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    by pedroebc Updated Jul 14, 2012

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    About HEALTH if you dont have insurance and want cheap doctor and medicine, around Mexico..FARMACIAS SIMILARES.. this chain of drugstores they have doctors and offices that help poor people so just ask about help... you can buy medicine in Mexico without medical prescription.

    TAXIS IN BUS STATIONS.- do not permit someone take your bags, they can put you in a fake taxi or a expensive taxi, you better take an authorized prepayed where you drive safe. Offices of prepayed taxis are inside bus stations. you pay first and they give you a ticket

    Be familiar with the bills of Mexico, otherwise you can be cheated for some taxi drivers or people , example ..they can give you old bills not in circulation anymore.

    ATM machines are around all Mexico city.... do not take money in dark places can not be safe.
    you can do it inside restaurants or malls or shopping centers at night...or banks at day..
    clonation of cards in ATM is possible so look very well if the entrance of the card dont look strange. Sanborns stores in mexico city have an AT inside the store .

    ALWAYS take a copy of your passport (photocopy) , if you have problems with the police, the police have the obligation to talk with your embassy, or follow to your hotel to get the original one, give money can be worst.

    ASKING DIRECTIONS... ask 3 times to people to find a direction of a place,if 2 are correct you are in the good direction, people are friendly want to help but sometimes they dont know.

    Some urban local buses in some turistic cities charge more to tourist so you better ask first the price for the ride.

    REN TA CAR ? DO NOT LEAVE STUFF IN THE SEATS.. think about it twice in case they steal the bags from the car or the car complete you might have problems?? it depends of the area..

    Palacio Nacional, zocalo DF

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    ..HOSTELS / HOTELS around the zocalo and night ...

    by pedroebc Updated Jul 14, 2012

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    FIRST TIME TRAVELERS staying at DOWNTOWN ZOCALO in Mexico city,
    will experience:.. pollution, lot people, few restaurants, few nightlife, strange people and lot of pyshical men arrasment, possible robbers, music events in the main square, but also strikes...that why I suggest other hostels or hotels in other places in the city.

    Price is the same or better in other areas. More comfortable options to have acomodation in the city are around : Chapultepec, Condesa,

    ..AROUND ZOCALO area is like a shoe horse ..3 streets besides the square at night CAN BE DANGEROUS, STREETS AS: Brasil, Peru and Rep, Salvador , Plaza meave, San salvador, etc...
    its high risky (MORE AT NIGHT) walking at streets behind PLAZA GARIBALDI, ( mariachi area )
    better walk in the more transit avenue EJE LAZARO CARDENAS at night, or better takea taxi and leave you there.. Taxi seguro refered before can work.
    careful in : Plaza de la republica or Revolution monument streets around and Zona Rosa
    some streets have police around others not. walk safe in lightened streets.

    better take money at stores SANBORNS inside they have ATMs, clonation of cards is a crime happening now in Mexico city.

    Hostel Catedral Mundo joven, Hostel Amigo, Hostel Moneda, Hostel mexico city

    Hostel Mundo Joven ,take care your belongings since other people not staying at the hostels stop there in the lobby for a drink

    the place TEPITO and LAGUNILLA its a black market / flea market TAKE CARE, the robbers are around, few police in the area. Its a zone of high risk.. dont be statistic :0/ as me
    ...go under your own risk, its a coin in the air !...

    other places with risk for tourists are LA MERCED, around BASILICA GUADALUPE.


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    Sharing the roads

    by DSwede Written Dec 20, 2011

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    Driving in Mexico can be fun, but also requires a fair amount of concentration.

    You will have to dodge lots of unmarked topes (speed bumps), pot holes and generally bad roads. See my other 'transportation' tip for more details here.

    But add to that the fact that many like to enjoy the nights and the local police are much more liberal to let drunk driving go without penalty than in other countries, and the roads at night can have some additional hazards.

    For example, many will drink in public plazas before driving home, or as shown in the photo, you can even buy alcohol directly into the car. If you you are going somewhere at night, think about where the partying crowd may be and either choose other routes or opt for a taxi.

    Drive Through Liquor Stores
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  • Driving in Mexico

    by jeanfinney Written Jul 12, 2010

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    First, please drive defensively, the rules of the road - all those carefully painted lines, warning signs, blind curves, etc - do not seem to exist for many Mexicans. They will pass when they feel like it. So be quite alert! Also do NOT drive at night on lonely roads, just don't, pull off at dusk at any kind of lodging, start at dawn, whatever. The toll roads and big highways are ok, but not the little roads and byways. For instance, the road up to San Cristobal from Palenque can be dangerous at night, and I mean dangerous as in bandits armed with machine guns. I met some people two years ago who had had that experience on the night bus from Palenque (another NO NO; do not take local night buses on little country routes; the main ones are fine. ) - adios forever to that nice camera, that handy wad of cash - The banditos are strong, tough, well armed and could care less about some gringo tourists. During the day you will be fine, no problem, there is a lot of traffic, if sometimes careless traffic. But at night something could happen, and it is a happier journey if it doesn't. Plus, of course, the visibility is better on those dramatic drops and curves, or those lonely dark tree shaded back roads. Just please plan your trips wisely, and all should go well!

