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    ...MEXICAN MONEY... visum... insurance

    by pedroebc Updated Jun 22, 2014

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    ...HERE ARE THE AUTHORIZED BILLS AND COINS FROM MEXICO.. take in mind there is one new bill of 20 pesos that is made with plastic paper, its the only one bill ! ..

    NEW plastic BILLS of 200, 100, 50, 20 pesos .
    new bill of 1000 pesos, with the image of HIDALGO... ALSO ONLY bills of 20, 50, 200 pesos have NEW PLASTIC BILLS PRESENTATION

    be sure to know the mexican money otherwise one smart guy will give you in change old bills of mexico.. and you will be cheated

    Average july 2014 ( buy, spot)

    I DOLLAR - 12.5 PESOS
    1 EURO - 17 PESOS
    1 POUND - 20 PESOS

    See in the link Banxico "Nuevo Billete de 1000 Pesos" New bill of 1000 pesos
    new of 100, new of 200, new of 50, new 20


    If you CROSS TO MEXICO BY BUS, you must ask first in your country if you need visum to go in MEXICO, you MUST ask in the mexican border for a stamp in your passport or pay for the format of inmigration, sometimes the tax is included in your flight ticket, but problems will come at inmigration when you leave the country, or if soldiers stop you in the highways in buses and show your ID you might spend some money in tips....
    DONT FORGET TO KEEP THE INMIGRATION MEXICAN FORM until you leave the country, otherwise you will get problems in your flight.


    Mexico city goverment have a free insurance for tourists that stay in a hotel in Mexico city.
    The insurance cover medical assistance in case of accident or several illness, hospital, medicines, emergency dental care, hotel due convalescence, repatriation of remains.

    mORE QUESTIONS TEL 54806898 spoken english, french, german, portuguese

    365 days a year 24 hrs..
    in mexico city dial 078
    around Mexico 01 800 006 8839
    from USA 1 866 640 0597;
    Canadá: 1 866 640 0597
    Europe: 00 52 55 50 897500.



    01800 386 2466

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    carrying a lot of cash with you may be unnecessary

    by susiemargare Updated Jun 10, 2014

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    i have never had a problem with theft, but i am VERY careful and usually do not carry more cash (in pesos) than i think i will need for each day. if it turns out that i need more, i can always make a quick trip to an ATM.

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    driving and insurance

    by susiemargare Updated Jun 10, 2014

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    despite what anyone may tell you, american car insurance is not valid in mexico. you MUST have mexican insurance to be protected there. of course, you can always drive without mexican insurance, but if you are in an accident, the police are very likely to haul you off to jail and ask questions later. in addition, your american car insurance will be of no good to you as far as property damage or personal liability.

    as a practical matter, this means that if you rent a car in mexico, you are wise to sign up for the insurance even though, as in the united states, the cost is likely to be ridiculous.

    if you are crossing the border from the united states into mexico, there are offices close to the border where you can get mexican car insurance.

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    phone calls to the usa

    by susiemargare Updated Mar 7, 2014

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    it is VERY EXPENSIVE to call the united states from mexico, especially from a hotel. it is easier, i have found, to arrange a date, time, and location for someone else to call you instead. another VT member who has recently been to mexico tells me that with the advent of phone "calling cards," this advice may no longer be true. perhaps you should check some of the other mexico/puerto vallarta pages to see what they say about this.

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    Crime in other states...

    by pedroebc Updated Feb 15, 2014

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    TAXCO... common clonation of credit cards if you pay in some stores.. that happened to a firend from USA and then he got charges for ..better take money from the ATM in the square and pay in cash

    In PLAYA DEL CARMEN.. the hotel Caribbean Paradise has a really bad reputation of a hotel that your belongings are stolen from your room. big complains of french people.. French travel forum

    ATMS clonning cards around Playa using not authorized banks. Small ATMs all over playa its a danger and organised crime has technology. I recommend to use only HSBC and skotiabank atms, also the ones inside shopping malls.

