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    MEXICAN DJ´s and projects

    by pedroebc Updated Sep 20, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    ELECTRONIC MUSIC AND LABELS WITH MEXICAN STYLE...... Dj Vazik Robbie Akbal Dj gog Dj Shine nortec collective Robbie Akbal AM CONDESA BPM FESTIVAL PLAYA


    MORE MUSIC WORLDWIDE latinhouse chill :) ...deep grooves AMIR GROOVE monday DJ SESSIONS dj sessions AMNESIA SUPER CHILL OUT

    Dress Code: OTHER LINKS WORLDWIDE radioshow más radioshow TIESTO FANCLUB
    (Real Audio RADIO link Mexico city)


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    MEXICO CITY nightlife , Music

    by pedroebc Updated Sep 19, 2012

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    ELECTRONIC SCENE: .... Club Rioma , Club AM, Club Fever , Hookah Lounge, Sudaka ....soon again Club Pervert Lounge

    MERENGUE, SALSA: Mamarrumba, Pata Negra, Mojito Lounge, Meneo, La Bodega, Bodegita del Medio
    RANCHERO: Garibaldi plaza, Cantina Tenampa, zona rosa bars
    POP: Don Quintin, Classico
    MEXICAN CANTINA : Los Remedios , Pata Negra, salon Tenampa
    ROCK: Bulldog cafe, Hard Rock cafe, centro cultural espana, Black Horse Condesa
    JAZZ:.. Cinco JAZZ, south of the mexico city, coyoacan and san angel, and Colonia Roma
    Opera:... Palacio de bellas artes
    Classic... Palacio de bellas artes, sala Ollin Yolliztli, MUNAL, Conservatorio Nacional de Musica in Polanco
    Hip Hop ... Mambata / MIC
    Tango: el Arrabal ( in zona rosa street dinamarca )
    Reggae : KAYA BAR CONDESA Reggae
    Balkan: Dj Gadjo and turbo balkan

    **BARS**.. Condesa area, coyoacan area, polanco area, roma area

    FOR DINNER ?.. Condesa area, Mazarik avenue, san angel area, Roma area

    Independient cinema

    ....Zona rosa area has imporved the security and better restaurants, keep an eye still around becouse there is some crime and also is a big gay scene in Mexico city.

    its better go to CONDESA district or Mazarik / Polanco district....zona rosa become the gay scene and othe small bars for turist, special atmosphere there..

    Dress Code: normal dressed up not so fancy for this areas, turist have the preference always belive me!!
    dont bring shorts just permited in Cancun, Acapulco and Puerto vallarta

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    by pedroebc Updated Sep 19, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I go here.... (LOCATION/KIND OF MUSIC)..updated SEPT 2012
    ;0) :0D :0/ :0S :o) :0P

    Club Rioma ( condesa / club / top djs deep house )
    KAYA BAR ( Reggae / cONDESA / bar / club )

    Bar Pata negra (condesa )
    Bar Pata negra upstairs(condesa/ salsa/hip hop/reggae, rock )
    AM Club ( condesa / electronic)
    Bar Cibeles ( condesa / lounge snobby )
    Bar Centro Social Rodhessia ( condesa / lounge snobby )
    Hokka Lounge Bar (condesa/lounge/ electronic)
    Cantina Centenario (mex condesa/ pub)
    Red fly (roma/ lounge)
    Salon Covadonga ( roma / hipster bar )
    Black horse ( condesa / british bar )
    Moon bar / Hotel camino real ( lounge/ polanco )
    Habita hotel terrace ( polanco / lounge )
    Pulqueria Insurgentes ( roma / bar/ hipster / mexican)
    Hotel Brick ( roma / bar / lounge )
    CondesaDF hotel terrace ( condesa / lounge )
    CondesaDF hotel bar ( condesa / lounge )
    Non Solo bar (roma/lounge/house)
    Area Bar, Hotel Habita (polanco/lounge)
    Pendulo / Bella Epoca (condesa,bookstore/ coffee )
    Mitote ( Condesa / bar / worldmusic )
    Don Queso ( Condesa /local bar- lunch/ worldmusic )

    T Gallery (condesa/ jazz/bossa/cuban son)
    Moon bar (hotel camino real polanco /house, lounge)
    Blue bar (hotel camino real polanco /jazz, lounge)
    Bar Milan (near zona rosa, all music)
    Mezcaleria ( condesa / mexican neo cantina )
    La Clandestina ( condesa / barrio cantina mezcal )
    W hotel ( polanco/ bar/ lounge)
    Bulldog (rock)
    Hard rock cafe (polanco/rock)
    Bar house (condesa/ house)

