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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Los Angeles

  • 1. Unsafe Areas

    LA is a very unsafe place to visit. My daughter from Australia got beaten up last night and robbed of all her possessions (in the central district). No one helped her. The police were not interested...

  • 2. Downtown at Night

    Downtown L.A.'s Broadway is no comparision to New York. In the early 1900s, it wasn't quite as bad though, but oh well, one cannot turn back time so much. If it weren't for the dozen or so...

  • 3. Driving

    If you are travelling to L.A make sure to hire a car. Just about everybody in L.A drives and you will not be able to walk everywhere. Compared to cities like Sydney, Canberra etc. the roads are much...

  • 4. South Central

    I am born and raised in LA. I was born in Watts but grew up in Long Beach, Compton, Carson, Inglewood, and Los Angeles. This place is my home. I can honestly say that in general, compared to other...

  • 5. Air Quality - Smog

    While the traffic will probably be worse than you have heard, air quality is something that LA gets a bad rap for that really isn't warranted any longer. Even when air quality problems were at their...

  • 6. Car Rentals

    I usually rent from big places, until this time I booked my hotel HOLIDAY INN on Century Blvd. and saw All States Car Rental right there in front, I've rented a Mercedes Benz and I am definitely...

  • 7. Laws - Violations

    I live in Southern California, and know Los Angeles pretty well, having grown up there (but since moved away). I recently visited L.A. on a Saturday night to see a show. When I came out, I found that...

  • 8. East LA

    I come from a small town in New Hampshire and moved to East LA for grad school. Honestly...I never really researched the area before moving there but after I got there, so many people that I met were...

  • 9. Hollywood

    Hollywood has gone from ghetto to high rent in a remarkably short period of time. As one realtor friend said to me recently: "In five years, it will be unrecognizable". This is my unrecognizable...

  • 10. La Brea Tar Pits

    Even though they try to fence of the worst areas, this is still a very active area with tar seeping thru the grass areas. We encountered several areas, so something to think about when you exploring...

  • 11. Traffic

    There is almost always traffic jam in the city. Try to avoid at least the morning and evening rush-hours on week days and the Sunday afternoons. If driving in the city is important for you, do not...

  • 12. Venice Beach

    Look, I'm from the UK, been to L.A. 5 times in the last 10 years (last visit Sept 2011) so can speak of back then and now. For anyone who has not been before, you need the following - a car, sat nav,...

  • 13. Coyotes & Rattlesnakes

    Rattlesnakes are found in many of hills and fields surrounding LA. You probably won't find them in Beverly Hills or downtown LA, but they are in the Hollywood Hills, the hills surrounding the Getty...

  • 14. Universal Studios

    If you're a photo lover, be prepared to a bad day in Universal Studios. Everything is so unexpected and quick, that... you missed the photo. If you have time, the trick is... a second passage....

  • 15. Water Quality

    I'm not normally prone to drama and hypersensitivity. However, a couple of years ago, I did my run along the beach, took a dip, and came out with chemical burns along my beardline and on my chest....

  • 16. Warning: Too Much For Words!

    Six Flags Magic Mountain is a very popular amusement park, especially for older kids and grown-ups living in the Los Angeles area and is sometimes missed by...

  • 17. Take ID

    I was 27 when I went to LA....but everywhere I went for a drink I was asked for ID (apart from Wolfgang Puck's Vert - there is a God!!). I don't know if there...

  • 18. Don't Chow Down in Chinatown...

    unless you like any of the following:MSG baby!Chicken and other meat favored by the dust of the floor!Hair in the food!Poor food preparation using unsanitized...

  • 19. Disneyland - To row or not to row

    In the adventure world of rowing down Missippii river, your boat captain will command you to row as hard as you can to catch up or stay ahead of the other...

  • 20. Just so you know!

    When I was on my way to catch the ship for my cruise, to same some cash I decied to sleep in the LA Union station Termainal (Bus,Train,Taxi). Its pretty empty...

  • 21. Santa Ana winds

    The dry, hot winds (named after Southern California's Santa Ana Canyon) usually blow October through March. Don't under-estimate the power of these winds as...

  • 22. Earthquakes!!

    You need to be aware that California and LOs Angeles area is sometimes subject to earthquakes, like in the case of the recent one in January 1994 which was...

  • 23. Sunny LA?

    Although I think that Southern California has experienced an unusual amount of rain this year, sunny LA was anything but on our recent trip. Be sure to check...

  • 24. LA is SAFE!

    La is a safe city. Don't pay attention to those people who say that its unsafe. Understand that there are gang neighbourhood and in some of this areas there are...

  • 25. Scientology

    Sorry if I offend any Scientologists on VT, but it has to be one of the nuttiest religions around. L.A. being L.A though has its share of Scientology centres,...

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Los Angeles Warnings and Dangers

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