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  • Estadio Jalisco
    Estadio Jalisco
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  • The main cathedral in Guadalajara
    The main cathedral in Guadalajara
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Guadalajara Things to Do

  • Tequila, Guadalajara

    Tequila is a small town located about an hour away from downtown Guadalajara. You can get there by the Tequila Express Train which will run you about 500 pesos (only runs on the weekend) or you can take the bus tour for 200 pesos which is cheaper and leaves every other day. For tour information and bookings for the bus tour, the best place to go is...

  • Soccer

    If you are in town please don't forget to go to a soccer game, is the best experience you will have in your life

  • Architectural site 6

    It is amazing to see that couples in love get married in beautiful gothic cathedrals. Living in Guadalajara gave me a chance to visit many cathedrals and most of the time I was visiting each one, there was a weding happening at the same time. It is so spiritual and uplifting to see that a strong connection between people and their God, their...

  • Tequila

    This is a must do,if you are interested in how they make the liquor that made Mexico famous.Its about a 1 3/4 hour bus ride to the little town of Tequila,Catch a autobus at the downtown central bus station.Theprice of a ticket is about 30pesos.When you arrive there are a lot of stores selling little bottles and large bottles of this important...

  • Teatro Degollado

    Teatro Degollado (theather) of Guadalajara is also located in the Plaza de los Laureles. It is an imposing columned building. I was told that going to the opera is a pretty big thing for the upper class people.

  • The Government Palace

    The Government Palace is also located near the Plaza de los Laureles. It is where the former governor used to reside. It is a beautiful old building. In it there are paintings by José Clemente Oozco. One of the paintings is the artist's interpretation of the Mexican Revolution. Very interesting.

  • The Guadalajara Cathedral

    I went on a horse and buggy tour of downtown Guadalajara, where there are many historic buildings....that was pretty cool. The Guadalajara Cathedral is located in the City center, facing Plaza de los Laureles. It is an enormous building with pointed twin towers.

  • Hospicio Cabanas

    Constructed in 1810, it houses the Institutio Cultural Cabanas a center for arts. Also the Jose Clemente Orozco art museum including huge murals that he executed in 1938-1939 under the large dome building.

  • Aranzazu church - the oldest in...

    It is beautiful - right next door is another small church called San Francisco. during Christmas time you can buy all your Mexican traditional Christmas crafts outside the church. You also can catch a horse and buggy - calandria - I would suggest on a Sunday - the rest of the week the traffic is hideous downtown!! You can always have something...


Guadalajara Hotels

  • Quinta Don Jose B&B Hotel

    My wife and I have traveled through out Mexico for more than twenty years and one of our favorite...

  • Malibu

    Avenida Vallarta 3993, Zapopan, Guadalajara, Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, 45040, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Posada Del Sol

    Avenida Lopez Mateos Sur 4205, Guadalajara, Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, 44550, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Guadalajara Restaurants

  • Get to know Morgana

    This coffee house at Guadalajara has great style, kind of a mix of art-déco, your grand parents couches and offers excelent music and wi-fil high speed internet for free. It is a remarkable nice space to spend a lazy evening or get ready to party at night. They play a great music selection and sometimes have local musics playing an instrument for a...

  • These are the best restaurants in...

    I think these are some of the best restaurants in Gdl and consistent with service and food - prices pretty good - not cheap places though - about 10 usd and upLa Estancia Gaucha -the best beef in town - Argentine style - moderate Bodeguita del Medio Cuban moderate Italian – Italianis – At Centro Magno - moderate Italian – La Trattoria –...

  • One of my favorite restaurants...

    One of my favorite restaurants was El Parián in Tlaquepaque, which is a suburb of Guadalajara When in Guadalajara, you absolutely must try dishes that are typical of the region. Only in Guadalajara can you find Mexican authentic samples of tortas ahogadas (which are delicious ham sandwiches drowned ('ahogados') in a salsa sauce (don't worry, they...


Guadalajara Nightlife

  • The best in Guadalajara

    If you want to go to one of the best bars in Guadalajara, just go to OCCHIO, Cachu will take care of you . You just need to go jeans, shirt and shoes and plenty of energy to party

  • What Happened to the Plaza de...

    We were very dispointed in this area,we had heard and read a lot of information about the famous Plaza of the Mariachics.We visited on a friday afternoon,where it was completly dead and agian at night.Again Dead ,no people,possibly it is becoming to dangerous?

