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Malibu Highlights

  • Pro
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    GoodGirl16 says…

     Driving through the mountains is better then chocolate! 

  • Con
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     Traffic on PCH can be troublesome 

  • In a nutshell
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     Peaceful, Dreamy, Spiritual & Free 

Malibu Things to Do


    California here I come. I want to see the Pacific Ocean. What about surfers? So, it is Southern California I want to see. The land of Gidget and Moondoggie. Surf's Up! What better place to see this than from the Malibu Pier. Looking out to Surfriders Beach on one side and Carbon Beach on the other. Surfers and waves to billionaires beachfront...

  • Opening of Book Store/ Cafe in Point...

    Point Dume Village adds hand-crafted artisanal coffee and a combination of new, used and rare books to its already diverse array of shopping that includes several fine eateries, Pavillions, banks, salons, and more.Located overlooking the relaxing fountain courtyard, you may now enjoy sipping single-source coffees while perusing popular titles and...

  • Shop or just hang out at Country Mart

    Outside of the famed Rodeo Drive, Malibu Country Mart is a most excellent, opulent choice for high-end quality shopping for local, celebs and anyone else stopping by. Within the courtyard setting is an eclectic mix of designer clothing and gift boutiques (Ron Herman, John Varvartos, Morgan Le Fay, Seven for all Mankind Jeans, Yosemite by James...


Malibu Hotels

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Malibu Restaurants

  • Upscale Italian

    New owner Pino has opened a new restaurant at the corner of PCH and Kanan. I did my first taste test on their first night open, purposely kept low key to make sure everything worked. The dining room is airy and open, the chairs comfortable. Accent lights made from wine bottles are a nice touch. The service was excellent.....but the most important...

  • Italian Continental

    The Sage Room was a small, family run restaurant at the corner of PCH and Kanan/Dume Road in Malibu, about six miles North of Pepperdine. However, there is a restaurant owned by Claudio in Agoura/Thousand Oaks by the golf course. Open every evening, owner Claudio calls upon recipies he learned from his Momma Rosa. Momma Rosa still comes back from...


    NOW CLOSED. My review will stay as this is my memory and a local hangout I enjoyed visiting. Lack of tourists and the economy does play havoc on the restaurant scene.Fresh ocean breeze, sparkling blue waters and al fresco dining says The Beachcomber Cafe in Malibu, California. Surfers aren't the only ones enjoying Malibu. Patrons of the Beachcomber...


Malibu Nightlife

  • Very Quiet Nightlife

    Malibu doesn't really have much night life going on. A few places like the Pierview Inn, the Malibu Saloon, and Dukes have some lounge activity going down, but it's pretty quiet. If you're living in Malibu, it's cause you don't really want that at hand. So to get it rolling, you have to go into Santa Monica, Venice or elsewhere.

  • Not much happens at night in...

    Not much happens at night in Malibu but one night after finishing my mountain bike ride, I spotted this photographer and his model. I took more risque pictures with their permission of course can't post those on VT. Well, for a photo shoot like this, wear as little as possible.

  • Basically, in Malibu there is...

    Basically, in Malibu there is none. It's a day-time outdoorsy-type place for people who like their fun in the sun. At night people either go to the local sushi-bar (Zuma-Sushi) or private beach parties. Otherwise, they head into nearby Santa Monica or L. A. for nightlife.


Malibu Transportation

  • Public Parking

    Gone are the days of free parking near the beach. So now, they have allotted areas of public pay parking. You will see these type of signs and I will tell you, although it was not a busy week day, they were checking the parking and the meters. This one was in front of the Adamson House and Surfers Beach.(23200 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu Ca.) We...

  • Do Malibu by coast- Ride the scenic 534

    Going along the Malibu coast via PCH is a must -do in southern California. If by bus, the MTA 534 route is the main way to go. Starting from Fairfax/Washington street intersection by downtown LA and Culver City, the 534 precedes in the heart of Santa Monica before arriving to Malibu in about 30-40 min. There are a good number of points of interest...

  • Big Blue Bus

    In Malibu, we dont have trains or airplanes or metros or anything of that sort... but the only public transportation is the MTA buses. They are big and blue, and you can't miss them! Along the road, you can see the bus stops which in Malibu are benches and you can expect a bus to come around to any stop within 15-30 minutes. Its not my favorite way...


Malibu Shopping

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    This is your chance to kill 7 birds with one stone. 1.) Walk out to the end of the Malibu Pier on the Pacific Ocean. 2.) Watch the surfers at Malibu Point, Surfriders Beach. 3.) Look at Carbon Beach and Billionaires Row of beach homes from the seaside. 4.) Shop for that Malibu souvenir at the Malibu Beach Supply Company. 5) Get a bite to eat at...

  • Where Sadie resides~

    This wonderful gift shop is located at the end of the pier. It has lots of wonderful Malibu branded souvenirs. Has some unique clothing items and one side of the store is dedicated to educational toys. Oh, if anything come see and say hello to cute Sadie!

  • Hidden treasure~

    On the grounds near the Adamson House they provide a little gift shop. Lots of neat books and memorabilla. Plus some really neat reprints of the Malibu unique tiles that make the Adamson Home so special.


Malibu Local Customs


    Gelato from Italy has come to Malibu. This gelato is different for California. It is organic and that will go over in Malibu. When I said gelato from Italy, I meant from Italy. All the ingredients are farmed in Italy. In the words of Grom:,"The liquid mixtures produced in the laboratory, are checked by a team of experts and then distributed 3 times...

