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    Can't beat the heat
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Tulum Highlights

  • Pro
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     Archeological Interest, Stunning Landscape, Conveniences In-Town 

  • Con
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     brackish water, humid, must entertain self 

  • In a nutshell
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     Sol por sus pompis (Sun yer buns) 

Tulum Things to Do

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  • Tulum Ruins

    The Castle is the located in the center of the complex and at the highest point. The Castle only stands 25 feet high but it appears much larger because of its location. Again with the other structures, you can no longer get very close at all to any part of this area. There is an alter inside the Castle that is said to act as a beacon for canoes...

  • Beaches

    When visiting the Tulum ruins, there are two beaches. A small to the north of El Castillo and a larger one to the south of El Castillo. The small beach to the north was the only access to the ocean years ago. Now, this beach is closed due to endangered Green Sea Turtles nesting. However the beach to the south is open and is easily access by stairs...

  • Temple of the Descending God

    I don't what the actual name of this structure is but I do know what makes it unique. Inside of the building is a mural that depicts a reference to a "Descending God", which is unusual for the Mayan's as they generally believed that their pagan God's stayed in the heavens. There isn't a specific explanation for what this mural actual means or the...


Tulum Hotels

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Tulum Restaurants

  • Don Cafeto's Restaurant

    The main street of Tulum is simply teeming with different Restaurants. Sadly many of them are overpriced and generic and seem to pander to tourist expectations of high prices. My expectations of Mexican restaurants is that the food is authentic and the price is low. Don Cafeto's is the only restaurant in Tulum that fits the bill. I judge a good...

  • Cabanas Santa Fe

    Cabanas Santa fe is cheaper for food and drinks but is less clean. Cabanas Don Armando is lighty more upper class. Tip: have a drink first and eat with Armando. Go quite early because from 9 pm onwards it changes into a disco

  • El Mariachi Restaurant

    There are MANY restaurants on Tulum Ave. Many of them are less than busy, all that is except for El Mariachi. This place always has at least a few tables full of people enjoying their food. They have a rock filled floor so it is pretty casual, but the food makes you feel like you are eating at a much fancier place. They have televisions playing...


Tulum Nightlife

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  • Acabar Salsa Club

    Great ambiance in this bar it was the most fun we had in Tulum - Nice crowd, with lots of eye candies, generally younger from all around the world mixed with locals they begin to come in around 11:00 p.m. until they close. There are two bars but the party happens on the upstairs bar which is on a large rooftop for dancing under the stars with live...

  • Mezzanine Bar

    There is not a lot of night life in Tulum as tourism has been slow to arrive in this small community. That of course is part of its charm in my opinion. However if your the type that simply must have nightlife here is the lowdown on whats available. Generally on Friday and Saturday nights there will be a beach part at one of the more upscale...

  • Quiet times...but good times!

    There is not a lot of night life in Tulum as tourism has been slow to arrive in this small community. That of course is part of its charm in my opinion. However if your the type that simply must have nightlife here is the lowdown on whats available. Generally on Friday and Saturday nights there will be a beach part at one of the more upscale...


Tulum Transportation

  • Tractor trolley

    There is a shuttle of sorts that can take you from the parking area to the ticket area at Tulum. It only has one pickup point and one drop off point. If you were to walk that section it would only take about 10 minutes. But it is hot and humid so this can be a nice option especially after walking around the ruin for a while.The cost is 20 pesos...

  • Parking

    If you rent a car, it is easy enough to drive to Tulum from either Playa Del Carmen or Cancun. When you arrive at the access road to the ruins, you will immediately be stopped or someone trying to stop you and make you think you have to park at their lot because all the others are full.Ignore these people and drive all the way down until you see...

  • Taxis

    One of the only ways to get around Tulum is to take a taxi. It is really annoying because it can get costly. They are pretty strict about the fees and they are not that big on bargaining. Basically to get mostly anywhere not within walking distance, it is about 40 Mexican Pesos.


