Alabama Local Customs

  • Toomer Drugstore
    Toomer Drugstore
    by Basaic
  • Inside the Drugstore
    Inside the Drugstore
    by Basaic
  • Old Photo of Auburn University
    Old Photo of Auburn University
    by Basaic

Alabama Local Customs

  • Pow-wows 2006: "Let's Dance!"

    Please see the tips above for pow-wow etiquette, what is allowed, what is please not allowed or brought to the festival. Basically mid-spring to November is "Pow-wow Season", and others travel from each dancing and singing, bringing their drums, tents and outdoor gear along just like our people did in the past....

  • "We're Going To Pow-wow!" Part 1

    What is a pow-wow? Its a celebration, a sharing of cultures, a great opportunity for non-Native Americans to learn about American Indian life, stories, dances, music and beliefs. Many pow-wows these days are open to the public, but there are certain restrictions that should be respected when ones attend, for during certain ceremonies and rituals...

  • Men's Style Dances

    Men's Dances: Men's Traditional, Men's Straight, Men's Grass, Men's FancyMen's Traditional is just like the name states, an older style dance and dress using sacred eagle feathers and bustles with bone breast plates over leather outfits. The steps are deliberate, as if moving into battle or hunting for game. You will notice dancers with eyes on the...

  • Different Dances: Women's Styles

    Women's Dances: Women's Buckskin, Women's Southern Cloth, Women's Fancy Shawl, Jingle DressSome of these are newer dances, for gatherings of Native Americans on this scale had been forbidden by the USA government at various times. In the 1930s was a strong revival of traditional ways and new dances were created. Women's Buckskin is traditional,...

  • "We're Going To Pow-wow!" Part 2

    Some Important Things to Know:1. Listen to the Emcee, the man on the mic that gives out all information needed, what is taking place and when, if photos are not allowed, etc. During break times for meals, and for dancers to rest, he also entertains the people. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to go to him and ask. 2. The center of...

  • Seasonal Bear at Ease!

    This particular tip is typical only in Fort Rucker. For years, as the seasons changed, and holidays came and went ~ so was this bear dressed appropriately for each occasion! Today we found him in his PT uniform. He has many outfits painted on him each holiday to include a St Patrick's Day suit and July 4th Patriot outfit.

  • Who´s who of Alabama

    Who´s the most famous celebrity from Alabama? Is it Courteney Cox starring in NBC´s hit series 'Friends'? She is from Birmingham. Or basketball star Charles Barkley from Leeds, AL.? Baseball´s Hank Aaron from Mobile, AL.? Singer Lionel Richie from Tuskegee, AL.? Or astronaut N. Jan Davis from Huntsville, AL.? Well, they are all quite famous. But...

  • Driving back-and-forth from...

    Driving back-and-forth from Mobile to McIntosh every day, I was struck by the number and variety of churches. Some are obviously well-endowed and well attended. While others are just getting by. You could easily spend a day on the highway studying the various alternatives.

  • Three important things to...

    Three important things to remember:1. Y'all is just a contraction of You and all. It is already plural, and does not need an 's'. Don't over do it by addressing one person as y'all. We use 'you' just like everyone else.2. Not everyone from Alabama is a redneck. I'm not denying their existence, but I promise- I was raised there and I do not have an...

  • You might try to match the big...

    You might try to match the big smile you'll get when you approach someone. One way of greeting you in Alabama is the one finger wave. If you're in a rural area nine times our of ten the driver you meet will raise his right index finger from the steering wheel and that's our way of saying Hi Y'all. Don't make fun of how we speak in the south! I...

  • Mardi Gras is a big deal in...

    Mardi Gras is a big deal in Mobile. They get all antsy if you say 'New Orleans has the best Mardi Gras' or 'I'm just driving through to Mardi Gras.' Mardi Gras is a big deal among all of the Acadien towns, but Mobile prides itself that it has nearly all of the fun without a lot of the debauchery. I don't know if that's true, but it's best just to...

  • For international travelers...

    For international travelers the side roads show the real live in alabama there are some someplaces that you have to take care when traveling on side roads. with care is a enjoyable trip. there is real change from city to country worth the visit


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Alabama Local Customs

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