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Half Moon Bay Things to Do

  • Street Art

    Early in the morning we took a stroll before breakfast. It was quiet and no stores were open yet. We notice some great wall paintings/art on the sides of several building. Very well done, it was nice to take some time to check them out.My favorite was a wave with a surfer that took up an entire build and a building next to it on a right angle.

  • Pigeon Point Light Station SHP

    The lighthouse is a state historic park. Currently the lighthouse is closed to the public however the grounds are open to walk around and read about the history. Nice photography opportunities. There are a few trails off to the side for different views.Also on the grounds is the lighthouse keeper quarters which is now converted into a hostel open...

  • Pigeon Point Bluffs

    About 1 mile south of Pigeon Point Lighthouse (which is 20 miles south of H.M.B.) is a pull off area with a few dirt roads taking you toward a beach. This location offers great views of the lighthouse and coastline in the foreground. Definitely worth the few minutes to drive past the lighthouse to see this view.

  • Guided Horse Ride at Sea Horse Ranch

    We went there on a Saturday morning. It was my second time (the 1st one was 3 years ago), so the ride was more stressful than relaxing, but I still had fun. PRICES: - 1 hour Trail Ride=$40.- 1.5 hours Beach Ride on the shore = $50.- 2 hours Trail & Beach = $60.After the ride, you can purchase a CD with the pictures ($30) or a single 4x8 shot...

  • Half Moon Bay State Park

    One of California's most gorgeous beaches, this is a favorite spot for tourists, surfers, and of course photographers. The sunset alone is worth the trip.

  • Main Street

    Half Moon Bay's Main Street is lined with quaint shops, restaurants, and other businesses. This is a really good place to stop for lunch or dinner while visiting the town.

  • Beautiful Sunset

    If you are along the coast in California, you have to take advantage of a sunset over the water. Half Moon Bay has one of the most beautiful over the water sunsets that I have ever seen. There are a number of places all along the coast for you to be able to partake in this beautifully natural happening. Drive along Highway 1 and stop anywhere in...

  • A beach life too!

    As mentioned in the opening, Half Moon Bay has a great little beach, which is small and very scenic. I am sure the water is freezing up this way, but you don't have to jump in, just relax with your favorite book or beverage, or both!

  • Christmas Trees - Cut your own

    Adjacent to the pumpkin patches are the Christmas Tree farms. Many families drive over, choose a tree and cut their own.


Half Moon Bay Hotels

Half Moon Bay Restaurants

  • Very good breakfast

    We waiting for Moonside to open at 7am for breakfast. A small bakery that serves breakfast and lunch attached to a mall. There is seating outside, in the bakery and in a back room. There is no table side ordering. You have to order at the counter then the staff will bring out your food. Although the open at 7am they are not prepared to start...

  • Check out the patio dining

    This is a fairly large restaurant with typical Italian fare. We ate on on the rear patio which was very nice. There are several gas fireplaces on the walls surrounding the patio.We had a light lunch here and it was good. Nothing too special. We had the Pea Soup and the Grilled Chicken Panino. Basically just a chicken sandwich but did have a...

  • Best Sandwhiches on the Coast

    San Benito House is mostly a Bed and Breakfast/Inn. However, they have a Deli which is only open during the day and serves your basic deli foods sandwhiches and salads. I have only had their sandwhiches but they are some of the best sandwhiches I have ever tasted. They make their own bread which is very tasty. I have tried all three of their...

  • Don't miss the Lobster Roll!

    Sam's is right on the main highway entering Half Moon Bay. It is right on the water and has an excellent view of the harbor. There is enough room for you and your family to enjoy your meal and absorb the atmosphere. By far the Lobster Roll was the best with the Mahi Mahi sandwich coming in second. The clam chowder was also a good compliment. I...

  • Quaint Mexican Restaurant

    An old house converted into a Mexican Restaurant, gives Spanishtown its homey and small atmosphere. They have large portions and a variety of food. I have been there a couple of times and have tried a different things each time. They serve variety of typical Mexican entrees, so you won't really be surprised when you get your order. While Half Moon...

