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  • the serpent
    the serpent
    by pencho15
  • One of the eco-casitas
    One of the eco-casitas
    by KathyD17
  • One of the eco-casitas (#8)
    One of the eco-casitas (#8)
    by KathyD17

Most Viewed Off The Beaten Path in Mexico

  • pedroebc's Profile Photo

    LUIS BARRAGAN in mexico city

    by pedroebc Updated Apr 29, 2013

    this is amazing architect work and life.. LUIS BARRAGAN

    general francisco ramirez 12 col appliacion daniel garza 11840 mexico df 55154908
    convento de las capuchinas sacramentarias miguel hidalgo 43 tlalpan 55732395

    IGLESIA CORPUS CHRISTI arboledas edo mex
    BEBEDEROS arboledas edo mex
    MUSEO MAQUETAS arboledas edo de mex
    TORRES DE SATELITE naucalpan edo de mex

    jardines casa ortega 52724945
    casa prieto lopez av fuentes 180 col el pedregal san angel casaprietolopez@gmail.com
    casa gilardi general antonio leon 82 san miguel chapultepec casagilardi@gmail.com
    Casa de los Amigos Ignacio Mariscal 132 Colonia Tabacalera, México D.F
    casa en sullivan....

    Unique Suggestions: informes@ casaluisbarragan.org

    casaluisbarragan@ gmail.com


    barragan school /

    Luis Barragan Morfin Ricardo Legorreta Barragan Barragan

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    ERNESTO che GUEVARA in mexico city

    by pedroebc Updated Mar 3, 2012

    ERNESTO che GUEVARA DE LA SERNA lived in mexico city and met Fidel Castro in the area of downtown of Mexico DF.
    The book & biography "Ernesto Guevara, también conocido como el Che" of Paco Ignacio Taibo II

    Pachuca 108 Condesa
    Rio Rhin 43 con su novia
    Emparan 49 - C con Fidel
    Reg Civil de Tepoztlan ( boda )
    Napoles 40- 16 depa pareja
    revillagigedo 47 armas tienda y refugio
    chalco rancho Santa Rosa

    Consiente de que una sociedad en crisis encuentra en la cultura una válvula de escape, el escritor Paco Ignacio Taibo II ha decido donar su biblioteca-archivo sobre Ernesto “Che” Guevara al Centro Académico de la Memoria de Nuestra América, de la Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México.
    Pensé que esta colección, integrada por tres cajas de libros, revistas, periódicos y algunas fotografías, reunidas a lo largo de 50 años, podrían serles útiles a otros chavos e investigadores”, explicó el escritor, quien ha merecido tres veces el Premio Internacional Dashiell Hammett a la mejor novela policiaca.


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  • pedroebc's Profile Photo

    CODICE MOCTEZUMA ... great discover

    by pedroebc Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    when you are in elemntary school in Mexico you recive general education about ancient mexican civilizations, when you get older you still feel facinated about our ancestors... other Mexico other people..same land....

    Recently I discovered in a hidden place of the Palacio de Cortes Museum in Cuernavaca city, one of the greatest pieces, even the antropology museum in mexico city has it..... just at the end of the museum the last piece hanging in the right side of the exit door before the museums store ...you will find this Codice....

    the picture show the fight with mexicas and spaniards in Tenochtitlan, other picture show Hernan Cortes in his horse, other picture show the destruction of the top of a pyramid and a battle , other pic show the punishment with a rope in the throught to Moctezuma and a spaniard..

    INCREDIBEL PICTURES..... I hope museum reconsider to move in better location so important piece..

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  • rkearns's Profile Photo

    non-touristy areas of mexico on the beach?

    by rkearns Written Aug 15, 2010

    i vote for nexpa!
    i backpacked from puerto vallarta to puerto escondido and this was by far, on the top of the list of non-touristy places that had palapas on the beach. the locals are SUPER friendly. you may encounter a beach bbq. mostly just good surf, calm wind, warm air, good food and peace. but yeah, you may bump into other travelers, mostly people driving or backpacking through mexico... not your average tourist.


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  • NormRoy's Profile Photo

    Coba, Quintana Roo

    by NormRoy Updated Mar 24, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Visit the Coba Ruins, - 'The City of Ghosts''. One of the truly great Classic Maya sites. Approximately 50 square kilometers in size and over 6000 ruins , only a few of which have been restored. Walking trips, either with tours guides or alone is extremely easy - and safe.
    Stay at the Hotel Bocadito in downtown Coba (~800 inhabitants) and try their Cochinita Pibil. The hotel is about $10.00 a night, a twin bed, cold water shower - nothing fancy.

    I've been here about 10 times in the past 8 years. I'm getting pretty good at knowing this place and know many of the local people quite well. I'm no longer a 'gringo' but an 'amigo'. The people love talking with you. Its nice to learn some of the Maya language.

