North America Transportation

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North America Transportation

  • Subway

    New York City Transportation

    The New York subway is a wonder of engineering. Not only is it the largest network of its kind in the world, it links together the two islands of Manhattan and Long Island with the mainland state of New York across tunnels under the Harlem and East Rivers. It's also one of the oldest systems in the world, dating back to 1904. Today it runs 24/7 365...

  • Bus / Shuttles

    Las Vegas Transportation

    The shuttle from the airport to the Strip is the most economic way to get to your hotel. It only costs $7 one way or $13 round trip. Or the Super Shuttle which is $8 to the strip. Either one is open 24 hours so you can catch them at anytime. You may have to stop off at a few hotels before you get to your own though. Airport shuttle service and...

  • Taxicab

    New Orleans Transportation

    Getting from the airport to downtown or French Quarter could not be easier. The taxis are well organised immediately you leave the baggage claim area and the best part - its a fixed fee. From the airport to the French Quarter is $33 for 1 or 2 people (and the same on the way back) as of April 2013. The cabs will take cash or credit but make sure...

  • Buses and coaches

    Orlando Transportation

    Found out about this company here on and after receiving a reasonable quote booked our transfer from Orlando to Miami with Star Trans-VIP. We had 19 people with 10000000 suitcases! They offered a mini bus that would fit everyone plus luggage. Very satisfied with their service. Received a confirmation email within 2 hours, driver...

  • Cable Cars

    San Francisco Transportation

    I'd been told that SF's cablecars were usually crowded and thus difficult to get on. I was expecting that to be the case, especially as i visited in July (plenty of visitors). But I observed how they worked on my first day (my hotel was near Powell Street) and on my second day I rode the whole length of all three lines, and several shorter lengths...

  • Buses

    Cancún Transportation

    The Great Parnassusò Hotel is located at the distance about 4km from the downtown part of which is known as "El Centro". I used to walk there but preferred to come back by bus. There is a public transit bus system, servicing the hotel zone. It seemed extremely cheap for me. You can watch my 3 min 29 sec Video Cancun Walk along the Hotel's Area ...

  • CTA (city trains & buses, the EL)

    Chicago Transportation

    Chicago has a great public transport system with the famous El (Elevated Train), tied-in underground/subway/metro lines, and buses. One can get individual rides or buy tickets for extended periods of time such as several days giving unlimited rides. This makes getting around town easy and enjoyable. The El in particular is a fun way to get around...

  • Transportation Options

    Key West Transportation

    The Hop on Hop off Trolley Tours of Key West provide the visitor the opportunity to see the sights and then go back and stay a bit longer to explore those areas that are of interest. There are a number of options to choose from. Adults cost $30.40 for a two day pass while children under 13 are free. NOTE local taxes, fuel surcharges, etc are...

  • Driving

    Los Angeles Transportation

    Don't be nervous about driving in LA if you are a tourist. I landed at LAX on my first ever visit to US and drove straight from LAX to West Hollywood. Also this was my first time driving on the right side of the road. The roads (boulevards) are very wide and the Interstate is super wide. Maybe on your first day driving you could avoid the...

  • Colectivos

    Playa del Carmen Transportation

    If you want to visit Tulum or Cancun from Playa, you can take a colectivo which is a small minibus. There is no schedule, they leave when they are full. It's 30 pesos to Tulum, 20 to Puerto Aventuras or Cenotes. They leave from Calle 2 between 15 & 20, across from the park. If you are hungry before or after your trip, see my recommendation for a...

  • Taxis

    Puerto Vallarta Transportation

    The cab fare from the "Hoteles" to the airport (one way) is usually 80 Mexican pesos. This is the regular price. If you pay more than this, then you are paying a lot! It is approximately 2.5 kms from the hotel to the airport. The hotels are very close. You can even walk if you wanted to.

