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  • Things to Do
    by shavy
  • Things to Do
    by shavy
  • Things to Do
    by shavy

Nenana Things to Do

  • Old railroad passenger car

    This two old passenger car standing near the railroad bridge. One of the car is used by someone for business. He'll do a photoshoot with sled dog. There used to be a railroad in Nenana and passenger can get off the train, but now is done. The railroad depot is now used as museum. I don't know why this two cars are still here, probably being used as...

  • Nenana Cultural Center

    Drove down the main street next to Cultural center, there is room for everyone with vehicle. And from here, leave the car and walk near the river to view the railroad bridge or cross over the bridge.There were two busloads when we arrived, and everyone seem like going on their way. When you enter the cultural center there is a logbook where you can...

  • Strolling around

    Nenana, is very small town, easy to walk around and to navigate without getting lost ;). (joke) walking is very interesting and best way to explore. A very quiet little town, it reminds me to McCarthy/Kennicott. When we enter in town we drove straight to visitors parking lot near cultural center. We parked the car and walk around. It didn't take...

  • Mears Memorial Bridge

    Mears Memorial Bridge completed in 1923 the 700-foot-long (210 m), crossing the Tanana River at Nenana. Tanana River as part of the state's railroad project connecting Anchorage and Fairbanks.This also the reason why we stopped here. While we're driving on the bridge to cross over it, I could see the town from the distance. It looks pretty from...

  • Nenana Railroad Bridge

    To get to the railroad bridge, drive through down cultural center, there is a parking outside, leave your car and walk a bit further if you want to have a view of the bridge. The Nenana Railway Station is located adjacent to the barge docks on the waterfront, it also houses a museum. The railroad connected Nenana to the southern port city of...

  • Railroad Museum and giftshop

    We visited Nenana on Memorial Day even though this was not in our list, but we're glad we stopby. We're expecting everything will be closed. But it was open that day. After strolling down to the river, on the way back with car we stopped at the railroad museum. Inside is also giftshop, so, I keep myself busy looking for some gifts, everything was...

  • The watch tower and the tripod for ice...

    At the back of the visitor center you will find the tripod. Nenana held annual game in the winter called Nenana Ice Classic. This is only one in Alaska and this brings a lot of visitors in town to those who wants to gamble. There is a lot of money here.A statewide game of chance for $2.50 a pop to guess the day, hour, and minute the ice will go out...

  • Taku Chief Tug Boat

    Next to visitor center you will see the tugboat. The last commercial wooden tug boat used to move barges loaded with supplies destined for villages in the Interior as they navigated the Nenana, Tanana, Koyukuk and Yukon Rivers. The tugboat has done a good service from 1938 to 1978And now is one of sights. Weird, because this standing in front of...

  • The visitor office

    Visitor Information Center is located just across the highway from the Chevron gas station. The visitors center booth is a cute little log cabin with a sod roof. The office was closed when we get there. We have talk to a guy at the museum and asked when the visitor center open. He said, the office has a rare opening hour. People work here are...

  • Where the names came from

    The hill that is behind the town and across the river is called Toghotthele Hill. So when the first white men came to the area they couldn't pronounce it and it came out Tortella and that became the first name of it and the village. Then another guy came along and renamed if after an Athabascan Indian word which means "A good place to camp between...

  • Nenana Visitors center

    You can get all the information you want for the Nenana area right here at the Nenana Valley Visitor Center. The building itself is quite cool. The roof is made from sod so they must have to mow it several times over the summer. I'm not sure of the hours but it was closed when we visited. I guess you can call us the off-Season traveler!! haha You...

  • The Break up clock

    Here you can see the actual clock used in deciding the winner of the annual Ice Classic. Looks very high tech huh? It has been used to decide where a few million dollars ends up so it is a very powerful clock!! The clock is in the window of the small building. You may have to enlarge the photo to see it properly.

  • Nenana Ice Classic

    Every year some lucky person or group of people make the correct guess on the exact time of the Tanana river ice breakup in the spring....I've bought tickets for it in the past but have never even gotten within 24 hours of the time. If there isn't an exact guess they person that is the closest wins. The pot is usually over $300,000 for the winning...

  • Mears Bridge and the Golden Spike

    In the photo you can see the Mears Bridge which was named after Frederick Mears, Head of the Alaska Engineering Commission at the time of the completion of the Alaska Railroad. The Golden Spike was the last spike driven to signify the completion of the Alaska Railroad which at the time ended in Nenana. The golden spike was driven by President...

  • Museum Displays (outside)

    There are some interesting displays outside the Museum just in case it's closed when you get it was for me. There are a couple of plaques commemorating historical events, an old railroad mini-car and you get to see how the Depot looks to arriving passengers.


Nenana Nightlife

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    Moochers Bar: Beer in the morning too...

    by herzog63 Updated Nov 24, 2003

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    Well I didn't actually go into Moochers bar...I was pretty impressed with the amount of cars that were parked outside at 9:00 in the morning!! Maybe they were watching college football on a big screen tv?

    Moochers Bar
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Nenana Transportation

  • Get your gas if you're low on gas

    If you're running low on gas Nenana has the A Frame Sevice station right at the intersection of the Parks Highway. They also have the essential groceries, Sandwiches,pay phone, Atm, and the all time Alaskan winter favorite ....Ice!! haha I know some of you get a kick out of that ....buying ice in Alaska...well in the summertime there isn't ice...

  • You've got a couple of options

    You can get to Nenana by train, Bus or in my opinion the best way is to have your own vehicle. Of course hitchhiking is another possibility for the adventurous. A great adventure would be to be able to hop on a River Boat and got up the Tanana River and connect onto the Yukon River and go all the way to the Bering Sea via the Yukon River!! That...

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Nenana Favorites

  • Freezing feeling............

    As I stood in this spot near the river and watched the ice chunks float by knowing that within a few days the sight of the flowing river would turn to a non-moving river of ice.... I didn't want to trip over any of the stuff that was near the river and fall in...the water looked so cold!!

  • View down Mainstreet

    Well here in Nenana Main street is called "A" Street. It seemed like a few of the 435 Residents lived in this area. It was a cool saturday morning when we visited so there wasn't alot happening. But the little bars sure had some customers which seemed a little early in the day to me!!

  • Checking out the tracks

    You can wait for the train to arrive and check out the tracks....Don't stick your tongue on the tracks in winter time!! haha It will stick and you'll lose some skin!! haha...I thought of that because something similar happened to a kid I new a long time ago. That would make good Dare for you to give someone....


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