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  • Lake Rose Tead Meadow
    Lake Rose Tead Meadow
    by herzog63
  • Morning Fog
    Morning Fog
    by herzog63
  • Me and a Red Salmon
    Me and a Red Salmon
    by herzog63

Pasagshak State Recreation Site Things to Do

  • Where the River Meets the Bay

    Since Kodiak Island receives so much rain annually, the course of the Pasagshak River varies slightly every year. Ultimately every variation reaches Pasagshak Bay, but the manner in which the watercourse cuts its own bed dictates how and where the fisherman should cast his line. Red or sockeye salmon are best obtainable at the very mouth of the...

  • Watch Red Salmon Spawning

    On the shores of Lake Rose Tead you will see how the Red Salmon prepare the spawning beds. They swirl their tails very hard right near shore and have actually carved little circles all along the lake. You shouldn't disrupt the Red Salmon during the spawning process as the meat isn't good to eat at that time anyways. You can see here in this photo...

  • Watch for Sitka Black Tail Deer

    On your drive out to Pasagshak you have a really good chances of spotting Sitka Black Tail Deer! I see at least one about 90% of the time. When MrClay2000 came to visit we made it all the way to Narrow Cape which is past the Pasagshak River and I realized that we hadn't spotted any Wildlife yet. And I mentioned how odd it was to have not seen any....

  • Old Plane Hanger

    At about 37.5 miles from downtown and after you come down out of the pass you will see this old plane hanger that is now turned into a barn. When I first came to Kodiak 20 years ago the road was also a runway. When the plane was going to land he would buzz the area a couple of times to make sure the cars would stop and then he would land his plane....

  • Fishing at the mouth of the Pasagshak...

    Here is my son fishing at the mouth of the Pasagshak River. On this morning he caught 5 Red Salmon and kept only 2. If you get caught keeping any amount over the limit there are big fines!

  • Morning fish feeding

    At the land bridge between Lake Rose Tead and the Marsh if you are there in the mornings before the morning breeze starts you can watch lots of juvenile salmon and dolly varden trout feeding on the bugs on the surface of the lake. If you are good and have a good zoom lense you will be able to capture the jumping fish on film! I only have surface...


Pasagshak State Recreation Site Restaurants

  • Cooking that Fresh Fish on the Beah

    First of all you gotta catch a Salmon!! LOL or if you don't know how just bring me along!! I like to bake the salmon with onions,salt and pepper but you can bring what ever you like on salmon. Aluminum foil and a grill to put on the fire is handy too. Bake until done then EAT!! Yummy...I can eat salmon every day!!My son is fond of the...

  • No restaurants!! Bring your own...

    There aren't any places to eat at Pasagshak so you will have to bring all of your own supplies and cooking Utensils. There are Firepits but you will have to either bring your own wood or hope that it hasn't been raining recently. ( TOUGH TO BURN WET WOOD) You are allowed to gather beach wood but not cut down live trees. They won't burn anyways as...

  • Pasagshak State Recreation Site Hotels

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Pasagshak State Recreation Site Local Customs

  • Firestarter

    When I saw this practice in operation, I was first astonished, then disillusioned and ultimately in denial. Without flint or kindling, herzog63 insisted that sparks would fly from the sockeye's skull if struck at the right angle. I was taken aback, but Scott waved my skepticism aside and proceeded with a vengeance, but for all his exertions I saw...

  • Fly Fishing at Pasagshak

    Flies work very well for red (or sockeye) salmon in the months of July and August. Pasagshak is perfect for this kind of fishing because you can see the incoming fish in the morning, so you know where to cast your line. Under these conditions it won't require much time for you to reach the daily limit.

  • Eat Fresh SalmonBerries in July and...

    If you are lucky to visit in the months of July and August you will be rewarded with the opportunity to pick and eat tons of delicous SalmonBerries!! They are plentiful all along the road system of Kodiak. You can fill up a big bucket in about 20 minutes of picking. Or do it the way I do just pick'em off the bush and plop them in your mouth! They...


Pasagshak State Recreation Site Warnings and Dangers

  • Buffalo Stampede!!

    I've seen some of the grazing buffalo get spooked by some yahoo driving his 4 wheeler too close to a Buffalo and watched that buffalo run very fast without stopping to get away from the 4 wheeler. So if you're on the beach and the whole heard decides to stampede you could be hurt! This beasts are huge. They are taller than my car. Most of the time...

  • Keep your camp area clean!!

    There are plenty of Fox in the Pasaghak State Recreation Site! If you leave food and food scraps around you will attract fox into your campsite! You won't want that! They are always looking for scraps of food. Please do not feed them! It just makes them dependant on humans for food. It is easy to photograph them as they are not really afraid of...

  • Crossing Salmon streams with a vehicle

    Here in Kodiak you may be fined $500 for crossing a salmon stream with a 4 wheeler or truck! There are certain areas on some rivers that this is allowed but here on the Pasagshak River it isn't allowed at all! Walking across is allowed and in my opinion can be just as damaging to the Pink Salmon spawning as a truck. The Pink Salmon spawn in the...


Pasagshak State Recreation Site Off The Beaten Path

  • Ruins in the Dunes

    Beyond the Pasagshak Recreation Area at the limit of the road is the so-called Fossil Beach, where old shells can often be found in the crumbling cliffs surrounding the area. This is a rugged zone, facing directly into the Gulf of Alaska, so the beach will blaze by day in the summer, but often sift under relentless gales by night. Whitecap waves in...

  • Not a Paradise for Hikers

    Hiking in the Pasagshak Area is not recommended for people with limited skills, little bear experience and those with limited time. The surrounding vicinity is crisscrossed with a variety of dales and valleys, all of which are choked with Kodiak's overwhelming vegetation, especially the alder and its numerous varieties. Certain paths exist where...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Pasagshak State Recreation Site Sports & Outdoors

  • Showing Off Your Catch

    The proper method for displaying your catch is to outstretch your arm with your fish closest to the camera lens. This way the 20-in salmon looks like a 3-footer, and you can tell friends how you wrestled the giant out of the river. This technique works with modification behind game animals. Just make sure the trophy or prize is closest to the lens....

  • Red, Silver, Pink, or What's Your...

    Since this is primarily a fishing hole, this page will concentrate on fishing! Red salmon average about 20-24 inches in length and weigh about 7-8 pounds. Silver salmon on the other hand weigh on average about twice as much as a red salmon. A strong pole, 8-lb test, and a few flies should be sufficient for red salmon fishing at Pasagshak

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Pasagshak State Recreation Site Favorites

  • One of a Dozen Homes

    A small enclave exists adjacent to Pasagshak State Park that requires a $5,000 investment from each owner in a small bridge that links the Pasagshak highway with the small community. These residents number in the low dozens. A little north of the area is a barn that was once an aircraft hangar when this area was a landing strip. You'll see this...

  • Spawning Crossroads

    Lake Rose Tead lies a short distance north of Pasagshak Bay on the Pasagshak River. Named for a USO performer during World War II, the gentle lake lies in a nice setting and forms the spawning ground or crossroads for the red, pink, silver and other varieties of salmon that enter the island at the mouth of Pasagshak River. During certain weeks of...

  • Fish Strike

    Fishing fanatics incorporate the tide tables into their recreational activities, but certain it is that the mouth of the Pasagshak River offers excellent opportunities to fish for sockeye and King salmon, as well as Dolly Varden, a dark trout. Early on summer mornings, the mouth of the river lies in a shadow due to the neighboring hills until about...


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