  • T / subway

    Boston Transportation

    . You can purchase different types of passes. But if you only want a few rides, the CharlieCard or CharlieTicket can be used. You save money with a FREE CharileCard, read on for more info. CharlieCard will cost $2.00 per subway rides while the CharlieTicket will cost $2.50 per rides. It is only a savings but 50 cents per ride per persion, but why...

  • Metro

    Montreal Transportation

    The subway (people here call it the metro) is one of the easiest ways to get around Montreal. It's not very expensive either. It can get crowded though, depending on the time of day (morning rush-hour is the worst). Berri-UQAM station is always the most crowded at any point in the day since it's the intersection point for 3 lines. The subway lines...

  • Skytrain (Translink)

    Vancouver Transportation

    In my opinion, one of the best things to have come out of the 2010 Winter Olympics is the skytrain Canada Line that now connects Vancouver airport to the downtown area. Tickets cost $8.75, or $7.50 if you happen to be traveling on the weekend or after 6:30 pm on weekdays. However, to get back to the airport, you don't have to pay the additional...

  • Taxi Service

    Cabo San Lucas Transportation

    We reserved round trip transportation from the airport to our hotel in Cabo San Lucas through Jesus Omar Escobedo Crespo with Cabo Valet Travel & East Wings. The initial communication from the US was perfect. They contacted us via phone and email with arrangements. We were greeted at the airport and taken to our hotel. The driver requested payment...

  • Rental Cars

    Honolulu Transportation

    Jill You won't have a lot of time to get to the North Shore..if there isn't much traffic..maybe 60 minutes or less.... Pearl Harbor by car might be about 10 minutes and/or then if you go the other direction ..Downtown and Chinatown are about 15/20 minutes from the Airport..Waikiki is about 25/30 minutes by car.. In the is a whole lot...

  • By Trolley

    San Diego Transportation

    San Diego has a decent infrastructure for travelers who don't have cars, especially if you are in the downtown area The link to our system is: But the best way I have found is to use GoogleMaps and map and click on the "public transportation" tab. It will even tell you the lines to get on, the cost and how long it will take...

  • Train / Monorail / StreetCar

    Seattle Transportation

    Amtrak long distance (Empire Builder to and from Chicago and points between, Coast Starlight to Los Angeles and points between) and regional trains (Amtrak Cascades north to Vancouver, British Columbia and south to Eugene, Oregon and points between) depart from King Street Station. It is also served by regional trains (south to Tacoma or north to...

  • Fort Lauderdale Airport

    Fort Lauderdale Transportation

    We had a family group of 11 and needed transportation to the seaport. I contracted with EEZZExpress and they did the round trip for a very reasonable amount. One of our group left his cell phone in the vehicle. I contacted the company and they agreed to send the phone to us at our home in Maryland. They went the extra mile when they did not have to...

  • 30th Street Station

    Philadelphia Transportation

    At 30th Street you will find Philadelphia's main train station. Providing SEPTA services for Philadelphia and its wider conurbation, it is also home to AMTRAK services to Baltimore, New York, Washington DC and all over the United States. NJ Transit services link this station to New Jersey, including Atlantic City. It has a wide selection of...

  • Metro

    Mexico City Transportation

    The best way to move around Mexico City is the METRO. It's fast, it's cheap (each ticket is only MXN $5 = 40 cents of USD and is good for 1 trip including multiple transfers as long as you don't exit the system - new fee valid since 2014), and it takes you almost everywhere (there are 12 lines, the newest one was opened in 2012). You may also try...

  • Car/Car rental

    Miami Transportation

    DONT EVER RENT FROM MIAMI AUTO RENTAL! They are one of the biggest scams I have ever seen! So many hidden fees and they lie when they talk to you on their customer service line, then you have no back up because it isn't in writing. You only get 100 miles per FULL day rental then it is .40/mile after that. That is not stated anywhere on their...

