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    View from the observation tower
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    Point Aconi lighthouse, Canada

    by sim1 Written Sep 27, 2002

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    Point Aconi lighthouse is close to Sydney in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a white conical lighthouse with a red octagonal lantern. This light is operational and the grounds are open to the public.

    It is a strange to visit this lighthouse. On the picture it looks so beautifully set on the cliff, but when you are at the lighthouse it is much less pictoresque. There is a mine close by and the outlet of the mine is right next to this lighthouse. When you are at the lighthouse all you can hear is the vent of the mine, which makes a tremendous noise. From the distance it is a beautiful lighthouse to see though.

    At Highway 105 the Bras d`Or Lakes Scenic Drive turns left across a bridge. Just after crossing the bridge, a right turn off Highway 105 leads to the Point Aconi Lighthouse.

    Point Aconi lighthouse, Canada

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    Welcome to Nova Scotia, Canada

    by sim1 Updated Sep 27, 2002

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    This is the welcome sign to Nova Scotia. They must be really proud on there lighthouses in Nova Scotia to build this miniture lighthouse to welcome everyone into their province. But I can understand that they are proud; they really do have a lot of beautiful lighthouses here. Like the next picture for example, the lighthouse at Peggy`s Cove. That is one of the most famous lighthouses in the world.

    Welcome to Nova Scotia

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    La Martre, Canada

    by sim1 Updated Sep 27, 2002

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    You can find this beautiful red lighthouse between Matane and Gaspé in a little town called Riviere la Martre on the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec. It is on the right side of the road when you drive to Gaspé and it is located on a hill, high above the road.
    It was so beautiful to see this lighthouse, with its spectacular red color against the clear blue sky. And the light was just beautiful, so late in the late afternoon.

    Riviere de la Martre is a tiny little village, with only a few houses and a church. It was really funny though, how this lighthouse stood in the middle of the village, with across the street a white wooden church. There was nothing to see and do in the village when we were there. But you can visit the lighthouse when you get here earlier in the day. It is open daily 9AM-5PM, mid-June through Labour Day and the admission is $3.

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    Lighthouse road......

    by sim1 Updated Sep 27, 2002

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    I have written this page specially for my sister in law. She really loves lighthouses! And on every trip we go on I make sure to take a picture of every lighthouse we see on our way. And over the last few years that has added up to quite a collection. So specially for Roelien and all you other lighthouse fans, here is a page with only lighthouses!

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    your travel sound track must...

    by Richmond Written Sep 7, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    your travel sound track must include a song by Steppenwolf called : 'BORN TO BE WILD' (lyrics follow)
    Get your motors runnin' Head out on the highway Lookin' for adventure and whatever comes our way
    Yeah, darlin' gonna make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of the guns at once and
    Explode into space

    I like smoke and lightnin'
    Heavy metal thunder
    Racin' with the wind
    And the feelin' that I'm under

    Yeah, darlin' gonna make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of the guns at once and
    Explode into space

    Like a true nature's child
    We were born, born to be wild
    We can climb so high
    I never wanna die

    Born to Be Wild
    Born to Be Wild
    ... http://www.transian.com/EasyRider/born.html ...

    ......................................................Trip America like they did in the original counterculture movie, 'EASY RIDER'
    As we see these two men beginning their odyssey across America to the tune of 'Born To Be Wild. Easy Rider is one of a handful of American films of the 1960s and '70s that used the social context of the period to express discontent towards the status quo, thus initiating a trend in contemporary American filmmaking. In fact, the questions that the film poses are as compelling to us as they were to the 'boomer' generation.: Have Americans really found freedom, or are they just living an illusion?

    Easy Rider is the story of Captain America (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper), who after making the deal of their lives (selling drugs, naturally), decide to travel from somewhere in the west to New Orleans, the promised land of the Mardi Gras. The two are promptly arrested when they join the procession in a public parade. In the local jail, they meet a young lawyer with a big hangover, played by Jack Nicholson, who for no particular reason decides to go with them. As they continue their trip, they meet people who either turn against them for being hippies, or love them for the same reason.

    The film constantly tells you that there is an invisible yet sharp line dividing American society. As the trip progresses, we begin another level of acquaintance with the travelling trio: They somehow lose some of their individuality, which allows us to see them more as iconic images of the 60s. When they talk to each other, we see that none of them truly believes in the country they live in; for example, the lawyer tells Captain America and Billy that people don't hate them because they are hippies, but because they represent the freedom the rest of the country is craving.