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    Beware of crowded street jewelry stalls in Taxco

    by wrldtrvlr3341 Written Mar 31, 2010

    Taxco, Mexico has great shopping, picturesque plazas, and good restaurants, however the silver district has many crowded street jewelry stall where people are bumping against each other and it is difficult to know that your pocket has been picked. Don't keep cash in cargo pockets. The velcro closures are no match for the expert pickpocket.

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    to bus or to car, warnings for both:

    by rkearns Updated Feb 6, 2010

    i can't speak for oaxaca to acapulco, but i can speak about taking a bus from puerto vallarta to puerto escondido. we took the bus in increments. the roads were totally fine, but the bus took about twice as long as a car would have. also, we were on a bus ride for 5 hours one time, and it didn't stop once. we had to literally beg the driver to stop so my friend didn't end up having to pee in her nalgene bottle.

    on other trips, the bus stopped for on-bus vendors and at stations where we could buy food. they are only there for a short time. we were also stopped by the policia where they got on the bus with guns and sniffed around our luggage for drugs and weapons. of course, my friend and i, the only americans, were targets. (it was kinda funny, they actually made my friend take her altoids out of the container because they looked like pills. we didn't know the word for breath mint so we described it as gum and had them smell it). they let her keep them.

    so, i don't know if they stop cars as well, but you may have to bring bribe money if you think you may be cited for something ridiculous because you're out-of-towners. just a head's up.

    we took an hour cab ride in mexico one time (cause we were just tired of being on a bus with a crazy driver who had us being thrown from one side of the bus to the other) and split among three people, the fare was SUPER cheap, surprisingly, for an hour ride. so if you find people going the same direction, i would definitely think about that as an option.

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  • International Tourists Beware of Corruption

    by TulumTruth Written Feb 3, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    International travelers, please use caution and boycott Ana y Jose and S & S Hip hotels. Ocho Tulum was illegally seized by a powerful family out of Monterey Mexico. The owners of Ana y Jose and S & S Hip hotels are aligned with the scheme. Support safe tourism by taking a stand against corruption.

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  • rkearns's Profile Photo

    you may not want to eat street food

    by rkearns Written Jan 25, 2010

    yeah, i have traveled all over and eaten street food everywhere. i do drink bottled water in certain countries, but mexico is the ONLY place i have ever been sick. meaning on the toilet for the three weeks i was there. it put a damper on my vacation. i guess i would advise being careful with food you know doesn't agree with you. maybe it was just the way my body responded, maybe it was just back luck. but just to be safe, for your son's sake, you may stick to restaurants. it's a shame bc the street food was really good!!!

    the photos are of food NOT consumed on the street, and it was good. somehow, some restaurants (like the big touristy kind) don't give that same authentic home cooked meal. this is why i hit the streets in search of real mexican food that doesn't cater to the traveler but to the working class. the lengua and cabesa street tacos were the best!!!! you can decide if it's worth the gamble.

    fresh oysters caught that day interesting way to serve drinks home made salsa in a restaurant, puerto vallarta

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    store in San Miguel Cozumel

    by Florida999 Written Apr 5, 2009

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    For the first time ever during our travels to many places, I got ripped off. I suppose it was bound to happen. It really made me angry too, and sort of made me not like Mexico.
    We tried to avoid the vulture-like sales people all over town , and decided to go into a store to buy some souvenirs . We found some t-shirts , a doll, some other things and I took them to the cash register to pay. She started ringing them up and I handed her my credit card ( big mistake!) . While waiting I picked up this cheap little kids bracelet next to the cash register for $1, just for something to do. You guessed it...I bought it! Not only did it fall apart , but the woman at the register got very nasty with me and got to the point of threatening to call the police if I didn't pay it immediately! I told her I barely touched the thing. She insisted. So I said, fine, but now I don't want the other stuff any longer. She said too late and swiped my card through the machine!!!! I was really angry at that point, threw a dollar at her, ripped the card out of her hand and we left ( without the merchandise) . I called my credit card company as soon as we got back to the ship.
    Our tour guide on the bus trip told us that tourism is one of the top 3 industries in Mexico. Let me tell you something, if THAT is the way they treat the tourists, I am surprised any come back!!

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    Local "sales people"

    by Florida999 Written Apr 5, 2009

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    Ughh!! If anything makes me not wish to go back to Mexico this would be it!! The locals descend on any tour bus or tourist like vultures and just won't take no for an answer!!! The guy in the photo kept yelling "one dollar" when we got off the bus to Chichen Itza, and unsuspecting me walked over to pick up a piece of pottery. He then demanded $20 for it. I told him no, but he really didn't want to take no for an answer and I suppose if you touch something over there you bought it....I ended up putting it on the ground and walking away...I think he cussed at me....

