North America Off The Beaten Path

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North America Off The Beaten Path

  • Central Park

    New York City Off The Beaten Path

    Finding a quiet place in New York is a bit tough. If you'll accept people all about, but with the wind louder than the voices, then, you'll find that quiet in Central Park. No, we didn't get away from people, but we did get away from the feeling of needing to be on the move, of having a purpose. Sunny warmth on a cool day or shady breeze on a warm...

  • Within a 3 Hour Drive

    Las Vegas Off The Beaten Path

    The Lost City of Overton was a surprise we found at the end of the drive through The Valley of Fire. There is a small museum full of recued relics from the days when the Hoover Dam was being built. You see, when the water of the Colorado River pooled behind the dam, it would bury the evidence of the indiginous people, the Basket Maker people and a...

  • Plantations

    New Orleans Off The Beaten Path

    I highly recommend leaving the societal cess pool of New Orleans, and driving about two hours to The Myrtles in St. Francisville, La. Deemed "the most haunted house in America" by The Wall St. Journal, I have spent many nights there and highly recommend it. Not for the faint of heart, or easily spooked, this great experience is off the beaten path...

  • Day Trips

    San Francisco Off The Beaten Path

    One of the northern missions, this was originally part of Mission Dolores in San Francisco. Founded in 1817 as a sanitarium for Indians afflicted with European diseases, it was named for the patron saint of healing. This is still an active church and school. The phone number is that of the gift shop. Father Junipero Serra founded this and most of...

  • State Parks, Animals and Nature

    Orlando Off The Beaten Path

    Northwest of Orlando, at the edge of the sprawl, the unfortunately named Kelly Park is just an unassuming dot of a county park. But it's actually fantastic. This is the sort of thing that you would love to see at a theme park but never do, because theme parks can't recreate it properly. Think of swimming in a huge, clear, cool pool with a lazy...

  • Architecture & Public Art (outdoor)

    Chicago Off The Beaten Path

    If you're in the University of Chicago area, have a look at this massive concrete sculpture (it was originally supposed to be carved in granite). It dates from 1915, sculptor Lorado Taft (whose workshop was nearby) and was intended to commemorate the first 100 years of peace between the US and the UK. The sculpture and its pool lie at one end of...

  • Downtown

    Los Angeles Off The Beaten Path

    If you are into the quirky for your sightseeing, come in the Figueroa Corridor area of downtown, seek out the Felix the Cat sign (1958). The sign, which symbolized the automobile's influence in Los Angeles along with the Chevy car showroom was designated officially as a historical site despite the mayor's protest (Boo Major Villaraigosa, boo). It...

  • Isla Mujeres

    Cancún Off The Beaten Path

    It's very possible that 1 of 10 locals will give you a good deal. In our case, we took a recent trip to cancun and went to Isla de las Mujeres, and although fun at first, we quickly found out we were victims of groping and then money snatchers. When you head to Juarez on the R1 get off the first exit where the big boats take off. The second stop...

  • Cemetery and Ghosts

    Key West Off The Beaten Path

    Ten years ago when I went there was only 1 ghost tour which was amazing!! I believe it was . We just went back 04/14 for vacation and now there are 3 tours. We chose because the website said you could go inside a few of them. They list the many places they take you to, but they didnt take us to all of them so...

  • Outside Greater Toronto area

    Toronto Off The Beaten Path

    In VT the 1000 Islands are referred as an US attraction, and I believe they should be. But the fact is that they follow the border between USA and Canada, in St. Lawrence river, occupying both sides of the border. I didn't have time to visit them, and only saw some of them from distance, in our way from Toronto to Montreal. It seems (surfing VT...

  • Old Montreal

    Montreal Off The Beaten Path

    Place Jacques Cartier Is the place to be In the summertime It Is one of the busiest places In Old Montreal as crowds gather to watch street performers and the end of performance just drop some cash in the hat, Jewelry being sold by tiny table vendors, Artist that will drawing your pic weather It would be black and white to color or even a cartoon...

