Alaska Nightlife

  • A Glass of Malbec
    A Glass of Malbec
    by RickinDutch
  • Fletchers around 6:00PM on a week night
    Fletchers around 6:00PM on a week night
    by RickinDutch
  • Mini Tacos
    Mini Tacos
    by RickinDutch

Alaska Nightlife

  • Koots!

    Anchorage Nightlife

    If your looking for a nightclub with all kinds of people in a very rustic setting, then Koots is the place for you. You'll find all kinds of people from rednecks to pimps in fur coats! This is not an upscale nightclub by any stretch of the imagination. If your looking for a more classy nightlub experience with ultra-lounge seating and contemporary...

  • Mecca

    Kodiak Nightlife

    Depending on who you are, there is a bar here for you. Some of the names you will hear include the Village (for Cowboys), Tony's (for Fishermen), the Mecca (for Fishermen, Coasties and anyone), the B&B (Salty Old Men Only!), Henry's (Family orientated).. ask your local fisherman for an update! Dress code is Carharts, boots and thick woolen socks....

  • Humpys

    Anchorage Nightlife

    Humpy's has become a very popular spot the past five years or so. Very large on the inside, they have a great menu and a very wide selection of beverages. Live music most nights with a solo local artist week nights and larger groups like the Hawaiian Regae band H2 on weekends. A wide spectrum of ages, but my son tells me it's a singles bar. The...

  • Village Bar

    Kodiak Nightlife

    I've only lived in kodiak for 10 days now so I have yet to see all that it's nightlife has to offer. But the majority of night clubs are located in or near the mall - right by the small boat harbor. One such spot is The Village. It seems that Kodiak is blind to age differences. Seated around the Village are folks of all ages. Young locals and coast...

  • Snow Goose

    Anchorage Nightlife

    The Snow Goose Restaurant have live music all week long. It is a restaurant with it's own brewery. My favorite on a sunny summer day is a drink and a cigar on their open deck looking out over Sleeping Lady and Cook Inlet. Friday nights they have Firkin Friday where a newly brewed beer is combined with a live musical act. And there's also Accoustic...

  • Check out the feeding spots

    Find a place safely away from threatening the wildlife, and where you can get away from the animals if they are disturbed by your presence. Nearing dusk is the time to see wildlife quite often, but do it safely. Safely for you and for them - as it gets dark, watch for animals on the road. Dress warmly and protected from bugs.

  • A "must see"

    Sold by Skinny Dick in 2003; he passed away in 2008. Beloved assemblage of tackiness and crudity in the middle of no where. Bras and panites along with dollar bills were tacked up every place. I hear that the new owners have removed all of the items and kept the name.Address:Parks Hwy., Ester, AKDirections:At milepost 328 on the Parks Highway,...

  • Aurora Borealis

    On a clear dark night, kick back and watch as charged particles from the sun slam into the atmosphere at a million miles per hour, and create dancing colors in the sky.Theres no cover charge and you can stay all night. (byob) Unfortunately for most visitors to Alaska, it is unlikely that you will see the lights between May and August, due to the...

  • Come on Girls...this is Homer Spit! :)

    Homer is definitely not for party animals but if you're looking for young people bars and company you should go and check out the Spit! In good weather you will find lots of campers on the beach chatting and sitting around campfire. Many of them just travelers but I've met seasonal workers as well. If you're looking for a bar go and see the little...

  • Local Bars

    In the cities and lots of smaller "towns", you should be able to find a great local hangout. I've noticed a popular name is usually "the Pioneer Bar" which is found in most towns. I'm not sure if they are related but they're all about the same (from what I've seen). Always a great local hangout, friendly people, music or sports (or both) and very...

  • Bar Hopping Cruise Ship Style

    Where else can you down your beer while wearing a tux and relaxing on a chaise lounge?This picture was taken in the ship's nightclub called the Crow's Nest. It was at the top of the ship at the bow, so it was the perfect place to come for a fantastic view of where we were going. These lounge chairs were in hot demand, too, so if we didn't get there...

  • Lounge Lizard

    Yet another bar on the ship is the piano bar. This is a smaller, more intimate bar for those who want booze but don't want to have to drink it with those rowdy revelers in the Crow's Nest. The centerpiece of this bar is a grand piano, surrounded by a lacquered wooden bar. In this photo, the Piano Bar was decorated for 4th of July.We stopped by...

  • Not so casual what comes to ID's

    I was a bit suprised about this in Alaska. My International Driving License was not a valid ID in many bars. It shoould be, but these places follow thier own policy. It is interesting, because there are those places in Alaska, where nobody cares how old u are or do you have a prrof of your age. Then there were these places, where they didn't accept...

  • They drink and drive...

    This is something I wouldn't like to tell you, because I love Alaska from the bottom of my heart, but still, i do not accept this anyway. So Alaskans are very carefree what comes to driving under alcohol's (or weed's) influence.I know that people over all States do it, but in Alaska it is somehow accepted. Or let's put it this way. You are in the...