    Coba Ball Court Cozumel Sunset - Cozumel, Mexico Old and In the Way - Coba, Mexico Mayan Children - Coba, Mexico Mayan Home - Punta Laguna, Mexico
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  • ffpulley77's Profile Photo

    Bob Marley's Bar in Cozumel

    by ffpulley77 Written Jan 30, 2010

    You have got to rent a motorcycle and travel to the north side of the island to visit Bob Marley's Bar. Its an open air hamburger shack and bar. They have Cold Corona's and beautiful scenery. There aren't any barstools, you just get your beer and walk behind the shack and there are hammocks set up. Think of the ultimate Corona commercial come to life... There is nothing better in this world. I met some people from the Netherlands that were hanging out and we all just laid in the hammocks in the sun and talked like old friends.

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  • smalltowntraveler's Profile Photo

    Beautiful and unspoiled beaches!

    by smalltowntraveler Updated Feb 28, 2009

    In Jan '09 I stayed for a week in Troncones - outside of Ixtapa at the Casa Firefly lodging. The beach is lovely and you will not see a better sunset. This is a very small village with several choices for lodging. My stay was just a hundred yards from the ocean in a bungalow. There is also at least one Inn and several restaurants. You will probably not find Troncones on a map but it is a half hour north of Ixtapa along the coast.

    I actually slept under the stars in a hammock so I could hear the ocean. Wild horses visited in the night. The beaches there have turtle nests and it is a favorite place for surfers.

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  • smithy65's Profile Photo

    always use a reputable guide.

    by smithy65 Written Aug 2, 2008

    we booked a taxi for the day to go to some waterfalls and a coffee plantation... big mistake
    max our driver not only fell asleep at the wheel when driving through the mountains, massive drops on either side of car. petrifying. he also took us to some very unsavoury places along the way.
    had to get out of car due to a flat tyre in massive thunderstorm and car fell off the jack and started careering downwards.
    had to walk at least a mile and half down a very steep hill and as you know what you go down you have to climb up again. thought i was going to need oxygen.
    we wanted him to stop car to rest but had some vicious dogs chasing us and it was too dangerous a place to stop. he said we may get shot. arrrgh.
    coffee plantation was a complete joke. see photo... he stopped car pointed to a bean on a tree and said "coffee plantation"
    he booked lunch for us that we was unable to eat, he did eat by the way, his own and ours.. the food was cooked in water from a dirty, infested trough. had typhoid written all over it. we were dehydrating fast as we could not get anything to drink either. total nightmare at the time. looking back it was an experience i am glad i had but we were lucky to be alive to tell the tale. so beware!!
    To make matters worse it cost more than the official tour and they had a lovely lunch with real seats and paper.. see pics.

    MAD MAX SPOT THE BEAN! coffee plantation. toilet at lunch stop no flush,paper,seat, pail inc at least the water falls were refreshing. one for the parents.. just in case... ID purposes
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  • manil51's Profile Photo

    Cerro de la Bufa, the highest peak in Zacatecas

    by manil51 Written Dec 27, 2007

    The entrance of el mina is often packed with large Mexican families waiting for the Swiss-made teleférico, in which you travel to Cerro de la Bufa, and site of a chapel, several museums and marvelous romantic statues of Pancho Villa and other rebel leaders on horseback.

    Cerro de la Bufa the highest peak in Zacatecas The Swiss-made telef��rico Cerro de la Bufa Zacatecas from Cerro de la Bufa Cerro de la Bufa
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  • manil51's Profile Photo

    Visit El Edén Mine in Zacatecas

    by manil51 Written Dec 27, 2007

    The El Edén Mine is probably the most important silver and gold mine in the world. Since its opening in 1586 it dominated the world market for three hundred years. The polymetallic deposit produced mainly silver and gold, but also zinc, copper, iron, and lead. The mine followed the main lode right through the hill, crossing it completely. It was worked on seven levels, but today only the upper levels are open. Levels five to seven are flooded, the tour uses level four, where three more levels can be seen above.

    The tour starts with a ride on a miners train though its 600m long tunnel Socavon La Esperanza (Hope).

    The tour is focussed on the harsh living conditions of the miners and the techniques of mining. The miners life expectancy was between 30 and 40, as accidents were common and diseases caused by the mining conditions too. The mine was accessed with a system of ropes. The miners carried a load of 30 to 40 kilos of mineral on their backs out of the mine.

    Exit is by elevator from Cerro del Grillo (Hill of the Cricket), 200m from the cable car station. The cable car will take you up the Cero de la Bufa (2,667m asl) with its museum, shops, and a great view of the city. The trip can also be taken in the opposite direction, down with the elevator, through the mine and a fast ride out on the train. However, both trips are one way trips and if you have a car, you should be prepared to return to it on the surface by foot or public transport.

    The mine is located in the center of Zacatecas.

    Inside the  dark tunnels Inside the  dark tunnels The veins of metal Alter Carved in the Rock of the Mina El Ed��n

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  • Trek through the interior and jungles

    by Angeleve Written Nov 10, 2007

    Don't just spend the whole time at the resorts. There built-up and the towns that are linked to them are rather depressing. The best part of the holiday was spent travelling through Mexico's jungle and provincial towns that were wonderful and gave me a more intimate insight to this country that I'm glad I experienced.

