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    BAttel layout on the ground
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Bentonville Things to Do

  • Oasis of Art.

    Crystal Bridges is an outstanding "Museum of American Art," a delight of unexpected artistic treasures contained in a museum whose design is a remarkable work of art in itself. A number of sculptures by various artists also grace the surrounding grounds. Crystal Bridges was founded in 2005 by Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton. There is no admission...

  • The Museum of Native American History

    The Museum of Native American History has one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of American Indian artifacts I have ever seen. They have ancient artifacts, pottery, arrowheads; and historic artifacts, clothing, headdresses, weapons, photographs, and much more. It is family friendly and handicap accessible. Not too many locals seem to...

  • Wal Mart History Center

    Located right in the middle of the town of Bentonville, it was a 5 and 10 (dime) store of 4,000 Square feet. Now it is the center showing how the Walton's, yes besides Sam there was James as brother that promulgated the stores to such magnitude it is beyond belief. This is now the US heritage to our society-buying and on the cheap. The museum...

  • Bella Vista

    This area in the far NW corner of Arkansas, and close to Missouri border has been a mecca for retired people for over 40 years. It has continued to grow and is huge in size. There is a total of 16,000 acres, much of which is still timber land. The Linebarger brothers started Bella Vista Resort in 1930's. In 1963, Cooper Communities, a large...

  • Native American Indian Clothing Museum

    Wow. By far this is one of the more detailed displays of Indian artifacts I have seen in my life, and most likely in the US. The theme is to take you from the BC times when Indians migrated to the North American continent and settled throughout. It is estimated there may have been as many as 30 million Indians at one time. A number of Indian...

  • War Eagle MIll

    The mill was first built in 1832 by Mr. Blackburn, and with six children owned for 80 year in the generations. The mill burned in 1838, rebuilt and burned in 1848, and then during the Civil War and again 1873. Must have been a match happy crowd. They sold in 1920 to a hotel operator who had to close in 1924. It stayed closed until 1973 when...

  • Peel Mansion

    It is crowded and right in the middle of a busy area, and next to -guess what - a Walmart store and across the street form the headquarters. It was preserved due to locals putting up $1 million in order for Sam Walton not to tear it down. He relented and built a store in the rear area. Colonel Peel came here in 1875 after the South lost the war. He...

  • Rogers-Next Door

    This town merges with Bentonville and they both are literally on top of each other. Rogers originally had more territory, but Bentonville ended up with the old square and west area. With the surge of Walmart and its headquarters, Bentonville became bigger than Rogers, but they both have many fast food places and retail strips and traffic. The old...

  • Town Square Old Structures

    The town has a fair number of old buildings, mostly in the town square. It also has a lot of red limestone homes that were built with flat thin stones. They are of an era in 1940-60's. The square was relocated to here in early 1900's so it could hold more events. Besides Walton Visitor Center as an anchor of the square, there is also the...

  • Prairie Grove Battefield

    This site is of a battle for the frontier and which State would be North or South. It took place December 1862 over 400 acres of ground. There were 2700 casualties and the South ended up drawing away from the fight. Gen Heron and the North had been pursuing South armies and Gen Hindman around the NW territory and this fight set the Confederates...

  • Native American-Indian Museum

    Wow. By far one of the more detailed displays of Indian artifacts I have seen in my life. They theme is to take you from the BC times when Indians migrated to the North American continent and settled throughout. It is estimated there may have been as many as 30 million Indians at one time. A number of Indian collectors donated their items to the...

  • Compton Gardens

    This was the home of Neil Compton, a physician as a career. He also was an avid crusader to preserve nature. His big project was to get people interested in preserving the Buffalo River, and today it stands as a show piece of what preserved nature can be like. The home and 6.5 acres was donated by Compton estate in 2002, after he died in 1990's. It...

  • Pea Ridge BAttefiled

    This 4,300 acre site commemorates a battle lasting March 7 & 8, 1862. Confederates had the edge and the purpose was to have Missouri be a South state. Gen VAn Dorn left the backup ammo too far away for a pitched battle to repel a Northern rout around the back side of the lines. That forced the South to retreat from the field. The park is open daily...

  • Beaver DAm

    This dam was built in 1966 for $46 million. The dam itself is 2575 feet long and the depth at the base is 1142 feet. White River is the flow to create the dam, and this river goes 689 miles from south Arkansas going north to Missouri and back to the south. There was 780,000 pounds of concrete poured. SAhore line in 489 miles around. The dam is a...

  • Hobbs State Park-Beaver Lake

    Purchased in 1979, the State got 11,644 acres of land, and a lake to boot. There is fishing, boating, camping, trail walks, and other recreation here. The lake is fed by the White River running through it, and is 1182 feet at deepest point. It is 28,370 acres

  • War Eagle Mill-Inside building

    The bridge over the War Eagle River is now 100 years old in 2008. The mill is a celebrated building of its own. They have had activity here since 1832, when Sylvanus Blackburn built the mill on site and brought his family and six kids from Kentucky. It burned down in 1838; got rebuilt again immediately and then burned again in 1848. BAd luck would...

