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  • Veracruz
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Veracruz
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Veracruz
    by jorgejuansanchez

Veracruz Things to Do

  • Mocambo Beach - Veracruz Mexico

    I decided to skip an introduction of Veracruz but instead make a tip of this beautiful beach I have been once. Although I arrived on this beach empty (due to the strong winds on that day) I found this beach really nice there are a number of restaurants and beach front hotels. The restaurants here are very good in sea food especially grilled sea...

  • Mudejar style of architecture in...

    It is, indeed, Moorish style! Looks like Spanish Mudejar.It is located inside the Fort San Juan de Ulúa.

  • Best way to get to San Juan de Ulua

    TAKE A TAXI from Veracruz Centro, for USD5, to San Juan de Ulua Visitors Centre. Entrance fee USD3. Juice and snacks vendors at the entrance, plus cabs that wait there until closing time, 5 p.m.There used to be a bus to the Fortress but nowadays, the bus leaves you on the highway where the dangerous beach starts, stil an hour away. Veracruz is...

  • San Juan de Ulua

    San Juan de Ulua is a great old Spanish fortress in Veracruz, just across the water facing the Port. This place transports you back in time somewhat. The film Romancing the Stone was shot here. At time of writing, I am in Panama City where everyone raves about the Old Spanish Fortress at Panama Viejo. Okay, let,s be blunt: Panama Viejo has got...

  • Sit and watch the world go by

    One of the most enjoyable things to do in Veracruz is to pull up a chair at any one of the many zocalo restaurants and watch as the fun comes to you. Down a couple of beers while people dance, children run and play and musicians wander up to you and offer to play a rendition of timeless Mexican classics.The setting is stunningly tropical and the...

  • Veracruz Carnaval

    What would otherwise be a sleepy seaside village turns into a raging party every year at Carnaval (the dates change every year, but it's tied into the period leading into Easter).We were in town for the first three nights, and found ourselves partying hard at a massive concert in the zocalo. Laser lights scanned the skies, speakers blared, and...


Veracruz Hotels

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Veracruz Restaurants

  • Excellent restaurant right by the...

    The food here is pretty good, but what I liked the most was the service! Service was best I had ever had in my life! very attentive, they bring corn chips and tortillas while you wait for food and make sure your satisfied! Its a little more than some places in Mexico, but I think it was well worth it!

  • Yucatan cooking

    A Comida Corrida (economic menu) in the Centro, where I ate very well today. In any place offering Comida Corrida, expect to pay 30-35 Pesos for a soup, a main course, fresh warm tortillas, a small dessert and as much fruit licuado (water and juice, often of tamarindo fruit) as you want.I liked the outside appearance of this restaurant, which I saw...

  • My daily bread

    Mary's Cocina is a good eatery manned by women, or womenned by women, in the heart of Centro Veracruz. Porteños go there daily for a lunch that's just like at home. The menu is fixed and includes a soup, an appetizer, the main dish and a small dessert. Licuado de melon or other fruit is served, apparently compliments of the house. I always drink 3...

  • Best American grill & rock n' roll music...

    Dawson's Bar & Rock House at Blvd. Avila Camacho #2805 is a great casual restaurant & bar resembling an old western (U.S.) saloon, swinging saloon doors & all! The atmosphere is fun and the food & music are great. The entrance walkway from the street has open air restaurant seating on one side, and enclosed & airconditioned seating on the other...

  • Snacks and Veracruz coffee in the early...

    Unfortunately I still do not remember the name of this huge place where coffee and milk where served in tall glasses. Coffe and milk were poured into the glass from above, making it an interesting scene: if everything works fine and your waiter is in a good mood, you get no coffee & milk "bath"...By the way, it doesn't happened anything to me...

  • Dining in the Zocalo

    When we went to the Zocalo in Veracruz after dark on a Saturday night, it looked like the perfect fiesta atmosphere. There was a band playing in the center of the square, hanging lights, and sidewalks lined with outdoor cafe's. So we sat down to order our meal and relax and enjoy the atmosphere. It was then that we were DESCENDED ON BY ABOUT 25...


Veracruz Nightlife

  • mocca's Profile Photo

    The Zocalo: There's always a party

    by mocca Written Sep 29, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This isn't a spot, it is just the zocalo in Vera Cruz, and during holiday times on the fountain at night bands are playing, and depending on the night you can have wild salsa and the whole crowd will dance, or you can have tradional music which will be nice to listen.
    And even if there isn't a band playing, the small marimba bands in front of the restaurants will be playing music till everybody leaves.

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Veracruz Transportation

  • Tourist bus

    It was not expensive and the information on board was in Spanish and english.I took this picture from the room of my hotel.

  • Getting there and around

    Veracruz is one of Mexico's largest sea ports. As such, there are tons of options available here. There are buses going to most of the larger cities in Mexico and to several of the small ones as well. Just ask around at the main bus station. I took an overnight bus to Oaxaca from Veracruz.

  • The Slowest Bus in Mexico

    Fort of San Juan de Ulua is a few miles outside Veracruz center. One of the few sights but nothing spectacular ( I did not see the inside...). Sharing a taxi is more comfortable but a bus is much much more exciting. Reason: the buses are a little old, once they go faster than 20 km/h they fall apart!So the driver has enough time to read his kinky...