Tulum Shopping

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  • The Souvenier Capital of Tulum

    Suenos Maya's is located just beyond the parking lot for the Tulum Ruins. Its right by the road that leads to the ruins, its the biggest shop in the area so you can miss it. Suenos Maya's offers the largest selection of Tulum gifts and also the most authentic. The have handmade jewelry, carvings, and scultptures that are beyond the cookie cutter...

  • Save money! Buy groceries!

    One thing a I highly recommend when staying at the Tulum beach cabana's is brining your own drinks and snacks. Most cabana's will charge about $5 for a beer and $3 for a Coke! When you arrive in Tulum off route 307 from Cancun you will see a grocery store on your right. You can't miss it, its painted in bright blue. I can't remember the exact name...

  • Shopping in the Ruinas of Tulum area.

    This shopping area is an area that will see as soon as you come of your bus and it is near the road ,it is your usual open air boothswit many many Mexican/Mayan crafts ,like blankets ,hat's ,scarfs and many other items .Very nice and very colourful There is something for everyone's taste ,the blankets are especially very nice .


Tulum Local Customs

  • La Virgen de Guadalupe

    One of the most important events in the Mexican calendar is the festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Mexicans undertake pilgrimages, sometimes lasting days, to churches to celebrate this event, which culminates on December 12th, with the pilgrims planning to arrive in the church at midnight of the 11th. Tulum this last weekend was no exception. The...

  • Mexican Independence Day

    September 16th is when Mexico celebrates it independence. In Tulum they hold a very festive celebration in the city park, just off main street. The have lots of local food and entertainment and the party went on for hours. The also had a dance and celebrated with a fireworks display. I found it a fun experience even if I did get a bunch of strange...

  • entrance fee

    As in 2006 the entrance fee is of 38 pesos - this however does not include the use of a videocamera. For this priviledge you are required to pay extra money.It could sound like a stupid advice, but DO bring pesos or dollars to pay for your entrance. I have seen people stuck outside because they only had euros - which are not accepted as a form of...


Tulum Warnings and Dangers


    THIS IS A BIKE HOSTEL LOCATED NORTH OF TULUM , NEXT TO ADOI am sending a complaint aboutTulum Bike HostelCarre, Cancun-Tulum km 230 Cerca de la ruinasTulumPhone 984.871.2190I have been talking with Emanuel there since Oct21,2013. Surrendered my passport to above company to rent scooter.I rented a scooter there on 21 Oct 2013,Scooter Stole from in...

  • Safety in the Riviera Maya coast.

    Many people have contacted us recently about safety concerns. The national US media has cast a dark cloud over an entire country based on incidents and problems that are primarily along the Mexico-US border. The Rivera Maya is fine, there are no drug wars happening. We have staff on the coast with families; their kids go to school like normal, we...

  • Que Fresco at Zamas: watch what you're...

    My girlfriend was dosed with drugs in her drink here in December 2009 - at 6pm! I DO NOT SAY THIS LIGHTLY. We went for a sunset drink and a snack after a day exploring the area; and left after two margaritas. No more than 15 minutes later while driving back to Playa, she started experiencing extreme intoxication, nausea, then a very very long night...


Tulum Tourist Traps

  • Entrance tickets not here!

    In the parking area for Tulum, the lots are lined with vendor offering "free" information. Yes the information is free but they have a hard sell for tours and they give you the impression it is required. If you don't want to deal with this you are free to access Tulum ruins on your own. Walk past the yellow gate and continue down the road for some...

  • Roadside souvenir stands

    Honestly, all that we went to seemed overpriced, especially for silver. We found that we could buy the same things at the gift shop and jewelry store at our resort for less, and superior quality. You may be making an unexpected stop at a tourist trap if you book any excursions. That's how we always ended up at them. You can haggle a lot. Some...

  • The ruins

    OK, I almost put this in "things to do" but really, it takes just a few moments in this place to realize that you can see what there is to see so quickly. And the people--it is crazy! I guess you should see it just to say you saw it. It is magnificent. Coba?