  • War Eagle Cavern

    The cave was closed on our Sunday trip for some unknown reason, and really did not want to go through it anyway. The promo is to take a maze in the woods trek, or pan for gems, or follow the guide, of buy smokes and gifts. It sounds tacky and trys to cover it all for a buck. The tour is one hour total with 1/2 mile there and back. Price is $11.50...

  • Rogers Daisy Air Gun Museum

    The air rifle museum is in the center of town in a corner building on the square. It does not have much to offer and the exhibits are scant. Admission is $2 and open Tues-SAt 10-5. YOu could be one of the 1700 annual visitors-not many huh!!.The town history museum is on 322 S. second St and open Tues-Sat 10-5. Most exhibits are hands on for kids to...


Bentonville Hotels

Bentonville Restaurants

  • CAtfish is King Here

    The overall food was good, but not great. They offer a lot for the price, and you get it. Most all is catfish breaded and fried. The 8 piece catfish was nearly tooo much for me. It had those 8 pieces. hush puppies and fires. A lot of fried food and a bit overdone form me to handle. Price was $10.95. A 5 piece catfish is $5.9. Cold slaw is a treat

  • Denny's With a Unique Look

    Usually, I like to experiment and try the non-chain restaurants when on a roadtrip. Sometimes though, I like to know what to expect and I know what to expect from Denny's. I like both their Tilapia dishes and they are pretty consistant in their prep. Besides this one had a nice unique look and it was right next door to the hotel. Service was...

  • Italian-American-BAr-Etc

    This is a place that was built in 1984 and has not changed. The clientele has over the years. It ws local rural people, then bikers, then rough crowd and hip hop, then now trying to get back to Italian and local flavor. This may work after many add ons to the building and false starts.Tony CAtroppa needs a break; supposedly had financial problems a...

  • Local Hang Out old fast food

    The basic foods are available. We took the pics in order to display the back in time era when drive ins were vogue and this one has not changed AT all. A malt of course

  • Brahms is more than Ice Cream

    It has ice cream, sundaes, food , groceries, and a variety of other goods. The double dip ice cream is basic and at $2, price not too bad.

  • Close to REal Country Food

    This is a place where you can get some southern food and it is a chain restaurant. Not bad, though, overall. They had decent food and a lot to serve. Country Fried Steak - it is the one food that makes you feel like you'all came from here. With that came biscuits, gravy, beans and other fixin's. BAse price is $9.95

  • Hot sweet doughnut

    Well this is another Southern ritual where they have been chomping down on the tasty morsel sort of manna from heaven for 60 years or so -- Krispy Kreme. Hot right out of the doughnut cooking line really sweet I mean really sweet donuts. When the red light is on when you drive by they are coming out hot. Walk in and they hand you one for free I...

  • Locally owned Mexican

    The Mexican fare’s is “fast, good and cheap” at this locally owned Mexican on one of the main streets in Bentonville named of course after Sam - Walton Boulevard. its basic good comida and friendly service by natives of Mexico (and i love to inflict mySpanish on anyone who will listen). The owners family works on site and are from Mexico city via...

  • Best Burgers

    If you visit this old standby café in the old downtown you will find it has awesome burgers, fries and milkshakes all made by hand with chuck stake that is ground on site. All with a very nice view of the old courthouse and the square with the fountain in the middle across the street. The hamburger


Bentonville Transportation

  • Watch the curves

    The surrounding area is the Boston Mountains. There are a lot of winding roads and curves, even on main highways. This is the Ozarks, for heaven sake. Be careful and the signs say what they mean. Curves at 25 MPH should be just that.

  • Fly your airplane to Rogers Airport!...

    Headed to Bentonville or Rogers? Beaver Lake for some fishing? Golfing in Bella Vista? Fly into the Rogers Airport! With a 6000+ foot paved runway, ILS approaches, US customs, and radar service from Razorback Approach this airport is easy in -- easy out. But the BEST part is Beaver Lake Aviation. This FBO is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart. It is brand...

  • Rental Car Agencies

    When you are planning on getting around Bentonville, you have the following options for renting a car:AvisBudgetHertzNationalThriftyMake sure to book early, as the business travelers and the Arkansas Razorback Alumni typically rent them quickly.


Bentonville Warnings and Dangers

  • Liquor is Scarce

    The State has some/many dry counties that do not serve alcohol. Others serve some, but only beer. Others serve but only in liquor stores, while others may allow some sales in convenience stores. If you are undecided, bring it with you. It is most confusing. The Missouri line stores promote sales of liquor and cigarettes all around.

  • No flush toilets in the outback

    War Eagle Mill on Hwy 12 east of Rogers has only a privey outside. For the fainthearted, it does not smell and the bathrooms are luxurious by standards. They are roomy and have big holes. There is also a men and women section-separate buildings

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Bentonville Off The Beaten Path

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    Fayetteville is Just to the South

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    This community of 120,000+ people has the University of Arkansas, and an old historic square. Basically after the view of the campus and downtown, the rest is every day living and a lot of traffic. We were there during the Red & White football game, and the excitement was reveing up. The downtown square and Dickson Street are the two sites besides the university campus. Dickson is a row of bars and eateries that locals and students frequent, and is just off campus.

    Map of the area and downtown Razorback Stadium on campus. Art Deco style brick facade Dickson St strip heading toward campus-bars here Courthouse square building
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