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  • Mérida
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Mérida Things to Do

  • Monument to Fatherland

    In a pleasant area, a square was used, about 50 years ago to celebrate Mexican nationality. The big sculpture from Romulo Rozo uses the expression of the classical Mayan art.

  • Teatro Peón Contreras

    Teatro Peón Contreras, the city's grand opera house, opened in 1908. The theater was renovated in 2011 with a new stage and updated air conditioning. Even if opera, symphonies, and ballet aren't to your taste, the building is still worth a look for it's impressive Art Deco architecture. There is an art gallery downstairs with changing exhibits.

  • Patria Monument in Paseo de Montejo

    When driving down on Montejo Drive you will find a very famous monument that is dedicated to the nation, the Monumento a la Patria.It tells the story of the Yucatan and the country throughout its carved stone surfaces. It is a masterpiece that every visitor must see.Unfortunately I saw it only out of a bus window.

  • Parque Hidalgo

    Walking along Calle 60 you will see the Parque Hidalgo close to the Jesus Church and the Peon Contreras Theater.It was originally named after Manuel Cepeda Peraza (Military officer and Governor of the State 1828 - 1869). Later the name was changed to honor the Priest Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. You will see the monument devoted to him.Hidalgo...

  • Iglesia and Park Santa Ana

    The Santa Ana Church was built and consecrated in 1733. It has a Latin cross pattern on an atrium, built apparently where the Maya religious structure had stood.The Parque Santa Ana was formed at the initiative of Governor and Captain General Antonio de Figueroa and Silva Lazo de la Vega, to designate an area of dwelling for the indigenous people,...

  • University of Yucatan-Merida

    The University of Yucatan-Merida is another attraction when you are walking along Calle 60 across the Teatro Jose Peon Contreras. I found it occasionally because the door was open I entered and saw a beautiful yard that I could compare with the Royal Palace in Mexico City. The modern university was established in the 19th century by Governor Felipe...


Mérida Hotels

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Mérida Restaurants

  • Main St. Restaurant & Bar

    Had lunch at this restaurant during our cruise shore excursion. We ordered margaritas and chicken fajitas. The fajitas were tasty, but not like in the states - the chicken, peppers and onions were not grilled, but instead stewed. We sat outside under an umbrella in the park, and it was very nice. The lunch and margarita came to $17 USD, and the...

  • Yucatan cuisine

    We have been told that Yucatan food is its own unique style and is very different from what most people consider "Mexican" food. It includes influences from the local Mayan culture, as well as Caribbean, Mexican, European and Middle Eastern cultures.When having dinner in the restaurant of the Hotel Hyatt Regency Merida, I’ve tried Xcatic Cream with...

  • Heavy and dark

    All of the guidebooks recommended Alberto's, so we ate one dinner there. When will I learn not to trust guidebooks? Alberto's is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Merida. I'm sure they try, but the food was mediocre, even their middle eastern dishes that they made such a big deal about, the regional dishes were sparse, the decor was...


Mérida Nightlife

  • Carnival Parade

    Just like the first Carnival parade we saw in Campeche, Carnival parades in Merida are madhouses. People stand 8 deep and you have to be at the parade route over an hour before the parade starts to reserve a reasonable view.At the parades we viewed, normally participants throw out stuff to the crowds -- most often candy, but also T-shirts and other...

  • Mérida nightlife

    On Saturday and Sunday evenings, Mérida comes alive with music -- bands are set up in the streets - in front of restaurants, in the plazas. The bands almost have to play extra loudly to drown out the band in the next block.All in all it is a great atmosphere, and fun to wander around. The photo I've used was taken at Noche Mexicana - at a park...


    Definitely no.1 Club/ Disco in Merida. You can find here as well local people and tourists. Casual/Clubbing. Nothing too fancy.


Mérida Transportation

  • Horse Carriages

    The best way to explore Merida is for sure on foot.But many people use horse carriages to see not only the centre but Merida's suburbs. Our hotel was 20 minutes walk from the Zocalo. I finished my excursion along the Historic Centre when it was already dark and decided to take a horse carriage to come back to the hotel. I enjoyed the ride and it...

  • How to get to Merida

    Merida is situated in the northwest part of the state of Yucatan about 1500 km from Mexico City.That’s why the best way to get there is by air.But we traveled from Mexico City by bus via Puebla-Oaxaca-San Sebastian-Palenque-Campehe. And it was 2200km at our speedometer.We came to Merida from Uxmal which is located about 80 km from Merida.You can...

  • Transportation to Chichen Itza from...

    Hola,There are many ways to get to Chichen from Merida. If you'd like a tour once you get to the ruins, (otherwise how do you know what you're looking at?) It's a better deal to take an organized trip from Merida to Chichen. I've done this tour before and it was great, it includes transportation, lunch and a guided tour of the ruins in English. If...


Mérida Shopping

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  • Vendors in Merida

    As in other parts of the Yucatan, shopping in Merida takes three major forms: 1) actual shops, which often have employees outside trying to persuade you to enter, 2) street vendors who have set up their wares on carts or blankets, 3) individuals carrying goods who approach you in attempts to make a sale. In Merida you can buy anything from...

  • Local crafts at the central plaza

    The best day and place to find local crafts is at the Plaza Grande (main central plaza) on Sunday. Hence the name Merida en Domingo. You'll see signs advertising Merida en Domingo all over the Centro Historico district on Sunday. Local artists and crafts people sell jewelry, clothing, handbags, accessories, linens, toys, CDs and other wonderful...

  • Different types of Grocery Shopping

    Mérida seems to have quite a choice of shopping opportunities. Of course, as in most of Mexico there are many small stores operated by individuals. There is the Mercado which is several blocks south of the main square. Just like Progreso's Mercado, there are many different merchants selling fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, handicrafts, etc. As well...