    In hostels take care your money and computers...
    in bars and restaurants people stealing bags.
    Drinking alcohol at streets is forbidden
    Increasing of drug dealers

    Cases of robbers stealing bags in buses from long distance buses.. common cases.. PALENQUE to SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS - TULUM. Be aware when you put your bag under your sit or besides..

    ACAPULCO have a international red alert violent place, I recommend to have your warnings at night.

    Sporadic cases of robbers with machine guns stoping buses at highway from ACAPULCO - PUERTO ESCONDIDO at night.. sometimes robbery with violence... try not to drive at night the highway.
    Also from Palenque to San Cristobal at night some cases of robberies.

    Take your warnings if you smoke pot in the beach,is forbiden and you can be in jail.
    Strong corrents and get drown Zipolite and Mazunte. Forbidden to drink alcohol at the streets.

    in Guatemala, Antigua ( some cases in mexico city ).. IN SOME ATMs criminals can put a optional entrance or small cameras to put your plastic card in the machine ,so if you want to get money, they can copy and get your nip and take all the money they want. Used authorized banks not small random ATMs

    In the state of PUEBLA, Mexico, have been some robberies with PIRATE taxis outside street bus station.
    I recommend to take authorized taxis INSIDE bus stations. Better spend some more pesos and be safe than lose all your belongings and banking savings. keep your banking cards in a safe place not in your pockets neither wallet.
    (this situation happen to me, NO JOKE )

    ...robbed at gunpoint while descending from Cerro de la Bufa in Zacatecas.

    MALARIA AND DENGUE its more common in rainy seasson in the area of the border with Guatemala and Chiapas and Tabasco state. Around Yucatan can happen just in huracane seasson (sept-oct) if there is a natural disaster, goverment always prevent with campaigns of prevention.

    DRIVING A CAR IN MEXICAN HIGHWAYS I recommend to drive highways during day, states with crime problems are Oaxaca Coast, Guerrero Coast, Michoacan Coast, Baja area border with USA, Tamaulipas state, Nuevo Leon State, Veracruz state north the state.

    NARCOTRAFIC / MURDERS most of them happening in the sates at the border with USA.
    Warnings at Torreon, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua,Culiacan, Ciudad Juarez, Monterey.
    the narcotics is a huge problem in Mexico thanks to the big demand of USA consumers, recently the mexican goverment attacked the points of narcotrafic so in revange the capos and mafias has killed people involved in antinarcotics and narcotrafic dealers, just as punishment not to abandon the business and against police for revange.


    States with high narcotrafic index of crimes: Sinaloa, Nuevo Leon, Zacatecas, Chihuahua,
    Tamaulipas, Veracruz.

    Ana Lorena Gudiño, jefa Scout Nacional, comentó que en la lista de lugares riesgosos, se encuentran zonas del Ajusco, como El Pico del Águila, las espaldas del Iztaccíhuatl, San Rafael, Nexcoalango, La Joya, El Cerro del Telapón, Las Lagunas de Salazar, Llano Grande, Río Frío y Las Lagunas de Zempoala.

    Take your warnings camping at Tulum beach.

    .....well if you are in troubles EL SANTO can not save you anymore.

    the movie Santo and Blue Demon vs the mommies of Guanajuato is rules!!!!!!!

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    Inmigration, Visas, suggestions, complains.

    by pedroebc Updated Feb 15, 2014

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    Now to work in Mexico will be more difficult for foreigners with a status of tourists.
    A legal company can manage the work visa and the employee has to present the letter job compromise in the mexican embassy in their country

    A passport is necessary traveling to Mexico, but US and Canadian citizens need only show a birth certificate or a naturalization certificate (
    Tourists need the free tourist card (FM-T), from the offices or on the aircraft of airlines operating into Mexico, and at land borders.
    Ask for at least 30 days (maximum 90 or 180 days). Tourist cards are available ask in mexican embassy if you need visa before travelling.

