Alaska Warnings and Dangers

  • A fairly common sight in the Yukon
    A fairly common sight in the Yukon
    by Jefie
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    Yes you are!
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Alaska Warnings and Dangers

  • Mudflats

    Anchorage Warnings and Dangers

    Sometimes you might encounter Moose, I heard a story of some kids throwing rocks at the Moose, then an innocent person came along later and the Moose was annoyed and killed this person. They can be very aggressive and they are very strong. Don't even think you can scare one with shouting or noises they will just ignore you unless you get on their...

  • Wildlife

    Denali National Park and Preserve Warnings and Dangers

    I was taking a mid-afternoon hike in early August along the beautiful Savage River Loop Trail in Denali National Park, and was not more than half a mile from returning to the parking lot where I had left my vehicle. Grizzly Bear was on my mind because I had seen one from the highway just an hour earlier, a couple of miles or so before reaching the...

  • Tsunami Warnings

    Kodiak Warnings and Dangers

    In the past century, Kodiak has been hammered by two natural disasters, the 1912 Novarupta eruption on the mainland and the 1964 earthquake/tsunami. Effects from both catastrophes are still visible today. The Sitka spruce trees that make this part of the island so gorgeous are not native to the area. . . the 1912 eruption deposited millions of...

  • Wildlife

    Kodiak Warnings and Dangers

    Deer are abundant all around Kodiak and, like all deer, they are not the brightest about staying alive around vehicle traffic. Especially at night where headlights cause them to freeze up no matter where they are on the road. The stretch of road between the airport and town and south of town around the Bell's Flats area are heavy deer traffic...

  • Weather

    Kodiak Warnings and Dangers

    MrClay2000 finally makes it in to Kodiak albeit 5 hours late!! We had a massive fog bank that wouldn't break up so his first flight cancelled and he was able to make it on the next one! Just as I was hanging up the phone from him notifying me that he had arrived in Kodiak, Kaloz walked through my door!! He had just gotten off work. So Kaloz, my son...

  • Watch for Bears

    As everyone knows Alaska is known for bears, although we haven't seen them a lot on this trip. But we just prepared. Learn or read any instructions about attacking by bear, warning signs are hang everywhere. Before our trip I've read alot about warnings and dangerous in Alaska. Bear is one potential danger to visitor, no one is prepared for this...

  • What to do around bears???

    My sister and I went to Cooper Landing so that we can hike the Russian Trail. There was still some very slippery ice on the trail and we had to go around those --- and then, at one point, we heard some rustling of some creature near us and we got scared it might be a bear. Due to too much ice, we decided to head back.But I was asking my sister if...

  • Moose Droppings!?

    After being in Alaska for a while and experiencing the wilderness, we got experienced at identifying droppings and also avoiding stepping on them...but still, most of the droppings we saw were UDO's (Unidentified Dropped Objects).Moose droppings look very circular and like a small easter egg chocolate. It has the same shape of the sun-dried...

  • Road Construction

    In Alaska much of the road construction must be done during the summer months. It is also the busiest time tourist-wise. Main highways, like the Seward Highway, are still mostly just two lanes. If construction blocks one lane, traffic can really back up. I got caught in a line on the Seward Highway. It was about a 45 minute wait. Also watch out...

  • Rain

    Southeastern Alaska gets a lot of rain, especially around Ketchikan. Bring a raincoat or poncho and a BIG umbrella.

  • Ugh, Whittier

    If you're using the Alaska Marine Highway and want to get closest to Anchorage, you probably will get off at Whittier. Do not let this be a lasting impression of Alaska. Whittier. I don't even know what to say about it. It's been described by other VTers as "creepy" and I think that about sums it up. It's technically connected by road to Anchorage...

  • Dog sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier

    This tip is in relation to my 'Things to do' tip of the same title.Be warned that, if the weather is not good, or looks like it might turn for the worst, your pre-booked dog sledding trip may be cancelled. Money is refunded, but it is still very disappointing. It is better to be prepared for the worst, as when we visited Juneau, we didn't even...

  • Bad Neighborhoods

    Alaska isn't realllllly bad on crime, however my husband and I are being stationed (military) from Elmendorf AFB, Alaska to Tinker AFB Oklahoma in June 2007... And I am having one heck of a time trying to make sure we don't move into a "bad neighborhood".... So, I figure I could post this for anyone looking into moving into Alaska for their own...

  • Leave what you find!

    While hiking stay on the main trail to protect nature and don't wander off by yourself. Steer clear of flowers or small trees. Once hurt, they may not grow back! Use existing camp areas at least 100 steps from roads, trails and water. Leave plants, rocks and historical items as you find them so the next person can enjoy them. Treat living plants...