Mérida Local Customs

  • Solo caballeros

    Leaving Merida to Uxmal, we stopped in a restaurant with two different spaces. No, it was not smokers or non smokers, it was "only men" and common area. It was the only time that I saw that kind of segregation in America, and found it so funny, that... I had a severe distraction. My son Tito ate a salad, and, in the next morning he was over 40º,...

  • Traffic

    Coming from Portugal I had no serious problem driving in Mexico. Reasonable roads, not much traffic and acceptable discipline. The only notice is the condition of many cars, that, I don't know how do they keep moving. Exiting Merida, the noise called our attention for a truck that, while advancing was bouncing from one side to another, and shaking....

  • Protest demonstration

    When walking along the Historic Centre of Merida quite unexpectedly for me I witnessed a protest demonstration that took place on Monday 31th January. I couldn't understand against what they protested because all the slogans were in Spanish but I was very interested in the process itself.The protest was very quiet in compare with what I used to see...


Mérida Warnings and Dangers

  • Merida Maps and hammocks

    Merida maps ( hard copy) can be purchased at the airport - Go down Itzaes and you run right into it on the left at the south of the cityMaps of tourist routes and pueblas and roads are clear and concise There are hammocks made of sissal -- someone has the wrong information ----there is actually a hacienda that is processing this actively, south of...

  • Maps of the Yucatan

    Too bad about your map problems. As I posted on another comment area, there is a very detailed highway map that you can get of the State of Yucatan that includes a detailed street map of Merida, Valladolid, Progreso and other cities in the state. We found ours at Sanborn's store. There are 2 of them in Merida. The first is on the Montejo side of...

  • Eating and Drinking Safely

    If you're not from Mexico, be especially careful when traveling to Merida and elsewhere in Mexico with what you eat and drink. Never drink the tap water-- even when brushing your teeth, it's best to use bottled water (agua purificada). Bottled water can be purchased very inexpensively at local grocery stores and convenience shops-- we found bottles...


Mérida Tourist Traps

  • Taxi from the Airport to Town

    The airport taxis charge three times as much for a trip into town than a cab you hail on the street will charge you for a ride to the airport. This is not a case of a dishonest cabbie looking to rip off a visiting rube--it is the official rate. Since no mass transit actually enters the airport (how convenient for the cabs!), the alternative is to...

  • Sisal Hammocks

    People will be trying to sell you over-priced hammocks and claim they're made out of sisal. However, I have been told that hammocks made out of sisal haven't made for years - it's cotton or polyester. Don't pay more than 350 pesos!

  • The price is not rigtht !

    I do not recommended to buy hadycrafts in the first store you see . Salers increase the price 100% or more for foreing people. Please take time to compare and ask sales man to decrease the price very firm. You can also ask some personnel of the hotel about some recommendations for shopping.


Mérida What to Pack

  • Be Prepared for the Heat

    In the spring and summer, shorts, skirts, t-shirts and tank tops are the best options to handle the heat . The streets are flat and easy to manage, so a pair of flip flops or sandals are a good way to keep your feet cool. Sun lotion for the fair-skinned is a must. The mosquitos can be vicious, so some strong bug spray is also a good...

  • Hints we found out for holidays in...

    - Unless you speak Spanish, bring a small notebook or calculator for writing prices when negotiating.- Bring a Spanish-Your language dictionary to assist in communicating. - We did not bring enough clothes. We forgot about the heat and sweat and the fact that you can only wear a top for one day. You either need more clothes or to find a...

  • Mérida Hotels

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Mérida Off The Beaten Path

  • Bombaaaaaaa

    every night around 8 pm in the main plaza or esplanade, will be a free show that captives both national and international tourist,,,the show is called Las bombas and those are folk dances mixed whith a little theater, music and the most important, traditional jokes with this heavy spanish Yucatan accent ,very funny rimes telll by funny people at...

  • Great Dining Experience at Hacienda...

    I can't say enough about eating... and drinking at the Haciendas found all over the Yucatan. We spend the whole morning at the Ruins at Uxmal and then had a phenomenal lunch at Hacienda Ochil. Yet another great meal, with the most delicious guacamole, and freshest fruit juice, in a stunning outdoor setting. This Hacienda was a bit larger, with more...

  • Cenote X-Batun

    We were directed to this "secret" cenote by our B&B owner in Santa Elena, but it is an easy distance from Merida. It is hard to find, off the beaten path, in the middle of nowhere... but if you are adventurous and have a rental car, it is worth the solitude and the swim. We followed MX 261 to an exit westbound marked "Cocoa" (I believe it is marked...


Mérida Favorites

  • Outdoor pool in the hotel

    One of the fondest memory I always remember out of my trip to Mexico is my swimming in January and February. It was cold winter that time in Moscow.As I have already written I took every chance to swim in every hotel pool in this trip along Mexico. That’s why swimming in the outdoor pool in the Hotel Hyatt Regency Merida was especially pleasant...

  • Mérida as it was for me in February of...

    Our path from Mayan Ruinas Uxmal to Ruinas Chichén-Itzá was led through Mérida - the capital of the Mexican State of Yucatán and largest city of the Yucatán Peninsula.It is located in the northwest part of the state, about 80 km from Uxmal, about 120 km from Chichén-Itzá and about 35 km from the Gulf of Mexico coast.We spent there half a day, then...

  • Dinero

    ATMs are prevalent in Merida, so we had no problem exchanging money. In addition, several shops had exchange windows open in the evening. On the other hand, I didn't see the bank open once - great banker's hours in Merida. ATMs will not be so easy to find in the small towns. If you leave Merida on a day trip, in addition to filling up your tank,...


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