Phoenix Warnings and Dangers

  • Haze hanging over the mountains
    Haze hanging over the mountains
    by BruceDunning
  • Smoky look of smog rising to the mountains
    Smoky look of smog rising to the...
    by BruceDunning
  • Phoenix rising form the ashes of smog
    Phoenix rising form the ashes of smog
    by BruceDunning

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Phoenix

  • 1. Driving in Phoenix

    Maps in Phoenix are not very user friendly. I guess the place is growing so fast that map makers can't keep up. It was frustrating to try to follow the map but streets were not marked or just not on...

  • 2. Remember your water

    We went hiking and all put on sunscreen before we left, with sweating and the dry heat melting it off we looked like lobsters! Not only that we ran out of water and felt like the hike home lasted a...

  • 3. Public transportation

    If you are planning on traveling outside of central Phoenix to the suburbs be aware that some routes stop running as early at 7pm so you may be stranded in the suburbs. If you will be traveling far it...

  • 4. Drug Culture

    There is a LOT of drug use here, especially Meth, which can cause property theft to be a big issue as well. Not advised if you have teenagers. The police don't...

  • 5. Bees with Sting

    During my hiking treks, I encountered bees-sweat bees, I guess you call them. They are a nuisance, and flying around your head. Swatting them away makes them...

  • 6. Rental Car Return

    Be aware that the rental cars are not returned back to the airport, but rather about 3 miles to the west. The facility and lots that have the vehicles in the...

  • 7. Smog

    It hangs in the valley, and there is not much wind to blow it away on most days. That is why they have the smog alerts to tell those to take careful thought...

  • 8. But, it is only a dry heat!!

    Yes it is true it is a dry heat. We were there for a convention in late September a few years back and the high was 114 F and the lows overnight were above...

  • 9. Watch your kids around POOLS/WATER!!!

    Arizona is hot during the summer and as a result, it is common to have backyard pools in houses here. Unfortunately, not all pools are fenced or have a net or...

  • 10. Don't Harm the Saguaro Cactus!

    In Arizona, you will see a lot of these Saguaro cactus plants which are hundreds of years old –I read somewhere that it takes some 50 years to just grow one...

  • 11. Monsoons!!

    Be warned that although Phoenix is in the desert, they get monsoons during the hot months. We stayed in Phoenix in August one year and in a matter of minutes,...

  • 12. Baby clothes

    Anyway my comments on baby clothes in this country. They have a stupid size system and I think most people dont understand it. I certainly have made the...

  • 13. Beware! Exorbitant Car Rental Fees!

    I recently was looking to book a car rental in Phoenix to drive to Yuma Marine Corps Air Station, to visit my son, who is stationed there.I could not believe...

  • 14. Prostitution

    If you are in Phoenix and get the urge to merge, remember this! Prostitution in the US is not taken lightly, especially in Phoenix. The county sheriff, Joe...

  • 15. Law Enforcement

    This tip is only a warning to those who wish to break the law. ie. criminals, terrorists, etc.We have the best police in the world here in Arizona and they...

  • 16. Lights in houses

    If you ever move to the USA you mustbe aware of the lights in house/appartments.When my husband moved into our appartment he sat in darkness for the first night...

  • 17. Please do not stay in the...

    Please do not stay in the Hostel in Phoenix. It is unsafe esp. if you are a woman. Downtown Phoenix was not that safe for me. I actually had a guy follow me in...

  • 18. Phoenix is like every other...

    Phoenix is like every other metropolitan American city. there are poor parts and there are extremely rich parts. The rich parts will treat you as bad as the...

  • 19. Mel's Diner

    If you go to Phoenix looking to grab a meal at Mel's Diner, it is no longer in business. The building is still there on Grand Ave, but now is just a shadow of...

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Phoenix Warnings and Dangers

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