    Depending the nationality people can get 3 to 6 months as tourist , later apply to inmigration office in each mexico state for an extention of other 3 months if it apply,
    During this time if you do not tramit your FM3 form (as legal citizen) with a job, study or marry..... you have to leave mexico and you can come back to stay longer ( be sure to show cash to the officer if you say you are going to travel more).. Depending of your nationality you can apply for this. You can stay longer here without update the tourist visa but when you leave you pay a penalty.
    The Mexico city local office INM for visas extentions terms is located in:
    Avenida Ejercito Nacional almost corner Molliere in Polanco, in front Antara shopping in Polanco. Mexico city. Polanco subway station close by.
    *INMIGRATION information:
    tel 25810164 and 65

    The offices in other states you can see the database in

    To update also your visa as tourist you can leave the country for 24 hrs and authomaticly you can update at entrance the visa, all the time considerations of imigration officers


    police 060
    emergencies 066 or 080
    anonymus denounce 089
    Red Cross 5395 1111
    LOCATEL Missing persons 5658 1111
    Tourism secretary 55538984
    Human Rights comission mec city 52295600
    Federal Police 018004403690 , 54840490
    PROFECO comercial sercives complais 55688722


    *TURISM , ,

    *POLICE : ,
    01800 4403690 tel 52009000





    * * * * * * * *
    The information bellow... are experiences of more than 200 travelers interviewed face to face since year 1995
    * * * * * * *

    Archivo Casassola dont worry  be happy  !!

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    TAX REFUND IN MEXICO for tourists

    by pedroebc Updated Nov 18, 2013

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    Since june 2008 tourist can ask tax refunds if they want, when they bought SOME mexican products in Mexico more than 200 pesos, less than 3000 pesos, some products and brands participate.
    You need to include in the invoice your name, and country only.. then ask refund in advance to next companies :

    The next 4 companies offer the service of refound in Mexico.
    Global Refund Group, Premier Tax Free,Yvesam Retornos Mundiales

    Next airports offer tax refounds in Mexico : DF, Cancún, Guadalajara, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

    ***Premier Tax Free Mexico S.A de C.V.

    Lope de Vega 117-303
    Col. Polanco, C.P. 11560 México D.F.
    Tel: +52(55)5027 0146
    Fax: +52(55)3873 0413

    Oficina Quintana Roo
    Premier Tax Free
    Av. Tulum 200-314(Plaza Mexico)
    Mza 16, Smza 4,
    C.P. 77500,Cancun
    Quintana Roo
    Tel: +52(998)892 3846
    Fax: +52(998)883 9977


    *****Global Refund Group

    *****Yvesam Retornos Mundiales

    Cd. de México

    Aeropuerto Internacional
    Benito Juárez
    México, Distrito Federal

    Terminal 1, sala de última espera
    Zona estéril
    Terminal 1, Bahía F2-F3
    (Planta alta) Puerta 12
    Zona abierta


    Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún
    Cancún, Quintana Roo

    Terminal 2, sala de última espera
    sala 5A
    Terminal 3, sala de última espera
    junto al SPA


    BLUE DEMON and MIL MASCARAS some of the friends of EL SANTO are a legend too!

    that movies are just unique in all the world you must see one !!

    check this one...... the best movie ever and forever... listen the music, efects, etc

    MIL MASCARAS vs. momias de Guanajuato

    xxxxx LUCHA LIBRE / PRO WRESTLING xxxxxx

    the easiest arena to reach and safer area to walk is Arena Mexico...located near metro Cuahutemoc station(pink line) . I have been at show fridays at 7.30 pm.
    tickets available in


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  • Beware of Vacation Class S.A. de C.V. (advertising

    by BarbaraC08 Written Jul 5, 2013

    Beware of Vacation Class S.A. de C.V. (advertising The Bliss Resorts, Bliss Vacation Club, Grand Mayan, Vida Vacations, VidaSales and more).
    My mother and I traveled to Mexico to celebrate my graduation from college. After about seven hours traveling we were met at the airport in Cancun by some saleswoman misrepresenting her intention. The next day we were at their Grand Mayan where we were subjected to five hours of high-pressure sales tactics before we relented signing an English-only document purporting to be selling "lodging rights and services."

