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  • Mt. Whitney 14,497
    Mt. Whitney 14,497
    by Yaqui
  • The Beverly & Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film
    The Beverly & Jim Rogers Museum of Lone...
    by Yaqui
  • Restaurants
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Lone Pine Highlights

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     Mount Whitney 

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     None I can think of! 

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     Great place to stop overnight and spend a day or two exploring 

Lone Pine Things to Do

  • Mt. Whitney

    One of the activities you can engage in while in Lone Pine is climb Mt. Whitney. The beautiful views and snow capped mountains are breath-taking. It is the highest peak in the lower 48 states of the union. If you are a hiker or climber in California, you have probably had a conversation about this mountain. At a little over 14,000 feet, it is a...

  • Alabama Hills

    The Alabama hills are a unique kind of beautiful. When I look at the hills I see western, art, and never ending rocks. The Alabama hills is where lots of old western films were filmed. They have pamphlets that will tell you exactly where to go to find the famous rocks in those particular movies. I have been here 3 times and every time I go I see a...

  • Hike Mt. Whitney!

    I have tried 3 times now and have never been able to get to the top of Mt. Whitney. This is a life goal for me and I will one day. But, A day trip can be made easily by hiking to the lake. This view is breathtaking and its a great place to stop and have a pinic. You can even fish!


    Located within the Alabama Hills is the Movie Flats area. North of the main Alabama Hills, this area had many movies filmed on location, here. "High Sierra", "Gunga Din", "Rawhide", "Maverick", and "How the West Was Won" were some of the movies that had many scenes filmed here.


    Alabama Hills, California that is, stretches out for miles, parallel to the town of Lone Pine, CA. Only 2 1/2 miles to the west of town, this is a must see when driving Hwy 395. If you ever wondered why a lot of westerns and even other movies such as Star Trek and Gladiator have a similiar look in some scenes, it is because they were filmed at the...

  • Pipe of LA aqueduct

    This is 10 foot section is the product of many nationalities who toiled and labored to earn wages that were considered high paying jobs during this era. Construction began in 1908 when crews started to dig eight feet of tunnel per day at each tunnel end, for a total of 16 feet per day. Crews dug more than 22 feet per day while constructing the...

  • Mt. Whitney Trails

    Mt. Whitney is at the elevation of 14,497. It is the tallest peak in the contiguous forty eight states and this countries beautiful natural masterpiece. It was first climbed in 1873 and was called previously Fishermen’s Peak. It was rename later after Josiah Whitney who investigated it to be the tallest in the country according to his 1864 geologic...

  • Adobe Memorial Wall

    This adobe wall is a memorial to the victims that were lost during a earthquake March 26, 1872 that claimed the lives of so many Lone Pine citizens. There is a original section located right behind the florist shop in the alley way. It is fenced, but there for anyone who would like to see it.It reads: On March 26, 1872 at 2:30AM, one of the largest...

  • Southern Inyo Museum

    This little museum may be small but has lots of mining artifacts, ancestry family trees listed and awesome Bug Room! The gentleman who was the host was very nice to talk too and shared other interesting facts of the area. These artifacts were located at another little museum in Darwin. With Darwin becoming a ghost town, they wanted to save these...

  • Eastern Sierra Interagency Information...

    Mt. Whitney Ranger DistrictIt is open daily, 8:00am to 5pmThis beautiful new building has exhibits, displays, maps, brochures and so many other types of comprehensive books pertaining to the eastern Sierra Nevada and northern Mojave Desert. Lots of information displays with lots of advice to so many destinations all within Owens Valley. The theme...

  • Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone...

    What a wonderful compliment to Lone Pines history. A awesome display of local movie history with exhibits, movie posters, costumes (worn by the actual actors), saddles, movie vehicles such as vintage cars and wagons. Lets’ not forget the really cool props used in Tremors and Iron man. It was really cool to walk up to the sand worms fromTremors and...

  • The Alabama Hills

    Shown at a distance in this photo. As you drive up the Whitney Portal Road, you'll pass these rust brown hills known as the Alabama Hills. There is supposed to be some good hiking in this area, but I did all of my hiking from above and, once completed, couldn't look at any type of uphill. Still, this would make a great day hiking destination.

  • Whitney Portal

    Whitney Portal is the official launching pad for hikes on and around Mount Whitney. Since its located at a higher (8000 ft plus) elevation, many people camp here before embarking on their mountain trek. Since many people camp here, many bears roam the area at night, hungry for food and toiletries (They don't actually eat toiletries. At least, I...

  • Lone Pine Film Museum

    The museum is dedicated to the history of film making in the Lone Pine area which has been going on since the mid-1920s. A brand new facility to house exhibits and educate visitors about this history will be complete in October 2006 to coincide with the Lone Pine Film Festival. It wasn't open yet when we visited in August 2006 but it looks great...

  • Hike to the Summit of Mt. Whitney

    Mt. Whitney, at 14,491 feet, is the highest point in the lower-48 states (all states excluding Hawaii and Alaska). It is also very accessible without any technical climbing necessary via the main Mt. Whitney Trail (10.7 miles and over 6,000 feet of elevation). Because of these facts it is a very popular trail. To limit the damage to the wilderness,...


Lone Pine Hotels

Lone Pine Restaurants

  • Rustic and Comfortable

    Popped in here for a quick lunch and found a very charming rustic restaurant. Nothing fancy in the least, but was homie and comfortable. Found the food good and the service excellent. Seems this is a favorite for locals too. Could not beat the price either.

  • Gourmet Dining

    One wouldn't expect to find a higher-end restaurant in a town of 2,000 but maybe Seasons has made it's mark because of the frequent movie crews that come to town. Primary on the menu are steaks of every imaginable cut and cooked to your preference. Since we were there the night before our climb of Mt. Whitney we opted out of a heavy steak and...

