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  • Good Luck Finding One Too!
    Good Luck Finding One Too!
    by lmkluque
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    No Parking
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    How to Find A Parking Space

    by lmkluque Updated Feb 9, 2013

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    Though Manhattan Beach seems to be an oasis in the jungle-sprawl of Los Angeles, one of L.A.'s hardships have spilled over into to the Manhattan Beach area. Traffic. Cars, cars everywhere but not a parking space to be had, and when a parking space is found near your destination, you must pay and the time allotted is not very long. However, before taking the trip to Manhattan Beach I did a bit of researching and it paid off.

    The powers that be in Manhattan Beach have done their best to keep this traffic problem from ruining a visit to Manhattan Beach by offering a nice "parking lot" map to their web site. Timed Parking, Paid Parking, Free Parking and my very favorite, VALET PARKING.

    This was a great help to me and I pass it on to you.

    Good Luck Finding One Too!
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  • City of Manhattan Beach Parking SCAM!!

    by congiardos Written Jan 21, 2013

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    The City is running a scam when parking in their Parking Lots. There are Parking signs posted to lure you into designated public parking lots to park. I parked in Lot 1 at Bayview Drive and 10th Street. When I pulled into the space there was a an old meter attached to the wall in front of me. I put enough quarters into the meter which registered 2 hours of time. So here I am thinking I am ready to go, with 2 hours of paid time in a parking space of a public parking lot...right?...Wrong!! Get back to my car with not only one but TWO parking tickets! What a real scam going on in this city. I will never visit this city again and contribute money into their community especially with how the City is pulling off this parking ticket scam. One ticket indicated it was for permit parking only, well not until after you get the ticket do you realize it was permit parking only when why would you think that when you have a meter to feed right in front of your car when you pull into the space? First of all, if it is permit parking only there should not be meters in the stall and taking money no less and registering time at that! Where do you get a parking permit on a Sunday afternoon for a public lot? Let's not forget Parking ticket #2...the second ticket was for not having a front license plate! Since when do parking police issue tickets for no front license plates??? Absolutely absurd and what a petty city to have to walk around looking for reasons to issue tickets to help support their city. To lure people with public parking signs only to a permit only lot with meters in each stall just to give tickets to people who they have given the impression they are safe to park there.

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  • Frivolous parking tickets by predatory police

    by cybertraveler1900 Written May 16, 2012

    I got a ticket for not curving my tires...

    This city is notorious for parking tickets. In fact, its resident are trying to gather signatures to change the predatory behavior of their police department.

    Obviously the police department has misplaced its priorities, and is unaware of the role its has been appointed to play.

    here another story of a person who got ticketed for rollerblading their bike path

    Watch out people, the police department that you pay for is your predator

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    by ca-dreaming-not Written Oct 28, 2010

    Just go down the road to Hermosa Beach or any other beach in California. If you have to go there go to the bank a day before and get a bag full of quarters and bring with you. Yes, a bag full.

    Here is a letter I wrote to the city for there panning meeting.

    Dear Sirs. I just wanted to write a comment for you meeting tonight 10.28.10.

    I visited your beach last summer. My daughter had a Volleyball tournament that day at your beach. To say the least I was very frustrated how your parking system works there.

    I was there early in the morning, I had no change for your meters. I found myself parking up above the railroad tracks in the residential area to find a parking place. Have you ever thought to build a PARKING TERRACE?

    I later came to pick her up and we stopped for a short time in your downtown area above the beach. We only found a dime to put in the meter. I went into several shops to see if I could get change for the meter. In EVERY instance I was given the response "we can only give you change if you buy something". When I finally did get some change and I walked out to put in the money there was a Ticketing Officer there writing out a ticket. However when I got up to the meter it switched to expired right in front of my eyes. I tried to talk to the officer that I was just coming out to put money in the meter. He just ignored me rudely, kind of the way all of california treats people. He just ignored me and put the ticket on my window.

    What, do you have some electronic notification system that tell them when a meter is about to expire so that he can be there at the moment it does? I tried to fight this with your wonderful california ticketing administration system you have and they just laugh at me. Later to find that my credit card was charged through the rental car agency automatically. I have had no time to appeal this ticket and no real path to complain or do so. I guess I could hire an attorney.

    I hate going to California in General. They way you do business there sucks and customers service sucks. However, I have commented on several web sites on how terrible my experience in Manhattan Beach was. I advise people to avoid your town and beech at all costs. It is obvious to me that YOU DON'T WANT TOURISTS THERE. You apparently think it is your beach and town and want it to yourself to be left alone. There is certainly no warm welcome in any way from anyone I met there. I have done my part to let the world now that.

    Just so you know, I have to come to California and visit beaches a bit. I have not had as bad of an experience as this. I hate coming to California in general. It is only fitting that you as a state are sucking so bad with your economy. You have done it to yourselves.

    I hope this helps. The only other recommendation is to seal off your town to outsiders and not let anyone in. Or at least put up big signs to warn people that "TOURISTS YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE"

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