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  • Local Customs
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  • Local Customs
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    reserve judgment till you get there

    by susiemargare Updated Aug 24, 2005

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    many rural people are not well educated, but that does not mean that they are not intelligent, and most have fairly strong views on politics and are up to date on current events. the "ignorant hillbilly" image is quite undeserved. most of the people who live in arkansas, especially those who live in rural areas, really resent it when outsiders come in and say how "backward" the state is; city people get quite defensive and will start listing all of the cultural opportunities, symphony, museums, zoo, libraries, etc.

    the state is a fairly religious one overall, and social norms of the mainstream type are taken very seriously, especially in rural areas.

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    Remarkable Arkansans II

    by deecat Updated Feb 11, 2005

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    More incredible people from Arkansas.

    Movies and TV

    James Bridges from Paris was a film director and screenwriter. Most famous for the movies "The Paper Chase & "The China Syndrome"

    Alan Ladd from Hot Springs was a popular actor of the 1940s and 1950s. Famous for the movie "Shane.

    Mary Steenburgen from North Little Rock is an academy Award winning actress and also a TV actress.


    Johnny Cash from Kingsland was famous country singer. Famous for the song "I Walk the Line He died in 2004.

    Al Green from Forrest City performed gospel with his brothers from age 9. Was a gospel, pop, and soul singer.

    Conway Twitty from Helena (childhood) took his name from Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas. He had 55 number one country singles.

    Scott Joplin from Texarkana started Ragtime Music.

    William Warfield from West Helena was an opera singer and an actor. Famous for Showboat and Porgy and Bess.

    Glen Campbell from Delight is a famous country singer and had his own TV show.


    Maya Angelou spent her childhood in Stamps. She is famous poet. Her "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" tells of her years growing up in rural south.

    John Grisham from Jonesboro is a novelist. He wrote such novels as The Client, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, and many others.

    War Hero

    General Douglas MacArthur was from Little Rock
    Career Army man who fought in WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. Became 5 star general and was in command of US Army forces in Pacific in WWII.

    Writer, Maya Angelou
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    Remarkable Arkansans

    by deecat Updated Feb 11, 2005

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    Here, I've chosen a few of the thousands of people who were born or raised in Arkansas and made extraordinary contributions to the state and the nation.


    Jay Hanna ("Dizzy") Dean was from Lucas. He was one of the greatest pictchers in Baseball history. He played for St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs.

    Brooks Robinson from Little Rock played 3rd base for Baltimore. Won Golden Glove 16 times!

    Lou Brock from ElDorado played for St. Louis Cardinals and stole 50 or more bases for 12 years straight!

    Scottie Pippen from Hamburg played for Chicago Bulls for eleven seasons and won 6 NBA Championships and 2 Olympic God Medals.

    Sidney Moncrief from Little Rock played guard for Milwaukee Bucks in the 1980s. NBA Defensive Player of the Year twice.

    Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant from Mors Bottoms and Fordyce won more college football games than any other college coach.


    John H. Johnson from Arkansas City founded Johnson Publishing Company in 1940s. It's the largest black-owned publishing company in the world!
    (Ebony and Jet Magazines)

    Sam Walton moved to Arkansas in the 1950s and opened his first Wal-Mart Store in Rogers, ARkansas in 1962.


    William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton born in Hope
    and grew up in Hot Springs was youngest Arkansas governor and was US President for two terms.

    James William Fulbright grew up in Fayetteville and became a US Congressman as both a representative and a senator. He created Fulbright Scholarships.

    Hattie Caraway was 1st woman elected to US Senate.

    to be continued

    President Bill Clinton
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    An Overview

    by deecat Updated Feb 11, 2005

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    Note: photo is from pamphlet

    I learned a great deal about Arkansas while visiting. I found out that Foods are the top product in the state. Riceland Foods out of Stuttgart makes Riceland rice. About six billion pounds of rice are harvested in Arkansas each year. No other state grows more than half that much rice. Tyson Foods is based in Springdale, and it is the world's largest chicken packager. Each year Arkansas raises four times as many chickens as there are people in the United States! I also discovered that the state produces about one egg for each person on earth each year!
    More than 5,000 Arkansans work at mining. Natural gas is the top mining product, and oil is Arkansas's second-leading mining product. The state leads the nation at mining bromine. This element goes into dyes and medicines.
    Arkansas is not a wealthy state They rate 47th among the states for average household income. Most of the prosperity is in the northwestern and central part of the stae; much of the poverty is in the Mississippi Delta. (Farm country)
    In the "hollers" of the Ozarks, the old ways are still alive. They still practice folk crafts such as whittling and quilting. They still use herbal lore to treat common illnesses. They dance to the music of fiddle, banjo and mountain dulcimer . They save on the grocery bill with "poorboy suppers" of beans, corn bread, and "a mess of greens. (Collard and turnip greens)

    Arkansans eat many kinds of pork products.
    Near its border with Oklahoma and Texas people work as cattle ranchers and lumberjacks. Western dress is never out of fashion. Rodeos are big here too. Country-western is popular.
    All I know for sure is that no matter where we went in Arkansas, the people were friendly, helpful, and high spirited.