    Bodeguita del medio (roma/ salsa)
    Mamarrumba (roma/salsa)
    Mojito lounge ( condesa / salsa )

    Celtics bar ( condesa/ irishpub)
    Black Horse (condesa/ britishpub)

    Bar House (condesa/pub/lounge)
    Centro cultural Espana (bar / rock/ indie / electronic )

    MIC (hip hop / polanco )

    Mambata ( Hip hop / Reggeatton )
    MIC polanco ( hip hop / reggetton )

    el Arrabal ( Tango / bar )

    Non solo ( roma / lounge / bar / restaurant )
    sky bar (41 floor wtc trendy )
    Patrick Miller ( rioma / disco hispter )

    Dress Code: MORE STUFF...
    Casa Hilvana ( concert hall / condesa / independent bands )
    Bar Tenampa (zocalo/ mariachi )
    Club Lipstick(zona rosa,/electronic)
    Cantina los Remedios (zona rosa/mexican)

    Terraza ( centro cultural españa / zocalo/ rock, Djs, alternative, ska, surf, etc )
    Rest.- bar La bodega (son cubano/ condesa )
    Love Ixchel (roma/ resturant-bar electronic )
    Rexo (condesa/ pub/ pop)
    Cibeles (roma/ rest-bar acid jazz)
    Barneys (condesa/ redbar all music)
    Atrio (condesa/ jazz)

    Mitch Oconnell

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    GOA PARTIES / RAVE PARTIES in Mexico: In Mexico

    by pedroebc Updated Feb 7, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dress Code: you can imagine the nice parties you can get in MEXICO, here is one example.... NEAR TULUM BEACH at mexican caribbean...
    I went to a goa party with the super Djs INFECTED MUSHROOM and ASTRIX , besides the beach, neon lights, fire balls dancers, jungle,people dancing until day,homocks ...amazing place and party !!
    there are locations and Djs all the year... sometimes near pyramids, in the middle of rainforest, in caves, volcano crater, churches, forest, deserts, etc.
    Last summer near Tulum I was one crazy party in a Cenote... give me a dam break !

    the best raves, goa parties and events ALL AROUND MEXICO

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    ...surprise your mexican friends.. !!!!: MARIACHI songs

    by pedroebc Updated Sep 20, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MARIACHI BAND ....................
    ( surprise your mexican friends !!!!)

    .Mexico lindo y querido
    .Mariachi loco
    . El aventurero
    .El rey
    .La bikina
    .Volver, volver
    .Aqui entre nos
    .La muerte de un gallero
    .Lastima que seas ajena
    .Mujeres divinas
    .Que de raro tiene
    . Si acaso vuelves
    .Cielo rojo

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    by pedroebc Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    TIGRES DEL NORTE are one of the most famous norteña music band in mexico, everywhere in a small town or cantina you will listen this group... with a beer in the hand the guys just feel each song .....ajua !

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    Party notes

    by pedroebc Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    in most of the clubs women do not pay cover, some of them men pay . Since last year open entrance all people to all clubs, no discrimination.

    keep watching your bags and belongings on chairs.... inside clubs people take your things.

    dont take taxis outside Clubs that ones are the dangerous ones.. take some other from street with 4 doors.

    take a copy of your passport always, you can go inside Clubs over 18 years old.

    be safe .. no cameras, no small Swiss army some places entrance the doorkeeper will ask your for a revision to your belongings and bags.

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  • pedroebc's Profile Photo


    by pedroebc Updated Sep 20, 2010

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Enjoy Mexico city... some clubs and bars close until 2.30 am from monday to sunday..
    most of them work thursday,friday, saturday

    Keep in touch.. write me if you want info for party, dinner or drink ...pedrocsll@

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  • carriecar's Profile Photo

    Pat O'Bryan's: Huge drinks!

    by carriecar Written May 31, 2009

    Stopped into Pat O'Bryan's for some drinks.
    Cast from the Real World arrived later that evening, we didn't stay for it.
    We were pleasntly surprised with the serving skills of our waiter.
    64 Oz Coronas are on draft here.
    They also make fun balloon toys to play with, not included in photos because they are slightly inappropriate.
    Fun times!