  • Northern Lights

    Its not exactly a nightlife activity, but its an unusual Alaska experience. The northern lights, otherwise known as Aurora Borealis, are a series of lights that appear in the night sky. The lights are generally yellow green in color, but can be pink, red, blue or purple. The best viewing time is Sept through April and the best chance of seeing the...

  • Northern Lights

    Near the poles, you can witness a very beautiful, dynamic, luminous displays seen in the night sky called "Northern Lights".The aurora display is a very large-scale phenomenon encircling the entire polar regions, but when one views a particular display from the ground only a very small portion is visible, in the northern and southern latitudes.If...

  • The Oldest

    Kodiak also claims the oldest bar in Alaska near the waterfront, none other than the B & B Bar, another nondescript building with limited spirit in its outward appearance. Inside (besides verifying the 1906 license on the righthand wall) you can throw darts, play pool or belly up to the bar with the other wastrels and misfits, call for a $4 can of...

  • The Smallest

    The small town of Kodiak (pop. 6,300) on the famous island of the same name claims two superlatives among Alaskan watering holes. One of these is Diamond Jim's on Mill Bay Road, reckoned the smallest bar in Alaska. Though it looks like a simple box, almost spiritless like a coffin, the capacity is reckoned at 40. Not standing room only . . . the...

  • Don't miss Chilkoot Charlie's!...

    Don't miss Chilkoot Charlie's in Anchorage! I know it's still there, unlike most of my other favorite spots, because I've talked to people who've been there in the past year. I think it's going to be there for awhile, because it's an institution up there. Everybody goes there, tourists and locals alike. If you miss it, people will look at you...

  • Broadway style entertainment

    There was great entertainment by very talented artists everynight on board. The ship has a very large theatre and several lounges with different styles of entertainment.I especially enjoyed the Dance show about dances from around the world.

  • nightlife fun is for adults

    The night life in Alaska varies from pubs to theater, but I will only talk about Anchorage and its vastly different night life. For men a must is the Alaska Bush Company plus the Crazy Horse SaloonFor Women and family there are the theaters for fun and entertainment.For both there is Chilkoot's Charlie a loud and noisy pub with different activities...

  • Dance floors

    Hot Rods, well what can I say it is unique, the down stairs is a pool table with full regualtion size old time pool tables. Dart boards and a bar. Upstairs is also different 5 pool tables coin operated and a dance floor. Tuesday night seems to be country night. Went with a special friend and walked into a country theme night with cowboy hats and...

  • Watching the aurora (northern lights)

    Well, since you are this far north, you got to see the northern lights at night which occurs frequently during the winter months when the nights are long. Unfortunately I did not get to see it because I was in Alaska during late spring when the nights are short.

  • I waited for 4 hours for the...

    I waited for 4 hours for the sun to set...but before long came back the summer this is as much of a night life as you goin to get....

  • Railway Brewing is the best...

    Railway Brewing is the best brewpub in Alaska and Humpy's Alehouse has the most variety and even cask beer!Good beer and friendly locals. It's Alaska, anything goes.

  • Fairbanks: Captain Bartlett...

    Fairbanks: Captain Bartlett Bar in Fairbanks, unique bar, maybe interesting for tourists. More locals might go to Ivory Jacks, the Marlin, or the Blue Loon. The PumpHouse has a neat bar.Captain Bartlett's has an Alaskan theme to it, wood bar, walls, etc. Throw Peanut shells on the ground. Ivory Jacks has good food, open mike night, live bands, and...

  • Ketchikan: the First City...

    Ketchikan: the First City SaloonFrontier Saloon features rock & Pioneer Bar country music very casual

  • Chilkoot Charlie's is a very...

    Chilkoot Charlie's is a very popular bar in Anchorage. Rated in the Top Ten by Playboy. It has many dance floors and even more bars. Lots of people to meet at this unique place!Lots of people of all kinds! Dress to impress


    F STREET STATION NEXT TO HILTON @ 325 F STREET.THE WOODHED ACROSS FROM HILTON (KAREOKE)DARWIN'S THEORY DOWNTOWN - A local hangout for locals. F STRRET is great as it's upscale but not stuffy. Lots of fun locals and transportation people as well as a good menu & great drinks. F STRRET - Casual elegance (Johnny Carson style)All others are very...

  • Chilkoot Charlie's is the...

    Chilkoot Charlie's is the biggest, nastiest, loudest bar! That is exactly why I loved it!

  • Don't look for too much...

    Don't look for too much nightlife in the small towns. With most of the towns bearly populated, there isn't much call for nightlife. Of course, I was back on the ship by then so I might have missed out on something.

  • Anywhere

    The Aurora borrealis.You will need some alcohol to keep you warm while waiting for it. Only visible on clear night if weather pattern has been okay. Most predictions of it were inaccurate. If you are patient you will be rewarded.

  • anchorage is the biggest...

    anchorage is the biggest 'city' in alaska. and it's a good starting point to see the surrounding area. while there, you have to have a beer at Chilkoot Charlie's. it's classic, rough and tough alaska. don't wear you penny loafers and polo shirt in this place. unless you like to get thrown around like a rag doll. these days, it's a popular hangout...


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