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  • US Airlines - never again!

    by P.A.Brennan Written Jul 15, 2011

    I sent this to US Airways last year. I never recieved a reply . . .
    Which is what I exoected from such a bad airline.

    The email covers everything - none of it good.

    After my last trip on US Airways, US3134, 22 November to Manchester, I will never buy another ticket off your airline.

    Consulting your US telephone number to confirm a flight, a part of the recording was illegible. I had to stay on the line to speak to a person, so all the options I had taken were a waste of time.

    I know it suits you to have your customers answered by machine, but yours do not not work. You should know it does not work – this is simply a worn recording. Do you never check?

    And why must I now check in on a computer at the airport in Houston.
    You have staff stood there doing nothing. Again, defects in the system.

    I was asked for the destination first three letters, which are phi for Philadelphia. Your system rejected this and wanted to see phy.

    I had to go right back to the beginning and start again.
    If there was no staff member there I could not have checked in.
    Here’s a novel idea, have your staff check the customers in.
    These computer systems have to be learned, and why should the customers put up with this aggravation. Also the systems are bound to fail – what then?

    No complimentary alcoholic drinks on the aircraft might be common among American carriers, but if Asian airways are allowed access to your airways you are going to be deserted. This is simply meanest. You have the ability to buy alcohol very cheaply because to you it can be duty free and in bulk, but you prefer to sell us a drink.
    Well that’s ok but $7 for a small can of beer! You have got to be kidding. It’s a rip off.
    I would pay two or even three dollars a can, but $7 is complete robbery.

    You even rip off the rate when it comes to exchange rate for customers paying in sterling. It’s £4:44 not £5.

    And paying to hire earphones for the seatback TV! God you don’t miss a trick do you. And again extortionate. It should be half the price.

    When flying in other aircraft I usually enjoy a game of chess or backgammon on the seatback TV. Why do you not have this? Another indication of a bad airline.

    Finally, a true indication of an airline that is run for the benefit of yourself is that the best seats in economy are the seats next to the exits for the legroom, but not on your airline. On your airline the crew have these seats. And not one, but two for each crew member.
    They were hardly ever seated in them anyway.

    What’s wrong with seating them on the back seats?

    By the way, is the reason the babies are not seated against the bulkhead, which are next to these crew seats, the reason they are placed in the centre of the aircraft.
    When they cry, as they will, they disturb paying passengers rather than crew members sat in the best seats.
    That is why they are not placed next to the bulkhead where they normally are is it not?

    Goodbye forever.

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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Love it or hate it – NAFTA is here to stay. NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement. It is a treaty between The USA, Canada and Mexico which set up a huge free trade zone. Signed in 1992, its always been a bit controversial. It allows goods and services to move more freely between the largest 3 trading partners in the world with little or no taxation. While it has seen many semi-skilled jobs go to a cheaper Mexican labour market, it has also seen cheaper food from America go south as well. So it created non-farm jobs and hurt farmers. There have also been many wrangles over Mexican trucks and their safety standards. Overall they have a poor safety record and many parties are against NAFTA because they feel these trucks bring unnecessary dangers onto North American roads.

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  • mafootje's Profile Photo


    by mafootje Updated Apr 4, 2011

    We always rent a car during our time in the US. Because we are pretty happy with the prices and the service from Alamo we never tried another rental company.

    Strangly enough it's cheaper to rent a car from a dutch travel agent then at Alamo direct. During our last travel we rented and returned our car in Kenner (LA). At this station you can choose your own car in the class that you rented and they register the car at the gate.

    We rented for two weeks a full-size and gold conditions and payed € 604,00. With gold conditions your car has all the insurance there are, extra driver is included, unlimited mileage and a tank of gas.

    We had a flat tire during a earlier travel and drove to the nearest Alamo rental station and gave us another car in notime. Another occasion we left the keys in the car and locked it (for some reason all the keys are on a steel wire which can't be opened without breaking it), we called Alamo (be sure to keep your rental agreement in your wallet it saves you time and also the phone number) and they arranged a local lock smith, we didn't have to pay anything extra for this which was our own stupidity.

