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  • Car Rentals
    by caroltrancucci
  • Car Rentals
    by caroltrancucci
  • Car Rentals
    by caroltrancucci
  • I really like it, good customer service.

    by josegozades Written Dec 19, 2014

    highly recommended everything went super smooth no problem CAR WAS CLEAN I got great deal here at All States Car Rental so I have to give them good review, the people working here are nice friendly, we rented a car me and my family liked it, No hassles over insurance or gas, the return was perfect and easy, anyway they do not run a credit check ( unlike other big places) anyone basically can rent, best rental car experience I've ever had from top to down. will use them again if I need to rent a car.

    back hom nice and clean car

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  • Bad Service Car Rental

    by caroltrancucci Written Nov 3, 2014

    The worst rental service I have ever had in my life!!! I choose All States because I was looking to rental a 2014 VW Beetle convertible. I made my reservation by the internet, one week earlier and use my credit card to guarantee that.
    When I arrived in the store at Concourse Hotel, the agent told me that they had a problem and the car that a booked was not available. I was very upset... the gentle agent offer us another vehicle, a Mustang. The car took more than half hour to arrive, my fiancé was very unhappy with the situation. When the car arrived, it was dirty, full of sand, the seats in a miserable situation. It was a 2012 mustang (look, I made a reservation for a 2014 Beetle, with more than 80.000Km. The store manager gave us a discount of U$20.00, but the way that we feel about the situation was irreparable. If I wanted to rent any kind of convertible vehicle, I would have used one of the car rental companies that are located inside of the airport, which would have given me much more convenience and time. Unfortunately, all the expectation that I had with your service and with the car that a choose to spend my vacation was frustrated!!!

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  • I"ve rented a Mercedes Benz from All States Car Re

    by Davidson-J Written Apr 25, 2011

    I usually rent from big places, until this time I booked my hotel HOLIDAY INN on Century Blvd. and saw All States Car Rental right there in front, I've rented a Mercedes Benz and I am definitely sticking with them, I love this place and had great experience the first time around with Global All States Car Rental these guys were professional and AFFORDABLE! fantastic service and amazing selection of vehicles, I think All States Car Rental stands out from all other Car Rentals company that I have used because they make their return customers fell extra special.
    Justin Davidson:

    my farm in Alexandria:
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  • me and my family r happy renting a car with All St

    by Marianaorto Updated Mar 15, 2011

    We will definitely rent from All States Car Rental on our next trip to Los Angeles, they are really close to the LAX airport and easy to transfer from LAX to counter. my company suggested me All States C. R. I think they were right. we rented a minivan with tv DVD, drove very nicely. and had no problems! service reps were super nice and helpful, the only reason they are getting 4 stars is because the parking entrance a little confusing! they are located at the La Quinta Inn& suites, nothing major wrong. but everything went smoothly, same on the return no line prompt check in. I will rent from all states car rental again.
    Mariana porto:

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  • Mr.Sparkle's Profile Photo

    An F for LA

    by Mr.Sparkle Written Feb 19, 2011

    LA has the worst public transportation of any city the world over. The subway covers little of where you'll need or want to go, the buses take forever and the price is too high.

    Seriously, I've waited for an hour for buses at rush hour.

    Most buses and all lines on the subway won't let your transfer. that's right! if you need to transfer to another line on the subway you have to buy a new ticket. how's that for a kick in the pants?

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  • Mathewaol55's Profile Photo

    Overall, everything was really good,

    by Mathewaol55 Written Feb 10, 2011

    Review by mathew Suckson

    Date of review 2011-02-10 02:31:03
    All States Car Rental give me good deal & extra 10% aaa discount, my car was not all the way cleaned inside l found some items in the back on the floor. not a biggiee. but No hidden fee or charges! they are a privately owned exelente local business, great prompt service, the staff very nice, friendly and helpful, Overall, everything was really good, my experience fine; I was in and out quickly. and as far as convenience goes and the price was right! bring your proof of insurance card f u want 2 avoid their insurance, also f u r under 25 they charge u $5.00 a day, Would I go back? 4 SURE. they were nice and helpful n it's nice to help out a local business.

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  • Agraichen's Profile Photo

    Super Shuttle (hmm)

    by Agraichen Updated Oct 13, 2010

    Super Suttle (Big Blue) is probably good at moving people but BEWARE of moving luggage. If you are tired from a long distance flight be certain you take time to ensure ALL of your bags are accounted for.

