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Birmingham Things to Do

  • Vulcan Park and Museum

    The statue of the Roman god of the Forge, Vulcan is the unofficial symbol of the city of Birmingham. The 56-foot statue is the largest cast iron statue in the world, and was created for the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. It now sits on a 124-foot pedestal atop Red Mountain, and offers a breathtaking view of the city of Birmingham. The Vulcan...

  • Visit Vulcan Park (No, Spock will NOT be...

    The statue of the Roman god of the Forge, Vulcan is the unofficial symbol of the city of Birmingham. The 56-foot statue is the largest cast iron statue in the world, and was created for the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. It now sits on a 124-foot pedestal atop Red Mountain, and offers a breathtaking view of the city of Birmingham. The Vulcan...

  • Alabama Theater in Birmingham

    Saturday, March 8th, Tony and I was urban hiking in Birmingham and when I rounded the corner and saw the "ALABAMA THEATER" and the marque all lite up..I was so excited...almost husband calls it ARCHITECTURE ORGASM...I just call it PURE EXCITEMENT...a rush from the past...a charge to my memory of good and happy thoughts...okay...


Birmingham Hotels

Birmingham Restaurants

  • Rogue Tavern

    Saturday, March 8th, Tony and I was walking in the LOFT DISTRICT of Birmingham, YES..looking for a pub..he had earned a cold beer on this lovely day of URBAN HIKING and Photo taking. Thanks to our YELP app we were routed to this gorgeous area and great pub..and believe me it is NOT SMALL inside..I bet this place is hopping on the weekends... There...

  • Gus's Hot Dogs

    Saturday, March 8th, Tony and I was visiting Birmingham. We spent the morning investigating and enjoying the Tannehill Ironworks Historical Site..hiking around and enjoying history of Iron Ore and how it is made...very fascinating. then we drove the 30 minutes into Birmingham. We found on-street parking (FREE ON SATURDAY and SUNDAYS at the meters)...

  • bar-b-q

    the full moon bar-b-q is a birmingham area insititution. the full moon serves excellent chopped pork bar-b-q as well as chicken and ribs. the full moon is my favorite bar-b-q restaurant in birmingham. there are three full moon locations in the birmingham area, see their web site for directions.


Birmingham Nightlife

  • Iron Horse Cafe

    Came here to see my favorite band in the world - COWBOY MOUTH. Show started really late, so we had to hang out for over 2 hours. It's basically a bar - several pool tables and tv's on one side, and a concert stage and bar on the other, separated by a large bar area in the middle. Since it is a bar, smoking is allowed - my sinuses protested almost...

  • Kick Back and Relax

    Voted "Best Martini" and "Best Martini Bar." Packed with diverse professional people in their 20s and 30s by 12:30. Spacious outdoor patio lit by fluorescent blue lanterns that somehow manage not to be garish. About four or five rooms inside, starting with a bar in the first room, which yields to rooms of plush furniture and subdued lighting. The...

  • pub

    billy's is a very nice pub style restaurant and bar located in english village in mountain brook. billy's has a full liquor bar and a good import beer selection. a good place to relax and have a drink after work. they also have live entertainment. see their web site for dates and times. casual.


Birmingham Transportation

  • Limited

    Birmingham is a bit limited as far as city transportation goes. Unless you are only visiting in the downtown area, I would suggest renting a car. The outskirts of Birmingham are not convienently accessed to downtown via public transportation.

  • Amtrak

    My first experience with this town was arriving on the train from New Orleans. I had had a wonderful circle journey around the country. And this was to be my last stop. Actually I was going to Gadsden but this was the chosen point of arrival.If GWB: World Order Killer doesnt destroy Amtrak I highly recommend you use this method.

  • Delta airline

    Delta Airline has some financial problems - we known, but the time schedule and service on board was correct, on a flight of about 9 hours.Thx ladies and stewards, not to forget the captain.Other Pic: The American speedways - respecting speed limitsA lot of trucks - crossing the huge provinces in the USAThe picture of the chicken truck reminds me...


Birmingham Shopping

  • A Very Impressive Mall!

    You can buy just about anything you want here.Over 200 specialty shoppes, plus 30 eateries and restaurants under the world's largest skylight at Riverchase Galleria. I spent my money on some clothes & sandles. Frankly, I spent the money because there was a great sale going on and I just wanted something new to wear. Look for the Sales!If I had...

  • Hot to buy in the mall near the Wynfrey...

    Welcome to America's Premier shopping place, a collection of over 40 shopping and dining destinations located throughout the USAOffering an array of retail shops, boutiques and galleries featuring national brands and labels as well local designs and artisans you will find whatever pleases you. Daisy did a good bargain on some clothings - not to...

  • Birmingham Hotels

    80 Hotels in Birmingham

Birmingham Local Customs

  • Tips

    Most people in Birmingham that I've met are extremely polite, so if you meet any of them try to return the favour by being polite back.Also a lot of people in Birmingham go to church so keep it in mind that it is a religious areaRemember this is an area that doesn't get many tourists at all so make a good impression for us all

  • Southern spoken here

    Be prepared for friendly people who like to smile at and talk to strangers. You won't be a stranger long in Birmingham! We chat it up with everyone. You will find that everyone will bend over backwards to give directions, advice or just "visit" as we say. Visitors to our city often comment on our southern hospitality. It's alive and well in...

