Alaska Off The Beaten Path

  • Anan Creek Black Bears
    Anan Creek Black Bears
    by CruisingGoddess
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by Dymphna1
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by Dymphna1

Alaska Off The Beaten Path

  • Nearby towns

    Denali National Park and Preserve Off The Beaten Path

    When travelling from Anchorage to Denali National Park, you should stop and check out the rustic town of Talkeetna. This town is the launching base of climbs up Mount McKinley as well as bush flights to view the Alaskan Range. More information and photos are at my VT Talkeetna page.

  • Hiking/ Trails

    Denali National Park and Preserve Off The Beaten Path

    You can hike nearly anywhere in the national park. You need will a backcountry permit for some areas and a few areas are prohibited wildlife areas where hiking is not allowed. But other than that, the area is yours to explore. There are no maintained trails in the backcountry so its important to have a good topo map, compass and the knowledge of...

  • Wildlife

    Denali National Park and Preserve Off The Beaten Path

    Apparently there were a higher number of lynx sightings in Denali in 2001 which meant that these felines were at the height of their population cycle. They follow the snowshoe hares' population very closely. If there are a lot of hares, the lynx numbers increase as well. This goes in ten year cycles. Then there's a crash in the population and it...

  • Wrangell St Elias vs Denali

    I always recommend Wrangell St. Elias over Denali. Denali is much more developed so has more ammenities, lodges, and crowds. Not quite as bad as Yellowstone or Yosemite but far more people that I expected.Wrangell St Elias is huge - the largest in North America - with very few lodges but more road access, more camping just about anywhere you want...

  • Must Scenic Drive!

    Want a totally different experience in Alaska? If the Cruise is not your thing, try this. Take a 300 mile drive from Anchorage to Valdez (Where the pipeline ends).Along the way you will encounter the most beautiful scenery, wildlife, and open skies.From Rivers running through vast, vast valleys, to Mountain goats to driving through mountains just...

  • Solo canoe travel above the Arctic...

    Chronicle of a 375 mile solo canoe trip down the Noatak River, above the Arctic Circle, Gates Of The Arctic National Park, Alaska '94.

  • Just off the path

    There are many roads on the southeast islands and they are very large. You can drive on many of the "logging" roads. These roads are generally in very good condition. If you long to see back country in the southeast, then bring an auto or just rent one and get exploring. There are maps available to tell all of these roads. The picture that is shown...

  • the lodge for search bears in wildlife

    Brooks Lodge overlooks the world famous Brooks River in the heart of Katmai National Park. The lodge, originally conceived as a fishing camp, has been in operation since 1950. The facilities have seen continuous upgrading and have gained a world-wide reputation, attracting visitors from all continents. Guest accommodations consist of sixteen modern...

  • katmai national park

    if you like to have a special experience in outside nature, maybe you will be lucky to see any bear in free nature while catching salmon, go to Brooks lodge on Katmai NationalparkKatmai National Monument was created in 1918 to preserve the famed Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, a spectacular forty square mile, 100 to 700 foot deep ash flow deposited...

  • Salmon Spawning -- Russian River

    Most people that I know that have visited the Kenai Peninsula miss this one because it is not on most of the hot spots maps. Just west of Cooper Landing off of Hwy 1 to the south is a park administered by the National Wildlife Refuge. If you enter that park and pay the fee go as far as you can to the South to a small parking lot with a left...

  • Rent an RV and see Alaska!

    We chose to rent an RV in Anchorage upon our arrival in Alaska because we wanted to do our own thing at our own pace. I highly recommend this mode of've got your vehicle and your hotel room all in one! The roads are a bit rough, but the rental companies are aware of this and offer advice on how to navigate them. The cost was around...

  • Arctic Circle!

    Even though it took 8 hours by bus to get to the Arctic Circle from Fairbanks I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Driving along the unpaved roads lead to sights not seen by many tourist. i enjoyed the pipeline, tundra and unique scenery. Watch out for Mosquitos though!

  • to the arctic circle and beyond

    The Dalton Highway, known as “The Haul” or “The Long Haul” is considered the last great highway. I suppose this depends on your idea of great highways. This one is the most desolate of all highways, certainly in Alaska & that is a high standard to have as most of our roads are desolate. It’s technically Alaska route 11, runs 414 miles north of...

  • Chitina

    We stopped at Chitina on our way to McCarthy for lunch.Fishing in the river seems to employ most people there.Big Large A l a s k a Trains, Bears, Hiking, Kayaking, Camping and long drives is what its all about and M a j e s t i c Scenery.

  • Wildlife in Denali

    Well, Denali is not the best place in Alaska if you're looking for wildlife. Head to the backcountry and you may have luck. In the higher elevations you can probably see dall sheeps (pictures 1 & 2 & 3 - Near Savage River) or mounatin goats. Along the hiking trails you can easily catch a sight of rabbits (picture 5) or different kind of birds...