Tulum What to Pack

  • you don't need much

    Definitely NOT one of those big wheeled ones! It'll be impossible to drag it to your cabana. Too rocky/sandy. If you're going in the winter, perhaps something long sleeve. Other than that, you don't even need a bathing suit. Lots of naked people running around.Towels can be borrowed at "front desk" for 10 pesos. SUNSCREEN! obviously... Candles,...

  • I learned the hard way...you don't have...

    I would recommend bringing a backpack as opposed to standard luggage. There is a steep staircase from the restaurant down to the beach. Plus if your planning on exploring the rest of the Yucatan and your using the bus, having a backpack or large duffel bag is a must. I would recommend bringing a pair of hiking shoes if your planning on exploring...

  • Sun lotion

    Don't forget to take a good sun lotion - and to apply it liberally.Walking around in the sun, with few trees, can easily lead to sun burn. And the cool sea breeze may just take your mind off the sun until it is too late. Been there, done that!Don't forget the tip of the ears, feet and back of the knees and neck. They are specially painful and...


Tulum Off The Beaten Path

  • Watch out for the Iguana's!

    This scaly lizards roam free and wild all over the grounds in Tulum so keep a sharp eye out for them. They loiter on the paths and in the bushes near the paths as well. They mind their own business and add to the exotic flavor of Tulum!

  • Groceries ...

    If you’re on a low budget trip… staying in the town of Tulum (not by the beach), anything you need to buy… is cheaper off the main avenue. Just walk two or three blocks down both directions and you’ll find everything much cheaper than around the ADO bus station and anywhere along the highway.

  • Break the law!!

    In case you're gonna stay for a while in Tulum... probably the first thing you'll want to see are the Mayan ruins. Once you get there, you'll have to pay like anyone else… and you’ll fall in love with the beach. It’s a unique sensation… you’ll be swimming next to the ruins, in a turquoise water with a lovely white sandy beach right there, waiting...


Tulum Sports & Outdoors

  • Playing basketball and soccer w/ the...

    In the center of Tulum, located off main street, close to the bus station, there is a public park. It is lit at night and has a basketball court and a dirt soccer field. There is always people playing both on a nightly basis. I have been able to participate in playing pickup basketball and soccer with the locals and have found it to be fun and...

  • playa paraiso

    Playa paraiso - Paradise beach... the name is truly accurate... the beach is wonderfully wide and white, the sea has all the sahdes of turquoise... a real perfect beach for swimming, relaxing, enjoying the scenery. Swimsuit and towel - as well as sunscreen and a hat. you don't need to bring drinks or food - there's a small palapa bar which has...

  • swimming under the ruins

    One of the top beaches I have been to, even with the crowds... where else do you get the chance to swim in turquoise waters right under some spectacular mayan ruins? Only at Tulum. A fantastic beach - possibly better if you come early in the day, before the buses arrive. Bring a swimsuit and a towel - bring a hat and sunscreen, too, and water - as...


Tulum Favorites

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  • Luggage Storage

    Sunday 2 march 2008At the ADO station you can store your Luggage.Bulto chico (small) 5 pesos an hourmedium 6 pesos an hourgrande (big) 10 pesos an hourvery big 12 pesos an hour so i paid 36 pesos for 3 hourstime is on the ticket the give you. Also your proof that your bag is there.

  • The Best Bakery in Tulum

    Not only is this the best bakery in town, its the only bakery in town so its a good thing that its the best. Located on main street about two blocks from the bus station, this bakery offers outstanding and authentic Mexican baked goods ranging from rolls to cakes and everything in between. Its frequented by the locals so you know its good and...

  • The cult of the Talking Cross

    The cross was an important symbol to the Maya people, and you will see it several times in Tulum. Obviously, the cross was not used as the symbol of Christianity. Instead, it represented the movement of the sun (East to West along the day and the movement North to South along the year, as the position of the sunrise and sunset moved).The importance...


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