  • Lynn Canyon

    Vancouver Off The Beaten Path

    Why would you pay over $30 per person to go to a beautiful, forested area with a suspension bridge when Lynn Canyon sits about the same distance from the city and can be reached by public transit? This was one of those "I'm going" things that I came up with. I wasn't worried if anyone was going with me, but I encouraged everyone to try. In the end,...

  • Boston's Neighborhoods

    Boston Off The Beaten Path

    This is my neighborhood and I love it dearly. Here are some reasons I've stayed in a 1 mile radius since I moved to the area: Inman Square, Cambridge: Easily accessible from Harvard Square or Central Square by public transportation or a pleasant 1 mile walk (north up Prospect St. from Central or east from Harvard Square up Cambridge St.). There...

  • Cenotes

    Playa del Carmen Off The Beaten Path

    This cenote is in Puerto Aventuras not far south of Playa and can be easily accessed by colectivo, see my tip re transport. It's a beautiful crystal clear cenote, one part is open like a lake, the other is partly covered like a cave. The water is cool about 25' and very refreshing. It's a nice change from the beach, and usually there are very few...

  • Downtown San Diego

    San Diego Off The Beaten Path

    Named after John D. Spreckels a sugar magnate, construction was finished in August of 1912 to service patrons with 1,915 seats. Designed to be earthquake and fire proof and built with the state of the art heating system. It was considered to be nicest theater on the west coast and was constructed to be acoustically perfect for its day. Harrison...

  • National/Local - Parks/Gardens

    Seattle Off The Beaten Path

    Located inside Volunteer Park, one of the city's oldest water towers has been rebuilt with an observation deck at the top. There is no elevator, but the two half-spiral staircases that lead to the top will provide you with lots of free exercise as you climb to the top. There is no elevator or other alternative to climbing the stairs as the...

  • Nearby Towns

    Puerto Vallarta Off The Beaten Path

    As we were driving from our hotel to the restaurant for dinner, I sincerely enjoyed the transition from crowded city to thick foliage and quaint villages. At one point, I said, to noone in particular, "This reminds me of The night of the Iguana." The taxi driver responded, "We are about to enter the village where most of The Night of the Iguana was...

  • Niagara-on-the-Lake

    Niagara Falls Off The Beaten Path

    Arriving to Niagara-on-the-Lake, the guide pointed to our right and said: "There is Fort George". Nothing else, and, when we left the bus to visit the city, I went there to have a look. I didn't get too convinced, and moved back after a short glimpse. Maybe I did wrong. Reading about it, afterwards, I got the idea that it should deserve a few...

  • Other Towns

    Cabo San Lucas Off The Beaten Path

    When you are tired of the fast paced Cabo San Lucas, rent a car and head north about 45 minutes to Todos Santos. About 5,000 people live here and is one of only 15 cities in Mexico with the destinctive label of "Pueblo Magico". This "magic town" is filled with great artisans, wonderful jewelry, mouth watering foods and of course many friendly...

  • Ile d'Orleans

    Quebec Off The Beaten Path

    On a trip to Quebec City, a stoll down the Orleans island is a must. This island is not densely populated and it's people have preserved the atmosphere that the island has had for centuries. It's one of the first location of french settlement. The original settlers built schools, church and various shipyards that can still be seen today. There...

  • Waterfalls

    Honolulu Off The Beaten Path

    Just a few short miles from Waikiki this 1.3 km hike is a great way to see some nature while on Oahu. The elevation is 800 feet. You're feet will definitely get muddy, so I'd definitely wear some shores instead of slipper or sandals. The trail can be quite slippery. Round trip took about an hour and a half. There is no fee and you can find free...

  • North Georgia Mountains & Waterfalls

    Atlanta Off The Beaten Path

    Using Blue Sky Cabin Rentals ( we snagged a last minute getaway to Ellijay and "The Cabin on the Pond", a one bedroom with 2 twin beds in the loft and a queen in the master, one bath, with electric/gas fireplace and huge hot tub on the porch overlooking the pond. Way back in the hills away from all traffic noise, situated in...

