Universal Studios, Los Angeles

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100 Universal City Pl., Universal City, CA 91608 (800) 864-8377
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  • New ride for America's real first family
    New ride for America's real first family
    by Paisleypaul
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    Main Entrance
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  • RAINBOWWINGS's Profile Photo

    Great Day Out

    by RAINBOWWINGS Written Jul 12, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I love Universal Studios....I always have done since my first visit in 1978,and things have changed quite a lot since then, altho theres still alot of the old favourites to see. Its a theme park with a difference. No huge scary rollercoasters, but lots of rides and shows with some of them just a bit scary enough to want you to go back for more. In 2001 I went on the Jurassic Park ride and on the long climb up...knowing that there was an 85ft water shute going down the other side...I closed my eyes...and missed the best bit!! So this year I kept my eyes open ...and my mouth and swallowed half the lake that we dived into!! The Mummy ride was the scariest..for me. A sort of corkscrew rollercoaster, not high, but in total darkness and it went soooooooo fast. Seeing as we´re not youngsters anymore, I was quite proud of the fact that Id made it...even if I did scream like a sixteen year old!! So many things to do and see and of course you cant miss the famous backlot tour. A three coach tram that slowly winds its way around all the backlots used by Universal with a good commentary from a guide and the help of a pre recorded Whoopie Goldberg adding her opinions, makes for a great 50mins. We were lucky to see them filming "Evans Above" a sequel to the Jim Carrey's Bruce Almighty, and run through the street where Desperate Housewives is made. Theres some exciting bits too, like going thru the scene from War of the Worlds where the plane crashes on the house, or when King Kong attacks NY and theres even a chance to have a cuddle with Shrek!!
    If you are going to go book your tickets online and save over $10 each and the hassle of being inline forever! This is not just for the kids...its for all ages.

    Me & Shrek War of the Worlds Plane Crash scene Flash flood backlot War of the Worlds Scenery Universal Studios backlots

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  • jopetsy's Profile Photo

    Universal Studios

    by jopetsy Written Jun 28, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This was among our 1st stop for our honeymoon. We visited Universal on February 2001. Still the same old universal studios, nothing much new. I have visited this place for 5 times already and it still the same old trip I get. It was still enjoyable though.

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  • tomhoward's Profile Photo

    Universal Studios, Hollywood

    by tomhoward Updated May 20, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You know the dance with this place - theme park / studio tour.

    Was expecting a little more from both.

    Firstly, Universal Studios only has 2 decent rides - The Revenge of the Mummy, a slow ghost train with animatronics, turning into a pitch black roller coaster, with operators that clap and whoop like demented sea-lions with the arrival and departure of every kart, and Jurassic Park, which is your typical log-flume style ride but with unfortunately only ONE proper drop. All the other rides are BOBBINS - inc the much celebrated Back To The Future which would be even an embarrassment to most UK theme parks. As for the shows - Terminator is fairly good, Shrek is a similar style but for kids. The best is by far Waterworld which has some awesome effects - including a full size plane being thrown over the set towards the audience. Whoops, I've just ruined it.

    The second part is the famous (but predictable) studio tour.


    Most of Universal's attractions are shows, so check the daily show schedule first. We saw Waterworlds last performance and it was a sell-out. Try to arrive at the theatre at least 15 mins before the show time listed in the handout.

    Sit on the left (drivers side) of the tour bus for better views.

    Do the lower lot first. Most people start at the Upper Lot and you can see them go "downstairs" massively in the afternoon. The lower lot typically opens an hour or so after the park, so use that first hour to visit the most popular of the upper attractions.

    To avoid the crowds, try not to visit on weekends, school vacations, and Japanese holidays.

    If you're willing to pay extra money to save the hassle of standing in line, the park offers a "Front of Line" pass, as well as VIP passes (private tours). You can also purchase and print your tickets online. Although the park wasn't that busy, we had the front of line passes and it meant we got on The Mummy about 12 times. Buy normal tickets on-line, and then if the park is busy, buy the FOL separately at their in-park ticket booth.

    Waterworld show
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  • Lensmeister's Profile Photo

    Make a movie with the family

    by Lensmeister Updated Dec 18, 2005

    Well it was EXCELLENT ... the lad didn't have a lot of time for the Disneyland nightmare, but for Universal .... he loved it!!
    (So much so, he has insisted we got back again sometime)

    The best thing has got to be the backlot tour on the trolly seeing the places your favourites are filmed ... yes it does take a little of the "myths" away ... but somehow increases the facination of it all. The earthquake, King Kong, Jaws ... all worth a view......

    There is the "secrets of the soundstage" on the rear lot .. down a chain of escelators.

    Rides, and fun for nearly all the family. *Note: take a change of clothes if you havea young child as there is a splash zone thing there ... my lad looked like he'd been swimming :)

    Yes it is expensive to get in but it IS worth it. Virgin Holidays do a deal sometimes that you can get free admission to Universal at certain hotels - so keep an eye out !

