North America Sports & Outdoors

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    Where'd he go?
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    Catalina Kayaking
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North America Sports & Outdoors

  • New York Rangers at Madison Square...

    New York City Sports & Outdoors

    Promoted as "The World's Most Famous Arena" - and it probably is... MSG is home to the New York Knicks (NBA basketball), New York Rangers (NHL hockey), New York Liberty (WNBA basketball), and hosts concerts and other family events. Hubby and I came for the Nashville Predators vs. New York Rangers game (my brother-in-law has season tickets). The...

  • Extreme Sports

    Las Vegas Sports & Outdoors

    So another mother and myself booked a weekend girl trip to Vegas! We wanted to steer away from the total cliche of Vegas, while still enjoying its natural setting, so we had the Ultimate dessert experience. My friend found this great attraction on a local cite called not only did they offer the activity at a great rate, it included...

  • Saints and Superdome

    New Orleans Sports & Outdoors

    We attended the New Orleans Saints-Houston Texans game on September 25th, 2011, in which the Saints won an exciting come-from-behind game 40-33. On this day both Drew Brees and Matt Shaub had impressive games, each throwing for 370 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Saints were down 10-0 in the first quarter and again 26-17 in the fourth quarter before...

  • SBC Park / SF Giants

    San Francisco Sports & Outdoors

    Having won the American baseball World Series in 2010 and 2012 the San Francisco Giants baseball team is now arguably the best team in baseball. Sue and I were in San Francisco when the Giants won the World Series back in November, 2010 and headed over to the park on our last full day in town. We didn't see a baseball game since the season was...

  • Fishing

    Key West Sports & Outdoors

    KW BONE ISLAND WATERSPORTS is a new company and they are super! We had a great time with Captain Tom and his wife, Terri on a combination Dolphin Watching AND Fishing trip. We did not find a more beautiful, clean boat or such a flexible trip. We looked at a lot of other boats and none of them were as nice as this boat, BY FAR! We spent an hour by...

  • Staples Center

    Los Angeles Sports & Outdoors

    Ok, so you want to see a fine basketball arena. Here is one, in fantastic downtown L.A.!! The Staples Center is in the heart of the city. Since its development, the surrounding area of the venue has been revitalizing. The once depressingly ugly streets of Pico and Figueroa are now nicer and promising. Of course, with this urban development comes...

  • MLB - Chicago Cubs

    Chicago Sports & Outdoors

    On our last visit to Chicago, we decided to take in a Cubs game because LJ had never been to a professional baseball game. Knock another thing off the bucket list!!! Was a wonderful day with lots of sun and a cool breeze. Sets were perfect and all has a great time.

  • Golfing

    Orlando Sports & Outdoors

    Orlando has over 125 golf courses, private, municipal, and public. The Forelinksters guide is the only directory of public access golf courses which lists the better golf courses you can play, along with a map to find the best course closest to your destination: Bring your...

  • skiing & snowboarding

    Vancouver Sports & Outdoors

    Vancouver has 3 'local mountains'. (approx travel time from downtown 30 min) Cypress Mountain is the biggest of the locals and has a tonne of great terrain. One powder day in the trees at Cypress and you will be hooked for life. Grouse Mountain is known for its spectacular views of the city. Its a popular mountain with tourists. The terrain is...

  • Skating

    Toronto Sports & Outdoors

    A fun thing to do in the winter in Toronto is going skating on one of the outside skating rinks. This one I saw at the Toronto Harbour. Wow, it was so busy, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. There is some music playing to add to the atmosphere :-) The skating rink is open 7 days a week, 10 a.m.- 10 p.m., weather permitting of course...

  • Water Sports

    Puerto Vallarta Sports & Outdoors

    Snorkeling at Los Arcos, Baya Banderas, was a lot of fun, although colder than we had expected. We had no exposure suit, so we didn't stay in as long as we might have otherwise. Los Arcos is a wave-formed rock formation near Mismaloya. The rocks are a federal eco-preserve and named after the arching grottoes channeling through some of the rocks....

