Alaska Tourist Traps

  • Husbands' Waiting Bench :)
    Husbands' Waiting Bench :)
    by madmax79
  • Husky Homestead
    Husky Homestead
    by madmax79
  • Cruise ship jewelry shop
    Cruise ship jewelry shop
    by grandmaR

Alaska Tourist Traps

  • Made in China souvenirs

    Many Alaskans depend on tourism to support their livelihoods and I would encourage any visitor to buy souvenirs and crafts that are Made in Alaska. You will find in many large trinket stores that souvenirs that look Alaskan are actually Made in China!! To ensure you are buying Alaskan made goods, look for these labels on items you find in...

  • Sled Dog Demonstration at Denali

    I know a lot of people are going to hate that I'm putting this into the tourist trap category but so be it. I was not impressed. Denali's frontcountry is crazy in the summer and while I do like that people really can't drive themselves into the park, the insanity of the bus system to the sled dogs was irritating. First, you'd think they would have...

  • Talkeetna

    It's a pity coz i cannot use my personal local knowledge here to describe this trap since I've never been in Talkeetna. What i do know is that reliable locals don't really recommend Talkeetna as a destination. Brochures go into raptures over this place however it's crowded and expensive like hell.

  • Denali can be a trap!

    There are traps for tourists and for travelers equally. First of all the reason why thousands of visitors spend their spare time in Denali National Park...I guess this reason is the highest point of North America. Can be seen on postcards, advetisements, web sites and actually everywhere...except in the park itself. In an avarage year the Mount...

  • Denali Park Commercial Area

    Outside of every National Park in the US, there is a touristy area. A place for people stay at the entrance, get gas before going in, perhaps grab a meal and so on. Denali is no different. While it may look nicer than some gateway towns, the commercial area outside of Denali is really a contrast to the surrounding wilderness. Just beyond the...

  • Don't Trust "The MilePost"

    In preparing to drive around Alaska, we bought a copy of "The MilePost". a thick paperback mile-to-mile guide of everything along Alaska's main roads, reasoning that it had the potential to be very useful. While it did come in handy at times, "The MilePost" mostly provided us misinformation in terms of the quality of attractions, restaurants and...

  • Cruise Liners

    The cruise liners try to trap you into doing their recreational activities when on land ... they are very expensive and often you can do the same thing on your own for half the price without all the crowds of people that tag along. dont be fooled into thinking their tours are the only option, they are not ... its just another way they try to...

  • Iditarod trail headquarters, the...

    At the Iditarod headquarters you can go on a short trip with some dogs. it costed 10$ in July 2005. For that 10 $ per person you are loaded in a cart on wheels, with 4 to 6 people and are driven around for exactly 1min and 15 seconds..........The dogs seemed to like to draw the cart though. Go into the headquarters and see the film about the world...

  • Talkeetna

    Talkeetna is advertised as 'beautifull downtown Talkeetna'. But we could not find the beauty of downtown. It was filled with tourists, either on their way to Denali or returning from it. The town is supposed to be historical because of the railroad. But the few historic houses we saw were turned into commercial buildings.We didn't think it was...

  • Gas Town - Vancouver

    Beware the opportunist thief. We lost all our camera equipment literally from under our noses. Taken off our lunch table whilst we were talking. Check that your not in a CCTV blind spot. We have no record of a once in a lifetime holiday as a result.

  • Be careful when buying 'Alaskan' stuff

    As anywhere when traveling, if you want buy some genuine local goods, use your caution. Wal-Marts, CatsCos etc. even sell Alaskan goods and crafts, but not all of them are Alaskan. Rather Chinese or other stuff and you won't bring any money to Alaska, only for Walley World then.Of course it is not like Third World there, which would suffer without...

  • Santa's house in North Pole, Alaska

    let's just say Santa's house has a parking lot...but, the Santa there has a real beard. feed the reindeer. I never saw real reindeer, (which I learned are domesticated caribou) until then, their antlers are amazing. oh and you can pay some money and have a christmas card sent from santa's address in the North Pole (Alaska) to someone you...

  • Go to Alaska, not Anchorage

    Anchorage is a gateway, not a destination. Yet, it's home to more than half the state's residents (which are still mostly male). The saying for single women in Alaska is "where the odds are good, but the goods are odd." One has to wonder why so many people visit and live in this metropolis in the middle of the country's most awe-inspiring...

