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  • East LA...Not as Bad as You May Think

    by EastLA Written Apr 30, 2013

    I come from a small town in New Hampshire and moved to East LA for grad school. Honestly...I never really researched the area before moving there but after I got there, so many people that I met were astonished that I lived in that area!

    I do not think it is as bad as most people think. Yes, there is a lot of gang activity but as long as you mind your own business, they will leave you alone for the most part.

    I will admit...like I said...coming from a small town in NH, I DID stare from time to time because I was not used to some of the things I saw....and even then, no one bothered me.

    I went to a job interview in Compton and I couldn't believe I was actually there! I was expecting wayyy worse than what I saw. Yes, I only saw one area of Compton, as I did not drive around and explore the area, but I was surprised at how NORMAL it looked.

    I also visited Skid Row....not on purpose...I got a little lost and ended up there. I definitely knew right away where I had ended up because of all the homeless people and trash on the ground and the way it smelled, but no one bothered me. It was obvious that I was lost as I looked all around me trying to find something familiar in my pink dress and heels! I even asked a homeless person (gasp) for directions and he was very nice. So were all the people he was hanging out with near his tent! The media makes it out to be worse than it is (in my opinion)...Obviously I know that not ALL homeless people are mean and want to rob you, but I actually felt relatively safe.

    Bottom line...just mind your own business and don't do anything stupid and most likely, you'll be fine.

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  • Great city + east la

    by adawlol Written Aug 28, 2012

    This place is not dangerous compared to St Louis. It has its rough areas like the valley or east la otherwise its perfectly safe. One more thing do not go out anywhere at night on foot. Unless the street is well lit and there are many people with you.
    East la has its nice places and good Mexican food just stay away from areas with graffiti and lots of abandoned buildings those are truly dangerous.

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  • Most of LA is relatively safe

    by Ray_from_LA Written Apr 8, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You know, I've lived in LA for awhile now, and everything you need to know about its safety is on this website:


    Just check the Safety link, and you'll see what places to go to and avoid. Also, a lot of people are trashing East LA. I WORK in East LA, and while I'm not sure of its safety at night, during the day, it's completely safe. It would be a shame for you to avoid it since it has the best and most authentic Mexican food in the entire city.

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  • East L.A... Beware of that area

    by realsidekid Written Jul 9, 2011

    well not aall parts of l.a are bad... mainly East L.A and some parts of south central... im from East L.A... Im only 18..but ive been to juvenile hall,juvenile camps and county jail... im not a bad person...i just did what i had to do to survive... ive robbed, hurt and all that stuff...so yea stay outta East L.A...

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  • East L.A... Beware of that area

    by realsidekid Updated Jul 9, 2011

    Well pretty much... los angeles aint that bad... just some parts like East L.A.. some parts of south central...im from East L.A... i'm 18 been to juvenile hall...juvenile camps... and county jail...im not bad... its just what i had to do to survive...ive robbed and did all that stuff...so yea stay outta East L.A

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  • Los Angeles

    by xicana Written Sep 24, 2008

    If you are planing on going to Los Angeles, it can be a dangerous place to be. I would stay away from South Central, Compton, and West Lake/ Mac Arthur Park. In night time do not be alone or be in the hood in East Los, Huntington Park, Echo Park, or Downtown even if it's sometimes okay during the day time.

    Make sure you lock your car at all times and park it where it's safe. Most the time stay out of hood's because you may be at the wrong place in the wrong time. Don't carry a lot of money with you or carry a lot of jewelery. Also do not try to look like a gangster because people will come up to you all the time and ask you "We're your from?". Don't sport any kind of color because most gang members wont support any different color that they may be at war with.

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  • dangerous areas

    by grantrogers Written May 3, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Los Angeles does have its fair share of rough neighborhoods, perhaps more than most other US cities, but in general, it's not as dangerous as some of these misinformed people on this site would lead you to believe. If you are a tourist, you can safely see everything LA has to offer, day or night without worrying that you'll get mugged or shot. As long as you don't wonder into the rough areas (south central LA, Compton, Inglewood, East LA, parts of Culver City, north Long Beach and parts of south LA), you will be just fine! There's nothing to see in those areas anyway, so as a tourist you have no business there. If you're in LA for business and are staying in the downtown area, hail a cab back to your hotel at night. Homeless people can harass you, sometimes even chase you. But for the most part, they're harmless. The two areas I would strongly advise against venturing into day or night, are the Skid Row area of downtown and the Crenshaw area just south of Jefferson Blvd. between La Brea and Crenshaw blvd. this area is known as "the jungle," but ironically, not because of the fact it's one of LA's most notoriously dangerous areas, but because of the lush greenery that surrounds it! If you want to see it, watch the movie Training Day. Other than that, LA is a beautiful city with myriad of things to see and do.

    Advise: You'll need a map!

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  • rattay's Profile Photo

    Common Sense

    by rattay Written Mar 1, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not to scare anyone, but as you may have noticed, Los Angeles isn't the safest place on earth. For a good while, it was the homicide captial of the USA (I believe that the honor has moved on to Chicago at the moment). Anyway, use common sense: don't walk around downtown LA at night by your self. Don't leave your car unlocked and don't leave expensive items in your car. As a side note, most of the violence in Los Angeles is due to gangs. Thus, most of the violence is directed towards gang members. But of course, anyone in certain neighborhoods can get caught up in something they have nothing to do with. I mention this not to scare anyone, but just to let people know: people really DO get shot in South Central, Compton, Watts, East LA etc. Are those people tourists? Probably not. Is everyone in downtown LA trying to shoot someone? No, absolutely not. Just use common sense, that's all.

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  • L.A

    by Elephantello Written Sep 21, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Los Angeles is surprisingly more dangerous than New York City. I live in North Hollywood by the way. But I went on vacation to New York City in July 2003 and it was the nicest place I have ever been to. The city, the people, the streets, the confusion, the traffic, the noise, to me it's wonderful because I love big cities. But L.A is all that and crimes, prostitutes, shootings, etc... So If your a hick person or small town person go to New York City instead of coming here, because in my opinion Los Angeles lives up to it's hype as a violent city. And if you are a tourist (which is obvious) you will be the target for a crime because some people here have anti-tourist sentiments. So you know stay out of East L.A, Long Beach, Whittier, Watts, Compton, Inglewood is a definite get the heck out of there and downtown L.A at night. Just one more tip. As long as you show that you are confident and hopefully are not a poser and are wearing gang attire then you shouldn't have a problem with gangsters. Other than that stay in well lighted places and areas in downtown Los Angeles that is well populated at night even when dark. The financial centers though are always empty so stay out of there. Okay that's it I guess. If not youll find out on your own.

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