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  • Corodva downtown and Mt Eyak
    Corodva downtown and Mt Eyak
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    Bed by nature
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Cordova Things to Do

  • Hiking, Biking and Riding

    There is so much to do around this quaint fishing village, some of the most pristine hiking trails I've ever been on and amazing views every time you turn around. Haystack Trail is a great short distance trail with an incredible view at the end of the trail. Saddlebag Glacier Trail is a great moderate distance trail that meanders through an older...

  • Power Creek Trail

    I didn't do the whole trail itself, but this is very popular among hikers as well as bears:) There is also lots of fireweed growing around. Moderate hike. Lovely waterfalls along the walk in the deep gorge. Watch for beaver dams and swans.How to Get There:Power Creek Trailhead is 6.9 miles from Cordova on Power Creek Road (north of Eyak Lake)....

  • Heney Ridge Trail

    This was another very beautiful trail, where you ca expect to see some wild animals. I saw the bear for the first time in my life, it was quite amazing. We did this mostly by running and walking, stopped for some amazing views to Orca Inlet. There was also glacier on the top of the trail, so it was amusing to toll in the snow after hike up. We...

  • Crater Lake Trail

    This is very nice hike up to the mountains of Cordova. The real pearl of this hike is Crater lake itself, nesteld up there. When you are all sweaty after the hike, you can enjoy cristal clear but dhilly water and take a skinny dip. This trail was so good that I ran it twice during my stay in Cordova. The hike up to the mountains is 2.4 miles long...

  • Sheridan Glacier

    Before you get to Mile 14 (past the airport) along the Copper River Highway is the four mile gravel road leading to Sheridan Glacier. There is a trail that we hiked to get a good view of the glacier.

  • Mile's Glacier

    You can view Mile's Glacier from the Million Dollar Bridge at mile 48. It's located about five miles across the Copper River.

  • Child's Glacier

    We traveled to Child's Glacier in the fall, the drive out here was beautiful and seeing the glacier was awesome. We had a picnic along the shore and watched the bald eagles for quite some time. Then we drove across the "Million Dollar" bridge and hiked around.

  • Visit the Child's Glacier and...

    Visit the Child's Glacier and Million Dollar Bridge. The drive is long (about 50 miles 'out the road'), but the view is worth it. Don't forget to bring your camera as you will see many wild animals such as trumpeter swans, moose, and maybe even black bear on the way. There is also a bird watching area that you can stop at. If you have binoculars...

  • Its worth the drive up the...

    Its worth the drive up the highway to see Child's Glacier. It 'calves' large pieces of ice into the Copper River which is spectacular to see and to hear the awesome cracking and tumbling sounds. Be careful though not to get caught on the riverbank when huge piece unexpectedly calves. The faliing ice creates large waves that on rare occasion have...


Cordova Hotels

  • Reluctant Fisherman Inn

    407 Railroad Ave., P.O Box 150, Cordova, Alaska, 99574, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Cordova Restaurants

  • fish tacos, yummy!

    Baja Taco, local seafood with Mexican style. Yummy. Not excatly like Wahoo's but very good anyways. The portions are a bit small though but the interior is great! Located close to harbor, has definitely the feeling of the ocean and seafood close. Good food, great service and tasty milk-shakes:) Fish tacos for shure...

  • Good but pricey breakfast

    Killer Whale Cafe is a fantastic bookstore with a cafe, which serves all kinds of food, even for those who are on Low-Carb diet...:) Great place to enjoy your morning latte with a bagel and maybe buy some books and post cards.The service wasn't very friendly, plus they don't take credit cards... Remember to add taxes to the prices. Killer Whale...

  • Outdoor dining

    This restaurant was shut down for the season when I was visiting Cordova, I just thought it looked interesting. They serve the food from a converted bus and you dine outside. I've heard they serve delicious food and will want to try it in the future.


Cordova Transportation

  • Alaska Marine Ferry

    The Alaska Marine Ferry stops in Cordovafrom Valdez (approximately 5 hours), Whittier (7 hours), and Seward (12 hours). Very useful if you want to take your car and go to Copper River Delta. the prices varies from very cheap no facilities trip 20 $ up tp 70 $.

  • Small-ship cruise line

    There are no big-ship stops in Cordova, this is the only small boat going and coming to Cordova. Cruise West comes once a week on Wednesdays on 10 am and leaves 6.30pm. Only on the summer time.

  • Three airlines

    There are three airlines flying to Cordova.; Alaska Airlines, Era Aviation as well as private Jim Air. Both Era And AA has two daily flights during the summer.