  • Pennypack Park

    Philadelphia Off The Beaten Path

    Many historic structures are still intact throughout Pennypack Park. In 1697, the Pennypack Bridge, one of the oldest stone bridges still in use in the United States, was built on King's Highway, now known as Frankford Avenue. The Pennypack Baptist Church, another of the Park's historic sites, was built in 1688. The Verree House on Verree Road...

  • The Beach

    Fort Lauderdale Off The Beaten Path

    1) Big parking lot at Las Olas and the beach. Lots of locals, lots of bars and some shops. Hidden local tip: Park for less under the bridge that carries Las Olas over the Intercostal, then walk three blocks to the beach. 2) For less noise, but still cool wide beach, walk South from Las Olas for 1/4 mile to the intersection of the side road...

  • Gatineau Park

    Ottawa Off The Beaten Path

    camping only crosses my mind as rare and special occasions in my hometown. here, canadians love to go camping during summer and it's a typical canadian must-do activity. all you need to do is reserve a camping site (online booking), buy a tent (if you go with 2 people, buy a 4 pax tent, trust me.. speaking from my experience), pack some food for...

  • Mono Lake

    Yosemite National Park Off The Beaten Path

    It is a very long drive over to Mono Lake but if you are driving the Tioga Road it is a side trip well worth the effort and if camping at Tuolomne Meadows, the town of Lee Vining where the lake is located is your closest place to shower, pick up supplies, or find a restaurant. The lake is not man-made but man sculpted in a sense. With Los Angeles'...

  • Miscelaneous

    Miami Off The Beaten Path

    This cafe/bar is truly unconventional. Having lived in cities like Seattle and Chicago, where eccentric non-corporate cafes abound, I was dismayed to find nothing of the sort in Miami. Until I stumbled by chance into Luna Star Cafe in North Miami one day after I had visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is a quiet neighborhood, you would think...

  • Unique / Unusual / One-Of-A-Kind

    Houston Off The Beaten Path

    Just southwest of Houston is the George Ranch in Richmond, TX. I've never been but am including this tip because many travelers want to see an "old west" or "cowboy" side of Houston -- which nowadays, is hard to come by unless it's Rodeo time. According to the web site, the ranch offers vistors: - The struggles of early pioneers to Texas at the...

  • Residential Areas

    Tijuana Off The Beaten Path

    "La mona" or "La mujer casa" (the doll or The house women) She looks as the statue of liberty, but is a home. The home of Armando Mu?os and Family. Mu?oz was a dreamer, and made of his dream a house. People from all the world came and offered him money to buy it, but he didn't want them to move it to another country, his dream was made it a kind...

  • Peggy's Cove

    Halifax Off The Beaten Path

    Peggy's Cove might be to Nova Scotia what Tadoussac is to Quebec: a very well-known tiny village! Founded in 1811, Peggy's Cove only has a population of 40, and yet each year thousands of tourists flock to the village to admire its unique landscape and take a picture of the lighthouse, making it one of the most photographed lighthouses in the...

  • Parks / Lakes

    Dallas Off The Beaten Path

    I decided to walk from West Village to Mansion on Turtle Creek. Tell you the truth I didn't see anything interesting about Mansion; however, I discovered nice park area along the creek with tall fashionable buildings. Try Turtle Creek Dr and Cedar Springs to see new condominium buildings with prices of condos counting in millions. I know I don't...

  • Parks

    Victoria Off The Beaten Path

    Come at the right time of year (late April to late May) and see spectacular, huge rhododendrons in bloom in this known-mostly-to-locals park. To get here take the number 6 bus (catch it across from the Dutch Bakery on Fort Street) and ask the bus driver to let you off near the intersection of Rock and Quadra. To get back to town walk back down to...

  • Jerome

    Sedona Off The Beaten Path

    Located just a mile out of Jerome, AZ is a unique "ghost town" that was once home to over 300 people working the mine. The location today is owned by Don Robertson who has been collecting motor vehicles and "stuff" for years. Open 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas you can easily spend an entire day...

