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Nogales Things to Do

  • Pasaje Morelos

    One of the primary reasons Americans come to Nogales is to shop, and one of the most colorful places to pick up a bargain is from the scores of street vendors who set up along the two blocks of Pasaje Morelos. This is a repainted alleyway which has been converted into an open-air pedestrian shopping strip. Even if you are "just looking", you will...

  • Plaza Nogales

    The closest thing Nogales has to a tourist site is Plaza Nogales, which is the plaza of the cathedral.

  • Shop, shop, shop

    You can get just about anything in Nogales. Some of the more popular, inexpensive items include luggage/leather goods, jewelry (especially silver), colognes/perfumes, liquor, prescription-type drugs, pottery, hand-crafted goods, quilts/throws, & bullhorns.

  • Get a Picture with a Donkey

    This is one of those touristy things that you'll find in many cities, similar to Tijuana. Whereas, I did get a picture with a donkey in Tijuana, I passed in Nogales. But, in case you're interested you know its always an option.

  • Enjoy a Nice Mexican Meal

    While in Nogales, make sure you stop to have lunch or at least a snack. If you like Mexican food you are sure in for a treat. We had lunch at La Hacienda Del Caballo Rojo. The tortilla chips were fresh and crispy. The salsa was hot and spicey. The tortilla was freshly made. It was a great and an inexpensive lunch given the exchange rate.

  • Walk the Town

    Nogales is a relatively small town. Not quite the husle and bustle you would find in Tijuana. It's basically small scale Tijuana. You can stroll through the streets check out the markets for various leather goods, plates and cups, jewelry and clothing.


Nogales Hotels

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  • Fiesta Inn Nogales

    Calzada Ind Nuevo Nogales 3, Nogales, SON, 84092,

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

  • Fray Marcos De Niza

    Campilo 91, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Plaza Nogales Hotel

    Alvaro Obregon Num 4190, Nogales, SON, 84092, MX

    Good for: Couples

Nogales Restaurants

  • local food

    This restaurant specializes in inexpensive traditional Sonoran cuisine. It's in a very convenient location of Ave Obregon, a few blocks south of the border.

  • Lunch with Live Music

    According to Karen's mother, who lives in Tucson, this is one of the finer restaurants in Nogales. It is on the second story above several shops, and in one of them we were offered a coupon for a free margarita with our lunch at El Greco, so we accepted the offer.The dining room is tastefully decorated with linen tablecloths and big windows...

  • Safe Eating

    Cafe Leo’s at the corner of Obregon and Campillo (main tourist streets) is a good place to eat without getting sick. Also Elvira's Restaurant at the beginning of Obregon. They have excellent food, but the view out the north windows is horrible: just a view of the metal wall that separates US and Mexico. At Leo's anything seems OK. At Elvira's I...


Nogales Transportation

  • Walking across the border

    Walking is a popular way to cross the border! Nogales, AZ has many guarded parking lots close to the port-of-entry. What you will have to do is to follow I-19 to the end in Nogales and there you are! The cost of a day parking ticket is pretty reasonable. Most of the shopping and eating attractions are close to the border and within easy walking...

  • City Bus

    Catch a city bus on Av Lopez Mateos and ride to end of line. They are old school buses, painted white. I usually catch the "Central Camionera". The destination is painted on the front top of the bus. The cost is three pesos , and the driver only accepts pesos, and correct amount. Cheap way to see a city. Bus stops are sometimes not marked clearly....

  • We went by car from Tucson...

    We went by car from Tucson about 2 hour drive. Good scenic road and places to visit on the way. Such as the MISSION SAINTE. XAVIER and the church. ' THE WHITE DOVE OF THE DESERT'We walked around the downtown area and shopped. Clothing and booze very cheap.------------------------ Please visit travelogue up on the right top.