  • Attention foreign visitors

    Please note that entering or leaving the US is an issue of severe controls.A few questions of the security officers at the airport of departure - a severe radar control at arrival - put your shoes in the luggage box as well - fingerprints and a photo of your smiling face at the entrance of the US - those prints and picture must match whenever...


Birmingham Warnings and Dangers

  • Someone Lives There!

    When I see a path into the bushes, I'm tempted to explore. If you're like me, be careful in Birmingham. There's an amazing number of people who make homes for themselves in cardboard boxes in the bushes, particularly if there's also something like an overpass to shield them from the rain.

  • Expect bumpy highways.

    If your car's chassis seems ready to come loose on the Interstate, it's not. That's just the work of this state's fine Department of Transportation. Your thighs will hurt after some time driving through Alabama, so don't be surprised.

  • Salsa, Samba or whatever sounds latino...

    Maybe Birmingham/USA will never meet the gulls from Ghent in "Bama" again - but they put a stamp on the general atmosphere during the convention. The "Yankee shot" on the dance floor - a term for insiders. (But this is info between the lines)On our second day in BAM we had a training lesson, a so called TEAM building training.Synergy by Samba - we...


Birmingham Tourist Traps

  • Luchonda's Profile Photo

    by Luchonda Updated Oct 14, 2005

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    The United States dollar, or American dollar, is the official currency of the United States.
    The southern area still believe that the dollar is the only way to pay bills
    But when will we get a note with the signature of the Family Bush ? Clinton ? Reagan ?
    The "one" dollar note of President Clinton must be a "Collectors item"

    Unique Suggestions: Use your creditcard

    Fun Alternatives: Take the euro !!!

    A tip

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Birmingham What to Pack

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    by lisa_lise Written Jun 29, 2004

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring your umbrella and whatever gear keeps you comfortable in the rain. I was lucky to check out the Weather Channel before my trip, so I saw that heavy rain was expected during my stay and packed accordingly. But my friend who lives in Birmingham said it's very common for them to have periodic rain showers throughout the day. I was very glad to have my jeans and rain flips (my affectionate nickname for my green plastic flip-flops).

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: You'll want tennies for hiking Oak Mt. State Park. The trail to the aviary isn't that strenuous, but it is dirty and can be very slippery when it rains.

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Birmingham Off The Beaten Path

  • 1887 Old Powell School in Birmingham, Al

    On Saturday, March 8th, Tony and I was walking around downtown Birmingham checking out all of the old gorgeous buildings. We ran across this magnificent example of Victorian Architecture and the oldest school still standing in Birmingham.Found this article about it:The timing probably couldn't be better for the "for sale" to go up on historic...

  • Raceway Convenience Store

    Sunday, March 9th, Tony and I stopped in Birmingham Al to fill up before heading back to Nashville via the back roads and I found DRAFT BEER to go!!! in 1/2 gallon jugs or whole gallon jugs..IN ALL MY TRAVELS and 50 Yrs I have never seen this..had to share it...might be normal to most, but not this West Virginia - Nashville transplant...

  • tannehill historic state park

    located about 20 miles southwest of downtown birmingham is tannehill historic state park. this interesting state park is home to the roupes valley iron works which produced iron for the confederacy during the civil war. tannehill state park is also home to the alabama iron and steel museum. tannehill state park has on display 45 historic homes and...


Birmingham Sports & Outdoors

  • Dive at Blue Water Adventures

    Located just south of Birmingham Alabama in Pelham is Alabama Bluewater Adventures. It's a large quarry that is used for diving now. Maximum Depth is around 150'. There are several training platforms, old car bodies, boats, and a couple of Firetrucks. There are also some concrete pipes to traverse. And a toilet that I'd love to have a shot of...

  • Peppers 90 - or was it 60?

    Room on the 14th floor - watching locals and TV - my personel inside guide to have funAnd guess what the most popular sport is ? Sport WATCHING of course - with a good glass of local beer ( Good????) A good glass of Co-Cola - local beers or just imported stuff from the attendants of the convention- SA and their local made Cognac - Richelieu- The...

  • College Sports are big here!

    CollegeHigh SchoolJr. High or ElementaryLittle LeaguesPee-weesor a neighborhood "pick-up" game...Where ever you find a game, you'll find enthusiasts and devoted parents there! But I think this is something that happens world wide. Since my kids grew up, I lost interest, but I understand it and if I know someone playing I can still enjoy a good...


Birmingham Favorites

  • Finding the Southern Museum of Flight

    Now we were heading for the Southern Museum of Flight which was supposed to be right next to the airport. We were supposed to get off and follow the airport fence (according to the brochure). So we did this and soon came to an S2F inside the fence. So we turned in and we were at Mercury Aviation - not the museum. So we went back out onto the...

  • It was nice to be in Alabama/USA

    The international motorsports - hall of fame - dedicated to the people and vehicles that made motorsports historyOpen daily 8.30 till 05 pm and a place with multipurpose facilities. The south american accent, always good for a laugh and misunderstanding (in a good way) xample : " Hey gulls, give me some sugar" means : Girls, give me a kissA laugh...

  • Okay you know by now...

    My favorite part of Birmingham was the Japanese Gardens. The beautiful walk with new friends thru such a lovely garden is a special memory.


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