    Rice harvesting
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    Some Fun Facts About Arkansas

    by deecat Updated Feb 11, 2005

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    While visiting Arkansas, I discovered some really unusual things. I'll share a few .
    I had never heard of 'Fried pies" until I came here. It's a favorite Arkansas food. They take dried apples and peaches and fold them into a pastry crust. Then they are golden fried.

    They actually have The World Championship Mosquito Calling Contest that is held each year in Walcott, Arkansas in the month of August. This beats all..people dress as mosquitoes. But strangest of all, there is also a prize for the best recipe that uses mosquitoes!

    There is an I.Q. Zoo in Hot Springs! They have a raccoon who shoots the correct number of baskets to answer math questions; there's a parrot who roller skates; a chicken who dances while a duck strums a guitar and a rabbit plays the piano!

    The city of Texarkana straddles the Arkansas-Texas border. It has two city governments, one for each side, but the post office sits exactly on the state line. The building is constructed of half Texas granite and half Arkansas limestone. Its address is Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas!

    Hector, Arkansas was named after President Grover Cleveland's dog!

    If you look at an Arkansas map, you will see some of the strangest names for towns. For instance: Okay, Tomato, Umpire, Evening Shade, Strawberry, Magazine, Yellville, and, best of all, "Toad Suck"!
    I think that reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

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    Bentonville is the birthplace...

    by frankcanfly Written Sep 12, 2002

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    Bentonville is the birthplace of Wal Mart!

    I stopped to see the first one: Sam Walton's 5 & 10 in downtown Bentonville. It's a small place, now serving as a tribute to Wal Mart, Sam Walton and capitalism in general.

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    Hunting tips

    by Kiisu Updated Sep 1, 2002

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    If you go hunting (white-tailed deer and wild turkey are quite popular in the Ozarks), make sure you wear the obligatory fluorescent-orange-camouflague. I know, it's an oxymoron. I'm not sure it's effective in helping you hunt your prey, but it certainly helps you from getting shot by another hunter! Also, ask for permission BEFORE going on private land. It's the law, and landowners can get quite irrate if you hunt on their land uninvited. Check the website below for info regarding hunting and fishing in Arkansas.

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    Set Back & Relax, Y'hear?

    by Kiisu Updated Sep 1, 2002

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    Please realize this is the South, and things move at a different, usually slower, pace. Rudeness and impatience will get you nowhere with the people around here. Pointing out how much better things run in (your hometown), as opposed to the Ozarks, is NOT in your best interest for a smooth visit! Adopt a state of mind where you are relaxed and not in a hurry, and the locals will be more than happy to extend their friendly hospitality to you.

    Ozark Humor

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    There is nothing more...

    by zackjennings Written Aug 26, 2002

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    There is nothing more indigenous to Arkansas than the King Biscuit Blues Festival held the second week of October each year. Helena is the home of Blues Legend Sonny Boy Williamson. Crowds exceeding 100,000 attend and it's all free.

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    Well as far as I can tell we...

    by canmill Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Well as far as I can tell we Arkansans are nice people! If you are from the north, all I can say is get used to hearing:

    YA'LL (You Guys), FIXIN TO (Going to), HOWDY (Hi), SCOOCH OVER (Move Over), YELLER (Yellow), WARSH (wash)

    And remember to just lay back and relax, because we take things alot slower down here!


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    A Tip for You Speeders Out There

    by Kiisu Written Sep 1, 2002

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    While driving in the Ozarks, if someone flashes their lights at you during the day, they're usually warning you there's a policeman up ahead (sometimes there might be an accident up ahead instead). So smile and wave, and make sure you're not going faster than the speed limit! If you decide to extend the favor to someone else, make sure the cops don't see you doing it. They aren't very fond of the practice, as one might imagine!

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    You better like folk and...

    by BluecatCanoe Written Aug 25, 2002

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    You better like folk and country music, Mountain View is the Folk Music Capital of the World. And a wonderful place to sit and listen.

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