    After getting away, we learned more about whom we had been picked up by from websites like tripadvisor, timesharescam, complaintsboard, scam, mescam, pissedconsumer, independenttraveler, and fodors, to name a few (all ending dot com). We notified the sales office that we cancel and asked for our downpayment back. They pretend to be confused and refuse.

    We learned that Mexican law protects consumers under PROFECO; that all contracts regarding property in Mexico, including timeshares, must be in Spanish and bear certification by a Notario--neither of which was true for us; and that we can file a complaint in at any Mexican Consulate.

    Our lawyer is putting together copies of their responses to share with you the names (and taunting words) of these sales people and the additional aliases they use. We hope that this post reaches you before you travel to Mexico, so you know to stay away from these people when they try to get you at the airport.

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    by pedroebc Updated Jun 18, 2013

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    THE CRIME IN MEXICO became a problem after the crisis of the economy in 1994 ( and still in some places) when Mexico suffered the highest devaluation and inflation of 1 000%( belive it), narcotrafic exist in Mexico maybe 30 years of narcopolitics, something like organised crime in Italy or Rusia,and high demand of drugs in USA.
    The dangerous cities in Mexico are Ciudad Juarez and Tamaulipas in north Mexico border with USA.
    Some warnings in Durango state, Sinaloa, Nuevo Leon, Tijuana, Veracruz.

    MEXICO CITY IS SAFE has been declared safe for tourism, journalists think that the local goverment pact with drug cartels and mantain a peaceful area and just a transit place.
    Murders now all around Mexico is involved with narcotrafic and people involved. Kidnapping is only happening with mexicans and cases with people lot of money in the border States with USA. We are suffering the same situation that Colombia had in the 80s. ( the mexican politics magazine )

    The most type of robberies for tourist in Mexico city... its just pickpockets at subway, pickpocket in bars, gun or knife showing in dodgy areas.
    Its very low the cases of robbery with violence against tourists. Most of bad cases are foreigners involved in drugs and black market.

    AT AIRPORT, if you need to call by public phone, in the magazines shops sell TELMEX phone cards cost 30 pesos or 50 pesos, that ones are plastic cards with a chip.. and works in all Mexico..sometimes they sell you OTHER CARDS for some international phone cards that do not work correctly and cost 100 pesos .. I dont recommend them.
    When you arrive to costumed are at rush hours like 5.30pm to 8pm expects a big line to the inmigration check up. USA order to Mexico to be more strict in the customs control since some criminals and terrorist try to get in USA via Mexico.

    You can take a safe YELLOW TAXI inside the airport, that ones are safe ..( buy a ticket of safe taxis inside the airport first)
    if you are new in the city better take an authorized taxi and begin a great trip in Mexico. In case you are brave.. just take the subway METRO thats is besides national arrivals.. under your risk... Yellow line, Terminal aerea subway station.
    Some robberies have happened in non authorized taxis that people take from airport.
    Security at airport have been better with more security, cameras, and police .

    Female first timers in Mexico city better suggest DO NOT TAKE THE METRO IN THE MORNINGS , its crowded from 6 am to 9am and from 5 pm to 7pm, in case you take it in morning and you are a woman ..go in the first 3 wagons of ` just children and women' in the mornings.. in case male tourist with companion female go together first wagons.

    pickpockets robbers work more in the next subway stations inside / outside: HIDALGO, PINO SUAREZ, BALDERAS, PANTITLAN

    dont wear or show expensive things in conflictive

    around ZONA ROSA its supposed nice but its just a place with stores, close the subway Insurgentes at night tourists can be target for robbers ... gay scene area.
    watch out what you drink in bars....

