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  • Hyder - Fish Creek
    Hyder - Fish Creek
    by jojes
  • Canada - USA border crossing at Stewart/Hyder
    Canada - USA border crossing at...
    by jojes
  • Spawning salmon at Fish Creek Hyder
    Spawning salmon at Fish Creek Hyder
    by jojes

Hyder Things to Do

  • Watch the bears at Fish Creek

    This is the most famous spot in this area, an area that has abundant wildlife present.This day-use area in the Tongass National Forest is in the hands of the United States Forest Service.They do a great job at maintaining the facilities clean and safe for visitors.As bears are often seen all alongside the road here, the USFS had built wooden...

  • Salmon Glacier, Hyder, Alaska

    Once you het to the little town of Hyder (and maybe spotted a grizzly or black bear feeding in the apptly named salmon creek), why not take a drive to have a view of Salmon Glacier. The first part of the road is OK... gravel, twisting around around the mountain you can have a beautiful view of the valley and one of the arms of the glacier. Then,...

  • The wonder of glaciers

    The drive into Stewart and Hyder is fantastic-like being in another world! The glaciers and Mt. views are beautiful.

  • Watching the Bears

    As we approached the Ranger area early one morn. we had many bears around getting ready to go chase for salmon-but this one had to get a scratch first!

  • Bear Watching and eagles

    Of course the Bears are what visitors come for-when they're running the Salmon-we were there in Sept. Many bald eagles seen too.

  • This grizzly was named Nancy. ...

    This grizzly was named Nancy. She was quite the regular. She seemed to be around the most and seemed the most comfortable performing for us (fishing). I had one close encounter with this bear. I was standing on the platform near the end of the viewing time (just before dark) with two rangers when Nancy suddenly appeared out of the bushes just in...

  • This black bear really hung...

    This black bear really hung out at the edge of the undergrowth. It was very wary of the people but was becoming used to us. When a grizzly came into the area though it scampered into the trees and you could hear it running up the mountain. I took this picture at a rare moment when the sun shone through. For most of the time that I was here it was...

  • Watching and learning about...

    Watching and learning about bear behaviour. This mother grizzly sow and her cub were very cautious and hardly left the undergrowth. Bears stand to see better and this is not meant to be aggression. Cubs will stand quite a bit just because they are still so small. As I mentioned earlier, sows with young are very cautious. This one didn't catch any...

  • Watch the bears in action. ...

    Watch the bears in action. Grizzlies and black bears fish here. This one is called 'Brown Pants'. He is a black bear but is brown and black. The regulars here are named. It's easy to tell which bears are new to Fish Creek because they are quite timid and don't stay very long. Sows with cubs are also very wary as male bears will attack and eat bear...


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Hyder Restaurants

  • Fresh, fresh seafood

    It's a quaint local eatery that happens to be in a bus. She cooks right there in the bus and there is a place to eat outside and an indoor dining area with picnic tables as well. "The Bus" (and the halibut) was recommended by a local shop owner, and a few hours later when we actually went to the place, that same shop owner and her husband showed up...

  • The best SAlmon ever!

    A nice little local place with all from scratch and inventive meals-the best Salmon ever had-the Salmon Teriyaki was basted with a special Kikkoman sauce and broiled I think. Has a little gift shop-mercantile in the next room-very pleasant and even has carafes of the wine of the house with the meal. Salmon Teriyaki

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Hyder Nightlife

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  • The Sealaska Inn has a bar...

    The Sealaska Inn has a bar which can get pretty lively. This is where the wet T-shirt contest is held in June on the day of the annual rodeo in Stewart.Hyder's nightlife is popular, and has helped the town earn the reputation and motto of 'Friendliest Little Ghost Town in Alaska.' Very casual.

  • Glacier Inn

    Get 'Hyderized'. This is a local custom (also at the Sealaska Inn) where you drink a 2 ounce shot of pure Hyder moonshine in one gulp. No asking what it is, sniffing it, or sipping it... Just gulp it down. You then get a certificate that you have been hyderized, but only if you hold the stuff down for at least a 1/2 hour. The bartender will turn...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Hyder Warnings and Dangers

  • This is an unusual situation...

    This is an unusual situation where bears are accustomed to people observing them fish. There is also a knowledgable ranger present. It's more of a controlled situation than if you were to happen across a bear somewhere else. That would be a completely different situation and you normally shouldn't get this close to them. Bears are wild animals and...

  • Mauling article continued

    Tullos, who was in Hyder for the summer to work at a restaurant, had apparently gone to the secluded area of the campground to sleep, Larkin said.After his body was found Saturday, workers at a nearby sawmill spotted the bear at the dump. Knowing he was suspected in the mauling, the workers shot the animal, Larkin said.In addition to tissue from...

  • The following article is about...

    The following article is about a grizzly mauling that occured in Hyder in July of 2000.The body of George Tullos, 41, of Ketchikan, was found Saturday at the Run Amuck campground near Hyder, a small community on the Canadian border about 75 miles northeast of Ketchikan. The attack apparently happened sometime late Friday.'The bear attacked him,'...


Hyder Off The Beaten Path

  • Watch for animals on the road!

    Keep your eyes open for wildlife! This is real wilderness. I saw quite a few marmots (pictured) during the drive to Salmon Glacier.

  • Take the drive up to spectacular Salmon...

    The drive takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on road conditions. The road is unpaved. Find out if the road is open or if you can even see the glacier before you make the trip. In the early summer the glacier can be completely covered in snow. There's a parking area near the end of this drive with a spectacular view of the glacier and...

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Hyder Favorites

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  • See Bear Glacier. You can see...

    See Bear Glacier. You can see it from the highway before you reach Stewert and Hyder. This glacier calves its icebergs into a lake. At one time this glacier reached the other side of the valley and the old highway can be seen hundreds of feet above the present road.

  • Spend a few days. The first...

    Spend a few days. The first time I arrived in Hyder it was just before it got dark. I searched out a spot where I was going to spend the night. I was sleeping in a 15 passenger van, so I really only had to find a spot to park. Once I found a spot, I took a drive to the bear viewing area, just to get an idea of the distance and I guess I was just...

  • Enjoy seeing these animals in...

    Enjoy seeing these animals in their natural environment. Bears in Alaska only have a short season to bulk up for their winter hibernation. Salmon provide a lot of the nutrients they need and they also provide a lot of calories. Bears are omnivorous like people and eat everything from roots and berries to moose calves.


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