  • Respect residential areas and rest...

    that you can indeed walk the beach in Malibu. There have been some concern over beach walking along parts of Malibu's beaches. By law in California, all beaches are public so long as persons are "seaward of the mean high tide". All this means in the real world is you can wet your feet in the water and roam but do respect property of homeowners...

  • While surfing,never cut off the guy who...

    Hi There:I'm Lanie and I will share a little bit about living in Malibu. First of all it took me a long time to move here. I lost my condo in the 94 earthquaqe. So, I stored all of my stuff and moved to a one room apartment on the beach. It is paradise, I am fortunate, and I am very appreciative of the beauty of the sea.


Malibu Warnings and Dangers

  • Surfrider Beach

    Malibu has one of the distinctions of having an actual surfers ONLY beach. No swimming, wading, bodyboards and kayaks. Yet, just to the left of this sign is another sign that lets you know which is surfers only public beach and which side the public is allowed to swim. This particular day there was not too many people. It was such a beautiful...


    California ocean water is not the South Pacific, Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, Caribbean or any area near the Equator. Many tourists to the Los Angeles beach cities want to jump in and swim in the Pacific Ocean with out testing the water. Cold water can tie up your muscles and disable you from swimming. The water is cold most of the year and tolerable...

  • Dogs not Allowed on Beaches

    There are rules the keep the beaches off limits to dogs. Either there were idiots with dogs that did not know how to control them or there are idiots making rules. I don't make the rules. Blue and Panda were not aware of the rules or decided to ignore them and have a marvelous time at a beach that can not be disclosed due to possible criminal...


Malibu Tourist Traps

  • From Beach Babes to Beach...

    Probably the biggest draw to Malibu is the beach. Since California is on the coast its not hard to find yourself ended up walking along the beach or even going for a swim. Surfers-- They are BIG here and can also be violent. It was published in the Malibu Paper about a "gang" called MLO which will go around and key your car, or pick a fight with...

  • Even in summer the costal fog...

    Even in summer the costal fog can roll in early so if you wait too long, you might get trapped in the fog!

  • Malibu Hotels

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Malibu What to Pack

  • Its not as hot as people think!

    Anything will do... it doesnt matter, it doesnt rain here...and if it does, its not usual except for a little dribble.. So pack anything thats comfortable i guess! If your planning on going to the beach (which you probably are) sandals would be fine... If your going out for a nice evening, woman can wear high heels, and men can wear dress shoes....

  • Packing List

    Hiking Even though you're near the ocean, you should bring plenty of water because it can get hot up in the Malibu hills. the picture shows the junction of Bull Dog Motorway and Castro Motorway which is part of what's called the Malibu Backbone Trail.

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Malibu Off The Beaten Path

  • Malibu Creek

    Malibu is a delicate, year round creek originating just a few miles North of Malibu in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is home to the endangered Steelhead and, accordingly, all you can do is enjoy the view of the creek. There are several turn outs on Malibu Canyon Road where you can stop. In addition to views of the creek, note the dramatic,...

  • Visit the Serra Retreat

    This is a religous retreat just a short drive from the Malibu Pier and Adamson House. It is set in the Santa Monica mountains offering spectacular views of the Malibu Lagoon. You can walk around the property as long as you are quiet and do not disturb the guests on religious retreat. Designed in Spanish Revival, and decorated with malibu tiles....


    .From Malibu to Calabasas on the valley side sits the main mountain pass called Malibu Canyon Road. Taking PCH northwest to Malibu Canyon Road will take you through temperature zones on your way up and over to the valley side. We call it the country in the city. The road is only two lanes and has sheer cliff drops. There are view points to stop so...


Malibu Sports & Outdoors


    A fun thing to do in Malibu. Fish off the Malibu Pier. Standing on the pier facing west and you not only get to fish but you will get to watch the surfers off Surfrider Beach. Several types of fish are caught from the pier and pole holders and benches are provided. A great catch would be a flat bellied fish, the famous Malibu Halibut. Getting...


    Surfing is a California sport and a hot bed is in Southern California. One of the famous beaches with waves that support surfing is Surfriders Beach at Malibu. Movies have been filmed at this beach. Surfing movies like the Gidget films had been shot at Surfrider Beach. Great for longboarders and during the summer, surfers may fight for a spot on...

  • Surf or DIe

    Surf baby! Go to the beach. Surfrider where So Cal Surf culture kind of lives on in the popular imagination, is a nice beach to watch surfing at, but the lagoon there is polluted from storm drain run-off. Go North Young Man..go North towards Point Dume or the Ventura County line.


Malibu Favorites

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  • Wildlife - Raccoons

    The raccoons found in Malibu a sturdy, big and tough survivors. They have to hold their own against cougars and packs of coyotes. They will take off when able, but are very capable of defending themselves. This big guy was cruising near Malibu Canyon. They are not domesticated and you should not try and feed them or approach them.

  • Malibu Pier Tower

    These buildings at the front of the pier I found interesting because they framed the entrance but didn't really match eachother. Still I knew they had some neat history. They were built in 1932 along with the wall that use to extend all the way to the Adamson House. They were used as a storage house and are decorated with the vintage Malibu...

  • Hiking in Point Mugu

    My Malibu Tips are centered on hiking in Point Mugu State Park. Point Mugu is in Malibu, about 15 miles south of Oxnard. It is along the coast and offers some excellent views of teh ocean when hiking up the mountains to the main trails. The beautiful views of the islands on the California Coast.


Top 10 Paddleboarding Beaches: Malibu

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Californians can debate for hours about which spots are the best, but votes were unanimous for Malibu amongst stand up paddle boarders. Gorgeous views, perfect weather, and miles of beaches to choose from exemplify why this city has been synonymous with surfing for years.

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