  • Dive or Snorkel

    Cancún Sports & Outdoors

    I thought the beaches and oceans would be dirty in Cancun but they were beautiful. So far everywhere I have been in the gulf is beautiful. And I heard Cancun as the second largest coral reef in the world so go figure it was the best snorkeling EVER!!!

  • Red Sox / Fenway Park

    Boston Sports & Outdoors

    If you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox (or Red Sucks as the New York Yankees would say) then you can either watcha live ball game at fenway park or take the tour of fenway park or just take pictures and selfies around the park and on the famous bronze statues of Famous Boston Players along Yawkey Way. The Public One Hour tours cost $ 17 for adults...

  • Hockey

    Montreal Sports & Outdoors

    If you can't get tickets to the Bell Centre to watch the Habs (Montreal Canadiens) play, or if they're playing an away game, go to any sports bar in town to watch the game. Sports bars have one or more big TVs showing the game live, so put on your Habs jersey and cheer them on with all the fans while drinking beer. It's going to be especially...

  • Cave Diving

    Playa del Carmen Sports & Outdoors

    For all you scuba divers out there. This is not to miss experience if your ever in the Maya Riveria region. It's an otherwordly experience, literally! A cenote, pronounce (say-no-tay) is a crystal clear body of water in the form of an underground river, lagoon and are entrance ways to underground caves. Most of them are in the jungle, but some can...

  • Soccer / Football

    Seattle Sports & Outdoors

    Seeing a Sounders game at Qwest Field has to be one of the most fun sporting experiences in the city. The entire stadium get into the game, standing and chanting the entire time. Be sure to stop by Pioneer Square pre-game, where the supporters gather and march to Qwest together.

  • Surfing

    San Diego Sports & Outdoors

    Every day of the year, in San Diego, there are suffers riding the waves at the beaches where surfing is allowed. The Pacific Ocean is usually cool but that doesn't stop lovers of this sport. San Diego Coast line has played an important role in surfing history in California. San Onofre, Corona del Mar, Windansea and The Tijuana Sloughs in Imperial...

  • Fishing

    Cabo San Lucas Sports & Outdoors

    This was an excursion offered on a cruise. It was called Private Yatch for a Day. we really enjoyed it and thought it was worth the cost. We saw whale get caught (and released ) a marlin and snorkled for as long as we wanted. Sea kayaking was also offered. Great lunch served. Equipment provided. Crew was super nice and helpful. Only about a dozen...

  • Winter sports

    Quebec Sports & Outdoors

    Local all-vertical-surface-climbing training outfit Roc Gyms handles instruction and trips for all levels of climbers, beginner to advanced. For the absolute beginner, they run half- and full-day sessions at the Chute de Montmorency that are a great introduction to ice climbing. Our instructor was laid-back, but knew what he was doing and...

  • Bullfights

    Tijuana Sports & Outdoors

    I know there are alot of people that dont like the bullfights but I do. They are held mostly on Sundays and it is a brutal sport. It isnt for some people. The corridas go from around April to October. Prices are from around $8 to $45. I also recommend you bring a pillow because the seats are somewhat unconfortable. They also sell a cushion for you...

  • ProBowl

    Honolulu Sports & Outdoors

    The Pro Bowl itself was great fun. Even though I'm not a big football fan, I do watch and so it was thrilling to watch Peyton Manning and Tom Brady warming up side by side, throwing to recievers, or to see T.O. running by and making everyone cheer everytime he came in sight. My daughter and her friends had a blast performing at halftime and...

  • Phillies Baseball

    Philadelphia Sports & Outdoors

    After being the laughing stock of the National League for decades, after performing one of the most infamous collapses in baseball history (don't say '1964' to a Phillies fan), after winning fewer championships than the Chicago Cubs in their first 120 years; the Phillies are now HOT. If you are in town at the same time they are hosting another...

  • Dallas Mavericks

    Dallas Sports & Outdoors

    The American Airlines Arena is the site of many events, but it was the Dallas Mavericks game that drew us there over Christmas. The arena was jam-packed, so we had to split our group between two sections, which were across the court from each other. Our visit began with a bang, when our granddaughter caught one of the free lunch coupons launched...

