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  • The 33 foot sloop!
    The 33 foot sloop!
    by rich267
  • Restaurants
    by WulfstanTraveller
  • Restaurants
    by WulfstanTraveller

Bodega Bay Things to Do

  • Beautiful Beaches

    This is in addition to my tip warning of the dangers of the Sonoma Coast.Bodega Bay is near many picturesque rocky coves and headlands, and beautiful beaches, both small, rocky one and long, sandy ones. However, the Sonoma Coast, while scenic and enjoyable, is also dangerous. Aside from the cold water (and usually weather), and the presence of...

  • "The Birds" Sightseeing

    Alfred Hitchcock's film "The Birds" was mostly set and filmed in Bodega Bay and its vicinity. Much of the town was a film creation, though, so it does not really like the way it did in the movie, and part of what was portrayed as "Bodega Bay" really included other nearby locations, notably the hamlet of Bodega, just a few miles inland from Bodega...

  • Camping

    There are many campsites located in the Sonoma Coast State Beach near Bodega Bay and up along the coast of the county. These are part of the California State Parks system. Some, like Wright's beach, are right on the beach while others (such as Bodega Dunes) are near the beach. They have facilities like bathrooms, etc., and are great places for...

  • Bodega Bay Sailing

    With Bodega Bay Sailing one gets a personal three hour tour with Captain Rich Crumley aboard his sailing vessel. I had a wonderful time on my tour. We sailed out to seal rock and observed the sea lions, then over out to open ocean to see dolphins and whales. All the while Rich is the perfect host and sailer, he keeps you safe and secure. I...

  • Sailing on Bodega Bay!

    I went on a three hour sailing tour with Bodega Bay Sailing Adventures wwwbodegabaysailing.orgIt was an awesome day, we learned about the area and our quirky captain had some funny stories. We got to see a lot of sea lions and local wildlife too!

  • More of Bodega Bay

    Schoolhouse Beach is a boulder-strewn beach. These huge pieces of granite resembled knickknacks on a coffee table, spread out here and there...just so. They were perfectly suited for rockclimbing--which our grandson quickly discovered.After a while, the cold mist went right to our bones. We motioned to our grandson that we were leaving and he slid...

  • The Potter Schoolhouse

    After a pleasant afternoon in Healdsburg and a leisurely visit to the wineries and Redwood forest, we headed towards Bodega Bay, as suggested by Katherine (Callavetta), a VTer who resides near San Francisco. In order to prepare for what we were to see here, we were encouraged to watch Alfred Hitchcock's movie THE BIRDS. This old schoolhouse was in...

  • Do Not Swim Here--Beware!

    Schoolhouse Beach was a scenic spot to spread out a blanket for an afternoon picnic or rock climb, but it was not a good place for a swim.This warning sign was prominently displayed in the parking area at the top of the beach: Strong Backwash, Sleeper Waves, Rip Currents.That would definitely deter me from wanting to wade out into the water! Please...

  • Bodega Bay--Beauty in the Mist

    As we left our car high above us and cautiously followed the steep path to Schoolhouse Beach, we heard threads of conversation coming from a bedraggled group of teens huddled around a small fire below. They held their arms against their chests, trying to shield themselves from the wind.The crashing waves interrupted the voices, so that we just...

  • St. Teresa's Church--Another Hitchcock...

    After taking pictures of The Potter School, we walked to a little white chapel next door--St. Teresa's Church. The sun was just beginning to drop in the sky and deep shadows were falling on the building (pictures 1 & 2).According to Sonoma County Film, there were several sites used in THE BIRDS movie besides Potter School. Also in scenes were the...

  • Russian River & Goat Rock

    Goat Rock is the name of the section of the Sonoma Coast State Beach where the Russian River empties into the Pacific Ocean. The area around Goat Rock features a colony of harbor seals, as well as trails, restrooms, parking, and easy access to Highway 1.The Russian River is named for Russian trappers and fur traders who made their way down the...

  • Bodega Bay and Bodega Harbor

    Bodega Bay is located 40 miles from San Francisco and 20 miles from Santa Rosa. The bay itslef is shallow and only about five miles wide at its widest point. The northern end of the bay contains Bodega Harbor where the town of Bodega Bay is situated. The harbor is almost completely encircled by land on the Pacific Ocean side (called Bodega Head)...

  • Spud Point Marina

    Spud Point Marina is operated by Sonoma County Parks and has 244 slips with water and electrical hookups at each slip. They have a laundromat, showers, and a restroom open to the public, along with a boat lift, fuel, a pumpout station, and a boat yard for boaters. The marina is also home to numerous commercial fishermen from Bodega Bay as 80...

  • Sonoma Coast State Beach - Bodega Head

    Bodega Head is the part of Sonoma Coast State Beach that lies along the entrance to Bodega Bay. This area has hiking trails, a few small beaches, and areas for whale spotting. There are also beautiful vistas along the coast and over the bay.Bodega Dunes has 98 campsites for those wishing to spend the night in this beautiful environment.

  • 'The Birds' filming sights

    Like I said, Kind of lame. Most of the stuff was just built up fronts that was torn down after filming. 1) The best sight was the original schoolhouse, which is still there, which is the 1st photo.2) The next sight is the actual street where the kids we're running towards the bay, while being attacked by the birds, you can actually see the same...

  • Ft. Ross State Historic Park

    The Russian established a small trading outpost here in 1812. It was the southernmost edge of their expansion on the west coast. This prompted the Spanish, and later Mexican, governments to take notice. They then built a mission and barracks in Sonoma. The Russians finally left in 1841, whereupon John Sutter bought this property. Also inside the...

