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    by Africancrab
  • Transportation
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    Ronstadt Transit Centre
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    Greyhound Connections

    by Gillybob Updated Oct 27, 2013

    Tucson's Greyhound station is located just off the Interstate and has no direct connectivity to the town. If you are arriving by Greyhound without any local contact, you will need take a taxi to your local accommodation.

    I arrived at Tucson from El Paso (TX).

    My ticket cost US$46.80 (accurate at October 2012) including booking fee.

    From Tucson I travelled to Phoenix using the Greyhound.

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    SunTran Transit Services

    by Gillybob Written Sep 30, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    SunTran operates various bus routes throughout Tucson and its immediate surrounds.

    This includes a selection of routes that run out to Tohono Tadai Transit Centre which is immediately opposite the Tucson Mall, giving tourists options for heading out there to catch up on their shopping.

    Ronstadt Transit Centre SunTran Bus
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    Tucson International Airport

    by Africancrab Written Aug 23, 2012

    My family arrived at Tucson International Airport from Houston on our outbound journey from the East coast. Tucson is my home airport and even though I have transited through it many times, I find that it changes for the better each time. This time around, the sitting and shops inside the terminal have been changed to create more space and ambiance.

    The orange chairs add color and warm to the airport, while the well laid plane creates a sense of 'knowing where one is' even for the first time traveler. It is a relatively small airport so it is easy to travel through. Security checks are fast and to the point, and the workers are pleasant despite their unpleasant task of checking peoples bags and patting them down.

    All in all, it is a nice, simple and easy to work around airport.

    Tucson International Airport 1 Tucson International Airport 2 Tucson International Airport 3
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    UA Parking

    by bocmaxima Written Dec 14, 2010

    Several key restrictions may alter your experience parking on campus:

    - DO NOT PARK IN A DISABLED SPOT AT ANY TIME without a valid placard or license plate. The ticket from the City of Tucson and the university is $500. Not cheap! Be especially careful for the blue, disabled meters around campus.
    - All parking meters (city and UA) are enforced 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. This means that you can park there free for as long as you'd like outside of those times.
    - All surface parking lots are enforced 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday, meaning that anyone can park there for free outside of those times. The exception is during major events (usually sporting).
    - There are several streets near campus on the north side of Speedway that are reserved street parking for permits, Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. Additionally, the streets on the other sides of campus require neighborhood parking permits between those hours.
    - Signed, specialty parking spaces, such as Loading Zones, Reserved Spaces (in garages), Service Permits, etc. are enforced 24 hours, 7 days per week. This restriction is on the signs.
    - Motorcycle parking is motorcycle parking 24/7. No exceptions.
    - Parking garages operate Monday thru Friday only, starting at 7am. During the fall and spring semesters, they operate until midnight while, during the summer and break periods (winter break, "dead" day, spring break, etc.), they operate until 8pm. Outside of those times, the gates are open. One trick is that you can enter during the operating times but then leave outside of them and get free parking. HOWEVER, you cannot park in a garage without a displayed permit between 2am and 5am daily, regardless of the time of year. If you want the free parking during the semester, you have to be out before 2am.
    - You are allowed one free pass on a citation per year, regardless of your status with the university. You just have to appeal it. The strong exception is parking in a disabled spot.