    I didn't and I'm paying the price of the loss of multiple computers and electronic equipment as Super Suttle's Lost and Found is quite LOST. I actually visited the Lost and Found office in Torrence CA since I could not get them to answer a phone. I found a "pleasant" young lady sitting at a desk that had no clue about my issue. All she could do was to call the driver and ask if he had any left over luggage. Hmmm...

    Needless to say I'm out af few thousand that my insurance company will cover part of..

    Guess who I'm not going to use again.

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  • onestepaway's Profile Photo

    Rent 4 Less

    by onestepaway Written Jun 7, 2007

    I havent rented a car in a long time. I felt this place was very shady. The first guy we spoke to acted like he was new, but during our time there we discovered he has been there for awhile. He tried to get us to take their insurance for the car, which is why I contacted my insurance company while I was there, he already started the contract but I didnt want their insurance. I f you have full coverage then you dont need their insurance. Then they offered roadside assistance, which is how they get more money, we were in LA, so i opted for it. $3.00 a day. But the thing I didnt like is they run your credit card for two seperate charges, one for the car charge and one for the deposit. Make sure you understand this, they will hold $250.00 of your money for up to two weeks after you return your rental. It take less time but that still sucks.
    Both drivers were so nice to and from the airport.

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  • Dabs's Profile Photo

    Thanks for the upgrade!

    by Dabs Written Mar 15, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On my last two trips our rental car was upgraded from an intermediate, in one case to a minivan which was welcomed since we had two kids and two adults plus two more adults on a couple of occasions.

    On my most recent trip they gave me an SUV which was not welcome. After checking out the Beast, I went back into the office and begged them to please give me something smaller. I'm not used to driving big cars, I didn't want to pay for the gas and I didn't relish the idea of grandma having to get herself in and out of the beast. We finally settled on a PT Cruiser which I eventually got used to.

    I think the LA airport rents a lot of family friendly vehicles, minivans and SUVs, and most business people want regular size cars. I did see plenty of 4 door options as I was going through the garage, not sure why I couldn't have one of those but I suspect the higher paying business customers get first crack at them.

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  • califuberalles's Profile Photo

    Avoid Advantage Car Rental "at" LAX

    by califuberalles Written Oct 28, 2004

    I rented a car through Advantage Car Rental "at" Los Angeles Airport (LAX). The rates were cheap... but was I in for one of the worst days of my life.

    First of all, Advantage IS NOT at the aiport; while technically no car rental company is "at" the airport, they are within really close proximity. Advantage is not... you have to take a shuttle for at least a half-hour ride to their "off-site" location. This, in itself, was a challange as the shuttle did not run often enough to pick up its full share of passengers; you had to fight for your place on the van (even if you were there first).

    Next came the long, long line. It took an extreme amount of time for the line to move. During this whole time, I should have learned my lesson while listening to all the people who returned vehicles complain about one thing or another... let alone the fact that the shuttle back to the airport couldn't fit everyone (and at some point was going nowhere as the driver was on lunch break). I am certain that a few folks missed their flights.

    Once I got to the front of the line there was the inevitable, "you can upgrade to thus and such car for.... " (which was actually a bad deal). I paid for my rental, and the rental lady said to wait outside at the curb as she went for the car. We went outside to the curb and waited.... and waited.... and waited. After about 20 minutes I went inside to ask if anyone knew where the rental lady was (nobody knew). After about another 20 minutes she finally pulled-up telling us that she had to top-off the gas and get the car washed.

    Don't rent here unless you want trouble.

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  • Travel_Kiwi's Profile Photo

    Rental Cars: Do not rent from...

    by Travel_Kiwi Written Aug 26, 2002

    Rental Cars: Do not rent from Allstate Rental Cars in LA. They are crap! They are cheap, but the cars are not fit for the road. We had so many problems, it ended up costing us more time than it was worth. I told them I would never use them again! They should be closed down!

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  • nathiundkari's Profile Photo

    If you are gonna book a camper...

    by nathiundkari Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are gonna book a camper or an RV, don't book at Cruise America. We made some bad experiences!!!
    We would prefer El Monte, which has a good service and friendly staff :-)

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