  • Bodega Head - Hiking, etc.

    Bodega Head is the small peninsula that just out into the sea from the north of town, curving around to creat and mostly enclose the Bodega Bay. It has hiking and nice views from heights, coves, etc. The hike is about 3 miles or so, with some up/down portions.

  • Jenner

    Jenner lies at the mouth of the Russian River, where it empties into the Pacific. This is a favorite place for those who enjoy the beach and the river. It's part of Sonoma State Beach.

  • Sonoma Coast State Beach

    On the coast, just outside Bodega Bay, is Sonoma Coast State Beach. Here are some huge, spectacular seaside cliffs. And it's only a part of the long stretch of beach extending all the way to the Vista Trail, north of Jenner. These are great places to observe marine birds and mammals.

  • Horseback riding along the Pacific in...

    This was an experience... We drove over to Bodega Bay in our rental car from our Santa Rose bed and breakfast, the ride itself was beautiful. When we arrived at the Chanslor Ranch we mingled with the horses until the guide was ready, a group of about 6 of us then set out on the horses they assigned us. FUNNY tid bit:My horse's name was Texas and...

  • Nice little fisherman's port

    I went there mainly after i read it's where they filmed Hitchcock's "The Bird"...but there is more to see, There is a very nice fisherman's port with tons of boats where you can see them unloading their catch at the end of the day. The pier has been nicely made for tourists and locals to walk round.


Bodega Bay Hotels

  • Bodega Bay Lodge

    We had a very nice stay in one of the suites near the back of the property. Our room had a beautiful...

  • Bodega Harbor Inn

    Bodega Bay, California, 94923, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • The Inn at the Tides

    800 Coast Hwy One, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

Bodega Bay Restaurants

  • Pretty Good Seafood Restaurant

    The Sandpiper is a pretty good seafood restaurant in Bodega Bay. It has some very good items like the crab roll, but while nothing we've had is bad, a lot is unmemorable and too expensive for the quality. The potato-crusted halibut is good but not great. It does, at east, come with some fairly good vegetables. The location has a bit of a view but...

  • Ok Restaurant from "The Birds"

    This is a large seafood restaurant that is long-established and well-known here but is probably most famous as the local restaurant in Hitchcock's film "The Birds," set and (partly) filmed in Bodega Bay. The place has great views right on the water and is a full sit-down restaurant with a large menu. However, the quality varies and it can be...

  • Great Crab and Chowder

    This is a wonderful simple restaurant right across the street from Spud Point Marina, the region's primary commercial fishing port (the fishing boats used to dock and unload at various locations mostly on the other side of Bodega Harbor until Sonoma County built this marina in 1985) out on the inner side of Bodega Head. It is open only from 9am...

  • Great Fish and Chips, etc.

    This is a great, simple fish-and-chips place. The food is not on the same level as the Spud Point Crab Co over on Bodega Head, but it's also different. This place focuses mroe on the fried range of seafood and serves really good fish and chips as well as other stuff, including fried squid and a standard but very good crab-cake sandwich. The seafood...

  • Spud Point Crab Company

    Spud Point Crab Company is a locally owned and operated business, run by a family that has been fishing for 35 years. They not only catch their own salmon and crabs, but also prepare and cook them before your eyes. We stopped in for an early lunch and had the crab sandwiches ($9.95 each) with Cokes ($1). The sandwiches at Spud Point are a little...

  • You will love the crab/shrimp sandwich

    This is a little hole in the wall that is overlooked and never crowded. You have a view of Bodega Bay while enjoying a very pleasant meal. I usually order the crab/shrimp sandwich. I don't know what they do to make it so mouthwatering. It comes open faced with seasoned fries and coleslaw.


Bodega Bay Warnings and Dangers

  • WulfstanTraveller's Profile Photo

    Beautiful but Dangerous Beaches and...

    by WulfstanTraveller Updated Mar 10, 2014

    This is a separate "warning" tip in addition to my similar tip on things to do, as a warning is necessary.

    Bodega Bay is near many picturesque rocky coves and headlands, and beautful beaches, both small, rocky one and long, sandy ones. However, the Sonoma Coast, while scenic and enjoyable, is also dangerous. Aside from the cold water (and usually weather), and the presence of great white sharks (not much of a threat under normal circumstances), the coast is known for strong undertoes and powerful sleeper waves that pull the unwary into the ocean, tumbling them on the bottom, which drops off sharply in many places, or dashing them on craggy rocks.

    Death Rock, near Wright's Beach, for instance, is well named, as it is a veritable death trap. However, it is probably not even the most dangerous place on the shore and certainly isn't the only one. One often reads of people, particularly visitors from other parts of California or beyond, who drown or are dashed on the rocks here.

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Bodega Bay Off The Beaten Path

  • Callavetta's Profile Photo

    The Coastline

    by Callavetta Written May 26, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be sure to take a drive along the Coast. There are several California State Beaches where visitors can stop and visit, walk the beach, climb on the cliffs, search for seashells, and watch the birds and animal life.

    This is Goat Rock Beach. On one side of the HUGE Goat Rock is a smooth sandy beach and the Russian River runs into the sea. On the other side, interesting rock formations and an arch are just off shore.

    Goat Rock Beach Arches and Rock formations

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Bodega Bay Favorites

  • Your "The Birds" Factology

    If you want to find all there is to know about the making of "The Birds" in Bodega Bay,, is a good place to start.Before you go, you might want to rent the movie!

  • Fort Ross History is covered...

    Fort Ross History is covered in my travelogue and go to

  • Bodega Bay Hotels

    10 Hotels in Bodega Bay

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