young girl, alone, her long raven hair floating, walking her feet in the water. I take a picture. Further away, a little barge, half-broken, is abandoned but in a frame of palm trees… We are also looking for seashells and corals. They will be our souvenirs. Back at Costa Maya, I am forcing myself to take a look at the...

  • Walk from Costa Maya to Majahual

    At the door of the Costa Maya complex, we are greeted by someone dressed as a Mayan warrior. That is where I begin having serious suspicion. Once inside, it is confirmed: we are in the ultimate tourist trap. The whole thing is modeled on a resort with shops (and luring vendors), restaurants, bars, a swimming pool and a small artificial beach. It...

  • Village of Majahual

    After a nice 25 minutes walk, we arrive at Majahual (or Mahahual, spelling varies). Guys, it is not Cancun. It is a tiny fishermen village with one dirt main road, a couple of snack-bars-restaurant, the inevitable Beetle car… It is the real Mexico, poor but trying to get by. Some fellow cruisers sit on terraces and sip a Corona. Villagers are...


Majahual Restaurants

  • Beach food!

    Charlie Browns really caters to the cruise passengers, so it can be a little difficult to have them just slow down and TALK to you. LOL. They'll get you in there with one of the specials (and by in there, I mean on the sand) like 6 beers and snacks for 10 dollars....and that's about the right price...and they know you'll order more guacamole--(it...

  • Italian, anyone?

    One of the most intersting things about mahahual is the food. there's a lot of Europen influance. At Luna de Plata, the atmosphere is really nice and friendly and people are having a great time. At night the cruisers are gone, so the feeling of the whole town is quite intimate.Updated October 2007. The restaurant took quite a hit, but they are...

  • Want to dine, IN the water?

    Right on the waters edge...with some chairs and tables actually in the water, don't miss Tapas for awesome dining al fresco. We were there for appitizers only, the nachos were fine, the guacamole was OUTSTANDING, and I can't remember the third item as the Pina Colada's were so good.uPDATED 2007.tHE hurricane took out many many businesses, but there...

  • International fare

    This must have been someones house, and you feel as welcome as you would an old friend.Mahahual does not have a grocery story so I was amazed at the selection of items on this menu. Pastas, Curries, Chicken, Salads, Wraps- Home made pita and creative hummus.I can't wait to go back.Updated October 2007. After a quick recovery from hurricane Dean,...

  • Shrimp Tacos-killer view--great deal

    Not everyone can make a good shrimp taco. Some people make them too healthy and skip the batter and the deep frying. not Casa del Mar. 3 big beautys for 5 dollars was about the best deal i've found in a long time. I've had a lot of 5 dollar food, but the quality and quantity here was hands down the bestHORRIBLE NEWS!We just returned from another...

  • Two Story Thatch Hut on the Beach

    As our waiter Aldolfo said, "anything's possible." Everyone was so friendly and helpful, making sure our Coronas had enough ice on them, they made whatever we were hungry for...from chips and salsa with THE BEST QUACAMOLE EVER, to fish tacos, seafood tacos, steak and chicken fajitas. Aldolfo even put our table right in the water so we could dine in...


Majahual Transportation

  • Dock Shuttle

    There is a free shuttle which goes along the main part of the dock from the Ship to the Port's entrance. (photo 2) Most people just walk. Even with the shuttle, you still have to walk along the ship to the cross pier section where the shuttle train runs.There is also a taxi stand and an area where shuttle buses take people out into town or to Mayan...

  • you are going to want a car

    Rent a car and live a little!yes, it's a long drive from Cancun, and Merida, closer in Chetumal, but not a lot of flights there right now. So grand youself some freedom and rent a car wherever you land. Yes, you should limit your driving on the 307 to daylight. there's quite a bit of construction on the 307 which can be confusing in the dark...but...

  • Bus from Costa Maya to Majahual

    Just outside the Costa Maya complex is a hut selling tickets for the bus. It costs $2/pp for the 10 minute bus ride to the fishing village. You have to buy this ticket. You can't give $2 to the bus driver. The first stop is at a "resort" complex, but the bus will make another stop in the village, two "blocks" from the ocean road. When you are ready...