  • Be Careful with Fire!

    Use a camp stove for cooking. It's easier to cook on and clean up than a fire. Be sure it's okay to build a campfire in the area you're visiting. Use an exisiting fire ring to protect the ground from heat. Keep your fire small. Remember, campfires are not for trash or food. Do not snap branches off live, dead, or downed trees. Instead, collect...

  • Pack out your trash!

    Pack your trash. Put litter in trash cans or carry it home. Use bathrooms or outhouses when available. If you have to go act like a cat and bury poop in a small hole 4-8 inches deep and 100 big steps from water. Place your toilet paper in a plastic bag and put the bag in a garbage can back home. Keep water clean. Do no put soap, food, or poop in...

  • Respect Wildlife!

    Observe animals from a distance and never approach, feed or follow them! Human food is unhealthy for all animals and feeding them starts bad habits. Protect wildlife and your food by storing your meals and trash. Control pets at all times or leave them at home. I've seen several times that people was feeding small squirells just right next to a...

  • Animals all over Alaska

    Black bears, grizzly bears and many other wild animalslive all over Alaska. Be observant everywhere! There are thousands of descriptions on the net how to avoid bear encounters anyway i'll add a short summary. Do not interrupt the bears' feeding and give them plenty of space. It is the best to avoid all encounters with bears and others.-Make noise,...

  • Watch for Night bears

    Once outside of Anchorage I was camping for the evening and I was awoken at around 12:30am to the sound of huffs and puffs and teeth chattering- Well, I found out later that night that teeth chattering coming from a bear means that they are nervous and could quite possibly be turning dangerous. So, anyway, if you ever are near a bear and you are in...

  • expense

    I mentioned this on my Anchorage page, but it’s worth repeating. If you live in the lower 48 (US), maybe you’ve seen commercials that, in tiny letters, say “prices higher in Alaska and Hawaii” Are they ever! I can understand it out in the bush or in the towns that aren’t connected by roadway but here? It’s a major city, has roads in from Canada and...

  • restrooms/facilities

    Don’t expect to find nice rest areas along the major roads. I guess considering the freezing temperatures and sewer system/permafrost issues, you’re lucky to have a place to go to the bathroom at all. Sometimes great distances are between gas stations with indoor restrooms but the roadside rests are plentiful. The ones with facilities are not. The...

  • At Canadian Customs on the Alaska...

    Taking the Alaska or Taylor highways to or from the Yukon Territory means unavoidable border crossing. Having crossed the US/Canada border numerous times in various locations, I knew what to expect so that in itself is not the reason for this warning. The process is standard. However, the lady for the Canada side of the border on the Alaska Highway...

  • Cell/Mobile phones

    Cell phone service is unreliable. I have Verizon and when I first came to Alaska in 2003, I was promised it would work. It did not. From Sitka, I called on a land line and was told, “well, if you go to Anchorage, you can use it.” Hundreds of miles away from where I was living. When I finally got up to Anchorage, it didn’t work there either. I had...

  • Possible Highway Closures

    Want to check out the state highways before you head out of town on that great Alaskan rodatrip? It's a good idea to find a computer in your Anchorage hotel or an internet cafe, and have a look at this Alaska State Government road report link:http://511.alaska.govThis will tell you what major road closures or construciton hazards & delays you may...

  • Bears Are Dangerous! Respect Them!

    Despite their cuddly appearance and their gentle portrayal in cartoons, bears can be quite dangerous. While we were in Alaska, a couple of hikers were killed in the adjacent Yukon Territory when a bear mauled them. When you are camping, it is essential to cook far away from your tent, store your food in a bear locker or on a tree limb and don't...

  • Voracious Misquitoes Want Your Blood

    If you visit Alaska during the summer, bring insect repellant. There were times when we couldn't apply it fast enough after getting out of our car to go on a hike -- it was almost like we had our personal cloud of miquitoes following our vehicle. That was especially true around Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. By the way, do you know that...

  • Bears

    A danger in Alaska is encountering bears. They can seriously wound you or even kill you.What to do?Try to avoid bears. Make noise so the bear won't be surprised by you. The bear will go away and avoid you. Never take food or smelly stuff in your tent, this will lure bears.In the case you surprise a bear: Make yourself big by raising your arms and...

  • Mosquito heaven or hell

    On the road through central B.C. and along waterways in Alaska, bugs are prevalent. Bring good bug spray - and think about it before camping along a lake. Look for a breeze or moving water - both deter bugs.