  • A nice place for breakfast

    This is a nice little place located right in the heart of Downtown. A great place to have a hearty breakfast, (the plates of food here are huge). Good service, and this seems like the place where all the locals seem to go. Another great feature is that this area is walking distance for all the rest of the downtown area.

  • Seafood in Princeton Harbor is a must

    Barbara's has been around forever and is a wonderful, casual restaurant just north of Half Moon Bay in the fishing town of Princeton Harbor. It is definitely worth a stop for its fresh seafood and local atmosphere. It is always crowded, though, and therefore there's bound to be a wait. But, you get to wait while overlooking Princeton Harbor so...

  • Ocean front+great food, what else need...

    Moss Beach Distillery Good seafood with a spectacular view, need to say more?! Appetizer: Prawn TempuraTiger prawns, sesame plum sauce, soy wasabi, orange horseradish marmaladeSalad: Spinach Salad Baby spinach, imported pancetta, Aegean feta cheese, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, pinenuts, house vinaigretteSeafood: Coquille de MerA...

  • Ono Value and Service With A Smile

    Ono Hawaiian Grill features Hawaiian-style "local boy" cuisine served by friendly, laid-back waiters/waitresses in Aloha gear. This extremely casual restaurant is festooned with surfboards, tiki candle holders, plastic leis, and vintage-looking Hawaiian travel posters. You'll find such Island favorites as coconut shrimp, teriyaki chicken, kahlua...


Half Moon Bay Local Customs

  • Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more...

    For the greatest variety of pumpkins, I recommend going to Half Moon Bay. There are plenty of pumpkins to choose from at the many Pumpkin Patches in the coastal town. You have your regular sugar variety (great for eating) and they come in many shapes and sizes. Cinderella pumkpins that look like they can turn into Cinderella's coach. Fairytale...

  • Pumpkin Patch Hopping...

    An October treat is visiting one or more of the many pumpkin patches in Half Moon Bay. Many people who live in the Bay Area, drive out to the coastal town to partake in the custom. Each of the different patches has something different to draw in a customer...pony rides, hay mazes, western towns, haunted houses, etc. It is not necessary to buy a...

  • Take a Stroll on the Coast Side Trail

    Many people who come to Half Moon Bay enjoy the beach in one way or another. A great way to enjoy the beach and not get your feet dirty is to do like a local and take a walk on the Coast Side Trail. The trail follows the beach and it is really easy to follow. You can really park anywhere at one of the beach parking lots off of Highway 1 and then...


Half Moon Bay Warnings and Dangers

  • by JSK2 Updated Aug 10, 2007

    Ladies please be careful when visiting beaches around Half Moon Bay. I was just at Bean Hollow Beach (14 mi. south of HMB) watching the sunset and I noticed a man watching me from the parking lot. He waited until the family that was also on the beach left, and when we were all alone he approached me. Normally people on the beach keep a respectful distance, and just quickly glance at you, smile and pass by. But this guy went right up to me and started asking me questions. The last straw was when he took a few steps waaaay to close and lowered his voice and asked, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME????" At that point I got up and left. I was very scared because I realized I was totally alone on the beach with this man and it was getting dark. I have a feeling this man drives around beaches near dark looking for women who are alone and approaches them. If he chased me there would have been no one there to help. So, ladies, when you go to the beach plase invite a friend or make sure there are at least three cars in the parking lot and you are within eyesight of other people. I called Half Moon Bay PD about this afterwards and they said while that area is low in crime, "being alone near dark in a remote place has a potential for tragedy". OK, so if that didn't creep you out enough, earlier that day, I was at Montara beach (a few miles north of HMB), and noticed a man standing at the edge of the cliff overlooking the beach. It seemed strange because he was pacing at the edge for 15-20 minutes holding up a camera and I was wondering why he had to stand so dangerously close to the edge to take pictures. I got up to walk further down the beach and saw around the corner just below the man, a gorgeous girl in a bikini with her boyfriend. I pointed-out the man to the boyfriend and they both got up and left. At the time I thought it was just something funny, but after what happened to me at Bean Hollow, it makes me feel sick.

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