Veracruz Shopping

  • Vanilla, coffee and fans

    Not about *a* shop. The whole Historic Centre is full of shops selling typical Veracruzan wear or handicrafts. Steps from the Zocalo, towards the sea, there is a whole block of outside vendors. Across the street from them, a huge inside market called Mercado de Alimentos y Artesanias. The name says "Food" (Alimentos) but don't be fooled. They mean...

  • Trashy souvenirs

    The markets in Veracruz are absolutely mediocre. Having come from Mexico City and then later exploring Merida, it's fairly clear that she shopping experience in Veracruz is entirely sub-optimal.However, if you're not looking for any authentic handicrafts, you can pick up cheesy Veracruaz souvenirs for reasonable prices. There isn't a massive...

  • Get your Bottled Water cheap

    n/a You will be walking around Veracruz and dehydrate quickly from the heat. Before or when you arrive in Veracruz, go to a grocery store or whatever place that you find bottled water for cheap, and stock yourself up on a lot because many of the little convenience shops sell it for expensive prices. Save yourself the pesos and buy 'em cheap!! It's...


Veracruz Local Customs

  • Jarocha!

    in Veracruz, everything is Jarocho and Jarocha. It's the culture of this port city and encompasses the mix of ethnic groups, the Caribbean feel, the customs, the cuisine, and more than anything, the music and dance. El son jarocho, el danzon jarocho.There was a show in Teatro Reforma in Veracruz all day Sunday, a marathon to help victims of...

  • Men in Veracruz

    You have heard of the term "gringo / gringa", and maybe others. In Veracruz the term used to refer to someone white is "güero / güera". When you walk down the street and pass by a man or group of men of whatever age, you will either be tossed some kind of comment with that term, or hissed at. They have this "ssSSSSSST" hiss, that they make, because...

  • Veracruz Hotels

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Veracruz Warnings and Dangers

  • Big holes in the sidewalks

    Everywhere in Veracruz City, including in the Historic Centre, the sidewalks have huge, deep holes. They are obviously made for the purpose of evacuating torrential rains or waves blowing over the Malecon. I fell in a smallish but deep hole today and hurt a leg. This happened across the Bulevar where I live, when a cab startled me by honking behind...

  • Avoid the Beaches

    It might be a major domestic tourist hub, and it may also be a sunny seaside village, but a word of advice: don't come here expecting to laze on pristine Gulf of Mexico beaches.Veracruz is also a major shipping port, and with all the shipping traffic, comes heavy pollution. The beaches are an un-natural brown. Avoid them like the plague.

  • Too many street vendors by your...

    If you eat at an open-air table or open-air restaurant, especially in some of the large plazas, you will be approached one after another after another by street vendors and you have to constantly say "No, Gracias" or something to ward them off in a civil way. It seemed they came by constantly, and you can't even get on with a conversation with whom...


Veracruz Tourist Traps

  • Artisan Market ???

    Downtown Veracruz didn't have that much to offer in my opinion. Lots of t-shirts, paper and plastic fans with "Veracruz" printed on them, and other "made in China" items. I was looking for pottery, copper items, tapestry, etc made by local artisans, so when I heard about the artisan market I was excited about the possibilities. There were some...

  • Cancun sito

    Near the aquarium (which is quite nice) there is a beach & a row of boats (& very energetic boat-operators) offering trips ot ¨Cancun sito¨ (beach, swimming with sharks, etc)Cost is $ 8 each and the gist of the trip is paddling in a sandbar in the middle of the sea for an hour and a half. The locals seem to like it, though...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Veracruz Off The Beaten Path

  • Cruise ships don't dock in Veracruz

    Veracruz is a merchandise port so cruise ships pass by in the distance, heading for Cancun. But while I was living there, Hurricane Wilma prevented cruise ships from docking at Cancun and the City Authorities welcomed a few ships in Veracruz Puerto.Since the city doesn't get that many foreign tourists, these ships were quite an event for the local...

  • Spanish style in Caribbean Veracruz

    Veracruz is a Mexican port city with a unique Caribbean style. Just walk around, keep your eyes open, and bring your camera with you!

  • Mercado de Artesanias El Malecón

    A local market where you find lots of curiosities, souvenirs and local craft...Near the Zocalo, by the bay.


Veracruz Favorites

  • Long-term stays

    There is no Youth Hostel in Veracruz City but there are many inexpensive hotels or lodgings known as Casa de Huespedes (guest houses).Last year I started my 7-month bus trip from Montreal to Argentina by staying in Veracruz about a month and a half, to learn some Spanish and have more fun and security on the road.For the first month, I rented a...

  • Mexico City to Veracruz - Road Trip

    This is a GREAT drive! I would highly recommend renting a vehicle and driving if you feel comfortable in foreign countries. We rented a suburban and took the autopista (toll road) via Puebla and Orizaba to Veracruz. It was about 6 hrs, and a beautiful drive through the mountains once you get past Puebla. The toll roads are in good condition and I...

  • I heard how beautiful Veracruz is....

    ....and maybe my expectations were too high. We had a bad hotel experience, and that might have colored my opinion as well. But honestly if I had a choice of going to Veracruz or say, Morelia or Merida, I would choose either before Veracruz. The hotel we stayed in, the Fiesta Americana, was supposedly the nicest in Veracruz. It's a tell tale sign...


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