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    A Bike Tour of Tucson

    by bocmaxima Updated Dec 10, 2010

    Start: Himmel Park near Speedway Blvd at Tucson Blvd. Park on Treat or on 1st near Treat.
    - Treat Avenue south to 3rd Street
    - Right on 3rd Street through the Sam Hughes neighborhood
    - Cross Tucson Boulevard with a traffic light
    - Cross Campbell Avenue with a traffic light to the University of Arizona Mall
    - Stevie Eller Theater is on the right, McKale Center (where the UA Wildcats basketball teams play) is on the left
    - Bikes are prohibited ahead, so turn left on Cherry Avenue at the stop sign
    - At the next immediate stop sign, turn right into the bike lane
    - The Main Library is on the left, the Student Union is on the right
    - Follow the loop around Old Main and continue straight (west)
    - Continue straight through the stop sign at Park Avenue
    - Main Gate Square is on your left and you are following the Old Pueblo Trolley Line (Thursday evening thru Sunday evening). Watch the tracks!
    - Continue straight through the traffic light at Euclid Avenue into the West University neighborhood
    - At the first stop sign at Fourth Avenue, turn left, following the trolley tracks. Again, WATCH THE TRACKS!
    - This is the Fourth Avenue business district, lined with shops, cafes and restaurants. Cross 6th Street at the traffic light and continue past 8th Street at the stop sign into the underpass.
    - This underpass was rebuilt in 2008, replacing a structure from 1916. Keep right, but don't be surprised if cars are honking: it's just something people do in this underpass.
    - At the traffic light, you are in Downtown Tucson in front of the Hotel Congress and Rialto Theatre. Continue straight onto Congress Street. At this point, there is no bike lane, but this is a nice area to walk anyway, so go ahead and move to the sidewalk.
    - At the fourth light, get back on your bike and turn right onto Church Avenue. The old, copper-domed Pima County Courthouse is on your left.
    make a left (south) on Stone Avenue and cross Broadway.
    - The iconic St. Augustine Cathedral will be on your right. Turn left at this block, Corral Street and continue to the next block, Scott Avenue.
    - Turn right at Scott. The Temple of Music and Art is on your right.
    - At the end of the street, turn right onto 14th Street. Cross Stone Avenue carefully. There is a designated crosswalk but no signal. Tucson Police headquarters is on your right.
    - Turn left at the first street, onto Convent Avenue. You have entered Barrio Viejo (the Old Barrio).
    - Continue to 17th Street and turn left. Cross Stone Avenue again and then 6th Avenue. This is the Armory Park neighborhood.

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    what's a bike lane?

    by bocmaxima Updated Dec 10, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Low humidity, a fairly flat landscape, a somewhat centralized population and a large university have made Tucson a good place to ride a bike around. The city has won awards several years in a row for its bike-friendliness.
    Bike routes are typically marked with the green signs, and most streets have, if not a bike lane, then a shoulder wide enough to ride on. There are also several bike trails around town, including ones running down the Santa Cruz and Rillito Rivers, and several running through the UA campus.
    Drivers here, at least in the central area, are also very bike-aware and/or bike-friendly (you see a lot of bumper stickers). Also, most commercial areas in the central part of town have bike racks.
    Tucson is also home to El Tour de Tucson, one of the larger bike races in the country. This happens annually in the winter.

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    by kop-queen Written Dec 22, 2009

    I flew Delta in 2008 and 2009. Manchester (UK) via Atlanta to Tucson

    First time absolutely no problems. I was able to select exit row seating on both trans Atlantic crossings. Good schedule choice. Comfortable time to change in Atlanta allowing for customs and immigration and a decent meal.

    Problems on our return in 2009. Schedule change with no notice, alternative flight was to be via Atlanta and Paris, delay leaving Tucson meant tight change in Atlanta which we made with 5 minutes to spare before gate closed however Delta had sold our seats assuming we would not make it in time. Hence 24 hour wait for next plane pls argument over who paid hotel and meal bills. Very poor customer service particularly at the gate. However in their defence when we returned home and submitted a complaint Delta were extremely quick to respond and gererous with a credit against future bookings. I will therefore probably tru them again.

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    American Airlines

    by kop-queen Updated Dec 22, 2009

    From the UK it's a long flight however you do it so consider spending a little more if it means you get a little more comfort.

    We selected American Airlines because their economy seat pitch was the best. The food was ok (have you ever had fantastic airline food?). The flights were on time. Polite cabin crew but no seat back video screens.

    Outbound was Manchester(UK) - Chicago - Texas O'Hare - Tucson
    Return was Tucson - Chicago - Manchester

    not quite that high
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    Tucson International Airport

    by Ewingjr98 Written Sep 30, 2006

    I have flown into Tucson International Airport numerous times over the past few years, many times with my destination being Tucson, other times, I was heading to Phoenix or Sierra Vista. This is a relatively small airport with just 26 gates, but it is clean and friendly. Most rental car companies have their counters and their cars on site, savign you that lousy bus ride. America West is one of the big, low-cost airlines that uses Tucson as one of their main airports.