  • Hiking in Skagway

    The rest of the people miss it. Probably they're not interested or just have to get back to the cruise ship in time:) Anyway i can highly recommend visiting the mountains around Skagway. You can get the best view of the bay in clear weather from here (picture 5). In addition there are lots of lakes rivers and waterfalls which are definitely worth a...

  • Root Glacier Trail in Wrangell St. Elias...

    The trail is easy actually without elevation. Approximately 3 mile round trip from Kennecott to the toe of the Root Glacier or a 8 mile round trip to the Erie Mine tram cables. This trail meanders along the lateral moraine of the Kennicott and Root Glaciers, eventually turning to the east for views of the Stairway Icefall and Eria Mine Bunkhouse....

  • Bonanza Mine Trail in Wrangell St. Elias...

    This is a straightforward but strenuous hike. The distance is approximately 9 miles round trip with a 3,800 foot elevation gain between the Kennecott Mill Town and the Bonanza Mine. It takes 4 to 5 hours up and about 3 hours back down. Follow the old Bonanza Road out of Kennecott and enjoy the scenic views (picture 4 & 5). In the higher areas...

  • Wrangell - St. Elias National Park and...

    My favourite National Park on Earth! Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the point where the Chugach, Wrangell and St eLias mountain ranges all converge in what is often referred to as the mountain kingdom of North America. This is the largest unit of the National Park System and a half-day's drive east of Anchorage. The Park includes the...

  • Matanuska Glacier

    This Glacier is a large 24 miles long and 4 miles wide ice flow at the terminus. The glacier is a valley glacier, it exist on a valley floor. The majority of glaciers in Alaska today are smaller alpine glaciers which hang off mountain slopes. The Matanuska is an active glacier which advances at one foot per day. It takes approximately 250 years for...

  • Sea Life Galore

    I took the Princess tour in Kodiak. It was one that is offered most of the time their and is owned and operated by the Harbor Master and his lovely wife. It was the best!

  • Wildlife viewing in Kenai Fjords...

    Watch for animals wherever you are. If you are planning to take in part in a kayak trip you can see orca, humpback, gray, and fin-tail whales and smaller marine mammals such as sea otters, harbor seals, and sea lions. On land you can meet many kinds of Alaskans, in the forests along the Harding Icefield trail black bears other small and big...

  • Kenai Fjords National Park

    Definitely an exciting place!!..And pretty cold:))The park can be reached from the town of Seward thanks to the new glacier road (from Seward on the left). The park receives about 250,000 visitors per year and, although it is one of the quieter National Parks, the visitation is quite high for Alaska. It is only one of three national parks in Alaska...

  • Harding Icefield - Climbing the Northern...

    Do-able for hikers but not recommended. If you want to get even better views you can climb the rest of the northern peaks. This means you will have to sleep near the Icefield just count...7 hours from the visitor centre - you reach the end of the trail, 2 hours to get to the root of the mountains where you can pitch your tent, make a base...

  • Harding Icefield

    One of my favourite places on the Kenai Peninsula. You can see this magical word if you take the quite difficult harding icefield trail from the exit glacir visitor centre that climbs 3,000 feet and takes up to 6-8 hours. The top of the trail may be covered in snow. You need lots of water and warm clothing. Because there are no portable potties,...

  • Exit Glacier

    The root of the Exit Glacier is easily accessible for everyone. The mountains that dominate the southeastern half of the Kenai Peninsula contain a massive ice field that fills the mountain valleys over an area 50 by 30 miles. Exit Glacier is one of the more visited glaciers in Alaska. You can check out the glacial moraine, hike up the marked...

  • Trails and lots of berries close to...

    Just north of Seward leave the glacier road and look for the signs on the left. This area can be also interesting beside the exit glacier and the harding icefield. During the berry season you'll probably get some rain but take apart from this fact for me it was a great experience. In the fore part you can find out more about the trails and the...

  • Portage Glacier

    Just a few minutes driving from Whittier or from the junction. The Portage Glacier is a must. When the National Forest visitor center was built in 1986, Portage Glacier lay directly in front of it. The rest of Portage was destroyed by an erthquake in 1964. You can take a boat and have a close look or you can even walk. The walking trail is not...

  • Animals in Anchorage

    Anchorage hosts lots of animals including birds, small and big mammals. The city is like a big zoo you can get a sight of a moose almost everywhere, in a backyard, parks, parking areas or streets. In the summer bike the coastal trail between Point Woronzof and Kincaid Park you can rent bikes in downtown or take your own...there are lots to see and...

  • Animals in Hatcher Pass

    There are lots of different kinds of animals all over the area. Check at trailheads for posted signs about recent bear activity according as you're planning to do some hiking and keep the rules of course. The Hatcher Pass Management Area is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Be on the lookout for moose, caribou, black and brown bear,...