  • Guadalajara Hotels

    24 Hotels in Guadalajara

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Guadalajara Transportation


    For the last couple years the government has had a big problem with the drivers of the buses and the security of the passengers. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE OLDER and trying to get on and off - they do not stop necessarily to let you off - so every month a dozen or more people DIE getting on and off the buses or being hit by them! So WATCH OUT when you...

  • The most inexpensive way to...

    The most inexpensive way to get there is by bus. They have great busses in Mexico, air conditioned, in route movies, restroom, and they make stops for food etc. It is also a great way to see the country. You san see a lot more at ground level than you can at 30,000 feet in the air.Busses by far are the best way to go. Taxi's are O.K. too but...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Guadalajara Shopping

  • Market Shopping in Guadalajara

    Mercado Libertad, a three or four story indoor market:Info & photo: Map: I've been there twice & enjoyed it both...

  • downtown centro historico

    TIANGUIS - if you love street fairs - check out the different tianguis held around Tonala on Thurs and Sunin Sta. Tere on sunTianguis del sol - ?

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Guadalajara Local Customs

  • A Strong People

    Women have a strong status in Mexican culture and they work just as hard as the men. As a young child from the US, I didn't realize how spoiled I was until seeing daily life in a developing country.

  • They take their Futbol...

    They take their Futbol serious! If you have a chance to take in a game then you will have a blast. Here is a great shot I took from the nosebleed section. The stadium was literally swaying from the crowd. I thought at first I had one to many Sols.

  • The museums are excellent in...

    The museums are excellent in Guadalajara, but also of cultural interest are the State Capitol (Palacio de Gobierno), seen here.


Guadalajara Warnings and Dangers

  • Typical Mexico Scam

    One Scam for you to watch out for is the Guy with the Cute birds,in the small cages in the plaza,They come out of their cage when he tells them and they little tricks like ring a bell,put a little sombro on and so on,he then has the bird pull out a fortune for you out of a box ,If you ask him beforehand he explains is 10 pesos a fortune,the bird...

  • I know a lot of people visit...

    I know a lot of people visit the central thinking they will pack light and they swing there backpack on the back and off they go. It is good to pack light but be conscious that your bag is behind you were you cannot see it.

  • The traffic is extremely fast...

    The traffic is extremely fast and crazy!!!!! Drivers are notorious for zig zagging throughout the lanes, including the wrong lanes. There are MANY dead animals of all types along side the streets.***BEWARE: it costs money to use bathrooms!!!!!! There is a minimal charge for EACH SQUARE of tissue, so you better be a good guesser. There is also a...


Guadalajara Off The Beaten Path

  • Shopping for something unique?

    If you're shopping for unique, handcrafted pottery, furniture, etc. you should visit the surrounding towns of Guadalajara. You will get something more authentic and less touristy, at a better price. The towns of Tonala and Tlaquepaque are great shopping areas.

  • dia de los muertos PARQUE MORELOS...

    You can still go the next week , even though Nov. 2nd is the day of the dead. Be sure to have a shaved ice of coconut across the street from the park! Raspado de coco - or have one de nuez - nut.

  • I went to near Chapala,...

    I went to near Chapala, Ajijic, and Jocotepec, which boast year round beautiful climate, and rich Mexican culture. Many North Americans who know this not only come to visit, but come and make this area their permanent home. In fact Chapala hosts perhaps the largest community of North Americans (Americans and Canadians), as well as other nationals,...


Guadalajara Sports & Outdoors

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    by soccertourist Updated Apr 14, 2009

    In Guadalajara, soccer is the most popular sport by far and so much fun to watch! If I am not wrong there 3 professional clubs out of which the most famous one would be Chivas. If you are visiting the city dont miss watching a local derby .. thats if you can get a tickets

    Estadio Jalisco

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Guadalajara Favorites


    these are the horse drawn carriages - LOCATED DOWNTOWN NEAR THE MUSEUM REGIONAL - OR OVER BY THE SAN FRANCISCO, ARANZAZU CHURCES - BE sure to ask FIRST HOW MUCH THEY CHARGE- normally it is by the hour- half, etc. 45 min. is about the best amt of time. Best time is go on a Sunday because it is horrible traffic during the week and big buses - but...


    AS is written on the virtual tourist! We are located in the State of Jalisco! Sonora is up north on the border - we are western Mexico !

  • Walk around downtown and check...

    Walk around downtown and check out the architecture. There are dozens of churches, plazas, and fountains.


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