  • Don't miss the UFO Pancakes!

    Whitney Portal Store is the only store/cafe located at the Mt. Whitney trailhead. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kitchen closes at 6:30pm but the store closes at 8pm. Limited items on the menu for lunch and dinner- burgers, fries and chicken sandwich.


Lone Pine Nightlife

  • Twilight

    After hiking all day, no one wants to think about nightlife activities. Its cook, eat and clean up. It gets quite cold too, especially if the winds start blowing. So its bundle up and go to sleep listening to the pitter patter of mice footsteps outside your tent. The greatest thing about evenings when camping is seeing all the stars. Once the sun...

  • I think there's a bar there...

    I think I saw a local bar there, but if you are with friends you could always just amuse yourselves in your room (if you have one) and get up early to get out into nature with the early morning sun. anything

  • Lone Pine Hotels

    5 Hotels in Lone Pine

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Lone Pine Shopping

  • Hiking/Backpacking Supplies

    Small but well-stocked, Lone Pine Sporting Goods has just about anything you would need for a hiking/backpacking trip. Hiking poles, hats, fleece, camping equipment, fishing gear, you name it. It also has a wide range of t-shirts that commemorate the experience of climbing/hiking up Mt. Whitney. If you can't find what you're looking for here, you...

  • Get your hiking food here!

    Joseph's is the supermarket in the center of Lone Pine. It's small but has everything you would need for your trip up to the Whitney summit or on any other backpack/hiking trail in the area. It has a nice old-timey feel to it and appears to be operated by a single family. We purchased the fixings for turkey and swiss sandwiches here. Also available...

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Lone Pine Warnings and Dangers

  • Do Not Feed The Bears

    Just like the picture says, a feed bear is a dead bear. If people continue to feed wild bears then they will continually roam into the camp grounds to look for food. So please do not feed the bears. They are not normally aggressive, but are known to be able to open up a car like a pop can literally if they smell food. So do store it in your car or...

  • Water

    It is recommended that you drink at least 3 liters a day up here. If you're doing more than an overnight visit, you will not be able to carry all of the water you will need. There are water sources on the main trail. As for the Mountaineers Route, you're looking at one of them. Instead of water purifiers, we used pills to chemically treat the...

  • Altitude sickness

    Many people experience the effects of altitude at Whitney's higher elevations. It is advisable to camp at Whitney Portal the night before hiking to give yourself at least a little time to adjust. Drinking lots of water also helps, as does avoiding alcohol. I went up to over 11,000 feet right from sea level and got my first case of minor altitude...


Lone Pine What to Pack

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    Mount Whitney

    by goingsolo Written Sep 8, 2006

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    Luggage and bags: The only luggage you'll bring is the one that you carry on your back. Make sure to buy or rent one that fits properly. I got mine via mail order. Big mistake. Its tough enough to carry 50 lbs without it swinging from side to side while you're trying to ascend and descend.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Since your pack has to hold your tent, sleeping bag, food and other must have items and since it must be carried on your back, its best to travel light. Study hiking shoes are a must. I brought sandals as a "luxury item" (although I left the terrycloth bathrobe at home), and highly recommend a pair for apres hiking. Rain gear is essential in the summertime and a gore tex jacket can double as a wind layer. The basic rule of thumb for summer is three layers- t shirt/shorts, long sleeve layer/long underwear and insulating layer/wind layer. A parka is not a bad idea either as it gets quite chilly on mornings and in the evenings.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: First aid is more essential as there are no 24 hour pharmacies out here. Everyone looks and smells pretty outdoorsy, so the body lotions and perfumes are unnecessary, with the exception of "mountain makeup"- sunscreen and lip balm.

    Photo Equipment: A must.

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Lone Pine Off The Beaten Path

  • Grave of 1872 Earthquake Victims

    On March 16, 1872 at 2:30 AM Lone Pine experienced an earthquake that destroyed 60 buildings and killed Twenty-six people. Most of the building were built out of adobe so they crumbled easily. So these twenty six people were burried into a mass grave. A marker and a flag pole and memorial plaque is left to remember what was lost.The marker...

  • Movie Flats Marker

    This whole area is still is a favorite for movie makers. This marker is right at the entrance where some of the most favorable Hollywood movies were made from the 1920's-1950's.This marker reads:Movie FlatsSince 1920 hundreds of movies and TV episodes, including Gunga Din, How The West Was Won, Khyber Rifles, Bengal Lancers, and High Sierra, along...

  • Murals of Lone Pine

    Lots of wonderful murals located up along the street. For starters the one on theThe Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History building is awesome and if you walk along the main street, you see one from the Lone Pine Drug Store, behind Jakes Saloon, on the wall nearest the main street on Bonanza Restaurant, and a neat little one on...


Lone Pine Favorites

  • The Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce

    This is located in a wonderful historical building. First I thought the hotel was still in business, but saw the sign and thought, how wonderful.Located at 120 South Main Street, in the historical building of the Lone Pine Hotel. The hotel rooms now house small businesses. Office HoursMonday through Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PMWe are closed most Legal...

  • We made it!

    The last part was a series of gentle switchbacks that seemed to stretch for an eternity. My feet and legs were so shot that what would ordinarily be an easy walk was agony. I so wanted this to be over. At 12:36 p.m, we walked off the Mount Whitney trail. Our mission was completed. Strangely, there was no feeling of relief when we finished. No...

  • Looking back

    We drove down Whitney Portal road to Lone Pine where the group said its goodbyes. I began the drive back to Bishop and the road that would eventually lead me back home. I'd been pretty miserable up on Whitney. But now, just hours after finishing, the rush I'd expected to feel at the summit hit me. I'd climbed Mount Whitney. I looked at the beast of...


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