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  • Scenic valley at the timberline level
    Scenic valley at the timberline level
    by charlenemixa
  • Views of the Alaska mountains
    Views of the Alaska mountains
    by charlenemixa
  • Views of Alaska Mountains
    Views of Alaska Mountains
    by charlenemixa

Denali State Park Things to Do

  • Alaska Nature Guides

    We highly recommend the Alaska Nature Guides. Howard, our guide was fantastic on our Denali Wilderness Hike on Coal Creek Trail. A fantastic way to discover amazing Alaska. Our hike had an elevation gain of 1,000 feet and we covered 7 miles. The elevation gain was gentle but got us some spectacular views above tree line. The gear that was provided...

  • Experience Alaska - Take a Hike

    Denali State Park is a 325,240-acre state park in the U.S. state of Alaska. A hike allows you to really enjoy the Alaskan landscape. The Denali Wilderness Hike touts: “Explore Alaska’s spectacular wilderness on an exhilarating trek with an experienced naturalist guide”.The hike down is fun, slippery and challenging. Back at the van, everyone strips...

  • Tip of the Iceberg

    This is only a taste of what is available in this remarkable part of the world. Alaska is the most outstanding place I've ever been, and the Denali Park is truly one of her finest examples. I can't wait to return.

  • More Rivers in Denali

    Spring is a time for thawing out in Alaska. Be prepared for lots and lots of water. Also, be prepared for the most beautiful sights you will ever see.

  • Along the way to Denali

    I approached Denali from the north, coming from Fairbanks. It's a beautiful little drive along the foothills of the surrounding mountains, taking a little over an hour or so to drive. There's very little traffic, so ease back and enjoy yourself while driving through nature's finest creation.There's a large plain laying directly between Fairbanks...

  • Look in any direction for a must see...

    There's no problem whatsoever finding incredible sights and scenes in Alaska. It's impossible not to see something utterly fantastic and other worldly. It's a breathtaking world in Alaska. It's a wonderful world.

  • A River Runs Through It

    Though not as long nor as monstrous as the nearby Susitna River (into which it flows near Talkeetna), the Chulitna River is more dramatic and more photogenic than any of the braided rivers throughout nearby Denali National Park. Unless you are hiking on its banks and high up the distant Kesugi or Curry Ridges, the low elevation of the river and the...

  • Virgin Forests

    Away from the numerous cottonwoods farther south, Alaska's interior and Denali State Park especially is glutted with towering white spruce. Depending on the viewpoint, the forests seem to have the entire park for their stronghold, but closer to the foot of the Alaska Range the glaciers make room for no vegetation. On the other hand, the mighty...

  • Denali Viewpoint North

    On clear days, Denali Viewpoint North gives a much different perspective of the highest point in North America. Viewed from a more westward-looking angle than that afforded by Viewpoint South, the great peak is less imposing, surrounded as it is by the remaining range (and much more conspicuous from this perspective). Denali becomes less isolated,...


Denali State Park Transportation

  • SeanS32's Profile Photo

    Denali Park Summer Taxi Service

    by SeanS32 Written Apr 28, 2013

    Well I have worked in the park for several seasons during 2004/2005, at that time the only traditional taxi service was Caribou Taxi. Unfortunately they shut down two years ago. Me; The author of this tip is filling the void in Denali for the summer of 2013 starting on may 03. I am normally a taxi driver in Wasilla. I don't have prices yet, I'm working that out. However do save our number on speed dial before you arrive in the Park!

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Denali State Park Warnings and Dangers

  • Stick to the Trails

    Like everywhere else in temperate Alaska, the vegetation is often a serious obstacle if not a downright nightmare. Ferns, alder, cow parsnip and berry plants are just a few of the many species of plant life that make off-trail hiking a real challenge. Even in Denali State Park where developed trails are the main routes for foot travelers, the trail...

  • Keep Your Eyes Open

    Bear warning signs are posted throughout Denali State Park. Recent sightings are generally enough to fill the page, even though visitation is light and those taking time to report sightings are few and far between. Sows with cubs are dangerous adversaries at all times. Make sure to make plenty of noise while hiking the backcountry, travel in...

  • Keep a Clean Camp

    Denali State Park is black and grizzly bear country. Even though the park's 300,000+ acres are wild and scenic, the bears are never averse to picking up scraps or marauding untidy campgrounds for a bite to eat. It is essential, especially when hiking in the backcountry, to keep your food odors to a minimum and to keep a clean camp. If foods are...


Denali State Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

    Not too horribly far north of Denali State Park is the sparse but spread-out enclave known as Cantwell. The Tesoro Alaska gasoline station is one of the few outlets in this section of the Parks Highway. If you can't get a campsite in Denali State Park, try your luck at one of the private campgrounds a little east of the main intersection on AK-8,...

  • Teklanika River

    This is the end of the road in April, due to road maintenance and snow melt off. Private vehicles can drive into the park up to mile 30, it is gated off, but we walked another mile towards the bridge, other people had bikes. It's a nice time to go. There are no tourist buses, dust. The 3 day pass was obtained at the Muir Science Center for $20.

  • Where is the Wolf?

    The day we drove into the Park the only wildlife we did encountar was this wolf off the side o the road about 100ft looking and foraging for wildlife. He was not intimidated by the other vehicles or people trying to snap a picture of him/her.


Denali State Park Favorites

  • Off The Grid Road Trippin in Denali...

    There are actually two favorite activities I have in Denali State Park. The first is going on scenic road trips on the back roads of the park, and the second is gold prospecting. They go hand-in-hand! But the same could be said for numerous other activities. The most scenic road system is the Old Denali Road which runs between Cantwell and Paxon...

  • Chulitna River valley

    The Chulitna River is the famous watercourse that cleaves the mighty forests in the foreground looking northward from Denali Viewpoint South, but despite its broad dimensions, the river fractures into smaller channels near Troublesome Creek campground (just a few miles farther north). Trails to the river start from the campground hub and others...

  • Cottonwoods

    In a state dominated by the many varieties of spruce, Denali State Park has its share of cottonwoods. These towering giants in the right season will shed their cottony tufts on windy days so that the ground takes on the aspect of an open-air laundromat. This particular cottonwood is one of the best known in the state, given the marquee that sits at...


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