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  • Transitoria's Profile Photo

    Mayto Turtle Camp

    by Transitoria Updated Sep 23, 2007

    Mayto Turtle Camp is located about 2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Located about 30 miles off the main road and down a deeply rutted, dirt road, this camp is located on a nature reserve and is run by volunteers from the University of Guadalajara. It was a fabulous experience though a lot of hard work. You sleep in tents, cook you own meals and clean up after yourself. Don't expect to be pampered because you won't be. Every night, we patrolled the beach, walking in loose sand for six kilometers or more (very tiring) looking for nesting sea turtles. The first night, we found one just finishing her nest. After watching her make her way back to the ocean, we excavated her nest and removed 102 eggs which we re-nested in a protected area. That night we discovered 2 nests. The next night, we had one. The third night, there were 13! The night before we arrived, there were 26. We cleaned out old nests, removing dud eggs and debris. It was a disgusting, but necessary job. Afterwards, we checked viable nests to find hundreds of babies hatching. Over the course of two days, we released 400 hatchlings into the ocean. Sometime between October 31 and November 10, 2007, the eggs that we rescued and re-nested will hatch with an estimated 1600 baby turtles to be released. It was a rewarding experience that really enlightened all of us as to the plight of these turtles. Of the 1600 babies to come, only 1% will live to the 25 years required for them to breed. This camp is run by volunteers with donations from people like us. Please take a few moments to view the photos I will be posting over the next few weeks and if you can make a donation, it would be great. Ariel is the wildlife program coordinator and can give you info in regard to a donation or if you want to make the trip. I would highly recommend this to any eco-minded adventurers out there.

    Sunset at Mayto Turtle Camp Nesting Sea Turtle A View Inside the Nest - You can see the eggs! 102 eggs to be re-nested for safety from poachers Enjoying the beach at Mayto
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  • madamx's Profile Photo

    Lake Zirahuen

    by madamx Written Jan 4, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lake Zirahuen (seera-WHEN) is a pristine lake set high up in the pine-clad hills 12 km from Santa Clara del Cobre. It is an excellent example of a high country Michoacan lake, since Lake Patzcuaro has become polluted and touristy.

    As we drove higher and higher in the hills towards Lake Zirahuen, the cool air became pine-scented and it was almost like we were back in the foothills of Alberta, during the spring. In fact, we passed several cowboys on horseback, with their trusty dog trotting alongside them, looking like they came straight out of a western.

    We saw not that many people at the lake, or on the roads, even during the high tourist season, and it appeared we were the only gringos around. The lake is a popular area with locals, and there are many cabins you can rent to "get away from it all" Lake Zirahuen is also known for it's delicious Pescado Blanco (native whitefish) that many food stalls by the lake sell, grilled over an open fire.

    Pristine Zirahuen Cooking over a wood fire

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  • pedroebc's Profile Photo


    by pedroebc Updated Aug 25, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    VIEW OF TEOTIHUACAN IN THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID OF THE MOON.... SEE THE DEATHS AVENUE (CALZADA DE LOS MUERTOS), AND YOU SEE THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN... each MONTH OF MARCH the change of seasson brings millions of people from around the world to CHARGE OF ENERGY THE BODY....this pyramid is a point of energy in the earth. belive me... something happen there..

    from the form of the pyramid all 21st of march lot of people going there to recive the energy of the sun, just look the national geographic magazine best 100 pictures and you can see that pyramid full of people wearing white..

    this pyramids have a special effect in the energy of the country some people says. its the bellybottom from Mexico. the pyramid have like 270 steps or so... some of them are small , then you have to walk caefully in half feet.

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  • pedroebc's Profile Photo

    ... the leyend said one day...

    by pedroebc Updated Aug 10, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    (... the leyend said ) one day the magicians and the old people told to the youth....
    ...........you have to walk and stablish the new city, when you see an eagle eating a snake, there will be your new home..... the snake was founded in the lake of Texcoco, later the city grew up and was named Tenochtitlan, later Mexico city.

    look the coins of Mexico and the legend its keep for the eternity of this nation and the flag.

    the mexica peopel formed the aztec empire one of the most powerful in the ancient mesoamerica, but at same time they got rivals form tdifferent coultures becsoue they were rude in the form to kill and get taxes form other small towns..... thats why other small groups help spaniards to conquest Tenochtitlan.

    500 spaniards soldiers conquest Mexico, but also helped with an army of indians, the iron helmets, horses and mirors were something that indians can not fight with their own gods.
    the real conquest of Tenochtitlan was the sickenss they brought from other continent...

    now is history.... maybe i wil marry in the future a spansih girl... je,je

    I am not sure if was better or not Spanish conquest Mexico and southamerica.... maybe English would do it and destroyed totally the coultures of this lands, and history would be different.

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