Majahual Shopping

  • Cruise Ship Shops

    Generally I do not shop at the cruise ship shops at the dock. However my granddaughter had gotten a coupon for a free bracelet from Diamonds International, and she wanted to cash it in. So while I sat in the shade and waited for the wheelchair (and took these photos), she went to the DI store. Unfortunately they did not have a bracelet so she just...

  • Mexican Crafts and Souvenirs

    Adjacent to the docks at Costa Maya is a collection of recently built shops where one may buy Mexican crafts and souvenirs. On the day of our visit, there were at least 5 or 6 thousand tourists pouring off three large cruise ships, and most of them headed for the shops. Actually ,there is no way to avoid the shops because passing through them is...

  • Majahual Hotels

    0 Hotels in Majahual

Majahual Warnings and Dangers

  • Mahahual wiped out by hurricane Dean

    Sadly, there is nothing left.Until it is rebuilt, travel is not advised.

  • those pesky mosquitos

    it's not really a danger, just an annoyance. Like anywhere else in the tropics, if there is no breeze at sundown then you are dinner for the mosquitos. Spray yourself with as much as you feel comfortable with. I never leave the room without repellant. ever. I even offer to spray the locals who often stand with some sort of material to swat the...

  • Mosquitoes!

    It was hot and humid and the skies were still cloudy when we started our walk to Majahual. We didn’t think about it but I hope it is a lesson to you, MOSQUITOES!!! That kind of weather drives them crazy and those critters are proliferating in that environment. We hadn’t thought about that and didn’t have any bugs repellent with us. We were at their...


Majahual Off The Beaten Path

  • Mahahual Lighthouse

    I was very happy to be able to get photos of a lighthouse - this one was a new one to me as I had not visited this port before. I took photos from the taxi which had a cracked windshield.This is an active lighthouse with a focal plane of about 75 ft.; It makes four white flashes every 16 seconds . The lighthouse is approximately 72 ft - a round...

  • hidaway in paradise COSTA MAYA

    My second favorite place to Cozumel, Costa Maya, when you get off the cruise ship, you can rent a golf cart for the day. cheaper by the day rate, holds 4 people short ride to beach and quaint town, you have to park cart on a side street, it will be safe, just take your key and do not leave any belongings on it, there is a dirt blvd. that is the...

  • Costa Maya @ Majahual. Cruiseships only...

    I need to get this tip updated. I apologize.Suffice to say for now it is a dock/pier built just for cruiseships that leads down the boardwalk right into a "village" of shops, bars, restaurants, and a pool inside all of them. It truly is a one-stop, stop.


Majahual Sports & Outdoors

  • Glass Bottom Boat and Snorkeling

    We were loaded into several shuttle buses, but our driver spoke no English, and we got off at the first stop and that wasn't it. Eventually we got to the dock and I had to stop and rest several times on the way down the dock. I was afraid I would have no energy left for snorkeling.First we went out to see things in the glass bottom boat (it was...

  • The Beach at Costa Maya

    A beautiful soft sand beach stretches to the north of the dock at Costa Maya, complete with grass thatched palapas. The Beach is very popular with sun worshippers as well as scuba divers and snorkelers because of the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean. Just a short distance off shore is Chinchorro Reef, which stretches southward all the way to...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Majahual Favorites

  • melissa_bel's Profile Photo

    My observations:

    by melissa_bel Written Jan 29, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Costa Maya is different from many port-of-calls and brings very radical feelings. Some hates it, some loves it. I’ll try to be constructive. From what I’ve known, this is the work of the Mexican government to try to improve tourism revenue for the area. Is it done the right way? I am not sure that building a resort enclave where poverty is so stringeant is the right way. And I am not sure people from area are even participating since I heard some people were brought here from the capital to work and run things.
    Some travel experts says that Cozumel started the same way. That still remains to be seen. My advice is to plan carefully what to do. If you don’t do anything, you ’re much better off staying on the ship. But it would be a shame to miss the Mayan ruins (I’m still banging my head on the wall over this).

    Fondest memory: Just walking along the beach... very relaxing...

    Relax... you're in the Tropics.
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