    ��Lensmeister - The Stunt Show! ��Lensmeister - The Blues Brothers ��Lensmeister - Laurel & Hardy ��Lensmeister - Waterworld show. ��Lensmeister - AHHH DAD HELP !
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  • Blatherwick's Profile Photo

    Universal Studios

    by Blatherwick Updated Oct 4, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Universal is more than just one of the largest movie studios in the world and can trace its roots back to 1909. The main attraction continues to be the Studio Tour, a 1-hour guided tram ride around the company's 420 acres. The modest tour includse a series of dressing-room walk-throughs, peeks at actual production, and staged events. You get to see the backlot where you can see the clock tower from "Back to the Future" or the house in "Psycho". However, it is the added features such as Jaws, the parting of the Red Sea, the flash flood, King Kong, and the earthquake that all add an extra fun element to the tour.

    The attractions are now the highlight of a trip to Universal. The Jurassic Park Ride is a water ride with some amazing animatronics and has an incredible drop that will get you soaked at the end. The Terminator 3D experience will amaze you with its combination of live action and special events. The backstage thing is still fun with special effects and sound demonstrations. Foremost among these is the Backdraft exploding room. You can really feel the heat in there! Shrek 4D is one of the park's best attractions, a multisensory animated show that combines 3-D effects, a humorous storyline, and "surprise" special effects . Waterworld was a terrible movie but it is a great live action show with lots of explosions that culminates with a full scale seaplane being launched at the crowd. Most performances are sold out, so arrive at the theater at least 15 minutes before the show time listed in the handout park map.

    Me at Universal Studios Jaws Psycho House Jurassic Park Ride Waterworld
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  • joits's Profile Photo

    Universal Studios

    by joits Updated Sep 20, 2005

    For a lot of tourists, they come to LA hoping to get a glimpse of celebrities or learn more about the movie making business. Universal is a great place because its an actual studio lot. Frequently, movies are being shot while tourists visit the park. Unfortunately this means that certain areas may be closed off.

    Lookout for props from various movies such as the cars from Fast and the Furious, etc.

    I guess due to the lack of visitors, usually when you buy a regular adult ticket, its usually a season pass, meaning you can go almost anytime except for blackout dates.

    Universal also has a cool display board that shows you how much wait time there is for each show and ride.

    Highlights include:

    The Terminator 2 3-D show ~ easily the best thing at the park.

    Jurassic Park: The Ride ~ kinda short, there's not much to this ride but the amazing drop at the end is so worth it!

    Backlot Tour ~ apart from the Terminator show, this is my other fav ride. Lasting around 45 mins, this tour takes you around the lot where you can see movie props and sets used in your favorite movies.

    Back to the Future: The Ride ~ Still fun after all this time.

    Hollywood sign backgrop ~ there's a huge wall with a picture of the hollywood sign and if you pose in front of it, it actually looks as if you are posing in front of the real thing. Shh... don't tell your friends or relatives though... lol.

    The Mummy Ride ~ The closest thing that Universal has to a true roller coaster. If you are a serious coast junkie, this ride will disapoint. It's indoors inside a soundstage and so the ride isn't as crazy as the rides in Magic mountain and it's very short. If the line is long, it might not be worth the wait.

    Me and some friends and the Hollywood sign It's Jaws...
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  • 1/2 a day @ Universal Studios

    by Rickard_Cedergren Written Sep 17, 2005

    Universal Studios is a themepark! Lot's of rides and stuff to do, but I enjoyed the studio tour the most. I got to se all the sets, the windowless studios, the downtown New York streets, the Back to the Future town square and lot's and lot's more.
    The studio tour is truly recommended.

    Me at Universal The Blues Mobile - A 1974 Dodge
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  • Chris_Louise's Profile Photo

    Fantastic Rides

    by Chris_Louise Updated Sep 13, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We spent the best part of a day here. The weather was horrible but it didnt dampen our enthusiasm. It rained half the time we were there and we ended the day drenched and bailed up in an irish pub inside the theme park. Pouring, dark, cold, lightning and thunder.....but a great day.

    The rides here are better than Disneyland and it wasnt as crowded.

    Some attractions we did were Back to the Future, Shrek 4D, Terminator 2 3D, Backdraft, Revenge of the Mummy & Van Helsing.

    All were great. They each had something about them worth experiencing. But the one that stands out is Back to the Future. It was the first and best of the day. Shrek is hilarious. Terminator is really well done. Van Helsing is scary. The Mummy was a great ride. Backdraft was good to see, but it gets pretty warm in there so be ready for that.

    We also did the Back Lot tour. It takes you around where movies are made and has some great attractions like King Kong and Jaws.

    Al in all we would say to make sure you dont miss this while in LA.