  • Participation Sports

    Houston Sports & Outdoors

    There is a huge potential for riding your bicycle in the Houston area. First, the weather allows biking all year long. And yes, even in the hot humid summer days, it might be the best outdoor sport because the speed makes you feel a nice breeze! Second, Houston has lots of empty spaces not yet developed, especially in the suburbs. In Houston try...

  • The 'Canes

    Miami Sports & Outdoors

    I would be remiss if I did not pay homage to my childhood heroes of the 80's, the University of Miami Hurricanes Football program. During my time in Miami, I can remember a few games at the Orange Bowl. It is a unique experience in that when the crowd gets riled up, you can feel the stadium literally move. It is safe and sturdy, however it is a...

  • Hockey

    Ottawa Sports & Outdoors

    Truly the most absurdly located NHL building imaginable - at the extreme west end of Ottawa beyond the suburbs. Why? When most new arenas were being constructed in city centres during the 1990s, Ottawa's new arena was not following suit. I believe the biggest reason for this was to be more than 120 miles from the Bell Centre in Montreal. I hope in...

  • Alamodome

    San Antonio Sports & Outdoors

    One of the largest buildings in downtown San Antonio is home to the Alamo Dome, an extremely large multiuse stadium built with the original intention of a NFL football team. The San Antonio Spurs played here for several years until recently when they moved to a new arena north of town. The Alamo Dome is still the home to the Alamo Bowl college...

  • Hiking/Biking

    Sedona Sports & Outdoors

    This is a very short hike from the Boynton Canyon Trailhead. It is only about .5 miles to the vista which is really just a hike to the base of Boynton Spire. The trail is easy and well maintain. Late afternoon creates some beautiful colors as the sun lights up the spire. A very peaceful setting but can have a lot of people because of it's easy...

  • Richmond International Raceway

    Richmond Sports & Outdoors

    Most of the other tips mention the two NASCAR races that happen at RIR in late Spring and late Summer (usually May and September). However, the BEST RACING AT RIR happens in June!!! If you've never seen the Indy Racing League, then you are in for a treat! This North-American open-wheel series might appeal to fans of formula one. The crowd is about...

  • Fishing

    Tampa Sports & Outdoors

    Captain Dave is a grizzled veteran Tampa charter fisherman, and while he may be gruff at times, he knows his stuff. For $600, four of us fished for nearly eight hours, catching just a few edible fishing including flounder. We began our day at O'Neil's Marina in St. Pete next to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at sunrise. Our trip started by passing...

  • Biking

    Halifax Sports & Outdoors

    I HEART BICYCLES was founded by Sarah Craig founded on July 1, 2011. The small shop offers bicycle tours, bike rentals, dating services and bicycle related merchandise. Bicycly rental fees: 1 hr CAD 9.00 2 hrs CAD 15.00 3 hrs CAD 20.00 4 hrs CAD 25.00 1 Day CAD 45.00 Available bicycle tours: Old Halifax, New Halifax (~2hr); CAD 39.00 Old...

  • Marinas and Anchorages

    Saint Augustine Sports & Outdoors

    This marina is convenient to town. They have showers, laundry facilities and a small store. There are also pay phones. We couldn't find a good spot in the anchorage so we gave up and went to St. Augustine Municipal Marina. (It was Sunday, and Oyster Creek is only open on weekdays and the same for Oasis. They could only give us a big slip and it...

  • Beach / Water Sports

    Mazatlán Sports & Outdoors

    Waverunning is a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous. So, if it is the first time or many times out on a waverunner, respect the ocean and the swells and waves. Be alert and the fun will be there. You sit on a water motorcycle and drive across the water, is the best way to describe this exciting watersport. A bathing suit is all you need to...

  • Pro Teams

    Memphis Sports & Outdoors

    This is the park for the minor league Redbirds. It has a number of features including Redbirds fans enjoy: * An Open Concourse allowing them to never lose sight of the game * The Wolfchase Toyota Picnic Pavilion hosting as many as 500 fans * Lawn seating on the Bluff (Please Note: No Chairs Allowed) * Two Upper Club levels with 48 Club...