    There was worse to come, see next warning

    don't even make eye contact!!

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  • Withdrawing money from ATM

    by TTRefuge Written Mar 11, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Withdrawing money:
    Be careful when you withdraw money at ATMs in Mexico. In most other countries I've been so far, including my home country, the ATM gives out the card first, then the money, then the receipt. In Mexico, first comes out the money, than the receipt and in the end the card. It happened to me once that I took the money and the receipt and out of habit I thought I had everything and left. Thankfully someone handed my in credit card at the bank where I picked it up the next day.
    It might not be like this anymore, it is a few years ago that I was in Mexico.

    (by HappyTraveller)

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    Drug Wars & Tourism

    by BorderHopper Written Jan 26, 2009

    Don't let anyone convince you to put off your planned trip to Mexico. Yes, there are some very dangerous areas there....but the majority of the violence that's been reported in the media recently is drug gang vs. drug gang warfare. Like others have said....if you aren't involved in the narcotics business you'll probably avoid all of that drama. Very few tourists have been caught up in any violence down in Mexico recently. If I took the advice of all the paranoid people who informed us how dangerous one place or the other was I probably would have missed out on many great adventures.
    You are experienced travellers....and Mexico is too fascinating to miss. Also, Mexico City is not so bad...I actully loved the place. Teotihuacan is a wonderful pre-spanish historical site to visit. I think its not to be missed if you find yourself in the Mexico City area.
    Enjoy it...and don't miss out on Mexico!
    (P.S. I just got back from Tijuana and northern Baja after a drive with my problems at all despite the daily news reports citing drug violence).

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  • Mexican Police!

    by LTHHHI Written Jan 4, 2009

    I tend to travel alone, and have pretty good street smarts- although I wasn't expecting what I encountered in the first 10 minutes of my trip.
    I rented a car in Mexico City to head south for 2 weeks. After I I left the rental car co, and was heading out of the city, the police stopped me at an intersection (apparently the stop light at this busy intersection was down and there were at least 5 cops there directing traffic and just standing around). Being a blond female in a rental car- I apparently radiated, and they made me pull over for no reason except for that. Needless to say they insisted I ran a red light(!?!) and demanded my licence and passport. Of course I would not travel in Mexico with my passport so I gave them my licence after I realized pleading was in no way going to work . They proceeded to say I had to pay a 1000$ fine right then and there, or else , and I proceeded to say no way, and they brought it down to 500$ . Again I said no way, just give me a ticket, so they pulled over the remaining cops- one of which was their commander, and threatened/intimidated to arrest me if I did not pay immediately- so now I have 6 police officers surrounding me, make a long story short-
    and here's a tip, Whenever I'm travelling abroad, I carry an old drivers licence, 90$ in cash (a lot of 5's so it looks like more) and an old credit card that does not work in a fanny pack (my real ID/credit cards and money are either in my boot or hidden in my unders). The way I got out of that issue was to open the fanny pack and make a big scene that all I had was what was in there and that my credit card has no pin- its only credit- (and if your a female alone: act scared and willing to give them everything in there- trust me, I worked in war zones, play the innocent scared little female card because attitudes will just get you hurt)....
    Anyway, 90$ less and unhurt, I was on my way safe and sound...
    But, My warning is NEVER trust any police in Mexico- the majority are more corrupt than the criminals there. and always have ready, and in the open something you CAN barter or give and keep your ID and real money hidden away
    Otherwise, Mexico its a great country!!

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  • rkearns's Profile Photo

    Military checkpoints

    by rkearns Written Dec 4, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you are traveling by bus, it is not unusual to be stopped at a military checkpoint. These occurrences are rare, but we were stopped in the middle of the day somewhere in the state of Jalisco. One man in camo stood at the front of our bus with a gun as another walked around the bus "sniffing" for anything suspicious. He approached my friend, I assume because it was obvious we were traveling, and asked her to show him the contents of her purse. She was asked to open a small tin she had, which contained little white pills. He sniffed one with a curious look on his face. It took a little while to communicate that they were Altoids.

    Military checkpoint rural Mexico

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  • tersms's Profile Photo

    dangerous driving!

    by tersms Updated Nov 9, 2008

    Don't step out into a cross walk and expect traffic to stop in Puerto Vallarta. You need to stay sharp and be vigilant. Tourists have been hit by buses, taxi's etc and killed. The streets are cobblestone and if you are not looking down you could easily trip or even step into a hole in the sidewalk (we saw tourists on crutches every trip we have made to Mexico. If you are going to be drinking and walking the streets be even more vigilant of watching your steps and waiting for traffic before stepping out into cross walks. We felt safe at night as far as crime goes but the driving is the real danger here.

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