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  • Mesa Rocks
    Mesa Rocks
    by herzog63
  • Puffin
    by herzog63
  • Setnetting in Uganik Bay
    Setnetting in Uganik Bay
    by herzog63

Uganik Island Things to Do

  • There many birds to see in and around...

    The Puffins are amongst my favorite. They live in the rocky cliffs along the seashore. The only fly close to the surface of the water and almost doesn't seem like they are flying. Their wings are so short so you won't see them soaring like an Eagle!

  • Sunset from Mesa Rocks

    Mesa Rocks was a great spot that was about a 3 minute walk from our Yurt. It was nice to just sit in the rocks on watch the sunsets. Of course if we weren't working one of our 20 hour days!! On those days I would eagerly grab my 4 hours of sleep!!

  • Golden Sunsets

    We had so many Golden sunsets ...actually so many different colors from our site at East Point. I think the colors were caused from the sun passing through fog and clouds that are covering the Katmai Mountain range that is across the Shelikof Strait.


Uganik Island Local Customs

  • Fishing Dog

    Alot of fisherman like to bring their dogs along. It's funny how the dogs learn to not step on the fish and stay out of the way! My Captains dog was great she would come out with us and just stay completely out of the way. Sadly the dog was hit by a car just a few days after we returned to town. She wasn't used to the traffic.

  • The Tender

    You can read about the tender in the "Making the Delivery" Tip. The Advantage was the name our tender for the whole summer. They were our life line to the outside world. Getting a week old newspaper was a real treat!

  • Delivering to a Tender

    The Tender is the bigger fishing boat usually in the 45 foot range that goes around the island buying salmon from smaller operations like us each day and they deliver the fish to the processors. We were too far from the cannery to make such deliveries with our small boat. We would also place our grocery order with the tendor and they would make our...


Uganik Island Warnings and Dangers

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    by herzog63 Written Jul 23, 2003

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    The 2 months that I spent in Uganik I never spotted a Kodiak Brown Bear. But this is one of the areas that is famous for producing some of the biggest bears on Kodiak Island. I did go for a hike one day and saw wet Bear Paw prints on the rocks of a stream bed so I was close to it but never saw it. It actually made me very nervous to be that close and to not be able to see it. For all I knew the bear could have been watching me! You will want to use some common sense when doing any hiking in the Uganik Bay area. Keep a clean camp, make plenty of noise while hiking. You don't want to step on a sleeping bear. LOL You want him to hear you coming.
    This picture is taken inside the Kodiak National Wildlife Rufuge Headquarters and not on the trail!! LOL

    Kodiak Brown Bear
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Uganik Island Off The Beaten Path

  • My Cousin Showed up!!

    Oddly and happily the guy that ran the next fishing site that was about 2 miles from us needed a guy and ended up hiring my cousin Barry! I was surprised one day to see cousin Barry coming up the bay in a skiff!! We had some great times during the closures! He is in the bow of the skiff.

  • Shelikof Strait

    Once you leave the confines of Uganik Bay you enter the Shelikof strait. Here the weather conditions and the sea are very different than in the protected bay. At this time of year you can encounter seas up to 40 feet!! You don't want to stuck out in that in a skiff! It WILL be your last boat ride.

  • East Arm of Uganik Bay

    If you're lucky to be out in Uganik with access to a skiff there are lot's of great views to be had. This is on one of our rides into the East Arm of Uganik Bay. Helmet Mountain at 3800 feet is one of the tallest in Kodiak and is off to the left. This area is also a great area for spotting the Kodiak Brown Bear but oddly enough the 2 months that I...


Uganik Island Favorites

  • Classic Kodiak Fisherman

    It seems that most Kodiak Fisherman have a beard and kind of look like this! This guy was the second guy on the crew and I was the low man. But he quit and that moved me up to second man but I was still the low man as my captain didn't hire a third guy. Which worked out good as I worked on a percentage basis and the captain gave me a bigger...

  • A shot of Me and our fish! $$$

    In my mind as we were picking fish out of the net I new (But don't remember now) how much each fish was worth to me into my pocket!! I just loved the days that we caught lot's of Red Salmon. The Pink Salmon were the least valuable. So we had to catch 10 times more to make the same money as catching the Reds!

  • Sorting the salmon

    For the style of fishing that we did we used a small skiff to pick the fish from the net then we brought them to the holding skiff. As we took the fish out of the pick skiff we would count and sort the fish by specie into the holding skiff. Red Salmon were the fish that we were paid the most money for so we were happy to have the Red Salmon bins...


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