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  • Death Valley Museum
    Death Valley Museum
    by X_Drive
  • What few trees there are offer no shade.
    What few trees there are offer no shade.
    by X_Drive
  • The deepest point, Badwater Basin
    The deepest point, Badwater Basin
    by X_Drive
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    Please check weather forecast before going !!

    by Trekki Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    US National Park Service offers daily waether reports.
    As this part of the country can be easily affected by tricky weather conditions (heat or floods), it's highly receommended to check the below website before going.

    It includes weather forecast, temperatures, road conditions.
    (by this time now - november 2004 - some roads are closed, as a flood obviously has damaged some roads)

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    Check ahead for weather and road conditions!!

    by Yaqui Updated Dec 29, 2008

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    So vast!

    Death Valley is a very vast park if you have never been here. There are so numerous things to see and do here. Loads of hiking trails, off roading to get to sights and just the average typical places along the road. Yet, "Be Aware of Weather and Road Conditions!" The park service has a wonderful website "Daily Morning Report" that you can see what the temperatures and road conditions are that very day. So be prepared!

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    Death Valley Temperatures

    by awayhome Updated Mar 22, 2004

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    Average daily high temp. 65F
    Average daily low temp. 39F
    Record high temperature. 87F
    Record low temperature. 15F
    Overall average temp. 52F
    Average daily high temp. 72F
    Average daily low temp. 46F
    Record high temperature. 97F
    Record low temperature. 27F
    Overall average temp. 59F
    Average daily high temp. 80F
    Average daily low temp. 53F
    Record high temperature. 102F
    Record low temperature. 30F
    Overall average temp. 67F
    Average daily high temp. 90F
    Average daily low temp. 62F
    Record high temperature. 111F
    Record low temperature. 35F
    Overall average temp. 76F
    Average daily high temp. 99F
    Average daily low temp. 71F
    Record high temperature. 120F
    Record low temperature. 42F
    Overall average temp. 85F
    Average daily high temp. 109F
    Average daily low temp. 80F
    Record high temperature. 128F
    Record low temperature. 49F
    Overall average temp. 95F
    Average daily high temp. 115F
    Average daily low temp. 88F
    Record high temperature. 134F
    Record low temperature. 52F
    Overall average temp. 102F
    Average daily high temp. 113F
    Average daily low temp. 85F
    Record high temperature. 127F
    Record low temperature. 65F
    Overall average temp. 99F
    Average daily high temp. 106F
    Average daily low temp. 75F
    Record high temperature. 120F
    Record low temperature. 41F
    Overall average temp. 90F
    Average daily high temp. 92F
    Average daily low temp. 62F
    Record high temperature. 113F
    Record low temperature. 32F
    Overall average temp. 77F
    Average daily high temp. 76F
    Average daily low temp. 48F
    Record high temperature. 97F
    Record low temperature. 24F
    Overall average temp. 62F
    Average daily high temp. 65F
    Average daily low temp. 39F
    Record high temperature. 88F
    Record low temperature. 19F
    Overall average temp. 52F

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    The Best time to Visit.

    by awayhome Updated Mar 22, 2004

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    Watch out for the extreme heat

    Death Valley National Park is usually considered a winter park, but it is possible to visit here all year. It all depends on what you're looking for.
    Autumn arrive in late October, with warm but pleasant temperatures and generally clear skies.
    Winter has cool days, chilly nights and rarely, rainstorms. With snow capping the high peak and low angled winter light, this season is especially beautiful for exploring the valley.
    Spring is the most popular time to visit Death Valley. Besides warm and sunny days, the possibility of spring wildflowers is a big attraction.
    Summer starts early in Death Valley. By May the valley is too hot for most visitors, yet throughout the hottest months, visitors from around the world still flock to the park.

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  • X_Drive's Profile Photo

    This is not a place to visit in July or August!

    by X_Drive Written May 6, 2014

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    Headed deep into the valley
    4 more images

    One of the hottest and driest places in all of the United States and the temperatures can reach well over 120 degrees. Make sure you know where you are going and how long it will take to get there and DO NOT rely on your GPS system.

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  • goingsolo's Profile Photo

    Flood prone roads

    by goingsolo Updated Dec 7, 2004

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    Death Valley National Park

    The southern portion of Death Valley is at or below sea level. These areas are prone to flooding when there is any precipitation. It is not advisable to be driving when there's the possibility of a flood as you and your car can be washed away. This happened to some unfortunate individuals who were driving during the severe storm in the summer of 2004. Take careful note of the flash flood warning signs and, in the event of a storm, seek higher ground immediately.

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  • mht_in_la's Profile Photo

    Stormwater runoff

    by mht_in_la Updated Dec 7, 2003

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    Dry falls in Mosaic Canyon

    When it rains, stay away from canyons such as Mosaic, Titus, etc. The narrows in the canyons soon become channels for stormwater runoff. The smooth, polished surface of the narrows is a hint of the powerful stormwater runoff.

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    Hot weather!

    by meteorologist1 Updated Jul 28, 2003

    Death Valley is one of the hottest places on Earth. With the combination of low elevation, being surrounded by mountains which traps heat, and the desert landscape, temperatures in the summer easily can reach 120 degrees F. Fortunately I went to Death Valley in the winter when temperatures were in the 60-70 degree range.

    For the elderly and children, please be aware of the heat. Make sure your car is air conditioned, and drink plenty of water to avoid heat-related illnesses. I suggest you go to Death Valley in the winter, fall, or spring.

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  • WulfstanTraveller's Profile Photo

    Sand Storms

    by WulfstanTraveller Written Apr 26, 2006
    Sand storm seen from Stovepipe Wells

    One should watch out for sand storms, at least near the areas with sand dunes. Although not nearly on the scale of sand storms in places lik the Sahara, they can be very unpleasant at the least, and dangerous to driving or wandering around in the dunes. The last time we went through the area, we got to Mesquite Flat right before the beginning of a sand storm. It didn't seem that bad at first, but we figured we'd leave promptly and that was wise. Within a few minutes, visibility in the dunes and downwind was reduced dramatically and sand was blowing into everything. The wind was very strong and sand blew all over the inside of the car just from us opening the doors. We briefly stopped at nearby Stovepipe Wells and headed west into the Panamint Mountains and out of the wind. In just a few minutes, one could not even see outside the immediate area of Stovepipe Wells, and at that point we were upwind of the dunes.

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