  • Grand Tetons

    Yellowstone National Park Off The Beaten Path

    If you can, fit in a visit to this neighboring national park, even if it is just a day to drive the park road. From Yellowstone’s South Entrance, the road leads directly into Grand Teton National Park. This park offers spectacular mountain scenery of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. The peaks in the Teton Range stand a...

  • Disneyland

    Anaheim Off The Beaten Path

    Over the years new rides and attractions open at Disneyland and older ones close. This makes return visits almost as exciting as the first visit. Though some of our favorites are familiar, there is always something new to explore. One thing I learned after a few visits was to start the day at the back, far reaches of the Park and move forward...

  • Anastasia Island State Park.

    Saint Augustine Off The Beaten Path

    The park area has a lightly wooded section, an ocean-front, beach section and a grassy marsh section, so you can see a variety of wading and shore birds. The park is on a migratory path for many species so what birds you see will depend on the time of year for your visit. (see the "birding" section in the website below for more details). This park...

  • Canoeing

    Tampa Off The Beaten Path

    hillsborough river state park is located northeast of tampa near the town of thonotoassa. historically the area was the site of fort foster during the second seminole war. most visitors come to the park to canoe the river's class II rapids and to walk the park's seven miles of nature trails. hillsborough state park is a nice getaway from the urban...

  • Parks

    Memphis Off The Beaten Path

    OK, this one is WAAAYYY off the beaten path - in the Memorial Park Cemetery. Before you get too creeped out, I found this on, and it looked interesting. I was not disappointed - it is a beautifully rendered man-made cave, built in 1935 by Mexican artist Dionicio Rodriguez. The grotto has beautiful quartz crystal, and has...

  • Parks

    Monterey Off The Beaten Path

    The Frog Pond Wetland Preserve in Del Rey Oaks is maintained and operated by Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District. This tiny 17 acre park is open for pedestrians only and has about one mile of hiking trails. The park is surrounded by houses or road on all four sides, and has a variety of habitats including a freshwater pond, small grassy...

  • Outlying Areas

    Richmond Off The Beaten Path

    drewry's bluff is one of 13 sites managed by the richmond national battlefield park. this 90 foot bluff has a commanding view of the james river. at the begining of the civil war the confederates built a fort on this site and named it after augustus h. drewery. the confederates also sank boats in the james river to block the union navy from...

  • Forest Park

    Portland Off The Beaten Path

    I'm not sure where the main entrance to Forest Park is -- I have a friend who lives next to it and my entrance is her backyard. Anyway, this is the largest urban wilderness park in America, and despite the annoying horns and whistles that come from the train tracks along the river it still makes good hiking and exploring.

  • Rural Alberta

    Edmonton Off The Beaten Path

    If you enjoy fishing at all then theres lots of options open for you. My favorite place to go is East Pit Lake. Its about 70km west of the downtown core. It a reclaimed mining pit thats been transformed into a long, narrow lake. Its been stocked with rainbow trout which seem to be doing fine in the water. I like it here because you always catch...

  • Rural Manitoba

    Winnipeg Off The Beaten Path

    Approximately 45 minutes from downtown Winnipeg you will find Birds Hill Provincial Park. This is a multi-use park which Winnipeggers use as a day trip destination. We have hiked or skied most of the park's trails -- my favourite is the Cedar bog hike in winter. Besides the many trails (for hiking, skiing, bicycle riding, horseback riding, etc.),...

  • Jemez Mountains

    Albuquerque Off The Beaten Path

    A short hike from the battleship rock picnic area, is a small and delightful waterfall. From the parking lot cross the bridge over the river, then turn left and follow the parking lot/picnic areas up along the river. At the end of the parking lot keep hiking up along the brook. If you follow the path along the brook you will find the waterfall...

  • Kitt Peak National Observatory.

    Tucson Off The Beaten Path

    The road leading to Kitt Peak is Arizona Highway 86 also known as the Tucson-Ajo Highway. It runs through the Tohono O'odham Nation. You drive down 86 until you come to Junction 386 the Kitt Peak turn-off. Kitt Peak is 12 miles up the road. Please note that this is a mountain road with steep grades and lots of sharp turns. There are no facilities...


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