  • Walking / Hiking

    Death Valley National Park Sports & Outdoors

    The Trail head for the Badlands Loop hike is at Zabriskie Point. At the parking area is a very good sign with trail map and short description of several trails. I decided to do the Badlands Loop which is about 2.5 miles long. The trail is marked on the right with green plastic wilderness posts. It descends into the Badlands and down into a wash....

  • Baseball - Camden Yards

    Baltimore Sports & Outdoors

    If it weren't for sports, Baltimore wouldn't have much. Luckily, Baltimore sport fans have many heroes, and those are well-deserved. One of the greatest is Cal Ripken, the "Ironman" of baseball. He broke Lou Gehrig's record of 2,130 consecutive games played, then went on to stretch the record to 2,632 straight games before he was finally pulled...

  • Kansas City Wizards

    Kansas City Sports & Outdoors

    Major League Soccer (MLS) is a first division professional soccer league in the United States. Sporting KC formerly known as The KC Wizards and KC Wiz (respectively) since 1996, but didn't garner city wide interest until 2000 when the team had an outstanding year and became MLS champions. It's sort of the equivalent of winning the superbowl of...

  • Isotopes Baseball

    Albuquerque Sports & Outdoors

    I'm a big soccer/baseball fan and both of these sports may take some patience to fully appreciate all the intricacies. What better way to enjoy the great american passtime in optimal weather with a wonderful backdrop of the sandia mountains in a brand new stadium. The team is decent too so theres a good chance you'll see some top pros come through...

  • Hockey

    Edmonton Sports & Outdoors

    The Edmonton Oilers are our city's NHL (National Hockey League) team. They are a fairly young NHL team, establish in 1971. The Oilers won 5 Stanley Cups during their Dynasty years (years won - 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988 and 1990), which included legendary players Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier, as well as Paul Coffey and Grant Fuhr. The Oilers have an...

  • Spectator Sports

    Minneapolis Sports & Outdoors

    After years of political wrangling, threats by the owner to move or contract the team, Minnesota and Minneapolis openned the state of the art $545 million Target Field. ESPN The Magazine ranked Target Field as the #1 sports stadium in North America, beating out such notable stadiums like the new Dallas Cowboy stadium and the new Yankee field. It is...

  • Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL football)

    Jacksonville Sports & Outdoors

    The Jaguars, Jacksonville's National Football League franchise, play regular season games and a couple of preseason games at Everbank Field from August-early January. If you happen to be in town then, definitely see if you can get your hands on some tickets. I've been to several games including one playoff game in the past (though since having kids...

  • Hiking

    Grand Canyon Sports & Outdoors

    If you want a special hike in the Grand Canyon, go in the winter. I was there around dec 16th and it was perfect. No crowds, very quit and nice sunny weather for pictures with the snow. There can be fog in the mornings until 11 am. But if you want to hike down this should be no problem (ask the rangers). We had to return for a second day because...

  • Hockey

    Calgary Sports & Outdoors

    Canadians are a bit Hockey crazy, somewhat like Europeans are with soccer (or should I say football). Calgarians support their local hockey team, The Flames at the Pengrowth Saddledome on the Stampede grounds. Calgary’s color is red so be sure to wear some when you come out to cheer on the team. After the game, many of the fans head up the nearby...

  • Spectator Sports

    Winnipeg Sports & Outdoors

    There is quite the choice of spectator sports in Winnipeg. The Blue Bombers (Canadian football), the Moose (hockey, the AHL) and the Goldeyes (baseball, Northern League). It is too bad that the city lost the Winnipeg Jets NHL hockey team, but at the prices of the tickets, it was inevitable. What I don't understand is that we have lost a basketball...

  • Pro Sports

    Portland Sports & Outdoors

    For the 2011 Major League Soccer season - the top-league in USA/Canada - the Portland Timbers have returned. The Timbers played in the old NASL of the 1970-80's until that league died from a disease called Cosmo-itis. They played before huge crowds and really popularized the sport here in the Portland metropolitan area. Several of the old Timbers...


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