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    Traveling by air

    by chewy3326 Written Nov 22, 2006

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    This applies to both "to" and "around".

    It is relatively convenient, though rather expensive, to travel by air in North America. Flying to either Europe or Asia are rather expensive, since large oceans must be crossed to reach those continents.

    Most major cities in North America have airports. Some of the larger airports include Chicago O'Hare, Atlanta, and San Francisco airports. Major airlines in North America include United Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airways, Southwest, Northwest, JetBlue, etc.

    Airfare is volatile, and can change rapidly. As of late 2006, flying from major cities on the east coast to major cities on the west coast are a minimum of US$300 per person. Flying between any major cities in the United States and Canada is at least US$250.

    While traveling by airplane in the United States, remember that due to security reasons, many items are prohibited.


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    Traveling by car

    by chewy3326 Written Nov 24, 2006

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    North America has an extensive road system. Most of the United States is paved over, and southern Canada isn't that different, either. In North America, drivers drive on the right side of the road. In the United States, Interstate highways (freeways) are generally the fastest way to get around, but you can't see much from them; US, state, and local roads are much better for sightseeing. In Canada, there is also a relatively extensive freeway system in the southeastern part of the country. However, northwest Canada and Alaska is an unpopulated and generally roadless area; only the Alaska and Cassiar Highways lead from British Columbia into Alaska.

    Country roads...
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    Plane is the best way.

    by venusdmoon72 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Getting around by car is the best way to experience everything. Bus is ok as well as it is quite cheap.
    You will find by car at your own pace is the best way as there is a lot of territory to cover. If you are travelling from state to state, catch a plane, especialy if you have limited time.

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    The entire continent is very...

    by CubsIn4 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    The entire continent is very car-oriented. With the exception of some large cities in the US and Canada, it's impossible to see everything using public transportation. If a car is not an option I would recommend you fly unless you have plenty of free time.

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    Subway architecture

    by seamus_waldr Written Aug 15, 2003

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    Like any city, you get a mix of old and new. In New York, NY, you find modern subway signs and less modern subway signs. Here is an art deco sign.

    As you travel the subway, look beyond the dirt, beyond the hustle and bustle of humanity and you wil see many styles of architecture.

    Art deco subway
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    Flying into major airports in...

    by BeverlyTyler Written Sep 12, 2002

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    Flying into major airports in Canada and the U.S. can be difficult if you do not prepare for some delays especially today in the aftermath of September 11th. Be sure to leave plenty of time after you first arrive before you schedule the next leg(s) of your trip.

    Public transportation is very uneven and automobile travel is the major way of getting around. Many U.S. airports are under almost constant expansion plans such as New York's Kennedy (JFK) and New Jersey's Newark (EWR), as well as Los Angeles, California (LAX).
    I would like to say that trains are the best bet for getting around, however, if you are used to Britrail and Eurorail, you will find that the US and Canada versions are crude by comparison. AM Trak along the Northeast corridor from Boston to Washington is good, as is the West Coast variety in both the US and Canada, however connections from the train to busses and other rail connections is spotty at best and not well coordinated, especially in comparison to Europe. I enjoy train travel too, but if you decide to fly or take a train to your destination area, you would be well advised to rent a car for travel around areas outside of cities. If you are going to be in a city for your entire trip, forget the car and take plane, train or other public transportation. Even the subway (underground) systems are more complicated than say London or Paris, but you can get familiar with them in a day or two. One of the exceptions to this is the subway systewms in Washington (The Metro) and in San Francisco (BART) they are really easy to use, comfortable and clean. New Tork's subway system is better than it had been 10 years ago and I actually enjoy it now, as it is almost completely grafetti-free.

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    Get ther how ever you...

    by hansash Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Get ther how ever you can:Train....The Greyhound...Your own car....Never take a plane unless your short on time!!!!!!!Fly in in the morning fly out at night!!!! You'll have more time!!!
    If your a risk taker and want to prove your faith in God and careful and be prepared for ANYTHING!!! I've had all GREAT experiences!!!HONESTLY - Mom ,it was fine!!!
    BACKPACK and your thumb...make a sign:with your destination and Know where your going...check it out first on the internet!
    Places to stay,Taxi numbers,tours,a nice resturant and just common sense things! Contact the Chamber of Commerce!!!!

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    by tmmcgrath Written Aug 25, 2002

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    train/rent car......hitchhiking isn't what it used to be, the world isn't what it used to be, but don't ignore the possibility of hitching rides...there is no better way to really get to know Americans

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    All North American Countries...

    by Aragina Written Aug 25, 2002

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    All North American Countries have superb Airports that serve the nations. all the hiub Airports will serve the smaller cities and towns.
    North America is car dependant, the train services are not that good and Coaches although OK can be expesive. Check out the car hire companies that VT has to offer for the best deals.