    TAXIS in mexico city have bad reputation ,so better take cheap public transportation or subway. otherwise take a TAXI of SITIO or the new ones., this new ones means safe taxis parking in special places or hotels OR... NEW TAXIS of 4 doors with a certified stamp at window with pic of the driver...
    if you really have to take a TAXI , DO NOT TAKE the VW beetles in the city, that are the risky ones..... in case no option be sure to take one with the driver is an old guy.

    TAXIS are the ones with 4 doors color white with red stripe or gold and red, that ones are good and new. look they have a a pic and ID of the not take beetle ones.

    Do not take taxis outside of bars/clubs sometimes are the bad ones.. so better ask for " taxis de sitio " or " radio taxis " or just find a taxi at street but around there not exactly outside the bar..

    .. Risky taxis - are the ones that stop to you and ask you for a ride... rather than you ask for one ! some robberies in taxis were happening in taxis taken in Condesa area out of bars.

    Inside CHAPULTEPEC PARK there are some robbers just catching turists with nice cameras, or asking special permission or money to take pictures. give me a break! :0D tell them you have my permission !

    always keep your backpack and keep there your camera , dont walk like an old turist showing you have a good camera and money.
    you must know the mexican coins and bills, some cases of people give old bills to tourist as a change... better have small denomination of bills.

    SAN ANGEL MARKET... recent pickpockets meanwhile you are in a cafe or restaurant, take care your belongings bags and jacket.

    USE your 5 senses and enjoy MEXICO !!!

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    by pedroebc Updated Feb 18, 2013

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    Embajada de Alemania
    / Lord Byron 737, Col. Polanco,
    ---------- tel 52 83 22 00

    Embajada de Canada
    / Schiller 529, Col. Polanco,
    ---- 5724-7900

    Embajada Britanica
    / RIo Lerma 71 Col. Cuauhtemoc
    55) 5207 2089 / 5207 2233
    ------- (55) 5242 8517 (55) 5242 8500/ (

    Embajada de Espana SPAIN
    /Galileo 114 Col. Polanco 11560 Mexico, D.F
    ------ 52822974

    Embajada de Suiza
    Torre Optima, piso 11,Paseo de las Palmas No. 405, Lomas de Chapultepec
    Tel. (01 55),52822974,52822271

    Embajada de Estados Unidos/
    Reforma 305 Cuautémoc Mexico, D.F -------52099100

    Embajada de Argentina/
    Blvd.. Manuel Avila Camacho 1, 7º. Piso
    Plaza Comermex
    Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F
    ------ 55209430 al 32

    Embajada de Australia/
    Ruben Dario 55, Polanco, Mexico, D.F
    ------- 55315225

    Embajada de Francia/
    Campos Eliseos 339 ,Polanco Mexico, D.F.
    ------- 52829700

    Embajada de Colombia/
    Paseo de la Reforma 1620 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F
    ----- 55209669

    Embajada de Cuba/
    Presidente Masaryk 554, Polanco Mexico, D.F
    ------ 52808039, 52808202, 52808140

    Embajada de Italia /
    Palmas 1994 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F
    ---------- 55963375, 55963957

    Embajada de Paises Bajos (Holanda)/ Vasco de Quiroga 3000, 7º. Piso Santa Fe
    Mexico, D.F.
    --------- 52589921

    Embajada de Chile/
    Andres Bello Nº 10, Edificio FORUM, Piso 18, Colonia Polanco Mexico, D.F
    (52-55) 5 280. 9703, 5280 9681 - 82 - 89 - 98

    Embajada de Finlandia /
    Monte Pelvoux 111, Piso 4. Lomas de Chapultepec 11000, ------ (+52-55) 55406036

    Embajada de Nueva Zelandia /

    Jaime Balmes No 8, 4th Floor,Colonia Los Morales,Polanco,MEXICO D.F. 11510
    phone: (52 55) 5283 9460, fax: (52 55) 5283 9481


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    .............. MEXICO TRAVEL WARNING

    by pedroebc Updated Feb 18, 2013

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In MEXICO CITY around Reforma avenue and Zocalo (downtown) you can find new touristic police, they know english and they are trustful, help people for free.... take it in mind.. tourist info offices near tourist points. also tourist info centers outside anthropology msueum and outside bellas artes palace.

    there are some guys wearing brown uniform like police, begging for coins, they are just musicians not police, so dont be cheated with money..