  • The Alaska State Fair

    Thousands of people each day decide they must travel up to Palmer and see the Fair each fall. It's crowded. Expensive. Same old same old, but we've been doing it for years and years, so people just keep going. I sneak a peek every few years just to see if anything has changed. Well, it is bigger in the year 1999 than it was in 1969, that is for...

  • Your here for the dogs.

    Not much to see but the dogs are great. Take a good photo of the dogs. It is intersting & fun, not much to see.

  • You don't have to take an...

    You don't have to take an expensive tour to see the Juneu the local Blue bus will take you from down town for a dollar to a glacier park ask at the pier.

  • The Red Dog saloon in Juneau...

    The Red Dog saloon in Juneau is a bit of a trap, but what the hell, you're gonna have a beer somewhere. Great wildlife photography.

  • The Salmon Bake in Denali...

    The Salmon Bake in Denali Nat'l Park. I just ate there for the first time and it was a ripoff. The food was not good at all. The Fairbanks Salmon Bake is a million times better.

  • Alaska Cruises

    Most Alaska Cruises seem affordably priced. They can offer great scenery in a short time. Most cruises are run by one company and you stay with the group and do what they want you to do, when and where. They take advantage of all of your time and money for their benefit. Always take a good camera and ask if there are stops in ports where you can...

  • The 'Mountain Biking'...

    The 'Mountain Biking' excursion from Skagway was not so hot. Techincally, we were riding Mountain Bikes but the riding terrain was anything but mountainous although there were mountains all around. I was just looking for a more challenging ride, disappointed to say the least...

  • Most of the Horse Riding...

    Most of the Horse Riding activities that are available from the excursion lists are meant for those of all ages, so if you are dreaming of galloping across the wilds and rivers, forget it unless the advertisement explicitly states that the ride is for advanced/expert riders. Not that I am an expert rider by any means, I think I would have gotten...

  • If you want souvenirs of...

    If you want souvenirs of Alaska, you can get them anywhere. But be warned, almost all of the tourist places sell the exact same thing. So buy what you want, and be done with it. We spent the entire week watching for something 'better', but it was all the same.

  • Sled Dogs! You do not have to...

    Sled Dogs! You do not have to pay money just to SEE the sled dogs from a commercial enterprise. Denali National park offers a free tour and exhibition of the sled dogs. Of course, if you want a sled dog ride, that's another story.

  • Bristol Bay doesn't have a...

    Bristol Bay doesn't have a whole lot of Tourist Traps for right now. Stuff is pricey wherever you go, but that's the way it is out here. Just shop around if you want to fly out to Katmai or elsewhere, prices can vary a bit.

  • Backpacking in Denali National...

    Backpacking in Denali National Park - All of Alaska is beautiful, there is no need to hike here just because it is in the park. All backcountry users must stay in predetermined quadrants while they are in the backcountry because there are so many visitors.

  • Skagway seemed to be a genuine...

    Skagway seemed to be a genuine place. Though loaded with souvenir shops, many had quality Native American art, jewelry and of course, salmon. As with any place, know your prices and then decide what you're comfortable spending.

  • We took a raft trip by the...

    We took a raft trip by the Mendenhall Glacier, and I do mean 'BY'. We were under the impression that the rafting would be more of sightseeing up close and personel of the glacier. We got all suited up, got in the raft, and then we kept going past the glacier down stream. And did more of a sightseeing of the neighborhood. Don't get me wrong it was a...

  • Any souviner shop within...

    Any souviner shop within walking distance of a cruise ship dock. Grossly overpriced, the exception is if your traveling late in the season when venders will put stock on sale to clear merchandise. I bought some gold at very good prices this way.

  • there are no tourists traps in...

    there are no tourists traps in alaska. although, alaskaland near fairbanks is free and is fun for a look into old alaska. it's fun for all ages. you have to get a t-shirt at Dick's Halfway Inn. or at least get your photo taken in front of the sign there. it's located at the halfway point between anchorage and fairbanks. get it?

  • Anchorage has turned into a...

    Anchorage has turned into a city fueled almost entirely by tourism revenue. This means there is a lot of competition for your dollars, so most people are honest. Just shop around a bit, but again, most prices are the same.


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