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  • In San Francisco you must...

    by Probot Written Aug 26, 2002

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    In San Francisco you must remember that most streets are ONE WAY! so make sure you are driving the right way down a one way street! You will probably drive into SF from 101 from the North or South or 580 from the East. Traffic is horrible in the mornings and the afternoons, so please allow yourself extra time to get where you need to go. The same can be said for Los Angeles. Traffic is worse here in L.A. simply because the roads aren't in as good of condition as they are up in the S.F. area.
    If you are staying in the San Francisco East Bay area, my recommendation is to take BART. BART is VERY safe and is a very comfortable ride. Also, when you are in SF if you have the chance, take BART rather than MUNI, the bus. MUNI is nowhere near as reliable as BART, but MUNI has, for obvious reasons, better accessibility. Of course you could walk in SF, but remember we have lots of hills and distances may be farther than they appear.

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    Air Travel, rail, or your own...

    by emankinen Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Air Travel, rail, or your own car. Private pilots have plenty of small airports that you can land on their airstrips just about anytime. Call ahead though to be safe.
    By car, with a good state map or road atlas.

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    I've traveled all over North...

    by pamelajoy Written Aug 25, 2002

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    I've traveled all over North America. I've used the bus, train, auto, motorhome, camper, private plane, and jet. If you want to get their quickest, of course, you should fly. But land transportation gives you more chance to see the country. Private vehicle travel gives you the most flexibility. Train and bus travel allows you to sightsee without having to do the driving.

    Most of the time, I fly to my destination. When I get there, I rent a car and do my local traveling.When I visit relatives, they are more than happy to loan me something to drive.

    On one trip, I flew to visit my parents. I borrowed my Mom's car and spent a week in Chicago.

    On another trip I drove my Mom's car to Connecticut.

    My neice drove me to New York to visit friends.

    It pays to be in good with your relatives!

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    Well it depends on where you...

    by sharine Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Well it depends on where you are coming from. If you are in a different country I would recommend flying to a major city on either the East or West coast and from there taking another flight to where ever you are wishing to explore.
    The easiest way to travel is by car, truck or any other vehicular mode that one would wish. You can get by on bike or by walking, depending on what city you choose to make as your base but to really get to some of the places you need to drive. In some cases, like in Portland, Oregon the bus system is good enough that you can get around with that and likely in other larger citys as well. But driving truly gives you a feel of the country = Trust one who has driven a -lot- while trave)ling

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  • When in Hawaii, use the local...

    by julident Written Aug 25, 2002

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    When in Hawaii, use the local bus service. It is really cheap and very convienient, much better than any of the expensive shuttel buses and things the tour companies and hotels offer. In 99 when I was there you could get a ticket that took you fulll circle around the island of Oahu for $1! You can stay on the bus for a few hours and pass mountains,pineapple plantations and glorious beaches for $1 or get of by a remote looking beach and spend the day there as I used to. After 9 pm the transport it goes a bit stale though so don't plan any nights out using it.

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    If you're traveling to the USA...

    by Krystynn Updated Aug 24, 2002

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    If you're traveling to the USA from Asia or Australia, where your flight will probably arrive at noon/ evening, the best way to deal with jet lag is to sleep for no more than three hours and FORCE yourself out of bed... have a wake-up shower (steamy hot!) and go out for a short stroll and then grab something to eat. By the time you return to your hotel room, it’s bed time and you can go to bed and (hopefully) have a full eight hours of sleep! With a bit of luck you’ll wake up somewhat refreshed. And DON'T drink alcohol or caffeine at all on the plane! I have seen how some passengers literally go berserk drinking loads of alcohol (just because it's free). If you (like me) must have your morning coffee otherwise you can't think and function properly, wait until it’s actually morning in your new destination. Well, this little 'trick' has always worked for me.

    As far as I know, a human being's first instinct, upon initial hotel check-in, is to either sleep all day due to exhaustion (my sister is the guiltiest of them all) which results in being awake all night, or to try to stay up all day... which is almost impossible and really, not a good idea at all. Why? If you're feeling drowsy (read: not alert), you might be hit by cars, buses or trams due to your fatigue! And don't forget, the Americans drive on the WRONG side of the road!! They are soooo unlike us in Asia, Australia and UK, France etc.! :-)

    Anyhow, try going to bed no earlier than 7:00PM and you should be able to acclimatize to the current time zone in the easiest way possible. O.K.? Should the above method fail, try this last resort.

    Buy ‘NO-JET-LAG’ pills. One packet contains 30 tablets - enough for 40 hours flying time. For your nearest retailer - surf to No Jet Lag or email: Now, have a great trip!

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