  • Dismal weather is a fact of life

    Even in July, southeastern Alaska gets a lot of rain, clouds and fog. Be prepared. But in between rain showers, you will have periods of sunshine, and when you do it is very welcome. Ketchikan was the wettest by far. Next came Juneau. Then Skagway. Sitka and Seward were beautiful. Dress accordingly. You won't need a ski parka, but a fleece jacket...



  • It's not all it's cracked up to be...

    The glaciers are ever changing as the ice melts and forms. At some places there are rivers of ice-water flowing beneath the ground cover crust. There are also cracks that can appear at anytime. So just watch your step as you head towards the glaciers.The crust that leads towards the glacier is covered with a brownish-grey debree. It almost seems as...

  • Watch Where You Wade

    There are some beautiful silt bogs. There you will see water with patches of land interspersed between. Be careful where you go exploring or shell collecting. If the water and land is a certain ratio the silt mixture can have a cement or quicksand effect.

  • More on being aware of Griz!!!!

    These beasts are not to be trifled with. They are big, strong and have foul breath. As the fresh paw print shows (at over thrice that of an adult human hand) these babies are big. This one was just at the end of Lake Creek.

  • Mind the Grizzly and signs

    Just a few miles outside of Anchorage we stopped to do some hiking. But a griz had mauled a poor chap the day before.

  • Blackflies

    This nasty little bastards are much more annoying than mosquitos. Why? They bite harder and leave a spot, which wont fade away in hours, it lasts days. Blackflies also bite very tight that if you try to kill them you really need to hit, many times, and still those nasty little creatures will stay on your skin. They hang around in masses and once...

  • Don't eat bananas in Alaska !

    Although I really enjoyed Alaskan hospitality, I really suffered after eating a banana supplied as part of a packed lunch.I guess it was pretty foolish to expect fresh fruit such as that so far north.

  • Sun stroke

    Alaskan weather can be very difficult...youäll notice it if you read more of my tips. The weather changes so quickly and the temperature drops can be huge, especially in the Spring and Fall. It would be easier if cold would be cold and warm would be warm, but no, that is not a law in Alaska. The sun treats Alaska on its own way:) When the Summer...

  • Spring Sun

    As lovely it is, when the sun finally starts to shine after a long long Alaskan winter, there are some things that are good to remember before hitting the trails to enjoy the nature. I am talking about my own experience, because the Spring Sun it is just so wonderful to see and feel. When the temperature suddenly dropped from -35F to 2F it felt...

  • Life or Death? – Be Prepared for the...

    This is a tip for anyone visiting Alaska in the winter that has never experienced extreme cold. Alaska is a wonderful place to play in the winter and usually moderately cold temperatures are the norm in Southcentral. On occasion moderate temperatures can turn nasty cold within a few driving miles or at any given location overnight. Being prepared...

  • Alaska – You May Never Leave?

    Alaska is a growing addiction. Do not tell yourself that 'it may be a once in a lifetime trip' because the statistics are against you. Return visitors account for a huge amount of Alaska's revenue! Every trip to this amazing state will bring you back for longer periods of time. After six consecutive years taking trips to Alaska I finally decided to...

  • Wildfires

    Alaska can be very hot and dry suring the summer months. Last summer, 2004, Alaska wildfires break the record with their size and damages. A total of 650 fires and more than 7,800 sq miles burned down, that is a size of Connecticut. I worked for a news station and wildfires were a big news during the summer. Lots of evacuation plans were made and...

  • Polar Bears

    It is very unlike that you'll meet a polar bear, unless you hit the frozen areas up in the North. But it is stupid to underestimate this huge mammal, it is really the only mammal which eats humans as a food supply. So this is why polar bear is warning and danger, not like a brown or black bear, which prefer salmon-berry diet.Polar bears (Nanook)...

  • Other road hazards, Driving While...

    It almost goes without saying that one should never operate a motorized vehicle with one hand while extending the other camera clutching hand out the window in an attempt to photograph wildlife. Its dangerouns, for one thing. And it simply does not work.

  • mosquito repellent is a must not a...

    did you know that the mosquito is Alaska's unofficial state bird? I did not, nor did I know how big they were until I got there. fortunately they move slow so you can swat them before they bite, but they swarm and there are lots. they usually come out around late may. try not eat sweet things like bananas, instead eat a lot of garlic.

  • Weather and roadways, no cell reception

    I can't overemhasize the importance of bringing along foul weather gear when you travel in Alaska, and a stash of water & food in case of emergency. While we generally have glorious summers, it can change at any given moment.And make sure your vehicle has at least one good spare tire. Check all your tires before heading out. You can wait all night...


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Alaska Warnings and Dangers

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