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    North Rim elevation

    by toonsarah Written Feb 23, 2010

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    The North Rim’s elevation is over 8000 feet (2438 metres) and visitors with respiratory or heart problems may experience difficulties. In fact we saw several people struggling and one who needed to use an oxygen tank. And although this is below the height at which altitude sickness is a concern, walking at this elevation can feel quite a lot more strenuous than usual, so be prepared to feel a little wobbly if you overdo it. I’ve also read that it can make kids a bit grumpy and out of sorts, and of course younger ones won’t be able to understand why they can’t run around as much as usual.

    Chris at Point Imperial, the highest point
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    Photography at Noon

    by grandmaR Updated Aug 25, 2005

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    In order to get a more accurate understandable photograph of the canyon, you need to have light that doesn't come from directly overhead. At noon, all the different outcroppings blend into each other in one indistinct mass.

    It is much better to get photographs at sunset or at sunrise.

    Looking across the canyon at sunrise
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    A dirt bus

    by kris-t Written Mar 17, 2013

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    Our tour from Las Vegas was great to the point - we were on a double-Decker bus with excellent view of everything. After Joshua Tree Forest we were transfer to a dirt bus (about 20 miles from the canyon), we were prepared for a hair raising bumpy ride on a single-decker bus for approx 15 miles.
    It's completely understandable, that the luxury double-decker bus can't get down there, it’s too delicate for that.
    The problem was that people in our group were not treated equally – 50 of us got two older but still very decent coach buses and 30 people got an old ruin with hard seats and filthy dirty windows (it was quite unfortunate because an every view was a photo opportunity there).
    I’ve been in many countries and have never got a bus like that. This definitely spoiled the moment and the whole trip.
    You can see pictures which could be mush better if Y-Travel company was nice and took care at least about windows of this old ruin.

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    Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

    by madamx Updated Jul 10, 2006

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    Carrying a flashlight is a good rule of thumb when you're travelling. You never know when there will be a power outage or some other type of emergency when you'll need it.

    Packing a flashlight is especially important if you're staying at the Grand Canyon. The walkways are very poorly lit at night, and you may be in for an unpleasant fumbling walk back to your hotel room after watching the sunset on the rim, or walking from one of the cafeterias after dinner.

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    Thieves on the parking lot!

    by Rusket Written Jan 28, 2007

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    This clever bird (a raven, I believe?) has figured out that bikers have food or other interesting things to steel in their packs. It was picking vigorously to make a hole in it, just a couple of feet away from us. I chased it away, but the minute I turned my back to it, it started again. So take care, not a wise thing to leave your pack unattended up here! Especially if it is not made of metal or another hard material.

    Grand Canyon thief
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    Watch your speed

    by mikehanneman Written Jun 2, 2011

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    Please observe the speed limits when you visit The Grand Canyon. I seem to get in a hurry during the 25 mile drive from the Desert View area until I reach the Village. I noticed the Rangers are keeping an eye on traffic and the speed people are traveling too! Be safe!

    Pack Mules Heading Down The South Kaibab Trail

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    Watch out for the elk on the roads!

    by mikehanneman Written Jun 2, 2011

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    I noticed there were more elk signs along the highway when I came to the Grand Canyon from the South and East. The elk population must really be increasing! There were four small elk just inside the park when I came up from Williams that were grazing by the side of the road. In 2008, I saw a ton of elk inside the park.

    I used to kind of laugh at those elk signs. Coming in from Cameron (East of the park) someone had hit an elk with their car. The elk was on the shoulder of the road and it was quite bloated.

    Please be careful when driving and watch for the isn't a joke!

    Lots of elk at The Grand Canyon

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    Not for the faint hearted

    by kop-queen Written May 30, 2005

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    Bright Angel Trail Mule Rides - not one for us! The trail was narrow, the mules have to pass on the outside, the drop is almost vertical, and if you look closely at the picture you will see that the edge is not neccessarily that secure! If you haven't ridden before you may like to consider that once you are mounted you are even further off the ground!!!

    The top seller in the bookstores in the area was "Deaths in the Canyon" - we had no wish to be the subject of an additional chapter in the next revision.

    too close for comfort
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    Transport to airport

    by albaaust Written Sep 10, 2013

    If you are not part of a specific tour and you want to book or take a helicopter flight and you don't have a car you will need to book a taxi to the airport. There are limited taxis 3 in low season so you will have to wait. Price is consistent about $10 each way. You will need to take your park pass as well or you will have to pay another $6 to get back into the park.

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  • Yes, you can fall

    by Phaul Written Sep 12, 2007

    Grand canyon Vist
    Posted: Thu September 6, 2007 08:24 AM PDT
    We visited both the Grand Canyon and Sedona last weekend and enjoyed
    both very much. Did the Jeep ride in Sedona and had a great time. I
    think the jeep ride with a knowledgable driver makes the trip a fun
    time. A little pricey, however. lunch for 4 was 100.00 at a quaint
    mexican restaurant, maybe someone could steer us to a more mederately
    priced cafe next time. However, the experience was great, we traveled
    from Flagstaff thru the canyon...what a great trip..beautiful scenery.
    Next day..Grand Canyon, again from Flagstaff. We went to the East end
    ...following the locals advice. Stopped at some Indian stands along the
    way..that was also enjoyable..speaking to the Natives about the culture
    .etc., well worth the time to stop. Finally the GC...if you haven't seen
    it in person, you can't describe it in pictures..what an amazing scene.
    went to the south entrance for lunch, overall a great time.
    Some things I learned at the GC..
    Yes, you can fall off the ledge at many places ..BE CAREFUL.
    Yes, 10 people have lost their lives at the GC this year..mostly from
    hiking and heat related deaths.
    BE CAREFUL when hiking..take LOTS of water and be in hiking
    shape...don't overdo.
    Do less, and enjoy the scenery more.

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    Stick to the paved roads...

    by joits Written Apr 23, 2008

    While trying to find the section where everyone goes to see the famous views of the Grand Canyon, me and some friends got a bit lost. We took a wrong turn and pretty soon the road when from being paved to dirt road. That should have been a clue right away and of course the fact that there was no one else around. Did I mention it was also in March and there was snow on the ground? Luckily we didn't drive for too much longer before making a u-turn and heading back. Once we got back on to a proper road, we were eventually able to find a place to park so we could walk to the rim. We were quite lucky that we had a rental that was 4WD because the road conditions on the dirt road were terrible. No telling what would have happened if we were in a regular car.

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    by SJTravel Written Aug 14, 2008

    When you are hiking on some of the more popular trails, be aware that you have to share the trail with mules. It is not so bad because they are very used to being on the trail with people. So as long as you stand off to the side, you should be fine. Just stay on the inside of the trail (not towards the edge) as they pass. Also, if you have a bandana or a handkerchief you might want to cover your nose and mouth as they pass because they kick up a lot of dirt. But the thing to be most aware of is mule urine. The smell is so strong. My friend and I joked that it could knock you out, that is how strong it is. And on hot days when you are thirsty, it doesn't not make for a comfortable environment. Be aware when you see a wet spot on the road in front of you.

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