    BEFORE TRAVEL TO MEXICO put safe locks in your bags or roll with plastic your bags, machines sometimes break the bags or some bad employes at airport take sometimes things from your baggage ( example: my battery charger, my brother mp3player, my sister Palm etc..)

    When you arrive to the INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT , take authorized taxis , you buy the ticket for the taxi just in the office in the right side of the international arrivals gate, prices depend in the ZONE and baggage(example to downtown are like 90 pesos), just check to pay the right amount in the office (not 400 pesos), Also do not permit other people take your bags otherwise they are going to ask you for tip ....
    if you order a taxi from the airport from your hotel specify you want an ordinary taxi a single car for 1 person , otherwise they will take ventage and send you a Van truck and you have to pay like 4 times the price.

    Robbers inside the CHAPULTEPEC PARK in Mexico city act showing a special credential as police, but they dont have uniform, you always have the RIGHT TO CALL YOUR EMBASSY , you can not be in jail they can not stop you, in case you are in troubles shout and they will be in panic..real police will help you.

    Inside/outside the park dont eat nothing there, you can get a very bad stomach infection..later incubation of amibas in your intestins.. nice trip with diarrea uh !!!
    robbers around ZOCALO AREA are searching specialy guys that go out from subway meanwhile they sit and read a travelguide books take care your belongings.

    In all Mexico.... when you go to a bar or club, take care your belongings if you leave them in the chair or table and you go to dance... robbers are taking ventage.

    TEOTIHUACAN PYRAMIDS recently has been some robberies inside the bus from Teotihuacan - to Mexico city, take your warnings, there are available tours or go early and dont come back so late.

    keep clean the mexican beaches, Zipolite

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    by pedroebc Updated Jul 14, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Embajada de Hungria
    Paseo de las Palmas 2005 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F..

    Embajada de India
    Musset 325 Polanco Mexico, D.F.
    ---------- 55311002

    Embajada de Nepal
    Avellanos 24 Jardines de San Mateo Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico.
    --------- - 55605568

    Embajada de Iran
    Reforma 2350 Lomas Altas Mexico, D.F.
    ----- 55965399, 55965771

    Embajada de Iraq
    Reforma 1875 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    ------------ - 55960933

    Embajada de Israel
    Sierra Madre 215, Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    ------ 55456013

    Embajada de Jamaica
    Monte L?bano 885 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    --------- 55209313, 55201814

    Embajada de Libano
    Julio Verne 8 Polanco Mexico, D.F.
    ----------- - 52806794, 52805614

    Embajada de Malasia
    Calderon de la Barca 215 Polanco Mexico, D.F.

    Embajada de Marruecos
    Paseo de las Palmas 2020 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    ---------- 52451786, 52451790

    Embajada de Nicaragua
    Payo de Rivera 120 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    ----------- 55403847

    Embajada de Nueva Zelanda
    Lagrange 103 piso 10 Los Morales, Polanco Mexico, D.F.