    Dress Code: none really

    the amazing table-service group shot at Pat's sister and bro-in law at pat's
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    CANCUN, ACAPULCO, MAZATLAN, BAJA: PARTY AND TRAVEL ...its spring break baby !

    by pedroebc Updated Mar 5, 2009

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    SPRING BREAK party rules..... its one of the top parties and atractions in Mexico in case you want to party... if you want to relax just better skip the place... during the months of springbreak.

    CANCUN, ACAPULCO, MAZATLAN, BAJA famous for spring break seasson....

    God bless america..... but first Mexico... hey !!! you americans at party and mixed with mexicans its just a crazy party baby .....

    Dress Code: none..

    dam..!! springbreak rocks... Pedro Pedro in ACAPULCO.. Copa...Copacabana Pedro bored in Acapulco with amerrricanas .. :0P Pedro at MTV party in Acapulco, spring break

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  • estariamaria's Profile Photo

    El Patio de Mi Casa

    by estariamaria Written Jan 6, 2008

    En la Zona Rosa, música en vivo, aveces toca un buenísimo dj Mexicano llamado Pico...
    Es un lugar para bailar que tiene mucha onda, mucho estilo

    Entrada Baratísima

    Dress Code: Relaxing clothing, modern, you only need to be yourself, as you wish to dress like. (but no tie please....

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  • estariamaria's Profile Photo

    El Mitote: Bar y tapas

    by estariamaria Written Jan 6, 2008

    El Mitote es un pequeño bar con mucha onda, mucho estilo. Su dueño (no recuerdo su nombre) es encantador, suele estar por allí atendiendo a sus clientes más selectos...La música es excelente, generalmente hay un dj mezclando buenísima y variada música.
    Buenos tragos y ricas entradas...

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    Carlos N Charlies..Mexico: Dancing The Night Away.....

    by Leniebill Updated Sep 23, 2007

    Majority of cruise guests party at Carlos N Charlies before heading back to the ship for the next sail. We had a blast the last time we were there! We enjoyed sharing the dance floor with guests from other cruise lines. They played all kinds of music from the ever famous YMCA, the 70's, 80's, rock, reggae & blues. We had several friends in our group so it was really exciting. Everybody joined in & had fun themselves. I had the best pina colada & my friends had tequilas & margaritas. We headed back to the ship at 11:30pm, half hour before sailing to the next port of call. We said goodbyes to our new friends hoping that we'll see each other again someday, on next cruise.......

    Dress Code: Anything comfortable that suits your taste! Wear your dancing shoes & outfit & have fun. Just remember to be back at the ship before it sails away.....

    Me & my husband at Carlos N Charlies Hard Rock shop few blocks from Carlos N Charlies Authentic boots sold at shop next few doors away I took this  photo of Bill w/ ship at background.
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  • jorgejuansanchez's Profile Photo

    La Galeria: Tequila

    by jorgejuansanchez Written Oct 18, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a Gallery to expose paintings and pictures, plus a place to perform folkloric dances and a bar to drink tequila.
    They also sell handicrafts from Chiapas and Guatemala, and a percentage of the profits is given to the poor Indian people.
    I heard that La Galeria is also a subversive centre where they criticize the Guatemala and Mexico governments (they tried to convince me not to travel to Guatemala because with the money that I would spend, the Guatemala Army would use it to buy weapons with which to repress the Indian population, but I did not listen to them and travelled to Guatemala. Anyway, I was travelling moneyless!).

    Dress Code: informal

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    Folklore dance shows: Tradition and spectacle

    by TheWanderingCamel Updated May 11, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Whether you opt for a night at one of the many folkloric dance shows that are staged by hotels in towns all over Mexico or find yourself slipping in beside the locals at a rather less staged -for -the-tourists show in a local dance hall, or even (as we did for both these) being called in to watch some youngsters practising in a small dance studio - you're in for a feast of colour and music that will keep the camers clicking and your eyes dazzled by both the colour and vibrancy of the scene and - especially at the latter events- the smiles and obvious enjoyment of what they are doing on the faces of the dancers.

    The dance show we went to was lovely - with a whole range of dances from the stately and sedate to toe-tapping whirls of wide skirts and coquettish looks to the leaps and whoops of athletic young men in their high feathered head-dresses. The young dancers practising in one of the studios at the Oaxaca University were sweet, but the best night was the one in the dance hall we came across by accident, beckoned in by a gun-toting policeman, to stand in the midst of a crowd of locals watching a crowd of youngsters in flounced skirts and white suits literally having a ball.


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