    Sometimes the agent offers upgrades which can be interesting but negotiating might help lower the price of the deal. Also ask if the price mentioned includes all charges..

    We learned that renting a larger car from a dutch travel agent is cheaper then most deals, but compared to regular prices the deals are good.

    Full Size car from Alamo
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  • plainnuts's Profile Photo

    north america flights

    by plainnuts Written Oct 17, 2010

    most airlines now charge 25 USD for each bag except Southwest. I normally use Kayak web site and the best deals can be found on Wednesday and Thursday if booked 30 days in advance. there are also some budget airlines that fly into most major city's. I would try Jetblue to see if they service the airports you will fly into. in New York it is cheaper to fly into LGA versus JFK, the port authority employees will be glad to help you find transportation from the Airport. they wear a blue vest and sell tickets for buses.

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  • wavesport's Profile Photo

    Car ferry to Vancouver Island

    by wavesport Written Mar 26, 2010

    Another alternative is to drive across the US / Canada border. A few miles north of the border is Tsawwassen where you can catch the car ferry to Vancouver Island. For me, this has always been the best and easiest route.

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  • documents needed for driving into USA from Mexico

    by LIifeLover Written Oct 28, 2008

    required documents for driving into the US from mexico will be/are always changing, it seems so here's a good website I'm sure will have the latest info/requirements...

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    To HNL from UK

    by cochinjew Written Jul 26, 2008

    To my knowledge, there are no direct flights to Honolulu from Europe, you either come through USA or Asia.
    from the west coast of USA there are usually good deals to HNL.
    so you could fly to the west coast, and then take a break and go on to HNL.

    While I was studying in London, I had done London to HNL flights a couple of times, and it is rather tedious flight, so a break would be welcomed. You can even fly Air France now from London Heathrow to Los Angeles!

    There are flights to HNL from most west coast cities but better connections are from LAX and SFO. there are flights from Portland, Oregon and Seattle Washington.

    Have a great time in Aloha State, once you are there it is easier to rent cars and accomodations are reasonable and inter island air fares are not that expensive.

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  • balfor's Profile Photo

    New Jersey to Denver

    by balfor Written May 13, 2008

    Hmmm.... there are some pros and cons with both directions....

    Kansas is flat and there really isn't a whole lot there to keep you occupied and entertained whilst driving it. You go get to go through St. Louis and the Ozarks which is nice. Also, Indianapolis can be interesting.

    Iowa? See my comments about Kansas. The northern route will have a few more hills and you can check out Chicago and Cleveland enroute. Nebraska is fairly desolate as well, but it is more visually appealing than the endless corn, wheat and soy fields of both Iowa and Kansas.

    Personally, I would just check out the forecasts for the areas and choose the one projected to have the best weather during your trip. Neither route has any decisive factors. Well, Chicago has a rougher rush hour than St. Louis does, but that is a very small part of the trip and you can pretty easily avoid that.

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  • nathalieT's Profile Photo


    by nathalieT Written May 3, 2008

    The cheapest way is to take a "Chinese bus". The trip Boston to NYC is $15 .
    "Fung Wah Bus Co" is a Chinatown Bus co, you can google its name to access their reservation website. RESERVE EARLY:SUCH CHEAP SEATS ARE IN HIGH DEMAND!

    You can also google "chinese bus"for other companies.

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  • Darby2's Profile Photo

    Getting to the Rockies in BC & Alberta

    by Darby2 Updated Apr 13, 2008

    To drive from Vancouver to Calgary is about a 9-10 hour trip in good weather. (via the Trans Canada Highway #1) which goes through Kamloops, Revelstoke, Golden, Banff and Calgary. Driving distance: approx 640 miles or 1024 km

    The alternate route is via the Yellowhead Highway #5 and #16 which can be reached from Kamloops ( which is a "divisional" point...going east from Kamloops takes you on the Trans Canada while going north from Kamloops takes you on the Yellowhead) via Clearwater, Blue River, Valemount, Mount Robson, Jasper. Driving distance: approx. 930 km. to Jasper. This is the easiest route to drive. Driving distance of the Icefield Parkway Jasper to Banff is approx. 280 km.