    Visual techniques common to underground films of the late 60s make Easy Rider a very enjoyable, even hallucinatory, visual experience. For instance, the blend between documentary and Andy Warhol styles provides us with a continually changing cinematic landscape. The film, and its psychedelic soundtrack (with songs by Steppenwolf and the Byrds),and the possibility of creating your own 'Easy Rider' travel fantasy should not be missed. ------So my fellow Virtual Tourists time to 'Get your motors runnin' Head out on the highway
    Lookin' for adventure
    And whatever comes our way....'


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  • Some states allow primative...

    by Sacabeera Written Sep 7, 2002

    Some states allow primative camping on BLM land if you really want to get off by yourself. Take basics, cooler, water, clothes, camera and binoculars, solid rig with plenty of gas. Take sponge baths and shampoo with cold water. The wonderful 'aloneness' is worth it all. You have Jehovah's creation all to your self.

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  • Just outside of Las Vegas, NV...

    by kb0wzh Written Aug 26, 2002

    Just outside of Las Vegas, NV on Hwy 395 there is the E.T. Hwy. Yes I said E.T., it goes from L.V. up to Tonaph then west back to L.V., oh yea in the center is Area 51 you Know Dreamland.... Yes it is real!

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  • LAMART- Is a farm 2 1/4 miles...

    by sandcb Updated Aug 26, 2002

    LAMART- Is a farm 2 1/4 miles SW of Titonka that raises llamas which are for sale and pure enjoyment and also houses an art gallery in the farmstead barn which is also the family home. The art is by owner Claude Bilsborough. It includes original watercolors, oils, graphite and silverpoint drawings. His art is not what you would expect to find in rural Iowa-let alone hanging in a barn. It is a gallery to visit if you enjoy true original fine art and not the 100 of a kind prints so readily available.

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  • The Natchez - Trace Parkway,...

    by tricky4dicky Written Aug 26, 2002

    The Natchez - Trace Parkway, Mississippi. 150ish miles of single carriageway road through some of the most beautiful countryside (and trees dripping with spanish moss) in the deep south - and nobody seems to go there! Is there a serial killer on the loose that I'm not aware of?

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    many towns that are difficult...

    by Boa_Vida Written Aug 26, 2002

    many towns that are difficult to reach but that really give a completely different insight into the vastness of the USA and the original way of life of people so sparsely spread out in this huge land. This photo of the valley to the back side of Black Canyon of the Gunnison, CO, surrounded by 12000-ft+ peaks, at least one day's drive from any cosmopolitan city. Yet fear not, this isn't where 'high-school' massacres happen.

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  • Too often, travelers miss out...

    by rjer311 Written Aug 26, 2002

    Too often, travelers miss out on what our land, people, and environment are really about. Taking the interstate systems to gain quick and easy access to various portions of the country are convenient, but these routes, and oftentimes businesses, give little indication to the individual or family of what, how, and why that specfic area or type of community is so important and should be remembered. Historical markers alongside many highways also tend to be overlooked and can provide additional insight into what makes America, Canada, the North American continent, so wonderful.

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    Most of my best experiences...

    by netbob30 Written Aug 26, 2002

    Most of my best experiences would not be found in any guide book. I tend to wander since I have a small motor home. One of these days I will actually stop at Yosemite but there are so many interesting places up the road....... Can't imagine going bathing in a hot spring in the nude in Yosemite but you can just up the road a piece! In several different places.

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  • If possible, go off the main...

    by spicy_apple Written Aug 26, 2002

    If possible, go off the main interstates to see areas most travelers miss because they just want to get from point A to point B. Be sure to check for weather and road conditions. I got stuck in a very bad sand storm between Alamogordo and El Paso on highway 54 at night, which was adventurous but dangerous.

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    I live in the Great North...

    by Mogger Written Aug 26, 2002

    I live in the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire, USA. We travel off the beaten path with our 1966 Mercedes Unimog Funkwagen and our 1987 Land Rover Range Rover.

    You can find yourself far from frequented areas in a hurry up here. It is best to not go alone. If you do, come VERY prepared! That means food, shelter and clothing for any situation.

    Cell phones and radios are useless in many of the outback areas, so be able to take care of yourself.

    When we are out in the boonies we carry enough food for a few days, water, recovery equipment (for stuck vehicles), spare parts and tools.

    This area may not look that big on the map, but we have driven all day several times without seeing another person.

    None of this will be a problem if you remain on the ashphalt roads. There you will have plenty of company as well as the occasional moose.

    You can go to my web site http://www.allroutes.to to see more.

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  • My favorite museum to visit is...

    by Probot Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My favorite museum to visit is in San Marino in Southern California. It is the Huntington Museum and Gardens. It is spectacular and has an amazing collection of art and gardens. The weather is usually perfect and I find it one of the most restful places I know of just to go and sit for awhile. It houses a Gutenberg Bible and 'Pinky' and 'Blue Boy'. Check out its website at www.huntington.org.

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