Nogales Shopping

  • Tourist shopping

    Ave Obregon, the side streets and alleys adjacent are the main shopping area of Nogales. The closer to the border on Obregon, the more shops are catering to tourists. Farther south along the Ave, it's more shopping for locals.

  • Shopping!!

    There are a lot of shops everywhere here. A lot of Americans go there to shop too and you can find whatever you want. Mexican Pesos and American Dollars are accepted almost in every store or restaurant. handicrafts, leather art, clothes

  • Shoppers' paradise?

    This is a perfect summary that I found in the internet: ("Visitors to Nogales will find wonderful open air markets that offer inexpensive hand-woven blankets and clothing, sombreros, baskets, pottery, puppets, marble chess sets, Mexican jumping beans and imported and domestic perfume, among other items. The...


Nogales Local Customs

  • A Restaurant Serenade

    At El Greco Restaurant, where we had lunch , this man came by our table and asked if he could sing us a song. To be serenaded during a meal is always a special treat and makes the occasion more memorable. I asked him to sing a love song for "mi tres esposas" - Actually my wife, daughter and mother-in-law. In this photo you can see Jennifer, Karen's...

  • Street Musicians and Beggers

    You will see a few beggers on the streets of Nogales, but no more than in many other cities. This accordian player was blind so he could not see that I took his picture. However, I left a tip in his hat. I am personally much more inclined to give to someone such as this who is exchanging their music for a tip, than to a begger who is simply holding...

  • Nogales Hotels

    3 Hotels in Nogales

Nogales Warnings and Dangers

  • I loved Nogales...Just travel there...

    I read several articles on Nogales Mexico, and not having traveled there for a few years, I was unsettled about whether to go on a recent trip to Tucson. I was told not to for safety reason, by two different businesses telling me to go to Tubac instead. Years ago I noted that Tubac while pretty was considerably higher in prices although you would...

  • Travel with others while in Nogales

    As in any other Mexican border town, it is highly recommended you travel with at least another person...preferably more. Border towns by nature attract all types of seedy individuals. Shop during the day only. At night, it's not pretty. There are beggars everywhere. I don't want to ruin anyone's adventure...just advising you to beware of what's...

  • Poor location and poor food.

    Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.Hotel San CarlosPoor location for the better restaurants on Obregon. Not recommended for women travelers. Cafe Marco Polo attached to Hotel San Carlos has poor food. I was not sick, until I ate there. Cafeteria Leo’s is much better.


Nogales Tourist Traps

  • Have Your Picture Taken on a Mexican...

    On at least half a dozen street corners in Nogales we saw entrepreneurs set up with burros or donkeys and colorful props and backdrops, soliciting tourists to have their picture taken. Why not just do it? We were asked $5.00 to take this picture of Karen on a burro, but the man readily accepted $2.00 when I made the counter-offer. He helped Karen...

  • Watch your big bills Street Vendor have...

    When you shop do not let them pressure you for price. State your price and walk away if they do not accept. Someone will follow you from store to store and tell the next store what you will pay and if you are an easy mark. Check price with several different vendors before you buy The last one is usually the cheapest as he has been told by a snoop...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Nogales Favorites

  • Exciting to be in Mexico!

    I was so excited to be in Mexico - even though it was just across the border..... Other than that I don't remember much....!The interesting part to me was that there are two towns by the same name, but in two different countries and as soon as you cross the border from Nogales to Nogales you are in a different world!

  • Entering Mexico from the USA

    Crossing the border from Nogales, Arizona, to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, is a cinch. Although we passed through a revolving gate, there was no one there to check us in. We weren't asked for passports or any type of identification whatsoever - we just walked in. However, it is my understanding that there is a border station a short distance outside of...

  • Discount Dentists

    Dental work is generally much less expensive in Mexico than in the United States, so every year many thousands of Americans head south of the border to have their teeth worked on. All along the main streets of town you will see numerous dentist offices, but don't ask me to recommend one because I have no first hand experience. However, I have...


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