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  • Quapaw Bathhouse
    Quapaw Bathhouse
    by BruceDunning
  • Italian Decores
    Italian Decores
    by DSwede
  • Steaming Hot
    Steaming Hot
    by DSwede

Hot Springs Things to Do

  • Horseback riding on the lake shore

    Not realizing these stables closed over the winter months we were glad to ride during our visit. Riding through the state park was quite enjoyable and we were able to deer at a couple different spots. The lakeshore added another bonus to our ride. The owner, Ray Lovett, is an honest business owner who takes great care of his horses and we really...

  • Hot Springs National Park

    Gorgeous Park located inside the town. One on side of the street was the park and the other was the shops and restaurants. It was really nice. There is Bath House Row with all of the older spa buildings/ bath houses...the buildings were awesome to look at.The water was warm and even hot in some areas. It is so beautiful. I want to go back again and...

  • Hot Springs Mountain Tower

    Lovely park on top of the mountain above Hot Springs Park and town. Up the mountain it is one way all the way around the mountain. There is a park up there with picnic tables and grills with a lovely overlook of the city. There is a great bathroom area that is large.You will go further up the hill to the tower parking lot. There you can go to the...

  • Swing by the Buckstaff for a real spa...

    Bathhouse Row features eight bathhouses: Buckstaff, Fordyce, Hale, Lamar, Maurice, Ozark, Quapaw, and Superior. A number of these have closed, while others have been repurposed. The Fordyce, which was always the most elaborate and expensive, reopened in May 1989 after an extensive renovation which restored it to its original splendor. The third...

  • Mountain Valley Spring Water

    This is the headquarters for the operation and still has offices here. The company is about number 20+ in volume of spring water. This building is called Classical revival style and form 1910. In 1921, they added a ballroom for the locals to frequent and enjoy water, a fad then and now again. It was bought by Mr Schafly who kept operation here...

  • Bath House

    Visit the bath house to get a view of the extravagant style. We chose the national park's bath house instead of one in use. It is in the visitor's center on bath house row. Wander around and see the old styles of showerheads, baths and some beautiful stained glass windows and statues. Open All Year 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Open From 06/1/03 To 08/3/03...


Hot Springs Hotels

Hot Springs Restaurants

  • Great Italian and Ambiance

    Having arrived from a long drive, we were hungry. At first we through we'd just get the first something that we found, but we were glad we held out a little longer to find this place.The hour was late, so I can't say if it was usually busy or quiet, but we had the whole place to ourselves. The food was excellent and the servers polite. The interior...

  • Ohio Club

    Three words for this Restaurant....WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL !!!! The location is wonderful, the food is wonderful and the atmosphere and decor...wonderful!!!!I would definitely go here again and again if I was in the area.It is located just across the street from the Hot Springs National Park. It is one of the main remaining bar locations...

  • Bakery and Home Cooking

    There used to be a Perkins in Leonardtown, but it closed. I really miss it. Perkins started some forty years ago as a pancake house in Ohio, and now is a full restaurant with an associated bakery. Their food is largely 'comfort food'. We like it because they have a senior menu which has smaller portions than the regular menu. Breakfast is also...


Hot Springs Nightlife

  • Kaptain Kenny's - Pool table's and...

    This is a place I might consider lame if it were here in Dallas, but when in Hot Spring's, the selection is a bit less varied and you take what you can get. This place had a wide variety of clientelle and two bars, one upstairs and one downstairs. There were a couple of pool table's upstairs and a cover charge for entering the place. The upstairs...

  • A Great Place for a drink and dancing

    This is a great "local" place! We make it a point to spend an evening here every time we are in town... which we will be this week! Really FUN place! We were there the night of some very severe hurricane wind/rain coming thru and it was still packed! They started serving "hurricane shots"! Always a good live band and it opens up to the lake so not...

  • It's Magical

    Oh this was soooooo much fun. The cost was very inexpensive, but the performance was very high caliber. I was very impressed with this show, and so was my son. This is a family show, and most of the magicians family participates in the act. The venue is small, so there is no bad seat, but if you sit in the front row you will be in for quite a...


Hot Springs Transportation

  • Winding and Dangerous

    Coming form Hwy 7 and Hwy 23 from the north side of this town it is scenic, but a lot of work driving. Many, many curves and warnings of danger and slow down. So you may heed this. This is coming through the Ozark Mountains and roads had to go with the flow.

  • There is a small regional...

    There is a small regional airport, but unless you have your own plane, your car is the only way to get here. Well, there is a shuttle service from the Little Rock Airport, but you'd want a car once here.A Trolleycar runs throughout the Historic Downton area and a new public trnsportation system is now in place.

  • Hot Springs Hotels

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Hot Springs Shopping

  • BruceDunning's Profile Photo

    Dryden Pottery: Clay Pieces for 50 years

    by BruceDunning Updated Apr 30, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is all pottery-clay and kilned and painted by hand. Pricey because of the work involved. The sad part is a person dedicated his life to this art, and now it is changing due to imports and who cares about quality?