    The airport is about 5 miles south of downtown, and the main terminal is loacated on S Tucson Blvd. Frok I-10 West (downtown) take the Campbell Ave Exit south and watch for signs. From I-10 East, use the East Valenica Road Exit and head west to Tucson Blvd and go left.

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    by roamer61 Written May 22, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Suntran is Tucsons major bus line. It is a convenient way to get around town as there are several routes. The only trouble is that they dont go to any of the outlying tourist destinations such as the Desert Museum. However, for downtown and other central areas, the buses are an easy way of getting about. Cost is currently $1.00 USD. Weekly and daily passes can be purchased as well.

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    Tucson Airport

    by raevnzno Written Jun 28, 2005

    This is the quietest International airport I've ever been in. Tucson is served by 11 airlines with about 65 departures daily. The airport is south of the city proper so you will need to hire a car, or be ready to fork over for a cab. Better yet have a friend who doesn't mind playing at shuttle service.

    departure gates

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    America West Airlines

    by TinKan Updated Jul 28, 2004

    For the trip to Tucson I flew on America West Airlines. The trip was a good one from LAX to Phoenix to Tucson. America West has their own little area in the airport where you can sit and wait between flights.

    I am not a big fan of America West as the flights between Phoenix and Tucson do not always happen and delays are common. Some days you are better off just driving to Tucson from Phoenix.

    America West
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    The Old Pueblo Trolley

    by lamentforicarus Written May 31, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Running on trackage recovered from Tucson's original railway, the trolley is a great way to get around 4th Avenue and its surroundings. The trolley passes a number of Tucson attractions and the lively and hip cafes and shops of 4th. Hope on at a number of stops along 4th Avenue and University Street.

    Friday: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    Saturday: Noon to Midnight
    Sunday: Noon to 6 p.m.

    Day Pass: Adult: $2.50; Child $1.25

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    My two questions for you!

    by matcrazy1 Updated Sep 15, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As I already said Tucson is located by one of the main USA highways: trascontinental Interstate 10 freeway (I-10) which goes from Jacksonville at the Atlantic Ocean in Florida to Santa Monica at the Pacific Ocean in California.

    To be honest it was one of my many possible itineraries I thought over before my USA trip. And from point 1 to 11 still is.

    Enlarge my map, please and look at my/your? possible stops:
    1 - Jacksonville, Florida (mile 0)
    2 - Tallahassee, Florida (mile 198)
    3 - Mobile, Alabama (mile 438)
    4 - Biloxi, Mississipi (mile 495)
    5 - New Orleans, Louisiana (mile 580)
    6 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana (mile 664)
    7 - Lafayette, Louisiana (mile 718)
    8 - Beaumont, Texas (mile 849)
    9 - Houston, Texas (mile 936)
    10 - San Antonio, Texas (mile 1141)
    11 - El Paso, Texas (mile 1693)
    12 - Las Cruces, New Mexico (mile 1736)
    13 - TUCSON, Arizona (mile 2010)
    14 - Phoenix, Arizona (mile 2124)
    15 - Los Angeles, California (mile 2499)
    16 - Santa Monica, California (mile 2512.5 = 4043.5 km!)

    My two questions:
    1. Which month is the best to do the above itinerary (NO heat, please :-)?
    2. Are the above stops interesting? What to add and what to skip?
    Please e-mail me your suggestions for my future use. Thank you very much :-).

    I-10  ON  USA  MAP
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    2430 miles from New York City :-)

    by matcrazy1 Written Sep 15, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tucson is located only 2430 miles (3910 km) southwest of New York City :-) Where is it?
    OK, wear good glasses and enlarge my picture first, please!

    Look where Arizona is located in the USA.
    Tucson is located in southern Arizona (green square with number 1 on my picture - map).

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