  • MARTA (Buses & Subway)

    Atlanta Transportation

    The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is one of the easiest ways to navigate around Atlanta. You can purchase a BreezeCard at any kiosk at any of the MARTA stations, load them with your fare ($2.50 each way/$5 round trip), then just tap the magnetic strip to gain access to the platform. Tap your card again upon your arrival to...

  • San Diego Trolley

    Tijuana Transportation

    Since the majority of people going to Tijuana are coming from the San Diego area, it may be useful to know that from most hotels / motels there is a bus that will take you to a trolley station. The south bound, Blue Line Trolly ends in San Ysidro, within walking distance of the border to Tijuana, Mexico. The time it takes the trolley to travel...

  • Via Rail (train)

    Quebec Transportation

    We thought it would be a breeze walking from the station to our lovely lodgings: a quick, close 8-10 minute walk, or so it appeared by Google map. BUT our little route was riddled with BIG hills, & worse, the sidewalks were cobblestone, which ended up wrecking one of our rolling (carry-on size) suitcases. It didn't help that it was raining & very...

  • Public Transportation

    Houston Transportation

    Metro Solutions is much more than simply a rail transit plan. The bus system component of the plan provides for a massive expansion and upgrade of Metro's bus services. With about 44 new bus routes to provide transit access to currently underserved portions of Metro's service area additional park & ride lots, all-day P&R service, and introduction...

  • San Antonio Streetcar

    San Antonio Transportation

    San Antonio is a super tourist friendly city with everything at a walking distance. If you are driving to the city you can just park your car at one of the many parking garages and start walking. And if you do get tired, the street car is the easiest way to move around the city as it stops at all the major tourist attractions. You can just hop on...

  • Phoenix-Sedona Shuttle

    Sedona Transportation

    I loved my ride with the Sedona Phoenix Shuttle. Rich was so friendly and a great driver. He introduced everyone to me. Some local and a few like me from out of town. I own a timeshare in South Africa and traded to Los Abrigados resort. The shuttle brought me up in two hrs and the rate was only $50.00 one way or $90.00 round trip. I learned from...

  • Public transit - city

    Ottawa Transportation

    You've arrived at YOW - Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier Airport map of Arrivals hall Cleared immigration and Customs, maybe need a Tim Hortons double double and timbits, for $3-30 you'll be able to ride downton on Bus 97, example of Google Map route If you're 65+ senior, only $2.00 per ride with transfers

  • D.A.R.T. / Other Trains

    Dallas Transportation

    You can get to and from the Dallas/Ft Worth airport quite cheap, but it takes a few steps. (1) Take a shuttle bus to the South Remote Parking lot. Buses from terminals and the CentrePort/DFW Airport TRE Station meet there. Don't worry; the buses wait for each other. (2) Take the shuttle bus to the CentrePort/DFW Airport TRE station. Buy a $2.50...

  • Driving / Roads

    Yosemite National Park Transportation

    As the URL below notes, the carrying and use of chains by all vehicles, including rentals and those with all-weather tires, can be required at any time there is snow or ice. This can occur both on the road to the Park and within the Park -- decisions on use of tires are made independently. In other words, you may be allowed to drive to the entrance...

  • Car/parking

    Nashville Transportation

    Getting downtown involves driving through a lot of road construction - so a stick shift is not fun. Once there it's fairly easy to drive around, but there isn't anywhere to park unless you want to pay. Believe it or not, finding a free parking space in San Francisco is a piece of cake compared to this! I was wishing I'd taken the city bus like last...

  • Bus/Transit

    Victoria Transportation

    The local Victoria Regional Transit System (part of BCTransit) runs the local buses in Victoria. The entire Victoria Regional Transit System, from Sooke to Sidney, is one fare zone and requires a single fare of CAD 2.50. Map with Victoria bus routes. The following routes are available: -1 RICHARDSON / DOWNTOWN -2/2A OAK BAY / WILLOWS /...

