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  • Alviso boat ramp2
    Alviso boat ramp2
    by cornhusker_ca
  • Alviso Marina County Park
    Alviso Marina County Park
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  • Alviso boat ramp1
    Alviso boat ramp1
    by cornhusker_ca

Alviso Things to Do

  • Alviso Marina County park

    Alviso Marina County park is a 18.9-acre bayside park, Though small in size, it offers the only public launch ramp in South Bay area, the ramp provides access to Alviso Slough which flows four miles to the open waters of San Francisco Bay.The boat launch includes a pier for non-motorized craft, such as kayaks and canoes, and another for launching...

  • Historical House -

    The Tilden-Laine House, last of the Italianate Victorian homes that once lined Elizabeth Street.It stands lonely on this desert street, but beautifuly preservedHistory: Susan Ortley Tilden's house (970 Elizabeth Street, Alviso) is the grandest reminder of the town's prosperous past. The Italianate-Eastlake house was built in 1887 by the wife of...

  • The Martin House

    Reported to be the original home of John O. Martin, built in 1860. John was the first Scotsman to settle in Alviso -- in 1853.The home is adjacent to the Big Yellow Ghost House, on Catherine Street. It is owned by Amelia Vahl.

  • The Bayside Cannery

    Thomas Foon Chew: Founder of the Bayside CanneryIn 1906, at the age of seventeen, Thomas Foon Chew was brought into his father's business, Bayside Cannery, which at the time only canned tomatoes. With the progressive ideas and amazing business sense of Foon, the cannery would begin to make the transition into one of the most successful businesses...

  • Laine's Grocery (abandoned)

    Built prior to 1865Laines Grocery from 1940 to 1960 - owned and operated by Willis Laine - who lived next door. Miraculously, the building has survived the ravages of time and flood.Tilden General Store from 1865 to 1912, the family business of Susan Ortley Tilden and her daughter Minerva. During the lawless 1930's it was a saloon, dance hall, and...

  • Old historic houses

    There are numerous historic houses in Alviso well-preserved by their caring owners. The city is below sea level and protected by a dig but it's frequently subject to flood which damage everything.


Alviso Restaurants

  • A remain from the past

    Amelia has maintained Vahl's since 1941, through thick and thin and flood - almost 60 years. A Mercury News article by Mike Cassidy written in 1992 indicates she was 84 that year - which would make her 92 embarking on the new millenium. The truth may never be known.Vahl's has changed little since 1941 - a good thing. Changing anything here would be...

  • Seafood !

    Originally the J.J. Pipe's Alviso Hotel (1905). At one time there were six hotels in Alviso. This building is the last remnant. In the "good old days" it is rumored that "extra curricular entertainment" took place in the upper rooms. (from

  • Maria Elena's is one of the...

    Maria Elena's is one of the oldest and best known Mexican restaurants in Alviso. There's always a crowd during the week. There are plenty of good items on the menu that you can enjoy with the complimentary chips and salsa. The also have a good selection of mexican beer, margaritas and sangria.It's in Alviso and it's pretty well know. During the...


Alviso Nightlife

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    by ChuckG Written Jan 4, 2004

    In the 1920's & 30's, Alviso was plagued, or blessed, depending on your outlook, with saloons, bordellos, dog tracks, Filipino taxi-dance halls, and casinos. During this time the jail was replaced - the old one lacked a roof. A good time was had by all - until a San Jose Grand Jury investigation put an end to the fun.


    Chinese Casino. Circa 1930.

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Alviso Local Customs

  • Alviso Demographics (1990)

    ID 95002 City ALVISO Population 2,179 Households 541 Male 54% Female 46% Hispanic 74% White 24% Black 0% Amer. Indian 1% Asian 1% Other 0% Median Household Income 33859 % under $10K 10% % over $150K 0% % 4-yr college + 3%

  • Old dragger

    With all the sewage around Alviso, the sald evaporation ponds, agricultural fields, lots of boats and machinery lays unused in the area surrounding the city. There are trails you can take to venture out and see.

  • Alviso Hotels

    0 Hotels in Alviso

Alviso Warnings and Dangers

  • A junkyard story

    from"Simply one of the most splendid fields of junk you will ever see in your life. Everything one can imagine including appliances, motor-homes, and golf carts.As I was taking these pictures, two junk-yard dogs began howling. At first I was unconcerned, as they were behind a barbed-wire fence. But I had not taken into account an...

  • Sea level

    One reason Alviso is small and will stay small is that it's build at sea level. It's in an area where flooding can happen really fast.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Alviso Off The Beaten Path

  • Wade Residence

    The old Wade residence. The lumber for this home was precut in New England and shipped around the Cape Horn in 1851.

  • Wade Warehouse

    Wade Warehouse. Constructed in the late 1860's. Grain was stored here prior to being shipped to San Francisco. The building was later occupied by Wells Fargo.

  • Haunted House

    Built by a sea-captain named La Monge around 1890. In 1904 it was remodeled to serve as a boarding house for PG&E employees.Years later it was owned by Norbert Garrick, who died in in an upstairs bedroom. His son Cy maintained the house after that, before selling it in 1967 to Fred Raynor.. It seems the ghost of Norbert Garrick wanders through from...


Alviso Sports & Outdoors

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    by ChuckG Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The South Bay Yacht Club is your only link to the bay from the South Bay. It is still active today.

    The club was created in 1888. It has been lively since. In 1983, the clubhouse had a major flooding which covered it with 6 feet of water. They have been trying to protect the clubhouse with levee for years but they can't keep up. The original club house is now relocated on higher ground 100 ft from the original location

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Alviso Favorites

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  • Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

    Yup, he’s trying to lock his jaw back up. He’s in feeding mode still, eyes fixed on me - but can’t do much striking right now. Sucka… I must let him rest and settle down again. Once he settles down, he starts to climb up under the lid. He only gets so far because his fat belly can no longer fit up there. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • Homosapians vs Snakes

    It was not until the precursors primates of Homosapians began to eat high protein diets of meat, that their brains began to grow and develop. Once brains began to get larger and more wrinkled, then they begin the ability to self-actualize into animals that has the ability to choose not to eat meat. (i.e. vegetarian) Ironic. Regardless, these guys...

  • Engulfing

    Jaws are unlocked, and slowly “walked” up the snakey-cake. And then uses his body like an accordion, crunching itself up, crabbing the food with the back of the its neck, and then stretching out the upper neck/head until the whole thing is engulfed.


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