  • Independence Mine State Historical Park

    This renowned mine is located about one hour driving from Wasilla. The area is called Hatcher Pass where you can find lots of recreational opportunities like hiking, skiing, visiting the mine, biking, haunting. The Hatcher Pass Road is narrow and steep in some locations, it connects with the Wasilla-Fishhook and Palmer-Fishhook roads and the Glenn...

  • Let's go and see the Yukon River!

    This was my northerly point during this trip although i wanted to cross the Arctic Circle but I didn't get a rid. Located at milepost 56 on James Dalton Highway. The bridge was built during the winter of 1974 and 1975. At his point you can find gas station, restaurant and a motel. On the other side of the road ther's a small visitoe centre open 7...

  • Animals around Healy

    Excellent spot for wildlife viewing. On the road from Denali to Fairbanks I was lucky to see many mooses one black bear and eagles. I cannot really recommend where to stop where you can see animals just keep your eyes opened and you will have a good chance to see wildlife. Pull over if you see someone beside the road.

  • Denali National Park and Preserve

    Probably one of the most famous natinal parks in North America. Denali habitat is a mix of forest at the lowest elevations, including deciduous taiga. The preserve is also home to tundra at middle elevations, and glaciers, rock, and snow at the highest elevations. Today, the park hosts more than 400,000 visitors who enjoy wildlife viewing,...

  • Fairbanks - Hidden Parks

    I can't remember exactly where this park is exactly but if you're interested ask locals or someone in the visitor centre. This one is called Chena / Kiwanis Park (Fairbanks North Star Borough). This park is far from downtown but if you have a car or bike (bikepath available between downtown and the picnic area) i would highly recommend to visit...

  • Tok - The colourful surroundings

    Along the Taylor Highway (mostly just NE of Tok) you will observe black stumps instead of green timber forests. Great forest fires destroyed huge areas all over Alaska and the Yukon as well. If you are travelling during summertime (end of July - beginning of August) you will see a wonder thanks to the blossoming fireweeds. It was so beautiful!...

  • Chicken - Hiking Trails

    Depending on your interests you can also do some hiking in the area. The first hiking trails appear just east of Chicken if you are coming from Canada. The scenery could have been better of course but if you have some spare time feel free to take a walk in the nature. Look for boards beside the highway you can pull over and spend some time in the...

  • Alaskan Birthday Cruise!

    My husband and four friends from San Diego just got back from the Glacier Bay cruise and we couldn't have better things to say about it! It's one of those things that you have to experience to appreciate! We did the Gold Panning and Salmon Bake in Juneau - the Gold Panning, I would pass on the next time, but the salmon bake was great!...

  • Check Out the Valdez Town Museum

    In the United States, almost every town of any size has a museum and most of them are pretty dull, serving only as a place for 5th-grade field trips. That is not true of the Valdez museum, which in terms of historical events and presentation is one of the best small town museums I have ever seen. Even those who have no acquaintance with Valdez at...

  • Watch the Salmon Run Upstream

    If you are in Alaska during early August, you'll be able to see the salmon make their annual migration back up the streams and rivers of their birth. At most places, there won't even be a sign. All you need to do is stop by a road side river or stream near the ocean and look in it. You'll see a traffic jam that reminded us of the Washington beltway...

  • Coffeee and ice cream

    If Alaskans do something, they drink coffee and eat ice cream. Just pop into the local super market or gorcery store and you will see ailes of ice cream:) They just love it up there, where is cold and cold is good for your soul too :P Another thing is coffee. Coffee drive-ins are extremely popular in Last Frontier. Almost every little village has...

  • Amazingly friendly locals

    I consider myself as a relative experienced travel, even there is thousands of places to see and I have only been in Europe and US what comes to the continents. I have travel a lot on my own, so I have seen and met lots of people all around and nowhere have I found people as friendly as Alaskans. Thier friendlyness is just difficult to believe...

  • Anaktuvuk Pass

    Do visit the eskimo village of Anaktuvuk Pass when you are in the Brooks Range. It is a nice eskimo village with a rich culture & friendly people, and you may see many caribou during their migration season here. There are chartered flights from Fairbanks & along the Dalton Highway to Anaktuvuk Pass. More photos and information are at my VT...

  • Getting Away from concrete

    Our goal was to spend as much time as possible away from the roads, the cities and spend time in nature, In doing so, we were rewarded with amazing wildlife, and beautiful scenery the whole time. Alaska is really a special place that best be left alone from any developing...we need places like of man's destructive hand and a place where...

  • Port Chilkoot

    In the previous tip you could read about a group of World War II veterans who bought the old Fort Seward. They built a lovely town around the old fort (Port Chilkoot). It is a joy just to walk around the old paradeground and watch at the beautyful houses. Some of these houses offer bed and breakfast, so you could stay the night. Or book a room in...


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