    The alternate route is Highway 99 from Vancouver to Whistler, Lillooet, Cache Creek and Kamloops.

    Did I say there was a third route? That's the Crowsnest Highway #3 which begins in Hope, BC, just 150 km east of Vancouver and goes through the southern part of the province: Hope, Princeton, Keremeos, Osoyoos, Grand Forks. Castlegar, Salmo, Creston, Cranbrook. Continuing north from Cranbrook on Highway 93 will take you through to Radium, Lake Louise and Banff. If you continue east from Cranbrook on Highway 3, it will take you through the Crowsnest Pass to Pincher Creek, Alberta from which you can drive north to Calgary.

    Either way will be a fair bit of driving. (Canada is a BIG country!)

    The month of May could mean encountering snow in the higher passes although they are open all year.

    The cost of fuel in BC: be advised, it's getting expensive and is expected to rise dramatically in the next few months.

    Mount Robson, near Jasper Fraser Canyon, north of Lillooet Fraser Canyon Peyto Lake, Banff National Park Near the Bow Summit, Icefields Parkway
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  • chewy3326's Profile Photo

    Traveling by car

    by chewy3326 Written Nov 24, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    North America has an extensive road system. Most of the United States is paved over, and southern Canada isn't that different, either. In North America, drivers drive on the right side of the road. In the United States, Interstate highways (freeways) are generally the fastest way to get around, but you can't see much from them; US, state, and local roads are much better for sightseeing. In Canada, there is also a relatively extensive freeway system in the southeastern part of the country. However, northwest Canada and Alaska is an unpopulated and generally roadless area; only the Alaska and Cassiar Highways lead from British Columbia into Alaska.

    Country roads...
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  • chewy3326's Profile Photo

    Traveling by air

    by chewy3326 Written Nov 22, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This applies to both "to" and "around".

    It is relatively convenient, though rather expensive, to travel by air in North America. Flying to either Europe or Asia are rather expensive, since large oceans must be crossed to reach those continents.

    Most major cities in North America have airports. Some of the larger airports include Chicago O'Hare, Atlanta, and San Francisco airports. Major airlines in North America include United Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airways, Southwest, Northwest, JetBlue, etc.

    Airfare is volatile, and can change rapidly. As of late 2006, flying from major cities on the east coast to major cities on the west coast are a minimum of US$300 per person. Flying between any major cities in the United States and Canada is at least US$250.

    While traveling by airplane in the United States, remember that due to security reasons, many items are prohibited.


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  • Aussie_Bne's Profile Photo

    Bus Orlando to Miami, Florida

    by Aussie_Bne Written Oct 7, 2006

    Buses from Orlando to Miami are very limited. Most buses leave Orlando about 6pm or 7pm and arrive in Miami around 11 to 11:30pm. There is one bus that leaves Orlando at 11am - Transfloridian (only on Fri, Sat and Sun).

    If you are booking on the internet a number of companies require you to make a booking a few days in advance.

    Another problem is that not all buses can drop you off at your hotel in Miami.

    Jet Set buses are the cheapest at US $22.

    Other options

    Transfloridian $35 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Other times $69
    CWS Tours $35 (must book on line)

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  • Davelyn's Profile Photo


    by Davelyn Written May 23, 2005

    Spring & Fall Travel by Train across Canada are just wonderful as well as colourful. A 12 day Canrail Pass or even a 30 day North American Rail Pass are also available. Halifax to Vancouver in approx. 5 day with stops inbetween. Quebec City, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper & on to Vancouver. The Skeena from Jasper to Prince George & Prince Rupert is a 2 day trip with an overnite in P.G. If you are thinking about taking the Skeena, book well in advance. You'll never forget that trip. B&B, Hotels a wonderful friendship all along the Canadian Way.

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  • paulinuk2u's Profile Photo


    by paulinuk2u Written Oct 26, 2004

    best way into manhattan is on the qe2 ecept now its done on the queen mary the second,nice ship biggest ever cruise liner must gone on her again, sometime,but on a cruise not just just walk around her

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