  • Disney Transport

    Anaheim Transportation

    If you're feeling like you want some Hollywood action after taking in Disneyland, catch a very convenient, direct ride to Universal Studios via bus. Once, I made this 36 mile trip and was pleased with the smooth ride. Granted, there are a few hotel pick stops and some traffic but hey- this is southern CA and traffic waits come with the territory....

  • Trolleys and Buses

    Tampa Transportation

    Ambiance Transportation offers daily scheduled bus transportation service between Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. From the website the coach is new and quite nice. The trip is approx 4 hours. They have reclining seats, overhead bins, AC, a on-board bathroom, and free movies on board so remember to bring your headsets. Note due to high gas...

  • Bus Service

    Halifax Transportation

    Public transportation is limited to the bus and the harbour ferry. It's not too bad a system for the most part though weekends and holiday service is a bit sparser. Main routes are serviced regularly then at least and there are improvements in the offing. 2014 prices: Adult prices: It costs $2.50 for a bus ride, and you can ask for a paper...

  • Trolley

    Memphis Transportation

    These run quite often, go near most attractions in Memphis not airconditioned and opened windows bring in bugs. If you are disabled or elderly you will have to call MATA and let them know 2 weeks before you come to visit so that they can issue you a proper id. Once you get this you will not have to pay full fare. Having an id from your own state...

  • Pulmonia

    Mazatlán Transportation

    When I was there in December of 2007, pulmonias cost from 30-80 pesos a ride, depending on where you wanted to go. Always negotiate your price with the pulmonia driver, and if he won't come to a price you like ,you can just walk away. There will be another one along in a minute, guaranteed. The biggest thing is to make sure you both come to a...

  • You need a car to get around

    Tucson Transportation

    If you're coming as a tourist: yes, you do need a car. The most popular sites in the city, such as the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Saguaro National Park, Sabino Canyon and Mount Lemmon are virtually inaccessible without a private car. Public transit just does not reach them. However, as a resident, it is very possible to navigate the city on the...

  • Bus Tours

    Yellowstone National Park Transportation

    This is a tour run by Xanterra who also run the hotels at the parks. It is not run by the NPS. This is a full day tour, and travels along the lower portion of Yellowstone's figure eight road system. The major sights include the Upper and Lower Geyser Basins, Yellowstone Lake, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, and Norris Geyser Basin. On...

  • Light Rail

    Baltimore Transportation

    Baltimore's Light Rail system connects the Inner Harbor with Hunt Valley, Glen Burnie, Baltimore Penn Station, and BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. Service runs from 6 AM - 11 PM Monday - Saturday, but only 11 AM - 7 PM on Sunday. Schedule. On weekdays, trains run approximately every 10 minutes through Downtown Baltimore, every 20 minutes or so...

  • Greater Richmond Transit

    Richmond Transportation

    AROUND The only economic way to get around Richmond without a car is to use public buses run by GRTC (Greater Richmond Transit Company). Keep in mind that, like in most American cities, the buses don't reach many suburbs. They operate from 5.00 am to 1.00 am: daily in the City of Richmond and Mon-Fri in Henrico County. Ticket costs $1.50 (local...

  • Buses

    Phoenix Transportation

    I guess the quality of mass transit in Phoenix is up to the individual. I used it for years, one can get around the city of Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs fairly easily, albeit, it is time-consuming. For an American city, the bus system isn't bad, but it's not like Europe, or even larger Canadian cities. Yes, it is limited in hours of...

  • Trolley

    Saint Augustine Transportation

    I bought a trolley ticket (good for 3 days) the first day I was in St. Augustine and rode it around to familarize myself with the city before doing any sightseeing. The trolley is very useful especially if you are staying in downtown St. Augustine as parking is almost impossible to find unless you pay $6+.

  • Getting around in Edmonton

    Edmonton Transportation

    If you plan on travelling all day on bus & LRT, you might want to consider buying a DayPass for $7.50. Staying for a week or two & using public transit? Buy a book of 10 tickets. Each ticket ($2.10) will save you 40 cents off of a regular cash fare ($2.50).


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