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  • meteorologist1's Profile Photo

    Universal Studios Hollywood

    by meteorologist1 Written Aug 6, 2005

    A theme park filled with very exciting rides and shows for the family. Several rides are similar to those at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, FL, which I have also been to. Save money if you buy your tickets online and print them at home. Otherwise the general admission is $53 per person, which I think is worth the price. Also, parking is $10.00 per vehicle. CityWalk, which is located outside the entrance to the park, has a lot of cool stores and excellent restaurants.

    Universal Studios Hollywood
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  • Nix1's Profile Photo

    Universal Studios

    by Nix1 Updated Jul 25, 2005

    I thoroughly enjoyed Universal Studios.

    I rated the attractions as follows:

    Backdraft - 7/10 (pyrotechnics show)
    Revenge of the Mummy - 8/10 (roller coaster ride)
    Jurassic Park - 9/10 (roller coaster/water ride)
    Terminator 3D: 6/10
    Back to the Future: 6/10
    Studio Tour: 9/10
    Shrek 4D: 8/10
    Van Helsing: 8/10
    Waterworld: 7/10

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  • Universal Studios Hollywood

    by jackoftravel Written Jun 21, 2005

    Oh Universal Studios Hollywood, how I adore thee. I just got back from a dream vacation to California and this was, by far, my favorite part of the trip. My friends agreed--next year we plan to make a specific trip to the themepark. My favorite attraction is the Mummy. I loved the journey through the “tombs” and felt like I was in the movie among the jewels and gold trinkets. What a wonderful shock when the doors open and release you into the dark, where you are shot forward and then backward at the speed of light, the trepidation and excitement knotted together in your stomach.

    I truly enjoyed the shows as well. Now that I’m getting older, it was nice to have some sit-down time, even though I was jumping out of my seat the whole time. It’s amazing what a little pyrotechnics and some crazy high jumps into water can do. I was not at all surprised to find that the cast consisted of real Hollywood actors with impressive show credits to their name--I even chatted it up with the female lead after the show.

    My friends and I also got a kick out of Jurassic Park. You are taken for an unexpected turn when you reach the “experiment-gone-wrong” area of the park where a terrifying T-Rex threatens the boat. And the fantastic surprise drop, a whopping 84 feet. I love that stomach-lurching feeling...

    One of the best decisions we made was to purchase the front of the line passes, which gave us instant access to every attraction. No waiting involved! It would just be silly not to mention the splendor of the Studio Tour, our reason for visiting the park in the first place. From the Jaws shark to the Psycho house to the set of War of the Worlds—who could ask for a better taste of Hollywood? The tour surpasses any other “movie” tour and all my LA friends agreed that it’s the best in town.

    We ended our day with a scrumptious dinner on CityWalk. Had a bit of an issue finding our car as the garages are a bit of a maze. Otherwise this place is fantastic. I’ll be going back soon...and will for many years to come.

    Universal Studios Hollywood - the real Apollo crew
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  • Etoile2B's Profile Photo

    Universal Studios

    by Etoile2B Updated Apr 22, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Universal Studios is an amusement park of a different breed. It takes the public’s love of Hollywood and provides a behind-the-scenes look into the movie making business. Universal features a multitude of live action shows and demonstrations on all things cinema, from a Wild West Stunt Show to a stage devoted to animal “actors” and trainers. In recent years this theme park has gone through many redesigns, and in a recent effort to maintain its competitive has added several new rides and attractions including, my personal favorite, the Back To The Future ride. The biggest draw is still the tram tour, which has been drastically reduced over the years but still features crowd favorites like Jaws and King Kong. The tour operators give guests the inside scoop as the tram takes visitors through the vast backlot. Universal is an interesting theme park for any movie lover. There’s a lot to do and see here. Don’t forget your camera.

    Admission: $43
    Parking: $10

    The backlot of Universal Studios
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  • Adeline_Foo's Profile Photo

    Adventure Fun at the Universal Studios

    by Adeline_Foo Written Mar 1, 2005

    One of the many theme parks in LA. Universal Studios is filled with lots of adventures & fun rides! Totally enjoyed myself there with the rides. The only unfortunate thing that happened was that it RAINED whole day when we were in Universal Studios! Though it rained heavily, but that did not dampened our adventurous nature and stop us from having fun! =)

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  • kphstar's Profile Photo

    I once caught a fish and it was....

    by kphstar Written Jan 17, 2005

    Acting up and being irresponsible is the best example warp to younger impressionible minds.

    At least thins Jaws was more convincing than the one that was pushed out of the water during the tour. I swear, I could hear the hydraulics cranking away. Jaws needs to go the way o the Dodo.

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  • kit_mc's Profile Photo

    A chance to be a kid again!

    by kit_mc Written Dec 14, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I loved this place! You can easliy waste a day here, the queues aren't so bad out of season and the rides are really fun. The best thing for me was the tour where you are driven though the various film sets. The earthquake set and the Jaws set are the best.

    Special tickets for queue jumping are available but certainly outside the high season there is no real need to get one.

    Open everyday except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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