    Embajada de Panama
    Schiller 326 Piso 8 Chapultepec Morales Mexico, D.F.
    --------- 52504229, 52504259

    Embajada de Paraguay
    Homero 415 Piso 1 Polanco Mexico, D.F.
    ---------- 55319905

    Embajada de Peru
    Paseo de la Reforma 2601 Lomas Reforma Mexico, D.F.
    ------------52590239, 55702443

    Embajada de Indonesia
    Julio Verne 27 Polanco Mexico, D.F.
    --------- 52806863

    Embajada de el Salvador
    Calle Temistocles # 88 Colonia Polanco
    ----------- 5-281-57-23

    Embajada de Angola
    Schiller 503 Polanco 11560 Mexico, D.F. M?XICO
    ----- 5545 2733 5545 5883

    Embajada de Tailandia Royal Thai Embassy
    Sierra Vertientes 1030 Lomas de Chapultepec 11000 Mexico, D.F. (525) 596-8236 (525) 596-1290, 596-8446

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    by pedroebc Updated Jul 14, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Embajada de Belice
    Bernardo de Galvez 215, Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    -------- -- 55201274 / 55201346

    Embajada de Belgica
    Musset 41, Polanco, Mexico, D.F
    ----------- -- 52800758 , 52805830

    Embajada de Brasil
    Lope de Armendariz 130, Lomas Virreyes Mexico, D.F.
    ----------- --------- 52027500 , 55203286

    Embajada de Bulgaria
    Paseo de la Reforma 1990, Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F
    --------- --------- 55963282

    Embajada de Suecia
    paseo de las Palmas 1375 Col. Lomas de Chapultepec 11000 Mexico, D.F.
    (+52)55 40 32 63 ,( +52)55406393 -al 97

    Embajada de Dinamarca
    Tres Picos No. 43 Apartado Postal 105-105 Col. Chapultepec Morales 11580 Mexico, D.F.
    t 5255 3405 /52554145

    Embajada de Noruega
    Avenida Virreyes 1460, Lomas Chapultepec, C.P. 11000 Mexico D.F. (52 55) 55 40 52 20 , 55403487, 52 02 30 19

    Embajada de Austria
    Sierra Tarahumara Pte. 420 Col. Lomas de Chapultepec Fax 5245-0198 5251-9792, 5251-1606

    Embajada de Ecuador
    Tension 217, Polanco Mexico, D.F.
    ------ 55456013

    Embajada de Egipto
    Alejandro Dumas 131 Polanco Mexico, D.F.
    --------- 52810823, 52810698

    Embajada Etiopia
    Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 465-602 Irrigacion Mexico, D.F.
    Fax-------- 55570772

    Embajada de Grecia
    Av. De las Palmas 2060 Lomas Reforma Mexico, D.F.
    ------ 55966333, 55966038

    Embajada de Guatemala
    Av. Explanada 1025 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    ------ 55407520, 55206680

    Embajada de Arabia Saudita
    Paseo de las Palmas No. 2075 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F. .
    Fax-------- 52510789, 55960173

    Embajada de Argelia
    Sierra Madre 540. Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    Fax-------- 55208656, 55206950

    Embajada de Republica de Chipre
    Sierra Gorda 370 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.
    ---------- 52027600, 52023096

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    Embajada de Portugal
    Alejandro Dumas 311 Polanco Mexico, D.F.

    Embajada de Suiza
    Av. De las Palmas 405 Torre Optima Piso 2 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F

    Embajada de Tuquia
    Schiller 326 Piso 5 Chapultepec Morales Mexico, D.F
    Fax-------- 52038984, 52540262

    Embajada de Uruguay
    Hegel 149 piso 1 Polanco Mexico, D.F
    Fax-------- 55310880

    Embajada de Venezuela
    Schiller 326 Chapultepec Morales Mexico, D.F
    ------ 52034233, 52034435

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    Embassy of USA

    Embassy of the Republic of France

    Embassy of the Republic of Italy.

    Embassy of Spain

    Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

    Embassy of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

    Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium
    Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark

    Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden

    Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Embassy of the Republic of Austria

    Embassy of the Republic of Finland

    Embassy of the Republic of Portugal

    Embassy of Ireland

    Embassy of Poland

    Embassy of Letonia

    Embassy Chez Rep.

    Embassy Eslovaquia

    Embassy of Hungary

    Embassy of Switzerland

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