    What to buy: They do obviously sell pottery-maybe have a couple of thousand pieces on the premises. They also had 700 bought form an auction that I bought one piece much cheaper than the retail on the other more recent hand made items. Its time has come and nearly gone. They at one time had 27 skilled pottery makers; now the dad at 70 years and the son hanging on

    Pottery sign at entry Entrance with color
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Hot Springs Local Customs

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    Arkansas is well-known for its...

    by jedd43 Updated Apr 4, 2004

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    Arkansas is well-known for its numerous thermal springs and mineral waters. At several locations on Center Street in the historical bath house district of Hot Springs, you'll see clusters of people gathered around public fountains, filling plastic jugs with the local water. In basements of buildings and under the streets, scalding hot mineral water bubbles out of the rock. The water is naturally sterile. The water at the fountains has had time to cool and there is a list of the minerals the water contains at each fountain. .

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Hot Springs Warnings and Dangers

  • Timber Trucks are DAnger

    BE careful of how close you get to these trucks. They haul cut timber trees and are always in a hurry. Good tying down the load is questionable sometimes. I had an experience once when tress came flying at me and I was going about 600 mile per hour. It can be killing. The truckers speed and have little regard for the risk they convey.

  • Park Where and for HOw Long Designated

    The street has parking for 2 hours along Central. If you stay longer, a ticket will be issued. In the next block in the rear is a garage lot that charges some fee, but probably not more than 50 cents an hour. Other places have meters with a quarter an hour. Read and be aware

  • Traffic Bottleneck

    Although Hot Springs isn't a large town, it only has one main street through the middle of it. Just south of town, a limited access highway (US 270 aka MLK Expressway) crosses the main street (Central Avenue which is also Arkansas Route 7). At this location there are multiple lights (one on each side of each lane of the highway to allow people...


Hot Springs Tourist Traps

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    by jedd43 Updated Apr 4, 2004

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    According to the sign out front, this establishment has been in business since 1902, and is one of the oldest tourist attractions in the state. There were a lot of alligators and this mummified 'mermaid' ...I was much younger so I thought it was real, I guess some still do. They tell a lot of alligator fish stories but alligators instead. I remember something about a Big Arky.
    I was still in shock from the monkey pulling my hair...he would not let go! LOL The petting zoo was fun, in spite of the monkey.
    Open year-round and located at 847 Whittington Avenue

    Phone: (501) 623-6172

    this is not my pic

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Hot Springs Off The Beaten Path

  • Rock Finding

    There are two ways to get rock samples here; dig or buy. The main kind of rock in the crystal quartz. It was formed obviously millions of years ago by water dripping through the rocks. Then the formation created hexagon shapes and they are in the dirt to dig up. Places along the road sell rocks and glass slag for you to take home. Lucky. Mt. Ida is...

  • The Park is Forested

    This is an area that covers nearly the whole State and goes on to Oklahoma. It is "rustic" and camping and fishing are the real thrills. A very beautiful wonder for the US without trees cut down, and greenery everywhere. The park has 1.8 million acres, and much is not accessible.

  • Garvin Gardens

    We drove a short distance from the hotel over to the Garvin Woodland Garden. We had another coupon, and we got in for the senior rate $5 minus $1 each took the golf cart tour which was $6 each. This was very enjoyable. There were snowdrops and crocuses out, and some daffodils, some camellias, and an occasional azalea. There were a lot of water...


Hot Springs Sports & Outdoors

  • Small_World's Profile Photo

    Take the High Road

    by Small_World Written Jun 17, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A trail starting at a park in the town's center leads you to a brick pathway, giving cyclists and joggers (or walkers) a beautiful way to get in a workout and see the city. I wish I had brought my bicycle!

    I'm not sure how long the trail is, but even if you just climb the steps to the top, it is worth it just for the view alone.

    Equipment: Bring your bicycle, running shoes, or just some great walking shoes for a great vista.

    Hot Springs Trail above the City
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Hot Springs Favorites

  • Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo

    Visit the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo. There are alligators from 6 inches to 10 feet long! There is also a petting zoo. At the petting zoo, there were monkeys to feed. They were in cages...a row on the top and one on the bottom. I was feeding a monkey in one of the bottom cages when one monkey on the top reached out and pulled my...

  • When in Hot Springs do what...

    When in Hot Springs do what the locals do - bottle your own water at one of the several spouts. These are in the downtown area on Central Avenue. It's unusual that I got this shot with noone in it, usually people are lined up with their empty milk jugs waiting their turn. I have to admit, I used to do this too, when my kids were very young - they...

  • Have an ache or a pain that...

    Have an ache or a pain that just won't respond to anything? Well, come join the crowd that gathers daily at one of THE hot springs and take a dip. If you don't want to do the 'real' thing at a bathhouse, you can plunge that sore thumb or aching ankle into the thermal waters here free. But Beware! - the temperatures can reach 145 degrees F. I am not...


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