Cordova Shopping

  • Kaladi Coffee and other liquids

    Laura's Liquor Shoppe serves Kaladi Coffee as well as other groceries and liquor. Unfortunately it is not open all the time, I never ended up there when it was open...But you will get tasty Kaladi coffee there and it is located on the main street.

  • Groceries

    There aren't plenty shops in Cordova and the cost of good is higher than in rest AK. Food, for example, is very very expensive:( Probably the only negative thing about Corodova that is. AC Value Center provides the daily food supply as well as liquor. Located close to the small harbor.

  • Cordova Hotels

    1 Hotels in Cordova

Cordova Local Customs

  • Cannery

    Many people come to Cordova in the summer to either work in one of the local canneries or fish. The town almost doubles in size during these months.

  • Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

    This Oil Spill was disturbing to the economy of many fishing towns around Prince William Sound, among others to Cordova. This sad accident happened esxcatly 25 years after the Good Friday Earthquake in Alaska. This time the disaster was almost as big, especially for the animals. In Cordova the marks of the oil spill still exists, you can find oil...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Cordova Tourist Traps

  • Be wary of guides offering to...

    by Benster Written Oct 4, 2002

    Be wary of guides offering to take you salmon fishing on the Eyak River for you will likely be taken to the public boat ramp just under the Eyak Lake dam, where you will be placed in an aluminum jon boat and driven 50 yards (no kidding) up to the dam where you will fish next to the park trail and within sight of the boat ramp. You will be charged steeply for this activity. Do what we did the rest of the week which was to consistently catch our limit by wading from the park trail and later by borrowing a friendly river resident's boat that he gladly offered after meeting us one day fishing by the river.

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Cordova What to Pack

  • Don't forget...

    A raincoat is highly recommended! A good camera with lots of film, a tripod and telephoto lens and a waterproof bag to carry all your gear in. Cordova receives 92.08 inches of precipitation and 118.89 inches of snow each year according to the FAA's 30 year study (link below)

  • Packing List

    Be sure to pack overnight clothes in your carry on because there is a small chance that you miss the flight from Anchorage to Cordova, but your luggage makes it, or vice versa. The Cordova airport is wonderful about connecting you with your luggage if you get seperated. Bring your rain gear! There is usually a light rain several times a week, and...

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Cordova Off The Beaten Path

  • Killer Whale Eyak

    I had a chance to see this massive skeleton of Eyak, which is one of the three preserved Killer Whale skeletons in the world. Prince William Sound Science Center in Corodova does amazingly precious to work to clean the bones& build up the skeleton. Here is the story of Eyak:On July 11, 2000, an orca whale beached and subsequently died in Hartney...

  • Large glacier outside of Cordova

    Childs' Glacier is just down the road from the Million Dollar Bridge. On your trip here you will pass at least 5 glaciers. It is about 60 miles from Cordova. Be sure to get a map pointing out all the glaciers.

  • Million Dollar Bridge

    We rented a car from the Blue Heron Inn on our visit and took the trip to the Million Dollar Bridge. The earthquake in 1964 broke the bridge apart and it has remained that way to this day. There are also approx 5 glaciers you can see during you 60 mile (one way) trip.


Cordova Sports & Outdoors

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    by GrumpynAM Updated Dec 10, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although we didn't have time to go fishing, as we were driving to Child's Glacier we stopped here to talk to several people who were fishing in this hole for Silver Salmon.

    May to July the Copper River King salmon run, they weigh anywhere from 25 to 80 pounds.

    From late spring through late summer the Red Salmon, or Sockeye, run and weigh from 6 to 15 pounds.

    The Silver, weighing between 10 and 20 pounds run from August through November.

    Fishing hole

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Cordova Favorites

  • Cordova Public Library

    Very nice and cozy library along the main street. They do also send some little crafts there. Good stop for the bath room. Library HoursSunday ClosedMonday ClosedTuesday 10am to 8pmWednesday 10am to 8pmThursday 10am to 8pmFriday 10am to 8pmSaturday 1pm to 5pm P.O. Box 1170, 622 First Street, Cordova, Alaska 99574

  • Prince William Sound Science Center

    I'm not sure how this science center works, are they like able to host visitors anytime, or do you need to book time in advance. They do arrange all kinds of environmental education for the kids and educate younger people. This is very interesting place and I highly recommend visiting there. It has a broad history of Exxon Valdez for example and...

  • Fishing

    Exxon Valdez Oil Spill really affected to the fishing industry of Prince William Sound. Cordova was one of the cities that suffered most. It hasn't recovered yet, but it will heal. It may take centuries though and some of the species won't probably never be like they were before Exxon Valdez. But the fishing is coming back. It is not anymore the...


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