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Fairbanks Things to Do

  • Stand Up Paddleboarding

    Stand up paddleboarding is a great activity to see the rivers of Fairbanks and get a little work out. You can also go on their private pond if you don't feel comfortable on the river. Great for family, friends and adults of all ages.

  • See the Dredge, Pan for Gold

    Gold Dredge #8 is an interesting piece of Gold Rush history. We took a little narrow gage railroad to get there. The dredge and its equipment operated from 1929-1958. It is 250 ft. long, with 5 decks, and it is open for visitors to explore. There is still gold there, but not enough to mine, so they let tourists pan it and keep whatever they find.

  • Take a riverboat

    Cruise the Chena and Tanana Rivers on the sternwheeler Discovery III. This is a narrated 3½-hour tour with a 1-hour stop at the Chena Indian Village, a recreated Athabascan settlement. Beverages and snacks are available for purchase on board.


Fairbanks Hotels

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Fairbanks Restaurants

  • Locals favorite for Thai Food

    Lemongrass is a favorite restaurant for my local friends. The menu had the usual items that I normally see in my previous Thai dining experiences. Satay, egg rolls, Tom Kha soup, curry dishes, noodle dishes, stir fry, etc. There is also a big selection for the vegetarian. I also noticed that there was a daily dish featuring locally grown produce....

  • Fine Dining in Fairbanks

    The food and service were very good. We joined another couple from our tour and there was a third couple at the next table that we spoke with. I recall that allwere very satisfied with the the food, service and prices. The restaurant is right on the Chena River and has an outdoor deck for cocktails. Really great ambience. I had the Sirloin Strip,...

  • Fabulous Buffet in a Gold Camp Mess Hall

    Around 1900, gold was discovered in the Ester area, and a boom began. By 1907, Ester City had three hotels, five saloons and four or five businesses. In the 1930's, a large scale mechanized mining operation began. The Fairbanks Exploration Company brought in many of the structures which are now a part of Ester Gold Camp. The operation continued...


Fairbanks Nightlife

  • Music and Fun in a Historic Gold Camp

    The Malemute Saloon, complete with swinging doors and sawdust floors, was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987 and is part of the Ester Gold Camp Historic District. Every night from late May to early September the place still comes alive with a professionally produced show featuring songs and stories of early Gold Rush Days....

  • Farthest North Rock-and-Roll!

    The legendary Howling Dog Saloon in beautiful Fox, Alaska, is a Fairbanks institution. On any given night, you may see Harley bikers (including an occasional Hell's Angel), tourists, gold miners, university students and faculty, local professionals and blue collar workers, military—well, you get the idea. It's a place where you can check your...

  • Swing and Ballroom Dancing

    Every Saturday evening (with rare exceptions) all year-round, the University of Alaska Good Time Swing Dance Club hosts a combination swing/ballroom/Latin dance at the Silver Spur nightclub, 285 Old Richardson Highway on the south side of Fairbanks. Pre-recorded music, selected by a dancer for dancers, begins early at 6 pm and goes non-stop until...


Fairbanks Transportation

  • transit center fairbanks

    Transit center has no accessible toilet facilities. Fecal matter is tracked onto bus floors contaminating groceries. Union employees arrogantly deny use of toilets, leading to diseases. Transportation management is supportive of this taxpayer abuse. I have video.

  • Alaska Yukon Trails

    Warning: Beware traveling with this very small outfit. Valerie's phone skills leave much to be desired, but they're the only horse and buggy outfit besides Holland America running from Fairbanks to Dawson City, Yukon. She's well versed on the actual "tour," but what knowledge she shared was denegraded by her husband who does the second leg of the...

  • How to see Fairbanks easily

    Fairbanks while not large in population is quite spread out. Public Transportation is inconvenient,and taxis are rare and would be expensive due to the distances. For sightseeing on our own for a day in Fairbanks, our hotel recommended Arctic Rent-A-Car. They rent cars for $38.50/day plus gas (Aug. 2005) and they picked us up at the hotel and we...


Fairbanks Shopping

  • Poor service in Inner Knit Cafe at...

    We had a great visit to Fairbanks and found the Co-Op a nice little place full of interesting things. I would suggest a visit should you be in the area. I would however avoid a store called the Inner Knit Cafe. They sell yarns and wool and teach knitting etc. However the owner is a little un-helpfull and condercending to say the least. They offer...

  • A Little of Everything in One Place

    The best place I found to buy souvenirs in Fairbanks was the downtown Co-op Plaza. It is a delightful emporium of shops, boutiques and more including the New Co-op Diner.The concrete building which houses the Co-op Plaza was built in 1927 as the Empress Theatre, and later became Co-op Drug and then Co-op Plaza. All kinds of Alaskana, local and...

  • One-Stop shopping

    Save yourself some time by stopping at "Freddy's" for all of your food, clothing, and sporting needs. This is a good place to go for last minute fishing and camping gear, as well as your food and beverages. DOn't forget the mosquito repellant!


Fairbanks Local Customs

  • Museum of the North

    Be sure to check out the UAF Museum! They just opened the newly renovated museum in 2005!Weekdays 9:00am - 5:00pmWeekends Noon to 5:00pm Winter/Spring hours

  • Large Animal Research Station

    Check out the 1 year old baby muskoxen! You'll also find caribou and reindeer. The hours are limited in the winter to scheduled tours, so please call ahead!

  • University of Alaska - Fairbanks!!!

    You can often find activities at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks at any time of year. Please check out their website for the latest information, from theater, to live music, a fantastic pub, amazing museum, interesting students and the like!


Fairbanks Warnings and Dangers

  • Alaska has the questionable...

    Alaska has the questionable distinction of hosting one of the known High-frequency, Active Auroral Research Program(HAARP)array sites. It produces extremely high frequency radio wave pulses for 'studying the aurora', in addition to communications purposes. Some believe such focused, high-intesity pulses can adversely effect complex biological...

  • Prepare for extreme weather!!!

    I often walk, jog, hike, or bike around the "Interior" of Alaska in the winter. The best way to do any type of travel is in layered clothing. It also helps to keep those hand warmer packets, such as "Heat Treat" in your jackets and such. They can also be placed in shoes. Also, and I learned the the hard way recently, if you do any bike riding...

  • Watch your step!

    Watch your step in the snow and ice. Don't travel in the wilderness by yourself unless you're experienced. The snow can have holes you can fall through and break a leg and cell phone coverage is sometimes non existant away from town.Careful of the moose. They delight in stomping you.


Fairbanks Tourist Traps

  • Alaskaland now Pioneer Park

    FYI, Alaskaland in Fairbanks is now Pioneer Park, which better depicts what they are. They are a historical park and it can be very enjoyable if you're into history. Most of the buildings in Gold Rush Town there were moved from downtown Fairbanks after barely surviving the big flood of 1967. There is an air museum, a tour of an historic riverboat,...

  • Eldorado Gold Mine is not a real train

    People ask me often about this train ride. Its a tourist trap. Its a made up environment. If you still want to pan for gold....buy a plastic goldpan in town and then drive out of town on the Steese Highway.There is a rest area named for Felix Pedro . You can pan for free for a couple hours and then continue up the roadto an area called Chatanika....

  • The Riverboat Discovery

    All in all, it is a pleasant trip...however it's kind of pricey and lasts 4 hours long. Wherever you go in Alaska...dress in layers!!! Especially on a trip like this. My friends came up in June of 04 and we ended up losing our jackets and applying LOTS of sunscreen. It was around 90 degrees and super sunny! Also, grab extra batteries or memory...


Fairbanks What to Pack

  • Rain drops keep falling on my head.

    Always carry a small package where ever you go, that way your not always running back to you hotel room for things you forgot...for they will all be in you little magic bag. In August I wore a light blazer and thick undershirts, the air was a bit chilly and the evening and nights were brrrrrr. Good walking shoe such as tennis shoe...DON'T forget...

  • Packing List

    Summer - a light jacket is helpful...Winter - long underwear, lined Carhartt jeans, gloves, warm wool hat, warm boots and wool socks. Also, if you're going to snowshoe, something to protect your face in the subzero temps. Summer - bug juice ... the skeeters are big, numerous, and hungry. telephoto lens to catch wildlife and the distant...

  • Packing List

    Regardless of what kind of trip your making the the Fairbanks Area, put your belongings on your back. That leaves your hands free to swat at the mosquitoes. Always make sure to wear your tourist white tennis shoes. Make sure they are comfortable to allow you to do lots of walking. Lets not forget the stuff for the itchies. Mosquitoes go away into...


Fairbanks Off The Beaten Path

  • Alaska Public Lands Information Center

    The Alaska Public Lands Information Center is located downtown Fairbanks at the corner at 250 Cushman Street and 3rd Avenue. But the lands it represents are definitely off the beaten path. Alaska has far more federally owned public lands than any other state: National Parks, National Forests, Wildlife Refuges, Preserves and more. This is an...

  • Gulliver's Books, Fairbanks, AK

    After frequenting Gulliver's often in the last year, I was genuinely satisfied with their product and service despite the expensive but small salads in the cafe. I liked the hometown feel of the store, and enjoyed spending time out on their deck. However, recently I was treated very rudely by two members of the staff (one has worked there for a...

  • Snowmobiling on the Noyes Slough

    Get around the melted ice on the river by taking the slough. It is a cute little trail that bypasses the warm water released by the power plant on the Chena River. It meets the river on the east side of the bridge on University Avenue, and on the west side of hte Wendell Street bridge. Some parts of the trail are kind of rough and you go over a...


Fairbanks Sports & Outdoors

  • The Puck stops here!!!

    Fairbanks Ice Dogs junior hockey!If you are looking for a fun local activity, check out the schedule for the Ice Dogs. Tickets generally run $12 per person, but ask about Military or Student discounts! Although seating is indoors, some light gloves, a hat, and jacket are recommended.

  • Rent or bring your bike!

    If you have a bike, bring it...or you can rent one from several businesses in town. There are several bike paths in and around town. Our city buses can each accomodate up to 2 bicycles at a time, too. If you're riding at night, wear something reflective. A helmet would be good too, especially if you hit the trails behind the University (cross...

  • Open North American Sled Dog Races

    Busy time of year...for the dogs!!! There are many dog mushing events in February and March, not just the Iditarod and Yukon Quest. One of my favorites, are the Open North American Sled Dog Races, as they take place over a 3 day period and the course follows routes in and around Fairbanks. Be sure to dress in layers, and be prepared for...


Fairbanks Favorites

  • Visitor tip

    Unfortunately, the best things to see around Fairbanks require a vehicle.There are many day trips from Fairbanks which can also be extended if a person likes to camp.I recommend drivng to Chena Hot Springs. There are some great places to camp and canoe along the way.Another trip is to Circle Hot Springs. You can see the Yukon river, camp in Central...



  • Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

    Translated to mean "Northern Dawn", the aurora borealis is most often visible on a dark clear night. Fairbanks is at an excellent latitude for seeing this amazing display. Two popular spots are the Creamer's Field just outside of town and the area around Cleary Summit, where there is a ski area and a bed and breakfast. It is definitely best to...


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